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WiFi Signal Strength APP Has Been Already Updated

If you ever work with wireless network connecting on your iOS device in any cases you will need WiFi signal strength app. Sometimes it can be irritating when iOS keeps showing wireless range, then hiding it in the Settings app. It happens so because by default the Settings app will hide any Wi-Fi network that does not have the required signal strength, effectively hiding anything that is not usable.

But it does not always help especially when you know that need network is there. The jailbreak tweak WiFi Booster is a wonderful very useful tweak that takes the Settings app. Then it does that all networks are shown. And brings a feature that shows the network hotpot’s MAC address along with its actual signal strength.

WiFi signal strength app

Until now this particular great tweak was available for iOS 7. But recently it has been updated with the fresh version. WiFi Booster has the old characteristics, tested formula and now was updated for iPhones and iPads usage that run iOS 8.

For those users who already own WiFi Booster download WiFi signal strength app is available for free. But if not you can pick it up for just $1.99. If you somehow faced with issue finding and then losing Wi-Fi hotspots, this WiFi signal strength app will definitely help you and it is not so expensive.

You can get the WiFi Booster from Cydia today. It lives clean entirely the Wi-Fi area of the Settings app – no icons on your perfectly accurate home screen.


Pictures Of How iPhone 7 Will Look Like In Reality

iPhone 7 pictures have already appeared in internet. Although The Apple company had launched its new generation iPhones just in September. There are already rumors that the next model of iPhone will be better when it will be released to public in 2016.

Nikola Cirkovic, an engineer at the CIRPIS Center of Kragujevac, Serbia, developed some renderings concerning iPhone 7. Cirkovic has chosen the device’s design in white and black. His choice departs from the company’s choices of space grey and silver. Noted that he misses the beautiful simplicity of the first released iPhones.

iPhone 7 pictures

Take into consideration the critiques that the iPhone 6 Plus is too big for small user’s hands, Nikola’s iPhone 7 screen will be between the 4.7? iPhone 6 and the larger 5.5? 6 Plus, at 5.2?.

orange sensors-17897

However Apple more likely would never make the changes Cirkovic suggests, it’s still interesting to see his interpretations. At the top and bottom of the screen there are two thin lines. But they are not just there for looks. They have got sensors in them.

sensors will activate-98531

These two sensors will be able to show whether the iPhone 7 is in your pocket or on the table. If it is there, the device’s screen will stay locked.

Cirkovic removed all the side buttons. Instead of a little switch to turn on (orange sensor) or off the volume Cirkovic uses sensors.


The sensor option instead of buttons, like the current iOS devices models, is really useful especially when the phone is in your pocket, it never turns on.


Apple Increases App Prices in Russia after Suspending Online Sales

We already reported that Apple Store in Russia was suspended and online sales were impossible in this country for a while because of the local currency fluctuations. Apple is also rumored to increase app store prices in EU, but it looks like the first country that suffers from the higher cost of iOS applications is… Russia.

The fact that Apple raises app prices in Russia is known because of the emails that the ‘fruit’ giant has been sending to its developers. The company has taken a decision to raise app prices within its App Store because of the unstable exchange rate which was also the reason for the online sales to be discontinued for not too long.

While Apple Store iPhone 6 price in Russia is also affected by the lower ruble cost customers are still able to purchase this smartphone from local retailers, online or while traveling overseas [and choose how much to pay for the device this way], but they can’t purchase iOS 8 applications at a lower price locally.

If the iOS giant decides that Apple increase app prices step is necessary further on, it can change the prices for everything and this can affect not only Russia and European Union but also USA and other parts of the world.

P.S. The local store is no longer down online and you can see the new iPhone 6 and other iDevice prices in rubles. The basic seven-gen model now costs starting at 53,990 rubles.

As for the updated Apple Store app prices in Russia they are now offered for at least 62 rubles [while the same $0.99 applications used to cost around 30 rubles a week ago].

According to reports, app prices for iPhone and iPad have increased by 100%.


Last Minute Best Buy iPhone 6 Discount in the U.S.

Christmas is just around the corner and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus deals in USA are now one of the tastiest ones. For example, if you are searching for best buy iPhone 6 discount it might be a great time to make the purchase now. Some retailers offer the seventh-gen smartphone for as low as $129 per unit with a contract, of course.

Walmart announced and began to sell Apple cell phones with a huge discount. The stores probably offer iPhone 6 lowest price in USA at the moment as their iPhone 6 $129 deal and 6 Plus $229 offer are really attractive and awesome.

Customers who decided to wait closer to Christmas can rush into Walmart stores or other retailers now and buy their long-dreamed-about smartphone while supplies last. Surely, the prices are lowed down for a period which reportedly will last until February but the store doesn’t guarantee in-stock devices for every day of January.

The model which was nearly $200 being available for $129 is a nice offer. If you are a fan of iPhone 5S you can get it now for as low as $49. All discounted gadgets are locked to Sprint, AT&T or Verizon and you have to deal with the 2-year contract.

You can also legally unlock iPhone 6 Plus and 6 from AT&T and other U.S. carriers as soon as you buy the gadget. Such service is officially allowed and fast to get. It is safe for your smartphone and doesn’t void your warranty. It is also affordable and makes you SIM free once and forever which is an awesome gift to anyone.


Follow Few Steps To Install iMessage On Windows PC

Here is a complete and understandable guide on how to install iMessage on PC. Follow the step-by-step tutorial after the short introduction.
As you know the iMessage is a fast and generally reliable instant messaging service, and what is important that it is very secure. You can use it only on Apple devices as because it’s created and launched by Apple company.

Although it is in some cases limiting, especially when using on a Windows PC. But thanks to the fundamental jailbreaker’s work the solution to this problem has been found.

The Remote Messages tweak helps to install iMessage on Windows. It has been updated and improved during the past month. Follow this step-by-step guide on how your jailbroken iOS device can begin using this tweak via Windows.

How To Install iMessage On Windows

Step 1. Open up Cydia and find Remote Messages. You should pick the version(for iOS 7 or for iOS 8) which is applicable to your software version. The pay the $3.99 and install.

Step 2. After the process is completed, in Settings go to Remote Messages, and create a username and password under ‘Use Authentication’, which should be toggled ON.

step 2-61074

Step 3. Your iOS device and Windows machine are connected to the common Wi-Fi network, that’s why you should open your browser and enter the IP address as shown under the ‘Enable’ toggle. After you have done it enter a colon, followed by the server port as shown beneath the IP address in Remote Messages settings (will be 333).

For example, if your IP address is, and server port 333, you need to type the following into your browser:

step 3

Step 4. The setup process is completed. You can put your iOS device into sleep mode and respond to messages right from your browser.


If it is easier for you to use video tutorial to install iMessage on PC, find it below.


Apple App Store Price Might Increase in January 2015

Anyone who loves to get App Store price drops, especially iPhone and iPad users who live in EU (but don’t forget that App store shut down in Russia), might not be happy to know that the company already emailed its application developers about the new VAT laws. According to the changes that are applied starting on January 1, 2015, Apple App Store price could increase in the EU region and across the world.

Right now all the devs are informed about changes in VAT rates. And such changes can influence the iOS app price for customers.

The Cupertino-based company used to charge and now charges flat VAT rates for each app sold via the store and downloaded by European Union users. The new laws will set different VAT rate for each EU country and Apple will have to apply different charges to devs based on the country where the iPhone users lives.

It is interesting that some regions will charge about 3% while others will get about 20% which is pretty high. This can affect both Apple customers and app developers.

VAT stands for value added tax. The EU decided to change this legislation and add different VAT rates for applications and other digital goods based on the consumer place of resident and not country where retailer comes from.

Since Apple makes iOS devs set the same price for all countries and customers, non-EU users will also be affected by the new European Union law.

If it can make you happy you can still unlock EU iPhone at an affordable price no matter what changes are brought to the App Store in 2015.


NBA Team Offers Apple Pay At Amway Center Event

Earlier this week that there were rumors that the Orlando Magic would become the first NBA team which will boost Apple Pay to fans through a partnership with Chase at Amway Center. But today official announcement confirmed the Apple Pay release on Friday, December, 19.

Beginning on Dec. 19, the Apple Pay option will be available at several Levy concession and Magic retail locations throughout Amway Center. Additional locations will be added throughout the season. In addition, patrons who use their Chase Card with Apple Pay will also have the opportunity to receive special offers and win Magic prizes.

Currently, what the special prizes and bonuses they offered are unknown, and will be revealed to partners that use Apple Pay where they can purchase what they want.

Many Apple Pay partners and shops have been offering special coupons and other promotions for using the new payment service. It might be a real push for Apple’s new payments service. For example, Wells Fargo offered its customers for using Apple Pay up to $20 credits.


After rolling out support for cards from additional bank partners, this week Apple company stated that the their Apple Pay service supports 90% of US credit cards by transaction volume.

The partner of the Orlando Magic, Chase bank has recently released a promotion that for trying Apple Pay they offered a lot of songs from David Guetta’s latest album, “Listen,”.

“The Magic are committed to our fans and their experience and are continually looking for ways to innovate in order to make that experience legendary,” said Magic CEO Alex Martins. “We are thrilled to join our partners Chase and Levy Restaurants to be the first NBA team to integrate Apple Pay into its home venue and specifically the Amway Center, the most technologically advanced arena in North America.”

Use the unique chance to meet Orlando magic NBA team introducing Apple Pay at Amway Center on December, 19.



iOS 8.2 Specs: Apple Adds Blood Sugar Tracking Feature

When Apple only released the iOS 8 Health app it contained blood glucose tracking feature. Later the company removed it because users complained about incorrect measurements and other issues. Now the new iOS 8.2 specs give a hint on this option return. As developers who have already tested the new beta report [they can download iOS 8.2 beta 3 already], the application will once again get blood glucose control.

Users who already got to know some of the iOS 8.2 features on iPhone and iPad say that the third beta restores the blood tracking option and fixes the problems that were earlier reported by users from Australia and the UK.

iOS 8.2 Health App

iOS 8.2 What’s New

Unlike it was in iOS 8, the 8.2 beta 3 Health app doesn’t have the issues with millimoles per liter and milligrams per deciliter units. It couldn’t accept and show the levels of glucose in human blood in these mmol/L and mg/dL.

Apple has worked to solve the incorrect unit measurements and now the application is capable to monitoring blood glucose in any unit.

These are not the only changes that are brought with the new firmware beta. In iOS 8.2 beta 3, Health app gets descriptions for each category it contains. This should allows users understand what content can be found inside each menu.

The official launch of HealthKit wasn’t successful. Maybe it will become more interesting and much improved with each next mobile firmware update.


Have Two-Factor Authentication on iCloud? It Can Be Bypassed

Potential iCloud account hacked happening is probably what worries iPhone users the most. Apple introduced the two-factor authentication with recovery key that can be restored in case you lose it, and a lot of users began to worry what happens if they cannot remember their key while having a smartphone blocked because of an attack.

Now there is another issue you have to think about: there is a program that can bypass iCloud two step verification with ease. The software is called Phone Breaker. It was developed by Elcomsoft and has recently been updated to support the secured feature released by Apple.

There is nothing to panic about yet though. Relax, since the application that can bypass your two factor authentication iCloud feature requires your login and password information. It also needs to have your recovery key so a potential hacker cannot use the program to access your iCloud account if he or she doesn’t have all the necessary credentials and code from you.

Still it is useful to know that Phone Breaker exists. You have to keep your Apple ID recovery key in a safe place but don’t store it on your computer because the digital token can help hackers to get to your account. You are also advised to create a strong password for your account and change it once in a while to avoid being hacked.

The software that is mostly used by law enforcements now supports all the latest ‘fruit’ devices including iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6.


Apple Online Store Shut Down in Russia

Ruble fluctuations make Apple online sales in Russia being suspended by the Cupertino-based tech company. Everything began on December 16 when the official store of the ‘fruit’ giant stopped accepting orders and has been just suspended. The situation didn’t change on December 17 and when you visit Russian Apple Store you can buy nothing, not a single iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

The situation on the currency fluctuations is sharp and getting sharper. The company has also left an official note to its potential customers. It says that the store in Russian Federation is not available while the iPhone maker reviews pricing. Anyone who wanted to order the new iPhone 6 online or get the iPhone 6 Plus online from Apple can’t do this and it isn’t clear if the situation changes by New Year which is the big holiday for Russians.

The App store is now down in one country only. You can still buy the new iPhone models if you live in other countries, whether you are in Europe or North America.

It is true that millions of users wish to find the brand new iPhone 6 under their Christmas tree. A lot of them are in Russia but they are currently out of luck. It might be still possible to purchase the iPhone in retail stores while you see Apple online store shut down issue.