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How to Change Root Password on iPhone with iOS 8 Firmware [Instruction]

A new instruction on iOS 8 root password change is available to all iPhone and iPad owners who are jailbroken and need to protect their iDevice from potential access by third-party people and hackers. When you are not jailbroken there is nothing to worry about. But if you are, it is better to follow the guide and change the root password that is the same by default on all gadgets.

Everyone who is interested in the jailbreak field knows that ‘alpine’ is used as the password by default. You can make it unique and this will keep your iOS smartphone or tablet way more secure.

MTerminal iOS 8 Root Password Change

How to Change Root Password on iPhone iOS 8

Step 1. Thanks to dev lordscotland there is a free program MTerminal that is similar to MobileTerminal which is known by millions but sadly doesn’t support iOS 8 firmware. You can get it in Cydia by searching for MTerminal and installing it right from this store.

Step 2. You can now launch the new tweak you just got.

Step 3. You should now type su root and click on Return.

Step 4. Enter ‘alpine’ as password when you are asked and click on return.

Step 5. You can now type passwd.

Step 6. You’ll have to enter a new password as prompted and click on Return key.

Step 7. Type passwd mobile.

Step 8. Enter a new password and confirm it. Click on Return each time you enter it.

Step 9. That’s it. Both your root and user passwords have been successfully changed to whatever you have created. Just remember the new passwords.

This Cydia tweak that can provide you with a simple and quick iPhone change root password on iOS 8 platform is free to download and use.


What Will Permanently Brick an iPhone [Be Careful with iOS 8 Tweaks]

What will brick an iPhone? Users who are only about to jailbreak iOS 8 smartphone or just wish to know what causes iPhone to brick should read this post. With hackers making it simpler and easier to install Cydia on iDevices even the bricking has reduced, but this can’t sadly mean that you are completely safe and this will never happen to you or your friends.

iPhone permanent brick is the biggest worry of every owner who is jailbroken. According to one developer, there is an exploit that can kill your smartphone forever.

What does bricked iPhone mean? It means you cannot boot up and use your gadget any longer. The bricking process is irreversible and this is the worst thing that can happen to your device. You can reset your model, restore it after you lost all information, jailbreak, reset and update, but if anything bricks you are helpless to change the situation, and you only have to buy a new gadget.

What does a bricked iPhone look like? It just dies.

According to hacker arcticsn0w, there is the tweak that was developed to demonstrate that bricking iOS 8.1.3 is possible nowadays. This is dangerous and don’t ever install KilliOS program that is luckily not available on Cydia. The dev created this program to show other developers and hackers what bricking means and how it works. He assures that he had no intentions to break smartphones using this code.

If you have jailbroken your iDevice, you should be really attentive to the tweaks you download and install. Use only trusted sources and developers and do not download anything that looks suspicious or comes from an unknown source. This is the only way to protect your Apple gadget from being bricked permanently.


Download iTunes 12.1.1 Update with Some Changes

All Mac users got iTunes 12.1 update for OS X earlier in 2015, and now it’s time for Windows users to download iTunes 12.1.1 update offered by Apple in the middle of February. The iOS giant improves its desktop program and fixes some previous bugs.

Where is iTunes 12.1.1 free download available? Just launch this program and you will be offered to upgrade to the latest version. Apple is only rolling out this update so don’t worry if you can’t enjoy this latest release right away. Wait for a while and you will definitely get a chance to update at no cost.

What does the new 12.1.1 version of iTunes offer iPhone 6 iOS 8.1.3 users and other people who have an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone? PC owners can smile as a lot of fixes are coming. For example, the problem with Outlook syncing should be gone, audio playback option must be improved and other issues with audio have to be solved.

iPhone and iPad users who are using Outlook will be able to sync without headache. Besides, Apple promises that screen readers will be offered better compatibility which sounds fun.

Have you updated to the new version by now? Are you planning to download iTunes 12.1.1 or would you prefer staying on the previous release?


How to Fix Error 3194 in iTunes during iOS 8 iPhone Update or Restore

Users who have an iPhone, iPad or any other Apple device that connects to iTunes can get error messages once a while. Each error can be solved, and here comes error 3194 fix for all iOS 8 and other firmware users. Everything is not as difficult or bad as it might look to you at the first glance when you connect to your computer, launch iTunes and see the unpleasant message.

When do users experience error 3194 on iPhone? This iTunes problem surfaces when you are trying to update your smartphone via iTunes or use this program to restore the iDevice.

How to Fix Error 3194 in iTunes

Before we explain what you should do, let’s think why the problem appears. Maybe there are problems with iTunes which cannot connect to Apple update server.

If you are on Mac, follow this instruction to get rid of the issue.

Step 1. You can close iTunes as we should check the hosts file for ‘’ absence.

Step 2. Use Terminal and this command: sudo nano /private/etc/hosts.

Step 3. If you are asked to enter your Mac password, do so and click Enter.

Step 4. You will find your hosts file so search for ‘’ and add ‘# ’ [the symbol plus a space] at the entry’s start.

Step 5. The changes you enter have to be saved. To do this, click on Control-O.

Step 6. You can exit the editor and restart your Mac.

Step 7. Launch iTunes and update / restore your iPhone now. There should be no errors.

Error 3194 iTunes Fix for Windows and iOS 8 Firmware

Step 1. We should edit your hosts file on your computer.

Step 2. Go to Etc folder where you will find hosts file which you can edit by double tapping on it.

Step 3. If there are entries for ‘’ it is required to delete the entry.

Step 4. Save the file.

Step 5. Restart PC and try to update or restore your iOS 8 device without getting error 3194 in iTunes.


Apple Drops Various Apple Watch Health Features Before Launch

Apple was believed to introduce a long Apple Watch features list, but according to reports, the company drops most of its health options less than two months before the public release. The Cupertino-based giant was expected to focus on fitness and health monitoring with its new product but this might not happen in 2015.

It seems that Apple Watch health sensors will not show your blood pressure, hearbeat or stress level. The new device will only get the pulse-rate sensor. Why have a lot of Apple Watch health features disappeared so suddenly?

We know that the iPhone maker has been working on its wearable gadget for about 4 years in a row. It wanted to launch the Watch that could do as many things as Apple wanted it to do but got a ‘black hole’ sucking in resources, as some experts assure.

The ‘fruit’ company tested different sensors but couldn’t get the consistent results for blood pressure and other health details. Besides, giving any advice without FDA approval would have been wrong and impossible. In other words, the ideas are just ideas and will most likely be not implemented in the first generation of this new gadget.

There are a lot of reasons why Apple Watch health functions are currently difficult to realize. Still the company is getting prepared for the big launch and is rumored to already ask the suppliers to manufacture about 5-6 millions units of this wearable.


The White House Supports Apple Pay Option for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus

The new Apple Pay system continues to grow in the U.S. More banks and stores support this iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus mobile payment option and the latest news mentions Apple Pay White House support with the federal payment cards, which is too superb for all fans of the iOS products.

It is interesting how fast credit unions and banks jump on board and start working with Apple even though a lot of organizations at first were skeptical about such a system launch. The Cupertino-based giant introduced its new form of payment in the fall of 2014 along with iOS 8.1 update offered back in the end of October.

Some stores tried it and refused accepting this method of mobile payment at first. Later on, as iPhone 6 became highly popular in the U.S. and more customers started to use Apple Pay to checkout in stores, new banks and unions started to add to this system expanding the network of supported organizations with the speed of a hurricane.

Apple Pay federal payment cards support is a new step to further development. The White House officially stated that it supported this system on February 13, 2015. Customers who have Social Security benefits or veterans using a debit card can use it for paying with Apple Pay on iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6.

This deal works with both government cards and Direct Express payment network. It is working through GSA SmartPay.


Cydia Tweaks Virus Can Be Dangerous For Your iOS Device

Do you know about Cydia tweaks virus? Here is some information you need to know. If you have jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you get many well-documented advantages over stock software, the unique ability to change the functionality and UX in ways that Apple company would never allow. All the jailbreaks are the result of developers hard work. They are trying to find and exploit holes in the Apple platform to create tweaks to improve users experience.

But besides pluses the is one Cydia tweaks virus. To avoid viruses better use best antivirus apps. A new jailbreak tweak that is not only dangerous, but can be even fatal to your device in that, as per the author, it will course your device behave irreversibly once installed.

KilliOS proof-of-concept tweak developer doesn’t seem to have any bad intentions, somebody else could repackage a code like this in a lesser known Cydia repo and infiltrate your iOS device. That is why your iPhone or iPad would take the horror title of ‘expensive doorstop.’

Created by developer arcticsn0w, the package mixes with a device’s non-volatile RAM, and is based upon a bootcolor-changing tweak that was launched by fellow developer dayt0n some time ago. Whilst dayt0n’s effort isn’t dangerous, its dealings in touching NVRAM mean that it could be if changed or mishandled, and arcticsn0w has demonstrated this to be true. Initially he has put the tweak on his repository and he immediately removed it after some pressure from Redditors users, however the source code is up on GitHub for interested parties to gawk at.

Artics0w’s warned that KilliOS “permanently bricks” one’s device. But how users can guess not to accidentally running into this unsavory bit of malicious code?

So we’d recommend all users to utilize trusted, respected sources in Cydia, and to take advantage of the many thousands safe available tweaks available are they free or paid using the default repositories.


iPhone 6S Camera Specs Point to Better Image Quality

Millions of customers still dream about iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and Apple is already working on its next iPhone 6S model that is believed to get a better camera. Experts think that the next iOS smartphone [the name 6S is just rumored but this doesn’t mean that Apple will call its new version this way] will be able to take better photos through no one knows when the iPhone 6S release date is.

iPhone 6S camera specs mention the dual-lens camera and 8MP sensor which should be a big jump in the quality of images taken using the cell phone. The rumor comes from Jeff Pu who is an analyst and likes to make predictions on future Apple products.

It is interesting that the mentioned iPhone 6S camera megapixels are the same as were in the older iPhone 4S model released in 2011. Such resolution is nothing new, however the company increases the individual pixel size and updates sensors which results in the better image quality.

The Cupertino-based company buys lens from Largan Precision and this supplier is rumored to have limited growth in 2015 because of the 8 megapixels sensor that Apple needs for its new iPhone.

Mr. Pu also mentions that the new smartphone should get Optical Image Stabilization option. Apple might decrease the autofocus time but won’t get away from 8MP yet. Still the quality of camera doesn’t affect sensor resolution this much. Apple’s seven generation iPhones that have the 8 megapixel sensor perform even better than some smartphones with higher resolution sensors.

Do you like to take pictures using your iDevice? How satisfied are you with the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus in terms of stellar images?


Searching for No In-App Purchase Games and Apps for iPhone?

Apple has decided to promote no in-app purchases iPhone and Mac games and applications in its online stores. Both App Stores got the updated top content which used to provide the ideas for different good bundles and now promotes the applications that don’t offer any in-app purchases.

A lot of users are now ok with paying inside the apps but there is a big number of people who are fans of no in app purchase games and applications. There are a lot of parents among them who give their iPhone or iPad to kids to play and don’t want to end up paying anything on top of the application cost. Apple has done much to protect unwanted purchases within iOS apps but it is always better to be careful and attentive.

Are you a fan of no in app purchase games for iPhone or do you agree to pay money for unlocking extra options inside the application? Not everyone is eager to first buy the program and then spend more money for getting extra content within it.

Users were frustrated in the past when they downloaded the ‘free’ application that resulted in in-app purchases. Apple at first added a warning to such games and apps and then, in November 2014, it even changed the word ‘free’ to ‘get’ to not confuse potential consumers.

The updated App Store doesn’t show in each country yet. The first changes appeared in the UK version of it, and U.S. customers should soon also witness the upgrade that should stop confusing you when you want to get only no in app purchase games / applications for your iOS 8.1.3 iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S, any other iPhone or iPad.


iPhone Users Could Be Tracked by Visa Across the World

Customers, even those who like to use the new Apple Pay mobile payment option on-the-go via iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, still carry physical cards with them. This happens everywhere but this is mostly important for users who travel internationally. The news about Visa smartphone tracking is must-read to anyone who likes to go on a trip abroad and uses Visa credit cards.

The company thinks that if it can track user’s phone number this can help it reduce credit fraud for people who are spending money in a foreign country. Credit / card fraud often happens even though there are plenty of options for paying without having to carry a card with you.

U.S. Visa tracking phone number is now a rumor. These are the thoughts expressed by Visa as it wants to clamp down on fraud. The company wants to use Mobile Location Confirmation to track user’s smartphone location and fight with possible fraudulent charges.

For example, if you go to the UK your credit card location will be seen and if your smartphone tracking shows that you are in this country Visa will know that it’s you who is located in the UK and uses its card for making a purchase.

Visa believes that once financial institutions get a better intelligence while approving transactions, more customers will be able to make purchases when traveling. Right now about 30 percent of foreign transactions are declined annually which frustrates consumers. The experience has to be improved for everyone, including merchants, cardholders and banks.

It is not reported when Visa is planning to roll out a new smartphone tracking feature. It says that in any situation each customer will be asked by his or her bank if he or she wants to enroll into this new program. Visa promises to track only iPhone users and other smartphone owners if they agree.