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Pangu Jailbreak Team Tired of Criticism and Responds to It

We haven’t heard from Pangu jailbreak team for a long while. This group of hackers from China were the first to release Pangu iOS 8 jailbreak that worked on firmwares up to 8.1.1. Then they disappeared from the view of iPhone and iPad users as other teams, TaiG and PP Jailbreak, worked on the new exploits and updated the programs to support iOS 8.1.2 and earlier versions.

The Pangu jailbreak news we’ve got relate to what happened to the hackers since June. According to Pangu, they got a lot of letters they want to reply to in order to clarify ‘rumors and vilifications’ addressed to the team.

Firstly, hackers say they never purchased vulnerabilities for Pangu 7 jailbreak. They say they used the Stefan Esser’s kernel at first and saved their own vulnerabilities for later updates. As soon as Esser criticized this step, Pangu updated their jailbreak solution using the exploits they found on their own.

Secondly, Pangu team of hackers got the sponsorship for the jailbreak they created. This included money for software testing and servers maintenance, but ‘this hasn’t been $1 million’ as promised, they assure.

Thirdly, the team says it did use expired enterprise certificates along with the ones their fans donated but it never stole them, the Chinese hackers insist.

At last but not least, the team thanks Saurik who developed Cydia for helping with Pangu jailbreak tool working on iOS 8 platform.

As for the knowledge they gained, hackers say they are planning to represent their techniques and tools at security conferences. They also promise to contribute to the jailbreaking community in the future, but they don’t specify how.


Set Up Complex Passcode on iPhone 6 and Other iPhones / iPads [Instruction]

Users who have heard about brute force iPhone passcode bypass tools might like to protect their smartphone just in case. Since most such tools are able to figure out your passwords if you are using a simple 4-digit option, you should set up a complex passcode on iPhone 6, 6 Plus or any other smartphone model to not allow any brute force password attack on your device.

Touch ID does protect your iDevice. Still there is a big number of small boxes such as IP box or Black box or similar devices [there is even a software program for Mac that can do the same thing] that use brute force to get full access to your locked iOS smartphone without losing any of your personal information.

You can follow our step-by-step guide to create and set up iPhone complex passcode and protect yourself even more.

How to Set Complex Password on iPhone [Instruction]

Step 1. A strong password will improve the protection of your iDevice from possible intrusions. Go to Settings on your smartphone to begin with.

Step 2. Find the Touch ID & Passcode menu and access it.

Step 3. Users who have earlier created a simple 4-digit password should enter it as they will be asked to do so right now.

Step 4. You should find Simple Passcode option by scrolling down. Disable it. Enter your 4-digit password once again to turn off this feature.

Step 5. Your iDevice will now ask you to create a new passcode. You will see all the special characters, numbers and letters this time. Create a complicated strong password and remember it. It is important to keep your new passcode in mind.

Set Up Strong Password on iPhone

Step 6. Click on Next.

Step 7. You should once again enter your new passcode that is long and complex.

Step 8. Press on Done.

Remember that even a strong passcode might be bypassed, but it is way more difficult for hackers to crack it than a simple four-digit one.


iOS 8.3 Beta: What’s New or Everything We Know About This Firmware

We have recently told you that Apple updated iOS 8.3 to beta 4 which you can download without UDID and dev account through the direct links. What are the new iOS 8.3 features the company is planning to bring to users soon?

All the real iOS 8.3 specs will be unveiled to public sometime in April. You know some of the options already [for example, you can read more about ‘Hey Siri’ feature that makes calling hands-free on the iPhone]. Now it is time to look at other things that will change.

iOS 8.3 Keyboard

iOS 8.3 What’s New

Apple has included new flags for 32 more countries. For example, it has now the flag of India, Canada and other places from across the globe.

The keyboard design has been updated and now users will not click on periods as often as they used to on previous firmwares. This becomes handy for Safari surfing.

The new beta brought CarPlay support meaning that iOS 8.3 users will be able to connect iPhones and iPads wirelessly instead of using the USB cable to ‘cooperate’ with their vehicle systems.

Messages application has been improved as well to allow filtering the lists of your conversations. Besides, there is the 2FA support for Google and a lot of other changes we will most likely see before April 24 as this is the date when Apple Watch officially goes on sale.

iOS 8.3 Emojis

iOS 8.3 Emoji Keyboard

The iPhone giant works on the emoji tweaks for its mobile devices. New emojis were released in the second beta of iOS 8.3 for the first time. The faces added by the company include yellow skin, gold and blonde hair you can match. To see the updated emojis you’ll have to hold down on the default icons.

It has become easy to navigate through the big library of emojis created by Apple. Users can match skin tone with hair color and create a lot of different icons for both kids and parents.


Simple iPhone 6 Plus One Hand Use Tips for Apple Fans

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is the biggest smartphone this company has ever released. It comes with the 5.5-inch screen while its ‘brother’ iPhone 6 has 4.7-inch display and all previous models [iPhone 5c, 5S, 5, 4S, 4] have the 4-inch screen. How comfortable iPhone 6 plus one hand use can be? Read these tips and you’ll know what you can do with the huge ‘fruit’ phone.

The list is not too long. You might find some advice handy and must-know, especially if you are already using your 6 Plus gadget with both hands. Free one hand. This is easy when you know where to practice your new knowledge.

Simple iPhone 6 Plus One Hand Use

How to Use iPhone 6 Plus with One Hand

Tip 1. Since the 5.5-inch screen is pretty big you can create folders with your apps. This way you can reach the folder with your thumb, for example, and get fast access to the programs stored inside.

Tip 2. You can double click on your Home button to invoke Reachability view available in iOS 8. This feature slides your screen down making it possible and simple to click on everything that is located on your display’s top.

Tip 3. There is a big number of fun and simple Cydia tweaks for iOS 8 iPhone 6 Plus so if you jailbreak you’ll be able to use them all. This tip is good for users who are running iOS 8.1.2 and below versions because both iOS 8.1.3 which Apple stopped signing recently and current iOS 8.2 you can install now are not jailbreakable at the moment.

Tip 4. If you have a number of apps you use most of all you should change their position on your Home screen. Just place them to the bottom of it and closer to the edge so that you can easily reach the icons with your right or left hand.

Tip 5. Try to hold your smartphone not at the bottom of the device, but a bit higher. This way you can access more information on the screen.

Tip 6. One-handed use of the iPhone 6 Plus can be simplified with QuickType feature. This option suggest words to finish your phrase above your virtual keyboard. It is not hard to choose the suggestion with a thumb.

Has it become simpler to use iPhone 6 Plus with one hand?


I Want to Pre-order Apple Watch: Can I Mix and Match Cases and Bands?

Apple Watch preorder day is nearly here. Those customers who wish to place their Apple Watch pre-orders as soon as such opportunity is available might be upset to hear that the company has its own rules for April 10.

Can I mix and match Apple Watch cases and bands? This question is now asked by users who have plans to get their wearable once it is sold in the market [find out what the storage size of iOS wearable is]. You know that the iOS giant got an idea to introduce the watch with multiple case and band choices to make it even more personal for people.

On the official Apple Watch preorder you will get a little choice as a potential customer. Reports mention that the Cupertino-based company has decided to limit the customization for its smartwatches.

The iPhone maker is planning to sell its watches in Collections. Consumers will be also able to buy bands additionally and pay from $50 to $450 on top of the total cost of their Apple Watch. The online store has the models you will be able to pre-order beginning on April 10 and get shipped on April 24.

Apple Watch Preorder

What do you think about these changes? We’ve heard that Apple faces hard times with its Apple Watch suppliers failing to produce as many units as it was planned at first. As reports say, the company wanted to get about 3 million of units a month and this number has been recently cut at least by half.

Maybe the company will change everything again in the future and let users choose which case and what band to mix and match for their personal device.


4-inch iPhone 6c Can Be Among 3 New Apple iPhone 2015 Models

There are rumors about three new Apple iPhone models in 2015 and the long-awaited 4 inch iPhone 6 is among them. It is just called iPhone 6c that was even used for 4.7-inch screen concept though experts believe this smartphone will feature a 4 inch display instead.

Some analysts are sure that the Cupertino-based giant is planning to release three new phones at once in the fall of 2015. iPhone 6c 4 inch version will be among these devices. Others are expected to be the 4.7-inch iPhone 6S and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. In other words, there are hopes that Apple will finally unveil the iPhone 6 4 inch screen model it didn’t release in 2014 along with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus [such rumors also wondered the web over half a year ago].

We don’t know much about the upcoming gadgets. All the expectations are based on the information found on the web. Thus, it might happen that all three new phones will come with LTPS display panels. These parts are to be manufactured by LG, JDI suppliers and partly come from Sharp.

There is also information about the 6c getting the A8 chip while the 6S [this model might be available in pink color] and 6S Plus should get the A9 chip. All the models should get the Touch ID sensor, NFC and Gorilla Glass. The devices might be manufactured by Pegatron, Foxconn and Wistron.

Both 6S updates might feature Force Touch along with 2GB of RAM, but there is no such information about the 4 inch iPhone 6c.


Apple Watch Issues Cut Wearable’s Production by Half

The iOS giant faces unpredictable Apple Watch production problems. The company reportedly was forced to cut the production of its wearable by 50 percent. Such information has surfaced on one of the Chinese sources that is sure that the ‘fruit’ company comes across Apple Watch issues that cannot allow producing 3 million units a month.

The iPhone maker was supposed to manufacture about 3 million smartwatches but can only create about 1.5 million of them per month [though a lot of customers say they are not looking into iOS wearable purchase] because of its new Apple Watch OLED displays. These screens are made by LG and this big company cannot make 90-100 percent of screens usable. Up to 60 percent of its OLED panels can’t be used at all which leaves Apple with only about 30-40 percent of working screens for its watches.

LG factories are not the only ones that are causing problems. Report also mentions another company Quanta that has issues with assembling the small Watch device with struggles. This firm has been only working with computers before and smartwatch is too tiny for it causing yield problems Apple wasn’t prepared for.

The monthly yield of the iOS Watch product is estimated by some experts to only 300,000 devices per month because of the issues with LG and Quanta.


iOS 8.3 Release to Add ‘Hey Siri’ Option for Hands-Free Calls

iOS 8.3 release date to bring a lot of new interesting features to all iDevices supported by this version of Apple mobile firmware. We’ve mentioned some biggest iOS 8.3 issues and options before, and now it’s time to talk about Siri, personal assistant, which has become very important to ‘fruit’ device users.

The Cupertino-based company will introduce iOS 8.3 Siri option that awakes this personal assistant with phrase ‘Hey Siri’ to use the smartphone or tablet hands-free. Once awoken, the assistant can make phone calls or direct calls to your speakerphone.

This same feature works in iOS 8.2 but it offers you a web search option when you invoke it this way.

How will the iOS 8.3 Siri hands free feature work? You will say ‘Hey Siri call LetsUnlockiPhone on speaker’ and your iPhone’s assistant will place this phone call without the need to click / tap on the speaker button. The person you are calling will be heard in the speaker automatically. The same option can let you check emails and do other things. This new feature has its drawbacks. In order to use updated Siri option on iOS 8.3 you will have to first connect the iPhone or iPad to a power source otherwise it won’t invoke the assistant.

Siri will also get the support for different languages in the next firmware update, including Russian, Turkish, Dutch, Thai, Portuguese, Swedish and English for New Zealand and India.

It is not known for sure when Apple releases firmware update. The latest one available was iOS 8.3 beta 3 which can be downloaded without a dev account through direct links and tested on your iDevice if you are not afraid to risk as this beta has tons of bugs.


You Can Fetch SHSH Blobs from A8 and A7 iDevices on iOS 8.1.2 [Instruction]

You know that hacker @notcom has presented two versions of TinyUmbrella to save SHSH blobs on iOS 8.2 and 8.1.3. He has once again upgraded the program and it can now get SHSH blobs from iPhone. It supports both A8 and A7 gadgets running iOS 8.1.2 and earlier firmware versions.

The version can fetch SHSH blobs for iOS 8.1.2 and older getting them from your iDevice. What does it mean? This means that you can both save and fetch SHSH blobs with TinyUmbrella for both signed firmwares and versions that Apple is not signing any more like iOS 8.1.3, 8.1.2 etc. This can change the future of jailbreaking pretty soon.

How to Get SHSH Blobs Using TinyUmbrella for iOS 8.1.2

Step 1. Make sure you have either A8 [iPad Air 2, iPhone 6 or 6 plus] or A7 [iPhone 5S, iPad mini 2 or 3, iPad Air] device.

Step 2. You have to be jailbroken to download TinyUmbrella from notcom’s blog.

Step 3. Open Cydia and find AFC2. Install it to save blobs from the smartphone or tablet.

Step 4. Launch TinyUmbrella beta version To select ‘fetch SHSH on device’ feature you should right click on the gadget’s icon in the left pane and choose it.

Step 5. The program will fetch your SHSHs.

If jailbreakers find a way how to stitch a custom ipws from SHSH blobs saved for early iOS 8 versions it might be soon able to restore to iOS 8.1.2 and other firmwares that can be easily untethered with PP Jailbreak or TaiG tool. Maybe Redsn0w or similar programs will appear in the future making downgrading possible.

Older iPhones and iPads can be supported by TinyUmbrella once iH8sn0w hacker updates iFaith.


Users Complain About App Store Content Missing Error

The problems with Apple services seem to become permanent. It was earlier in March when the iOS company fixed ‘Cannot connect to iTunes’ issue and now users report App Store content missing error on both Mac and iTunes stores. According to iOS fans, they get App Store ‘Service unavailable’ problem this time.

The App Store problems are not a secret to anyone. Big companies might have issues they can deal with, but users become frustrated with how often the issues surface with the iPhone maker. Users who have Macs say that they began to receive ‘Internal Server Error’ and iOS device owners who try to connect to iTunes store get a ‘Service Unavailable’ message. Both App Store errors are experienced on March 25.

App Store Service Unavailable Error

The new App Store down issue doesn’t seem to affect the whole world but it’s common to a number of users. Still some of iPhone and iPad holders have no issues while accessing the store but they might still see the empty charts with no content.

If you happen to get iTunes 12 sync problem you can fix it. As for the new iTunes and Mac Store inaccessibiliy errors they are still not fixed and users can see most of the store’s content missing. At the same time, Apple’s official system status page shows that everything works perfectly well.

Apple System Status Page

Do you get this issue?