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Now It Is Possible To Purchase Unlocked iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus

At current time you can purchase unlocked iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 in the U.S. It means that you can get a device that’s unlocked but includes a T-Mobile SIM card in the package.

According to new reports Apple company will broaden the unlocked variants to choose from a bit, and you will get a chance to purchase SIM-free iPhone 6 and 6 Plus units on Tuesday, January 6.

The internet resources stated that new iPhone buyers will be able to pick up the SIM-free devices both from Apple’s physical retail stores, and Apple Online.

At current time Apple sells its new unlocked iPhone models in the US configured for Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile, the one that is unlocked and can be used on supported carriers around the world. A SIM-free option means that customers can choose their own carrier, without having to worry about incompatibilities or restrictions, plus use the handset overseas with a different SIM card.

As it was mention above you can buy unlocked iPhone you will get T-Mobile SIM in the box or purchase a device with a carrier contract bundled with the device.

This Apple move means that those users who don’t want to use a T-Mobile SIM, or even will throw one away after they open the box, will not have to. The reports do not indicate that there is any difference between these SIM-free unlocked variants, and the one that’s at present time available from Apple.

Depending on screen size and choice of storage space the pricing will start at $649 and going all the way up to $949. So if you want to purchase unlocked iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6 visit retail store or use online service.


Why Has Prox13 Confirmed That iDict Not Working

Is iDict not working? Yes. Just a few days ago on GitHub handle Prox13 had released iDict hacking tool. It helped any person using brute force hack iCloud account.

The hacker stated on the tool’s GitHub page that it was 100% working using dictionary to hack iCloud account and bypassed secondary authentication on any user account.

This hacking tool was developed in the way that it used brute force method to repeatedly match the password using words from the dictionary. In cases where the victim has used a weak password the brute force method are usually 100 % successful.

With the aim to prevent the tool from repeatedly guessing the account, Apple company, by temporarily locking the account, should have ideally blocked the brute force attack.

Although Prox13 stated that his tool bypassed all Apple protection methods. Some of Reddit and Twitter users have tested the iDict tool and confirmed that it worked.

After that here are good news, Apple seems to have finally patched the flaw. The hacker has confirmed that Apple company has fixed the exploit, and is locking the account for security reasons to prevent such brute force attacks.

The users with strong password shouldn’t be worried about such attacks. But there were situations that some persons were able to bypass the security measures. It was when the massive nude celebrity photo leak sourced from hacked iCloud accounts.

Apple encourages all its consumers to use strong password for online accounts and enable two-step authentication for services like iCloud to avoid such incidents. The iDict is not working now, but it is not known when the other hacker will develop another tool to hack iCloud accounts.


Apple iOS 8 Lawsuit Filed Because of iOS 8 Update Problems

The new Apple iOS 8 lawsuit is filed because of the big space requirements that not all iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users like as well as previous model owners. When the new firmware was presented a lot of people were surprised at how much storage space they had to free in order to install this operating system on older iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

Those who purchased the seventh-gen model were also shocked. Apple lawsuit over iOS 8 is understood to them because their brand new smartphones also had to give a bit of storage space to the new iOS 8 right out of the box, which couldn’t make new customers happy with the purchase.

The class action lawsuit is levied against the Cupertino-based giant in the U.S. federal court. The document states that the company hasn’t informed users about the space that is needed for iOS 8 to run on the iDevice.

According to the information that the lawsuit relies on, the operating system iOS 8 can get over 23 percent of iPhone storage space. Apple surely never advertised this fact. The law firm that handles the case wants Apple to pay the damages its new mobile OS can cause users who might run of space while taking wedding pictures, recording something important or watching the sporting event on the iPhone or iPad. The iOS giant is also expected to add changes to its policy.

Did you notice that sometimes you have to free 6.9GB of space before you are able to install iOS 8 update on your iPhone? Some people actually saw such requirements and got really frustrated and upset with Apple. What do you think about the lawsuit over iOS 8? Do you also believe that the iPhone maker has to pay damages and inform customers about such things as required storage space for firmware upgrades?


iCloud Password Can Be Hacked With iDict Tool

It became possible to hack iCloud password with iDict. A hacker has pushed a tool that he claims can crack iCloud account. The tool uses an exploit, that stop most hackers from gaining access to accounts, in Apple’s security to bypass restrictions.

With the aim to stop hackers to hack iCloud passwords Apple developed multiple ways. They stop people from guessing passwords over and over again by blocking brute force iCloud passwords attacks.

The company also allows consumers verify login attempts using their mobile phone through two-factor authentication. But iDict revealed and bypassed iCloud lock. It poses as a legitimate app. And breaks accounts with obvious passwords by trying out the 500 combinations included. So if you’re an iCloud user and has a weak password, be careful as iDict would catch you.

At present time it is not proved that iDict is a working exploit, but due to Twitter and Reddit users reports the tool was tested and they found it in work as has been described.

hack iCloud password with iDic

That’s why there’s very little amount of user can keep their account in security. Before the tool tries to hack iCloud account it does need its users to know the email address tiered with the account. There is only one way to make an iCloud account more secure is to use an email address that hasn’t been shared online.

The brute force attack could destroy the entire iCloud infrastructure, especially, those with weaker passwords. This hard situation should push Apple into action.

As for current time be sure to pick strong and impossible to guess password, also two factor verification, if you don’t want to encounter any nasty surprises, as hacking iCloud password with iDict.


Apple Presents New 14-Day Return Policy in Europe

The new Apple return policy in Europe has been announced by the Cupertino-based compay for a number of EU countries. All iPhone and iPad users who purchase apps, book, games and other things on App Store and iTunes will get the 14-day return policy.

Such opportunities were present years ago and then they were gone until now when the iOS giant has chosen some European countries to open them the same doors once again. All digital purchases that are made through the iOS stores offer a no-questions-asked two-week return policy. In other words, if you buy something through iBooks or other Apple store [any applications] you are able to return the app without questions and get your money back.

Right now this updated Apple iTunes return policy begins to work in the UK, Germany, France and Italy along with some other places. Previously the rules stated that a customer was able to get the charges back and withdraw from a purchase until the product has begun to be delivered.

The only exclusion mentioned in this European App Store return policy are gift cards. They are impossible to cancel and refund after you redeem your code. All other apps, games, books, tunes etc. can be refunded and such orders can be cancelled within the 14-day window.

The iPhone maker promises to refund any customer who cancels his or her order within the 14-days from the moment of cancellation.

Customers who live in the U.S. and Canada don’t have such a refund option. Their local policies remain the same.


A9 Chip Production Will Lay On TSMC Foundry

It seems that Apple’s A9 processor production duties will lay on TSMC (Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company). It is the world’s largest dedicated independent semiconductor foundry.

The war between two modern tech industry giants Apple and Samsung has been burning fiercely over the past few years. There were many quibbles over their patents and general status as the major names in the mobile market. Although Samsung stays a major manufacturing partner to Apple.

These days, however, the iPhone producer wanted to distance itself from Samsung in this capacity, reducing its reliance by drafting in other companies. It turns that the production of A9 chip will be TSMC’s responsibility.

TSMC has been working with Apple company for a couple of years, and Touch ID fingerprint sensor being one of the major components that it has produced.

Although the processor was that key thing for that Samsung has largely helmed. And while everyone were thinking that Samsung would take the in this field it became known that TSMC will instead take this responsibility.

According to a Taiwan’s report this foundry will be the primary supplier, as at present time it make 70 percent of the A8 production. There were many different rumors that this time Samsung will take a larger portion. But due to Taipei Times’s reports Apple will stick to a setup similar to what it has now.

To make it clear that while Samsung will still be producing A9 chips, it has already struck a deal with the Apple company to begin doing so. In this situation TSMC will have the biggest part of responsibility.

It’s probably that one or two other organizations will be drafted in to support generate the A9 processor, and by expanding the production process, the Cupertino company will be able to decrease risk.


Apple Reaches Over 50 Percent of All Mobile Device Activations over Christmas

Apple Christmas sale 2014 seems to be pretty cool, at least, one latest report published online states that over half of new smartphones and tablets that were activated in the end of December belonged to the iOS giant.

The huge iPhone activation Christmas percent [to be exact, it is 51.3] means that most customers got iPhone 6 or 6 Plus for holidays. These numbers are not only from across the U.S. They are from around the world.

Mobile Device Activations

The report is based on data that was obtained from over 600,000 applications tracked by one company. It focuses on the dates between December 19 and 25, 2014. Apple got the first place with over 50 percent. Samsung comes second with around 18 percent of worldwide mobile device activations and Nokia places third with around 6 percent. There are three mobile giants that got nearly one percent in total, they are Huawei, HTC and Xiaomi [all these firms are popular in Asia].

Both iOS 8 iPhone 6 models are real blockbusters in 2014. A lot of consumers might find them under their Christmas tree on New Year. We’ll see what analysts are to note in the beginning of 2015. For now, as it is mentioned in the survey, the number of iOS applications and other program installs at least doubled on Christmas Day if compared with early December.

App Installs on Christmas

The report comes from Flurry.

What about you? Have you got a new smartphone for Christmas?


Hack A Fingerprint Using Specialized Software On iPhone

There is a way how to hack a fingerprint on iPhone. It is known that Touch ID has popularized and mainstreamed biometric security on mobile devices. The sensor built into the Home button. It gained the sophisticated technology developed by Israeli smart sensor maker AuthenTec. Touch ID debuted on the iPhone 5s.

Although the fingerprint-based security solutions that exists at current time could be easily bypassed by generating a fingerprint image from a series of images of someone’s finger.

In Germany, at the 31st annual Chaos Computer Club conference in Hamburg, Jan Krissler revealed that he has managed to hack the thumbprint of German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen by using only some close-range photos taken from multiple angles.

Krissler did not even require any object that carried her fingerprint or the Defense Minister’s original fingerprint to create its replica. He used VeriFinger software to create the fake fingerprint from multiple images that were taken during a conference in September, including a close-up her thumb image.


He claimed that the similar method can be used to fool other security methods like facial recognition. He confirms the conceptional weaknesses of biometrical authentication.

Although it has not yet been proved that Chaos Computer Club fingerprint replica generated from a series of photos of someone’s finger could be tapped to bypass Touch ID.

It is understandable that there is no thing as the unbreakable biometric security system and Touch ID is no exception. Jan Krissler strongly believes that passwords are far more secure than relying on biometric security systems. As an example, he showed how to hack a fingerprint on iPhone and then use fake fingerprint to unlock the device. It features a ‘Touch ID’ fingerprint sensor integrated into its home button.

Even though Krissler has managed to prove that fingerprint sensors are not as secure as traditional passwords.