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Try Apple Patent For Synchronizing Content On Your Device

Apple company was awarded Displaying a synchronized instance of content on a portable electronic device patent by The USPTO office. It lets iOS device owners to view a video stream on their device that is optimized to a ‘Fixed Display Device’ like their Apple TV or iMac.

In the patent, Apple provides an example of how a group of young people meet together to watch a movie that is streamed via Netflix or iTunes Store to their Apple TV. When one person need to go out due to some reason, others have two variants: continue watching the movie or wait for the person to come back. To fix this poor user experience, Apple’s patent suggests according to AppleInsider:

“a system that uses a portable device to locate the source, name and timestamp of media being streamed to a streaming device, then plays back said content in lockstep.”

apple patent for synchronizing content

Apple patent for synchronizing content introduces two ways of stream transmission. If the stream source can be retrieved independently and the iPhone /iPad can get the stream directly, a stream synchronized playback will start on these devices. As you see the will not exactly be mirrored from the Apple TV or other ‘Fixed Display Device.’ In the other case when the device is unable to reach the device directly, or the stream is incapable of being played back natively on the device, a synchronizing request will be sent from the device to an Apple TV unit.

The patent also reveals that Apple is working on enabling reverse AirPlay mirroring i.e. Apple TV to iOS mirroring, which is at present time not possible.

The Apple’s patent seems to be very useful for us. We will see whether it allows the company to go ahead and implement this feature in its iOS devices.


To Delete Phone Number From iMessage Follow This Guide

If you have a problem and don’t know how to delete phone number from iMessage, then here is helpful guide. Many users that have since switched to an Android-based smartphone or other device claimed that their phone number is still linked to iMessage. As the result the individual might then be unable to receive messages from other iPhone users, as the iMessages never able to be delivered. This common issue appeared because of so called iMessage purgatory syndrome.

Apple has already known about this serious problem. It gave the task to a team of engineers to find the solution. If you have no time to wait and faced with such issue there is a simple way out to delete phone number from iMessage. you will spend a few minutes or even less to do it.

Follow These Easy Steps To Delete Phone Number From iMessage

Step 1. On Apple’s website you should sign in with your Apple ID at My Support Profile.


Step 2. Tap on the iPhone you wish to unregister, in case you no longer own the device.


Step 3. Tap on the Unregister button and then confirm this action.


Step 4. A validation screen will appear. Below you can see the unregistered iPod touch.


The work is done. As you can see it is very simple to do. If the process went successful, now your iPhone and phone number will no longer be tied to your Apple ID. After that you will receive text messages as normal on your new non-Apple device without them being diverted as iMessages. Although Apple stated that there is no 100% successful way to solve this problem yet. Another simplest method to do it is to tell all of your contacts with iPhones to delete your number off of their device.


Blackberry vs. Apple Competition: Who Pays iPhone Users

How far can a company go in its competition against another firm? iPhone 6 vs. Blackberry Passport fight is going on and Blackberry continues to offer iDevice users an opportunity to switch to the 4.5-inch square screen gadget using the $600 discount deal. It also promises to release Blackberry Siri alternative. Thus if you happen to wish to use the deal, why not learning more about it?

Blackberry – Apple competition is nothing new. Both companies wish to attract more customers and fight for each consumer. Some users choose the round-angled ‘fruit’ smartphone and others like the square display more.

iPhone vs Blackberry Passport

The price on Blackberry Passport is $599 in the USA and £529 in the UK [iPhone 6 discounts available in the U.S. make it pretty affordable right now even though the ordinary price was around $600]. But if you agree to switch from ‘fruit’ to ‘square’ you can get up to $400 back for the iOS cell phone and up to $200 off your new Blackberry. The deal is worth $600.

All you have to do is upgrade to the Passport model, but before you do so, you are advised to contact your local Blackberry stores to make sure the deal is still available and ask them to confirm the eligibility requirements for such an update.

iPhone Blackberry Passport Deal

Everything depends on the value of the used iDevice and new Blackberry. You do understand that your smartphone has to be in good working condition.

What do you think about the deal? Would you ever trade-in your ‘fruit’ gadget for the square screen device only because of the possible discount?


Use These Tips To Setup New iPhone 6

Here is useful guide on how to setup new generation iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus if you have just buy it as Christmas present and want to use it. Follow this informational guide on how to configure the device, install the needed apps and become acquainted with all device’s features.

Back up your old phone

Don’t forget to back up your old phone before start to use the new one. iTunes is the best and the fastest way to do it. So connect it using the appropriate USB cable to your Mac and fire up iTunes. Choose your iPhone, and under Backups, select This Computer. Check Encrypt local backup as your account passwords are stored and you won’t have to enter them all again. Tap on the button to Back up now.

Restore from backup

After your phone is up and running and everything’s how you like, then you can switch back to iCloud backups if you want, go Settings > iCloud > Backup.

Finish the setup process

Although the restoring process is done, you still have few steps to complete the setup on your brand-new phone. You’ll enter your iCloud account password. In case you use two-factor authentication of iCloud account you also need to enter a second security code. Than the iCloud terms and conditions should be agreed with. The next step is to set up the options on how people can reach you over iMessage and Face Time. Of course you can skip all these steps and do them later.

Configure Touch ID fingerprint sensor

Set up your Touch ID

You should create your Touch ID. Follow the device’s instructions so it can examine your unique fingerprint asking you to touch repeatedly the home button’s fingerprint sensor. To get a full picture the system even ask you touch with the edges of your thumb. You’ll also set a Passcode for backup. The last important step is to decide if you want to use that fingerprint to make purchases in the App Store and iTunes Store. Using your fingerprint instead your Apple ID’s password is a huge time saver.

Check the settings

Your home screen will have an free space where you can put more app icons. Although you’re done this work. You should open the Settings app and check out the new options, as well as update the settings.

Select the resolution with Display Zoom

Pick a size with Display Zoom

The zoomed view enlarges the size of the app icons and touch targets. A three-panel preview is shown, including how the home screen would look with each setting option.

Update your apps

Every app in iOS 8 should be updated, visit the App Store to do it. Also apps can be auto-updated by clicking the Updates switch in Settings > iTunes & App Stores > Automatic Downloads. But it is better recommended to do it manually because you can read release notes that come with each update and check what’s changed.

Open the Tips app

A brand-new app called Tips was added to support iOS 8. It is very useful to get some short usage informational tips about using your device.

Jailbreak iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus


Apple company always wants to control the usage experience of your iPhone by controlling the App Store and preventing the installation of apps from third-party sources. You can jailbreak your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus in case you want to get different tweaks and begin to utilize your device in free way .

Set up Apple Pay

The best thing to have iPhone 6 is the ability to use the new payment method called Apple Pay. So start to use a credit or debit card to buy products online. The important is that using Apple Pay doesn’t reveal the information of your real credit card to the stores you shop in, so it is a real secure method to purchase.

Now you know how to setup new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and start to enjoy using it.


Martin Hajek Introduced His Concept Of iPhone 7 Features

There are different rumors about iPhone 7 features. There were almost the same situation before iPhone 6 along with iPhone 6 Plus release. There were various iPhone 7 concepts about two new generation devices features, designs, firmware and improvements after the iPhone 5 and 5s were launched to public. Martin Hajek is known for rendered images of the iPad Air 2 design and the iPad mini 3 look and for design language of two iPhone 6/6 Plus devices before theirs launch. He just introduced his concept of the next awaited smartphone from Cupertino, the iPhone 7.


Taking into consideration that Apple’s iPhone 6 / 6 Plus really surprised all of us with theirs modern development of size, camera and other important details we still feel that Apple company could have done better. Many users are not satisfied with the radio bands at the back that should be improved somehow.

2Martin Hajek introduced us the future iPhone model that every users will be able to use with its sparkling design. This time he has actually kept it quite simple. Although design can be pretty but it will be a huge flop if it will not be practical in usage.


The concept pictures show the new iPhone 7 as a iOS device that pretty much retains the the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus platforms. However the smartphone sports a display that extends to the edges all its 4 sides wrapping around the Touch ID Home button and the front speaker grill.
Although Hajek takes our attention to free-form displays development already in the works at Sharp.


It could look like achieving corners might be challenging given the large displays, however it will be certainly great meaning that this could permit Apple to extend display size whilst decreasing the size of the body.


Hajek throws in one of possible iPhone 7 features rendition, that is rather simple but can’t be released as a possibility in the coming year or two. That is an iPhone with dramatically narrow edges, and an improved body-to-screen ratio.



Apple Benefits from iPhone 6 Sales in China

High iPhone 6 sales numbers seem to continue through winter 2014-2015. According to analysts, the next company’s earnings report should be driven by Apple smartphone sales in the U.S. and outside the country. Apple has boosted iPhone 6 sales in China convincing a lot of users to purchase the original seven generation iDevice, and local carriers prove that a lot of iPhone 6 / 6 Plus models are already out of stock.

As noted by Sundeep Bajikar analyst [Jefferies team], the famous iOS maker finally got to ‘solid brand recognition’ overseas, specifically in China. Customers who even don’t earn much are eager to pay the huge price for the new gen cell phone rather than selecting a cheaper local manufacturer.

While iPhone 6 sales figures are staying high in both U.S. and China, experts also found a weak area. All the applications, books, games and services distributed through iTunes store can’t get high sales outside America, as foreign users mostly prefer to jailbreak iOS 8 iPhone 6 with TaiG / Pangu and download free and paid Cydia tweaks or programs from the future iMods store.

It is interesting that U.S. users also like to use both iTunes and Cydia stores so they agree to void warranty and jailbreak, luckily famous hackers say which programs are safe to use in order to untether.

What do you think about the future of the new iDevice? For how long, in your opinion, will iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus stay popular across the world and bring Apple benefit?


Most iPhone 6 Models Can’t Be Bought in China

When it comes to creating the best New Year gift a lot of customers are eager to find the brand new iPhone under their Christmas tree. Americans have most likely gotten their most awaited gifts from Santa but those of you who are going to buy iPhone 6 in China have to know some interesting facts about China Unicom stores.

It is not so easy to purchase the seventh-gen device in Asian countries. Apple officially sells its new iPhone versions there but when you visit the site of China Unicom or other local company you will be upset to find out that most models are out of stock.

For example, right now it is only possible to buy the 16GB iPhone 6 from China Unicom because both 64GB and 128GB versions are out of stock. The one available model comes in either space gray or silver. All gold color iPhones 6 are not available at the moment.

As for the China Unicom iPhone 6 Plus, it is also available in 16GB [all colors] version. Customers seem to value more memory capacity and thus the 128GB and 64GB smartphones are not in stock.

As for other companies and carriers around the globe, they promise to ship the new cell phone within 3-10 business days. But the fact that most China Unicom iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are out of stock can mean high demand for them across the world at least till spring.


Can Apple Pay in Europe Become Successful?

Apple Pay future stores will include overseas companies since the iPhone maker is going to push its payment system Apple Pay in Europe. Different contactless opportunities to pay for products and services have become popular nowadays, but can the Cupertino-based giant make its new platform as widespread as its iDevices?

In the USA the new system got much attention [users suffered some Apple Pay issues but still it is now supported by NBA teams, a lot of banks and stores], and Apple managed to attract millions of customers within the first two months from the official service launch. Is something similar possible in EU? Can Apple Pay future retailers in France, Germany and other European countries convince iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users how safe and easy it is to pay with the new method?

According to different reports, consumers who prefer digital payments use Apple Pay in about 1% of their purchases. This is not too much at the moment but experts believe that Europe can accept the new service even more willingly than U.S. consumers because here people are used to EuroPay, Visa and MasterCard contactless technologies.

Everything about Apple Pay Europe future is currently just a rumor. Apple hasn’t confirmed such a movement but it definitely looks closely at the European market which brings a lot of opportunities for further growth.

The now-popular contactless cards first appeared in Europe in 2007. It was Visa Europe and its Chief digital officer Steve Perry believes that the entry of Apple Pay in EU market has future and sounds exciting.

It is believed that the first countries that will see the new payment option will be the UK, France and Germany.


Truth About High iPhone 6 $1,000 Cost in Russia and Europe

iPhone 6 price in Europe, Russia and U.S. differs a lot. If Americans can buy the brand new iOS device for $199 [with a contract], iPhone 6 price in EU can reach about $970 and nearly $1,000. Why does it happen?

It is now understood that iPhone 6 price in Russia is led by the declining ruble value. Local currency costs less and Apple has to protect itself by raising the cost to $1,000 which looks much compared to the U.S. price. Still international norms that are responsible for tech and other products cost in different countries across the world explain why such high prices exist.

You should remember that Apple originally sells its unlocked iPhone 6 at $649. When you get a chance to buy the same very model locked at $199 [Walmart even sells iPhone 6 at $129] you sign up a 2-year contract with AT&T or Verizon and your new carrier gives the Cupertino-based giant over $400 to cover the difference. Of course, the mobile company then charges you on a monthly-basic to get the money back.

Such subsidies are not common to Europe and Russia where service plans are low-cost compared to the American data plans. But in those countries you have to pay high taxes on cell phones and other foreign devices and this is what causes the huge price difference between U.S. and other parts of the world.

While Russia doesn’t have such high taxes as Europe, it has economic problems that are to be solved. Apple is most likely creating some room to be protected by future currency instability. It also has opportunities for further discounts if the situation stabilizes and ruble becomes stronger.


Apple Will Release iPhone 6S Mini In 2015

Apple has been working on a new 4-inch iPhone 6s Mini. This information was introduced be analyst Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company. They stated that although the Apple company moved away from the 4-inch iPhone this year, but for the next 2015 this new iPhone model could be released.

Due to Arcuri’s statements in 2015 Apple may add to the current launched in September 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models the third 4-inch iPhone 6S mini. This new device would be similar to the iPhone 5s. But it will gain all features, an updated design with curved screen edges will be similar to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The rumors stated that the new 4-inch model could used as an alternative to the iPhone 5c that is currently sold by Apple. Although Arcuri suggests that the latest model will include “purpose-built low cost components” from Qualcomm to keep the price down.

For many years Apple’s smaller screen sizes models was an advantage over competitors. That was because the 4-inch form factor consumers to use the device easily with one hand. But the interest to larger displays has risen and Apple launched a larger screens this year, that gained the new a new “Reachability” feature to use in one hand.

The analyst has another idea the Apple is on their way to release a larger 12.9-inch iPad model this spring. The sales of iPad has gone down, but this new 12.9-inch model could change the situation in a reverse side. Arcuri suggests that Apple for the first release will launch from 15 to 20 million units of this larger iPad.

Arcuri’s track record on future Apple iPhone 6S mini and iPad is mixed, so we aren’t sure what to expect.