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How iPhone Users Were Tracked by the GCHQ [Documents Revealed]

There are documents that reveal that one British agency was spying on iOS device holders. The news about the GCHQ tracking iPhone users quickly spread the web. You might like to learn how to track a missing / stolen iPhone. Previously, there were rumors about NSA doing the similar thing through the backdoor access to Apple gadgets, but Apple didn’t confirm this information officially.

Now the information that appeared on the Internet thanks to Der Spigel says that Government Communications Headquarters was able to track iPhone owners. It was possible to pull any information from the smartphones no matter if the gadget was compromised or not.

Can iPhone users track each other this way? They probably cannot because the GCHQ didn’t attack the smartphones directly. The government officials used the compromised computer which the iPhone owner was syncing with and the tracking relied on the gadget’s UDID. It was possible to extract information from backups.

According to the report, it was possible for the GCHQ to track iPhones through various services. The possibility to follow a person’s UDID was available because of a hole in Safari browser. This exploit gave the agency a chance to extract not only app data but also web activity of users.

Is there anything to worry about for iOS 8 customers right now? Luckily, the leaked documents date back to the fall of 2010. Apple no longer uses UDID and its security is now much better. It is improved and enhanced so if you have updated to iOS 7 or iOS 8 you are secured.


Will It Be Possible to Sync Touch ID Fingerprints via iCloud?

There are a lot of Apple patents that don’t mean that the company will implement everything it files. The USPTO lately granted another patent to Apple where the iPhone giant is working on Touch ID syncing over iCloud. The document mentions the possibility to sync user’s fingerprints to secondary gadgets via iCloud.

According to the idea, users of the iDevices might have to verify their Apple ID data in order to have their fingerprint image being accepted by Touch ID. The information is to be encrypted, and once it is uploaded to the cloud it can be passed on to a different iOS smartphone or tablet that is linked to user’s Apple account.

Of course, it won’t happen as simple as it sounds. The iOS giant will have to collect the fingerprint from the secondary device that must match the original biometric data and user’s original fingerprint. Then such data can be shared via Bluetooth or NFC through the encryption.

Apple Touch ID Syncing via iCloud Patent

Apple’s new patent works along with Apple Pay service. As the company describes it, users who wish to buy something using the iOS mobile payment system can use the fingerprint data that is stored in iCloud.

This might happen only if the sale terminal includes the fingerprint scanner and is capable of processing user’s ‘to-be matched’ fingerprint through Bluetooth / NFC without Internet.

The iPhone maker gives its new patent that was filed in the summer of 2013 a long name. If you are curious, it goes as ‘Finger biometric sensor data synchronization via a cloud computing device and related methods.’

Would you like such a feature to become real in the future?


How to Restore iOS 8 iPhone 6 / 6 Plus / 5S / 5 / 5c / 4S [iCloud, iTunes]

Don’t confuse iPhone 6 restore from backup and iPhone reset options. These are two different things and they mean different consequences for your iDevice. When you choose iPhone 6 Plus / 5S / 5c / 5 / 4S restore from iCloud backup you firstly have to create such a backup.

What will happen if you forget to make a backup copy of your iPhone and choose to restore it using iCloud? Well, all your personal data and information will be reloaded but since you haven’t saved anything ahead of restore you will have no data on the gadget. It will be clean from your information.

How to Restore iPhone 6 from iCloud or iTunes

Before we tell you how to complete this instruction you should understand a couple of things. If you are planning to resell your device you have to disassociate the gadget from iCloud ID [account]. This is a very important step since if you leave the device related to your Apple ID the person who purchases it will be locked to your iCloud ID and won’t get the full access to the iOS 8 smartphone. Just keep in mind this information, and here is how to restore iPhone 6 or any other model of iOS device using iCloud.

Step 1. Take the iPhone and open Settings.

Step 2.You can also disassociate iCloud ID from your smartphone by choosing iCloud – and disable Find My iPhone.

Step 3. Get back to Settings and select iCloud once again.

Step 4. Select Backup and click on iCloud Backup only if you have a saved backup copy of your iPhone to which you wish to restore.

Step 5. Click on Black Up Now.

Restore iPhoneIf you wish to restore through iTunes you have to connect the iDevice to your computer through the USB cable and go to File – Devices – Back up on iTunes menu. Different users choose what is more comfortable to them and actually both ways are good to go as they both work fine. Select Restore iPhone under Summary panel and click Restore to confirm you decision to return to factory settings.

Restore erases your data, and once the iPhone restarts you have to either restore it from a backup or set it up as a new device [in case you want it, here is how to set up new iPhone 6].

How to Restore iPhone 6 Plus / 6 / 5S / 5c / 5 from a Backup

Method 1. This can also be done in two ways. Let’s say you wish to restore from iCloud backup. You just have to follow your Setup Assistant and when you see the Set Up option just click on Restore from iCloud Backup and choose the file you wish to restore to.

Restore from iCloud Backup

Method 2. If you want to restore from iTunes backup you should connect to your computer using a USB cable and select File menu on iTunes where you can choose iDevices and click on Restore from Backup. Point to the file you want to get back to and confirm your decision.


Apple Terminates RAD Agreement with iOS 7 and 8 Developers in Crimea

Apple agreement with developers in Crimea is terminated. This happens because of the situation that goes on around Ukraine, Russia and the European Union. The Cupertino-based giant is forced to report about Apple terminated agreement because of the trade sanctions from the U.S. and EU for residents of Crimea.

Note: If you remember, Apple has also risen the app prices in Russia in 2015 after shutting down its online store in this country.

The company sends out emails to devs who are residing in Crimea. These letters inform about Apple developer account terminated state which means that iOS developers who live in this part of the world are not allowed to sell apps / games and even publish them on the App Store. The news is shocking to devs but they can’t do much about it.

Apple terminated agreement known as RAD [Registered Apple Developer] with users means the devs from Crimea must stop using Apple software that they obtained as the part of the agreement which is no longer valid. The iPhone maker has even blocked such developers from accessing its dev portal.

Everything happens because of the new trade sanctions that were recently announced by the European commission and United States Government.

Devs who were blocked by this decision can try to re-register for the RAD program through either a Ukraine or Russia-based address. Still the iOS giant hasn’t said anything about such possibilities so it is currently not known if re-registration can help to solve the issue.

Apple doesn’t also say what happens to the money that was collected on behalf of blocked companies and devs who sold paid applications and games through iTunes or the App Store if such money wasn’t paid to these developers yet.


Apple Granted Wearable Camera Patent For iPhone Users

Apple wearable camera patent was granted by the company itself. The application details Apple GoPro-like wearable patent perfect for underwater recording and action shots. Apple even takes aim at GoPro in the patent filing.

Apple might not ever make a wearable camera, but if it does, it’ll be a GoPro on steroids. Today Apple was granted a series of 34 patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This patent includes details about a camera system that can be mounted on scuba masks, bike helmets, or fastened to motorcycles and surfboards.

The patent also details plans for waterproofing so an iPhone owners could take underwater snapshots and record video using their iOS devices. Apple developed its patent in 2012 and gained some of the technology in purchased from Eastman Kodak in November 2013. Moving into the action cameras market would seem like an odd move for Apple which focuses on dominating multi-billion dollar markets. Although, Apple has just topped Nikon to become the second most popular camera maker around the world. It seems inevitable that an external camera you can beat up and can control with your iPhone.

GoPro shares have now lost 42 percent of their value since reaching an all-time high of $98.47 in October 2014. Despite the huge drop the stock is still up 73 percent since its IPO in June 2014.

Shares of GoPro stock plummeted as much as 15% this afternoon after it was announced that Cupertino company was awarded a Apple wearable camera patent.


Free iTunes Song Every Week Cancelled by Apple After 11 Years of Promotion

Did you enjoy downloading the free iTunes song every week? I loved this promotion which was available for long 11 years, and has been finally cancelled by Apple in 2015. Everything ended quietly, and the company said nothing about it to its customers and iTunes fans.

If you are still searching for ‘How do you get iTunes free Single of the Week’ you will be upset to find out you can no longer download a free tune. The popular weekly promotion has been dropped for good, as noted by users on iPhone giant’s discussion forums.

The free iTunes Single of the Week was a good thing. Users browsed the Store and searched for both free and paid songs, but getting one tune for free each week was simply awesome. A lot of music fans got to know new singers and bands this way.

The fun offer became available in 2004. Every week iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users could download a free single from different music genres. Some people who were waiting for a free song several times a month also browsed the store and purchased other tunes.

Users note that they can’t find the link for the free iTunes tune since the beginning of 2015. There were no official statements from Apple yet, but it’s the third week of the New Year and there was no luck so far in any country across the world.

Do you miss the free song promotion?


iOS 8.2 Release: Everything You Need to Know About This Update

What do we know about iOS 8.2 release as for today? This update has been seeded to iOS developers four times, but each new beta is just a minor update from the previous seed. If you are curious and iOS 8.2 what to expect we’ll tell you everything we found out about this future launch for iPhone and iPad.

The first beta that showed us the iOS 8.2 features was presented on November 18, 2014. Since then, Apple released 8.2 beta 2, beta 3 and beta 4 [it was introduced on January 12, 2015].

iOS 8.2 What’s New

The new mobile OS will have some interesting options. Among the future iOS 8.2 specs, you can find the support for dev SDK WatchKit that works with the not-yet-released Apple Watch. There is another hint to the upcoming Watch product. The company added support for its iWatch Bluetooth and it is displayed as the new section in Settings application.

iOS 8.2 Bluetooth Support

As always, the next update will fix some of the bugs. It means that the ‘fruit’ giant will solve the issues with its Messages program, keyboards and other things that users complained about.

The new iOS 8.2 will be compatible with the iPod touch fifth gen, iPad 2 and up models of Apple tablets and all iPhones beginning with the iPhone 4S and up to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

iOS 8.2 Blood Tracking

Beta releases also showed that the next platform version will track user’s blood sugar in Health app developed for iOS 8.

Will you be able to jailbreak iOS 8.2 with TaiG? According to these hackers, their tool supported the first beta of the new operating system, but we never know if Apple is going to patch the exploits or not. It is better to wait for the public launch and see what happens.

When will all the features of iOS 8.2 become available to ordinary users? Apple is believed to present its Watch in March. The new firmware could be unveiled just before this release.


Apple Bendable Phone Patent Granted to iOS Giant

Will Apple really release a bendable iPhone? It is quite possible since the company was granted special Apple bendable phone patent which allows the Cupertino-based giant developing and producing a flexible smartphone. Will it truly twist or bend? There is no answer to this question but the iOS 8 firwmare creator seems to be at least one step ahead of all other huge cell phone makers.

iPhone bending issue first unveiled after the seventh-gen model official launch. Some iPhone 6 users complained on iPhone bendable problem since the gadget wasn’t supposed to bend in the first place.

iPhone Bendable Patent

Apple got a patent for manufacturing a device that could easily twist and bend by purpose and not accidentally as it happened to some iPhone 6 smartphones.

We might never see iPhone bendable though because the company originally filed this patent in 2011 [Apple got patents for flexible displays in 2013, 2014 and now 2015]. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted it and this means that the California-based corporation is allowed to manufacture devices that have a flexible housing, display and / or other internal components.

Different companies file patents, but this doesn’t mean they are planning to release such products in the future. Some of the competitors do this to prevent others from licensing particular options, inventions and features.

According to the patent, the gadget might respond to command trigger being turned on and bend / deform ‘while absorbing the impact from a fall.’

Normally iPhones shouldn’t bend, but a small number of consumers had such a problem with the 5.5-inch iPhone 6. What do you think about the possibility of getting a flexible iOS smartphone sometime in the future?


iOS 9 Is Tested On A Small Number Of Devices [Screenshots]

According to the rumors iOS 9 screenshots have been already leaked in internet. They also stated that subsequent release of iOS 9 from Apple company will certainly be this year. It was also added that the upcoming OS has already been tested, and hints about its existence are introduced online. Let’s discuss all the details on this development.

For those users who are excited to see iOS 9 at WWDC 2015, then the new OS is at current time in its testing phase, with a few devices showing in Web logs running Apple’s unannounced mobile firmware. Despite the fact that there are only few hits from the Cupertino’s upcoming mobile firmware, it is still believed that iOS 9 exists, and it’s out in public.

Analyzing this information we can state that only two months after launching iOS 8 to consumers in September, the Apple company was busy testing iOS 9 on a small number of devices, deploying it on more employee iPhones or maybe tablets in the last month or so.


The authority expect to see the next OS release will be somewhere in September together with the anticipated iPhone 6s and 6s Plus devices. The excited fans have different conceptions due to features that Apple should pack into the new OS including some truly simple but effective ones. Few such features was introduced by a tech enthusiast Ralph Theodory. His showcases an array of improvements and additional features Apple could take into consideration.


New iOS 8.1.2 Jailbreak Release: PP Jailbreak from Chinese Hackers

Till today we knew only Pangu iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak that really worked. It has been developed by hackers from China and supports both Windows and Mac. Another team of hackers launched a new 8.1.2 jailbreak for Mac that works on iOS 8 and 8.1.x firmware versions.

The 2014 became the year of Chinese developers who did a lot for jailbreaking community. The tradition seems to continue in 2015 with the new PP jailbreak iOS 8.1.2 launch. Still this tool supports only OS X operating system.

Till everything is cleared up with the new release you are advised to jailbreak iOS 8.1.2 using TaiG. If you get stuck during TaiG jailbreak use this fix guide.

It is also believed to work on the same gadgets that are supported by firmware v.8. This includes the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus along with older models down to iPhone 4S. This also includes iPod touch 5G, iPad mini versions, iPad Air devices and iPad 2, 3 and 4.

Famous hackers haven’t responded to the new jailbreak so we won’t tell you yet how to jailbreak 8.1.2 with PP. We are waiting to hear that this program is safe to use. Still users who tried it assure it does jailbreak your ‘fruit’ gadget.

If you decide to give it a try, do this with caution. Users who ran it say you need to uncheck the box that could install the pirate App Store form China. Just like with TaiG jailbreak you need to turn off Find My iPhone and passcode before you proceed.