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iPhone 6 Black Friday 2014 Deals and Discounts

Did you buy the iPhone 6 back in September or still waiting for iPhone 6 Black Friday 2014 deals? Some stores start to unveil their prices and offers before November 28, and you can take a look at their deals and decide where it is better to make this long-awaited purchase.

iPhone 6 Black Friday sales will start across the U.S. later in November with Apple unveiling its discounts, as always, on Black Friday day. Some stores have already published their ads, including Walmart and Best Buy.

It will be mostly impossible to find good Black Friday iPhone 6 unlocked deals because most stores are to offer locked contract smartphones at an affordable price. Customers who are ok with paying for their new device for the next 18-24 months like such deals and are looking forward to them.

If you want to pay $99 for the iPhone 6 you’ll be able to do this at Best Buy on November 28. The store will offer the deal together with a 2-year contract. This is probably one of the iPhone 6 best price offer this year so far. At least, Walmart can’t offer the same deal as the retailer promises the 16GB iPhone 6 model with a 2-year contract for $179. You’ll also receive the $75 gift card which isn’t the cash so Best Buy’s deal sounds much better.

Did you find better Black Friday offers on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus?


Now iPhone Hidden Battery Usage In iOS 8.1 Is Unlocked

To find the additional Battery characteristics you should install DetailedBatteryUsage tweak. And then go to Settings → General → Usage → Battery Usage. Here you can reveal much more information and make a detailed analysis then from basic battery menu.

Maybe for the general user this tweak will not be useful. But for persons who really get in touch with its work can discover a lot of valuables, find the detailed look of battery life line graphs.

DetailedBatteryUsage tweak
DetailedBatteryUsage tweak lets you to observe in-depth details on each app on your device, unlike the stock consumer battery usage menu. Just click on the app that you want to observe, and you can learn battery usage in detail.

With this tweak you will get a great opportunity to access system daemons detailed information. Daemon is an place that every day user don’t have access to. Each daemon can show more verbose details on how your iDevice is working with regard to battery life.

unlock iPhone hidden battery usage in iOS 8.1

If you want to unlock iPhone hidden battery usage in iOS 8.1 you need to download the DetailedBatteryUsage tweak. Please note your device must be jailbroken on iOS 8.1 to do it.


Few Tips Help Fixing WiFi Not Working On Mac Yosemite

If you have no idea how to fix WiFi not working on Mac Yosemite check the resolution below. This issue can appears because of slow networking connections, frequent disconnects. Also simple just disability to connect to the internet network at all, despite being on a Wi-Fi network.

Look through these few tips. They should help you to fix WiFi issue on Mac.

Remove Network Configuration Files

Many users have reported that they had deleted network configuration related plist files and the problem had disappeared:

Step 1. Turn Off Wi-Fi from the Wireless menu item

Remove Network Configuration Files step1

Step 2. From the OS X Finder, push Command+Shift+G and put the following path:


Step 3. From the folder select these files:

  • NetworkInterfaces.plist
  • preferences.plist

Step 4. Put all of these files to the folder on Desktop. You can call it for example ‘WiFi backups’. In case something will go wrong you can easily restore them.

Step 5. Reboot the Mac

Step 6. Now you can turn on WI-Fi from the wireless network menu again.

Change DNS Server

Try to change your DNS server in case you find that your Wi-Fi is connected, although you cannot connect to the internet:

Step 1. From the Apple Menu open System Preferences.

Step 2. Tap on Network.

Step 3. Select Wi-Fi and tap on Advanced.

Step 4. Select the DNS tab.

Step 5. At the bottom tap on the + button to add a DNS server. From the available DNS servers find Google’s DNS servers. To use Google’s DNS you should add one or both of these IP addresses:,

Change DNS Server step 5

Step 6. Then tap on the Hardware tab and you should change Configuration from Automatically to Manual.

Step 7. Then tap on MTU, and select Manual. Enter 1453 as the MTU Number.

Change DNS Server step 7

Step 8. Tap on ok. And then tap on apply to put these changes into action.

Step 9. Open the apps in which were WiFi issue. Look if everything goes well, you’ll not face such issues.

Refresh discovered service

Another thing you can try:

Step 1. Please open Terminal. You can find in /Applications/Utilities/ or with Spotlight. Then enter the following command:

sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

Step 2. To use the sudo command push return and enter an admin password

Step 3. Now run the following command to reload discovered (this used to be called mDNSResponder)

sudo launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

Step 4. Again push Return to finish the command.

You may have to to relaunch apps that demand networking connectivity. Please note if you restart the Mac with this one particular, you will ought to to do these above steps again for unloading and reloading discovered into launched.

We hope that one of these tips will help you to to fix WiFi not working on Mac Yosemite.


Find Out If Your iOS Device Affected by Malware or Not

Learn how to check iOS for Virus if you have the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that is either jailbroken or not and running the latest iOS 8 firmware version. This is important to protect your iOS from malware. Why would you need to know this and run the checker? Well, Apple reported that it is aware of the new WireLurker virus that infects iDevices. Even though it happens in China you better also follow this guide to make sure everything is ok with your particular smartphone or tablet device. This is must-use instruction for anyone who has both Mac and iPhone or iPad because the malware attacks handsets that are connected to Mac once in a while.

Is iOS affected by malware called WireLurker? This is probably the most asked questions these days because of the dangerous software that exists which is confirmed by the famous Cupertino-based tech company.

Here is How to Check iPhone for Virus

Step 1. Is my iPhone infected with a virus? Ask yourself this question and use iFile or SSH programs if you are already jailbroken.

Step 2. Just launch SSH or iFile app on the iPhone.

Step 3. Go to this destination /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries and take a look at the files you have there.

Step 4. Look for sfbase.dylib file. If you can’t find it you are good and not affected by the malware software. If you see this file, beware because you are infected.

Is my iPhone infected if I am not jailbroken? It’s currently hard to answer this question because SSH and iFile programs work on jailbroken iDevices only and show the files in hidden folders. Non-jailbroken users who live in China or travel to this country and connect to Mac via USB cable might be affected if they downloaded apps from third-party sources, according to Apple.


Apple Reaction to iOS Malware Attacks in China

Users report iOS malware detection in China and Apple had to issue a statemet on this new iOS WireLurker malware discovered. You can check if iPhone is affected by WireLurker as well. According to some users, they get iOS virus attacks that also affect Macs and this happens in Asia, not in the U.S.

Apple says that it knew about these iOS virus attacks. Users assure you can get iOS Virus China even if you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone or iPad. Everything happens through the USB cable and only if you connect to Mac.

In order to avoid iOS malware attacks Chinese users are adviced to stop installing applications from untrusted sources. As Apple states, iOS virus China issue is not new and the company is aware of the dangerous software that can be downloaded from the sites aimed at Chinese customers. The iPhone maker has already blocked the identified programs and this should prevent malicious apps from launching. Still if you wish to avoid catching a virus on your Mac and then on your iPhone you should better download and install programs from the App Store and other good sources.

The WireLurker virus that attacks iOS and Mac devices is known to use the dev program certificate to install apps on the iDevice without the App Store. Since the company has already revoked the certificate, the malicious applications will not be able to install themselves on user’s smartphone or tablet.

The virus came from the Chinese unofficial Mac apps store.


Pangu iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak News: Are Exploits Patched?

Pangu iOS 8.1.1 jailbreak might not be available right after Apple launched this new firmware update. We’ve heard about iOS 8.1.1 exploits patched report from developers who are testing the first beta of iOS 8.1.1 released by the company last week.

If Apple kills iOS 8 jailbreak in the next iOS 8.1.1 hackers will have to search for new exploits that can be used in the next jailbreaking utility.

This way they will have to wait till hackers work on the new program and this might take much longer than it happened with iOS 8 Pangu jailbreak release. According to devs who share their impressions on the new firmware beta, it will bring some improvements to the iPhone 4S users and iPad 2 users. These users suffered from bugs, issues and problems on iOS 8. Hopefully their issues will be gone with iOS 8.1.1 update.

Users who wish to stay jailbroken might want to restore to iOS 8.1 while such an option is available. Experts say that you will be able to jailbreak this firmware and enjoy all the jailbreak applications and Cydia tweaks.

As one of the Pangu hackers notes, the new beta tested by devs show that the jailbreak exploit was killed. Hackers advice all users to update to iOS 8.1 or restore to this firmware version before the iPhone maker has officially launched the next iOS 8.1.1 version.

There weren’t official reports from hackers on their Twitter page and Weibo account, but they will surely follow once the firmware is updated and the jailbreak is not released because of the lost exploits.


Upload iFile For iOS 8 On Your iPhone 6

Now you can download iFile for iOS 8. As this file management app helps to upload the entire iOS filesystem on jailbroken iDevice. iFile can view all file types, such as documents, images, and supports installing .deb packages.

It is one of our useful and favorite jailbreak apps of all-time. The iFile has just been updated for iOS 8-iOS 8.1. iFile 2.1.0-1 provides correct file organization to iOS, something that just isn’t possible with local App Store apps.

Among iOS 8 iFile features are support for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. So try to download iFile for iPhone 6 and also for iPhone 6 Plus. Secondly the Finder-like tool for iOS has been updated for iOS 8.

Look through full change log for iFile 2.1.0-1:

  • Added Hebrew localization.
  • Added iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus support.
  • Added icons for iPhone 6 Plus.
  • During search in file list the search magnifying glass icon gets replaced with an activity indicator.

download iFile for iPhone 6


  • Fixed problem in not listing some external viewers, e.g. Whatsapp, Dropbox, iMovie etc.
  • Fixed issue that Bluetooth transfers via GameKit were not working on iOS 7+ anymore.
  • Fixed issue that stored URL from a 2nd tab will be stored back to 1st tab.
  • Fixed that status bar was black on black in Audio Player.
  • Fixed bug in Box SDK that lead to crash on launch on iOS 8.
  • Updated “Pull down to refresh” arrow with iOS 7 styled one on iOS 7 and later.
  • Fixed that integer numbers containing a decimal indicator (, or .) got interpreted as floats in Property List Editor number fields.

What’s New in iOS 8.1.1 Update Offered to Devs for Testing?

When Apple launched its iOS 8 this fall users who had the earliest iDevice model supported by this firmware complained about bad performance. If you have iPad 2 or iPhone 4S you might have experienced different issues and bugs that weren’t faced by people who have the later versions of the Cupertino-based giant’s gadgets. Are there any new iOS 8.1.1 features that can fix the problem?

Will iOS 8.1.1 performance improve in the new version that is currently offered to devs for testing but will definitely get a public launch soon. You can download iOS 8.1.1 beta without developer account for testing.

What’s New in iOS 8.1.1

If you compare the two firmwares iOS 8.1 and 8.1.1 and how they perform on the iPhone 4S or iPad 2 you will see the difference.

You can watch the full video comparison and see that the new firmware bate promises double speed to iPhone 4S owners, better app performance and faster upload:

The tests performed by the users promise a nice iOS 8.1.1 update. If you have bugs and problems right now, the update should solve them.

However, if you are jailbroken and wish to keep the jailbreak there is no need to hurry and install iOS 8.1.1 once it is released. According to the news, the jailbreak exploits are killed by Apple in this next firmware version, at least, this is what the first beta shows.


New 8.1.1 Beta Download Links for Any User Without UDID

While users continue to update to iOS 8.1 and jailbreak this firmware, Apple continues to work on the next update and has already presented the new iOS 8.1.1 beta to registered developers but here you can download iOS 8.1.1 without developer account. Such soon testing might mean that the next iOS 8.1.1 release could happen in late November or early December.

You can follow the direct 8.1.1 beta download links and install this beta under the name 12B432. Testing is always a part of the big work on the operating system improvement. The new beta supports all the gadgets that are supported by the current iOS 8.1 version.

Download 8.1.1 Direct Links without Developer Account

Once again, if you are not developer and participate in Apple’s Dev program you still can use 8.1.1 beta download link without developer account and install the new operating system. If you are not registered in the program you won’t be able to use the link because it requires being logged in into the system.

Let’s start with iPhone models: 5 generations of iPhones are supported by the firmware update.

This includes:

  • iOS 8.1.1 Beta 1 for iPad Air (A1476)
  • iOS 8.1.1 Beta 1 for iPad Mini 2 (A1491)

Hopefully devs and hackers can soon say whether this new update patches or not the vulnerabilities that are used in the new Pangu untether jailbreak for iOS 8 – 8.1.x firmwares.


Avoid Factory Unlocked iPhone Being Relocked After iOS 8 Update

Factory IMEI iPhone unlock performed for devices that were running iOS 7 or lower seems to meet problems on the most recent iOS 8 that was launched by Apple in September 2014 and updated to version 8.1 [this is the latest version up-to-date]. There is once very important problem you must know about before you decide to install iOS 8 after factory unlocking. You must activate iPhone after unlock via WiFi otherwise you will also become relocked after updating to iOS 8 or 8.1. If you need to unlock iOS 8 iPhone than no problem and there is no need to follow steps below.

We’ll explain how to activate iPhone after unlock on iOS 7 to avoid being locked again. There is nothing complicated about this but you have to follow the step-by-step guide and not come across iOS 8 update iPhone relock issue.

iOS 8 is buggy and it truly can re-lock your iPhone making you order the factory unlock once again and pay twice for the service. We’ll save you money and share the detailed and correct iPhone activation after unlock instruction that will help you stay unlocked forever and never become relocked even after iOS 8 update.

Users who have already unlocked their iOS 7 iPhone by IMEI code and wish to install iOS 8:

Step 1. Once you got an email that confirms that your iOS 7 cell phone is permanently unlocked, you have to activate your new unlocked status.

Step 2. Do not activate / restore your iPhone via iTunes in this case. Use Wi-Fi iPhone activation guide instead.

Step 3. You have to find an active WiFi connection. It can be in your office or at home.

Step 4. Remove your original SIM card [of the carrier you are locked to] and insert any other SIM that was previously not supported.

Step 5. You will see the following message “Activation Required” and this is exactly what you need.

Step 6. Connect to your active WiFi network and iOS firmware will do the rest for you and activate your new status.

Step 7. Once you are activated you can install iOS 8 using WiFi or iTunes. You won’t have the relocked problem.

Users who are going to order iOS 7 iPhone factory IMEI unlock service:

Step 1. Install iOS 8 before you place your order for iPhone unlock. You can use iTunes update or WiFi update, but Wi-Fi update is much better to use in this case.

Step 2. Once you are running the new iOS 8 you can order factory unlock for your iPhone by submitting your IMEI code and email.

Important Notes: The company is not responsible for the iOS 8 bug and thus we do not offer refunds to customers who have already ordered factory IMEI unlock from us or are planning to order it in the future.