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Apple Launched iOS 8.2 beta 3 For Developers [Download]

You can download iOS 8.2 beta 3on your iOS device as Apple just launched it for developers of the iOS developer program. iOS 8.2 beta was the first firmware version to bring support for WatchKit, developer SDK for the Apple Watch. The first of iOS 8.2 beta that was released in November started to support WatchKit. With the new SDK the developers could start to create applications for the Apple Watch that will come very soon. Developers can create custom third-party applications, Glances, and actionable notifications for the upcoming hardware, that will be settled on the market in early 2015.

iOS 8.2 beta 3 is compatible with the following devices: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/ 5c/5s, iPhone 6/ 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad 2, iPad (third-generation), iPad (fourth-generation), iPad mini, iPad mini 2/ 3 and iPod touch (fifth-generation).

The third beta brings some changes and fixes few issues. This beta release is available both from Over-the-air (OTA) update on devices that run iOS 8.2 beta 2, and also is available on the Dev Center. Please note that you need to be a registered iOS developer to download iOS 8.2 beta 3.
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iModes: New and Only Alternative to Cydia Jailbreak App Store

All iPhone and iPad users who have used Redsn0w, Pangu, Evasi0n, the latest TaiG or earlier programs released by hackers for different firmware versions know only one iPhone jailbreak store which is Cydia. This is the trusted unofficial tweak and app store that has thousands of titles and tricks for all tastes.

Will this ever change? The popularity of iOS 8 jailbreak makes someone want to enter the community by introducing the new iMods store. It is not available yet. Its developers promise to launch their business sometime in January 2015. The question is… Will you give it a try or would you stay loyal to Cydia only?

iMod jailbreak store wants to become an alternative to Cydia and its only competitor. The iMods team is planning to bring a great UI that fits iOS 8 look and feeling. Devs promise to update their “Featured” section [you will find jailbreak packages here] once in two weeks. You will also find Updates and Top Charts sections where it will be possible to download the best and highly ranked tweaks and apps. It should be possible to uninstall your apps directly from Updates menu which is cool.

iMods Store UI

Cydia alternative for jailbroken iDevices should also include Top Paid, Top Free apps for iPhone and New Items. Having categories is always nice as it so much eases your choice and search [such an option will also be present additionally].

The new store iMods will have just one repository. There will be no need to add repos for different tweaks because all the applications will be submitted by devs directly to iMods [just like it now happens with BigBoss Cydia repo].

iMods just like Apple will mitigate all the tweaks that are submitted to the store.

The coolest part is all users who are running iOS 8 will see only apps and tweaks that support their firmware version. The same thing will happen to other firmwares [current iOS 7 and future iOS 9].

The changes sound pretty nice as for now. Let’s wait till January when everyone will be able to test the store and see how it can improve your life. Then you’ll decide for yourself whether you wish to use two stores or stay on Cydia only.


How To Use Method Of iPhone 6 Wireless Charging

Have you ever try iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 wireless charging? You may do it without any needed things to be tinkered with your device’s hardware.

Wireless charging appeared few years ago, but this method hasn’t been adopted for real consumers usage. Of course charge iPhone 6 wirelessly is huge convenience, but only some companies have adopted this method and only for a few of its iOS devises. However for now, Apple is one of many companies which stands away from this way of charging.

That’s why Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus don’t support wireless charging. Ewan Spence stated at Forbes that if Apple wasn’t going to go for it, he created a home-made innovation for it. Spence demonstrate how to add to 6 / 6 Plus wireless charging feature. Here’s what he developed:

But before use this method please note that charging your iPhone with non OEM chargers is really unsafe and is not recommended to do.


  • Qi Wireless Charging Card. (You can get one on eBay, it should have the Lightning port.)
  • Qi compatible wireless charging pad.
  • Protective case. (Not necessary, but recommended)

Here is instruction:

Step 1. Please make sure to set up Wi-Fi syncing for iTunes, and you’ll have to plug in your iPhone to your PC / Mac for that. This is necessary step to avoid constantly removing the Qi Wireless Charging Card for syncing, in other case it would wear down the Lightning port.

Step 2. After you have done the step 1 unplug the iPhone from your computer, and plug in to your iPhone the Lightning connector of the Qi Wireless Charging Card.

Step 3. Than flip the card to the back of your device so that the rings on it are exposed.

Step 4. The card is needed to be protected. You can use tape to stick the card to the back of iPhone 6. But it will be hard to put it to your pocket. A protective cover will keep the card in place and safe.

Step 5. After you have done it, pop in the compatible charging pad into a power source, and place your iOS device onto the pad to begin iPhone 6 wireless charging.

Now your iOS device can be charged wirelessly. Although it is recommended to avoid replacing wired charging for your device with this method. As if exposed to longer hours of wireless charging your iPhone 6 will heat up.


Apple Still Hasn't Settled The iOS 8.1.3 Release Date

The iOS 8.1.3 launch date is not settled yet. As Apple company had recently released iOS 8.2 beta 2 to developers. And it also is in the working process on a minor upcoming update. This update has started appearing in server logs, with a several number of devices showing that they run the latest software. Perhaps this next update will bring iPhone 4s users some of the developed tweaks that have been testing in iOS 8.2 beta 2.

iOS 8.1.2 was launched a week back with bug fixes and improvements. Apple started to work on a similar minor update to fix other appeared issues. The rumors suggest that Apple will push another iOS update before iOS 8.2 public release. At present time iOS 8.2 is in beta version. It gained support for the Apple Watch and WatchKit.

The first Apple ‘s iOS 8.1.3 sign appeared in logs December 8. It happened just a day before the company launched iOS 8.1.2 to the public to fix a minor issue with disappearing ringtones and gain some minor bug fixes. A day later, Apple company pushed the second iOS 8.2 beta for developers.


The sheer number of visitors from iOS 8.1.3 update stays low, numbering just a couple dozen in total from Apple’s networks. It is unknown when iOS 8.1.3 launch date and when it will be available for users to download. But it seems that Apple’s upcoming update gets released only after the Holiday Season.

And it still stay impossible to guess whether Apple patches the exploit used in the latest TaiG jailbreak to stay ahead jailbreakers. However there were some suggestions around the exploit being patched in iOS 8.1.2, Apple didn’t do so, and TaiG group updated their jailbreak for iOS 8.1.2 shortly after.


iPhone 6 or The Best Smartphone in 2014

How can you figure out the most popular smartphones 2014 list? This is simple if you read different trendy surveys and lists created by the infamous companies. For example, take a look at the recently presented ‘Year in Search’ from Google. This data includes information about most popular smartphones in 2014 [the number one device is iPhone 6] along with other gadgets and products that gained customer approve and love.

You got it correct. Apple’s new iPhone 6 has become the product users like to search for on Google. This search term is highly popular in 2014. By the way, Google creates such lists every year but gives different titles. A year ago it was called Zeitgeist and this year it is called Year in Search. The Cupertino-based company is always on the list and you can guess why, but the fact that the current iPhone 6 took the top spot while it was launched in September only can tell you more than any other advice and opinions from analysts and users.

The list also includes Android gadgets along with Nexus 6 and Galaxy S5 that follow the iPhone 6. It’s up to you which device to purchase. It is definitely more expensive to buy iPhone 6 unlocked but if the price is too high for you it is possible to get one of the subsidized plans offered by U.S. carriers. This way you don’t have to pay the full price at once.

'Year in Search’ Google Results

If you don’t like to be tied to just one carrier [if you don’t pay the full price your iPhone 6 will work with only one network] you can unlock iPhone 6 in U.S. and any other country across the world and get all the benefits that full-price smartphone users enjoy.


How to Restore Cydia Apps from PKGBackup [iOS 8 Guide]

If you used PKGBackup tool you can backup / restore Cydia tweaks with ease on your iOS 8 iPhone or other device. It supports different clouds, including SkyDrive and Dropbox, and allows saving all your jailbroken apps in one place for safe restore and updates.

Once you know how to create a copy of everything you have on the gadget, you should also learn how to get Cydia apps back after restore / upgrading. This is also simple. Let’s say you have already backed up Cydia apps, installed a newer firmware and jailbroke it. Let’s say you updated from iOS 8 to iOS 8.1.2. What should you do next?

How to Restore Cydia Tweaks iOS 8 Instruction

Step 1. In order to restore Cydia apps from backup using PKGBackup application, you need to launch this program.

Step 2. There is one great option called Restore. Choose it to continue.

Step 3. You will see the name of your backup file. It appears just above the Restore button. If you have several files to select from you can click on the nam you see and get the full list of all available packages. Choose what you wish to use and click on Select option. Once you are done just press on Close.

Step 4. You can now click on the orange button called Restore to begin.

Step 5. Confirm you desire and the program will start the restore from iOS 8 backup copy.

Step 6. You will have to reboot afterwards.

P.S. Users who decided to save their data on a cloud have to get it through Settings where you are able to connect to cloud service.


Way to Backup iOS 8 Cydia Apps and Tweaks to Cloud

Sometimes it is cool to backup Cydia apps and tweaks to PC but there is no guarantee that nothing happens to your computer. There is even a better way to protect all your applications on a jailbroken device. With modern tools you can just create a backup copy of everything you have to save it on the cloud which you can reach from any computer or iPhone later on.

We’ll explain how to backup Cydia tweaks on iOS 8 firmware. This guide is good for users who are already jailbroken and wish to restore or update to the latest firmware. Since the iPhone is going to be completely wiped off you have to save the tweaks and avoid going through the long process of installing everything you had before.

How to Backup Cydia Apps iOS 8 Instruction

Step 1. There is one interesting tool called PKGBackup. Sadly it is not free. It is available to users who are willing to pay nearly $10 for it. The program is located on Cydia [look for BigBoss repo]. Developers promise to update their application with all the fixes to current problems if anything exists on the new Apple OS and this is why you can’t get it for free.

Step 2. Once the program is purchased and installed you can start to backup Cydia apps and sources on iOS 8 smartphone.

Step 3. There is PKGBackup icon on your Home screen which you need to launch.

step 3

Step 4. Launch Settings and select your cloud or source where the backup copy will be stored. You can use DropBox, SkyDrive, Box etc.

Step 5. Click on the Backup option. First, choose the round button.

step 5

Step 6. Then choose the orange one.

step 6

Step 7. Once asked, provide the Title and describe your backup file. Remember it as this file will contain all your jailbroken apps and tweaks.

Step 8. The application will backup all the jailbroken content and you will have to wait till the work is done.


Is It Possible to Restore Lost Apple ID and Create New Recovery Key?

Have you heard about Apple recovery key generator? This is the tool that helps you restore lost Apple ID 14-character number. How can you use it? Everything is pretty easy-to-understand and you can trust us, this method will help you activate your iCloud account once it has been locked for security reasons.

In order to generate new Apple ID key you should follow the guide.

Step 1. The famous iOS company has an official site you should go to

Step 2. This website helps users to learn more about recovery key verification Apple ID procedure and allows adding changes to your account. Just go to Manage Apple ID menu to continue.

Step 3. You should sign in. Use your ID and password for this purpose.

Step 4. The site will ask you to verify yourself. It will send a unique code to your trusted gadget.

Step 5. Enter the code you received and press on Continue.

Step 6. You can now go to Password and Security menu where you are able to create Apple recovery key.

step 6

Step 7. Select the menu which is called Replace Recovery Key.

Step 8. Head over to Replace lost key option and choose Next.

step 8

Step 9. Finally, you are here! Your recovery key will appear on your screen now. Print it, write it down, save it but remember where exactly it is saved because this is your protection and it can’t be kept on your computer as this is where it might get lost.

step 9Step 10. Once you select Continue option you will have you enter your recovery key and activate it. That’s it.

step 10

Was it simple to you?


I Lost My Apple ID Recovery Key

The two-step verification was introduced by Apple in 2013 to help users protect the unauthorized access to their smartphones and tablets. Still this can become a problem for users who suddenly or sometime forgot Apple ID recovery questions and ID recovery key.

There is nothing to panic about even though users assure that the company can’t help you if you don’t have your key. Luckily, there is one more way out of this situation and your nerves can be saved along with your comfort.

If you lost Apple ID recovery key you will be able to get. The iOS smartphone maker will not give it you, no. Don’t call the retail stores or customer support as they will say they can do nothing unless you provide them with your key.

There are special generators that can create the unique 14-character key you can use with the secured verification for Apple ID. It helps out when you don’t remember the password to your account or already lost your access because someone else tried to hack you.


When you don’t remember еру key you should remember about the ability to generate a new ID recovery key and return access to your personal iCloud account and iPhone.

In most cases you don’t even need this key, because you can return your access using a trusted device [the second phone of your relative or friend] and the original password. But if it happens so that you get hacked [such situations aren’t that common] you will need the key otherwise your account might be blocked permanently and you wouldn’t be able to have it back.

It’s best to write your recovery key down and place the piece of paper in a safe place and remember about generator. These are your alternative opportunities to save your account from being lost forever.


Get Updated Google APP On iPhone 6 [Download]

You can download Google app on iPhone 6 using direct link below in the article. As today Google company pushed a major 5.0 update to its app for iOS with a completely reconditioned design, together with its Material Design language.

The company says it broaden the software by giving support iPhone 6 with the 4.7-inch and iPhone 6 Plus with 5.5-inch screens. The app also adds a lot of new features, including easier-to-find current searches, Maps alongside search results, a “G” button that allows you start a new search from anywhere inside the app and more.

The “G” button reduces the number of clicks to return back to search. From now, when you want to go right back to the search box it doesn’t matter where you are in the app, you just need to click on the “G” button.


In any time you need to go back quickly to any previously viewed page you can use the new “Recents” button that is located at the top right. It helps to keep you organized by developing a list of recently visited pages.

The user interface is identical to flipping via open tabs in Safari on iPhone running iOS 8. You can easily run through each and every page using a move of your own finger to manage all your jobs.

You can also search Google Maps within the app as Maps now show alongside your search results.


If you want to take a closer look you can even explore Street View using app.

Here is the full Google 5.0.0 changelog:

  • Recents—see & return to your recently visited pages
  • Google button—start a new search with just one tap
  • Google Maps—explore interactive maps, nearby places & Street View right inside the app (for iPhone)
  • Beautiful new Material Design animations
  • Bigger photos in image search
  • Looks great on the new iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

You can download Google app on iPhone 6 for free in the App Store.