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Apple Sets iOS 8.3 Restrictions Limiting File Manager Apps

iOS 8.3 is the most recent public mobile firmware for iPhone and other ‘fruit’ iDevices released by Apple. The company brought a lot of new things to this update [read iOS 8.3 release notes] and it also added some iOS 8.3 restrictions you have to know about. They are related to different file manager programs such as iFunBox and similar tools.

You know how much Apple likes to patch holes, tweak things and improve its security. It doesn’t support jailbreaking and it does everything to kill the exploits found by hackers. This time the company went even further. It has implemented some changes in its iOS 8.3 security making developers wonder how they should work with their file manager apps and transfer utilities programs.

For example, current file manager tools are no longer able to access app directories on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch once user updates to 8.3 software because Windows and OS X computers can’t support such programs. Developers are trying to update their applications and constantly searching for workarounds to make programs functional and work on the iOS 8.3 at the same time.

It is possible to download iOS 8.3 ipsw and use an instruction on how to manually update to 8.3 version through iTunes and direct links. Remember that the new firmware cannot be jailbroken at the moment.

With iOS 8.3 file manager limited changes make it hard to control data in applications and games. Such information has been shared by iFunBox developer. This program cannot open data directory of the apps or games if you are not jailbroken and, once again, iOS 8.3 is non-jailbreakable.

If you have an earlier firmware version that is jailbroken you can easily use iFunBox and similar programs. But if you are on iOS 8.3, you have to wait for the new fixes.


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Fix to Apple Watch Performance to Be Available Ahead of Public Launch

The Apple Watch performance issues are known before this device went public. Still the company has already begun taking pre-orders and Apple’s site even went down ahead of the official pre-orders time. A lot of customers have already placed their pre-order for this most personal iDevice ever.

It is interesting that Apple Watch performance problems are unveiled right before it is about to go on sale. All the reviewers who got their hands on this smartwatch noted that it had issues with the performance. According to the iOS giant, it will release the special software update right in time for the public release and it will fix Apple Watch performance for users.

The company has already seeded the new iOS 8.4 beta 1 version which you can download through direct links without UDID and registered dev’s account. Maybe this is the mobile software the ‘fruit’ giant was talking about. It could fix the issues with the Watch and if this is the update Apple meant we will see iOS 8.4 public released before April 24.

What are the problems testers of the Watch came across? Users who got a chance to review this product mentioned that it could be so slow when rendering notifications that it was just crazy. As noted by reviewers, it could take you two or over more attempts to tab on the buttons to register. The wearable also started to crawl when you were getting information from your iPhone or loading data from some applications etc.

The issue with slow data upload in different third-party programs, including Twitter, have to be fixed by the time Apple Watch becomes available to public purchases. It is not clear what other problems will be solved in the next software update but these changes will surely take place as a lot of users can’t wait to see the Watch in action.


Fix Touch ID Not Working After iOS 8.3 Update on iPhone

We have earlier reported that some users came across Touch ID not working on iOS 8.3 after update to this most recent public version of iPhone firmware. If you still experience this problem you might like to fix it. We’ll tell you what to do in order to get rid of an unpleasant issue with iDevice Touch ID option.

Firstly, if you installed or read iOS 8.3 release notes you know that this operating system offers a number of new features and updates. It comes with a big library of new Emojis, support for more Siri languages, CarPlay Wireless option and a lot of other great changes from the Cupertino-based company.

Secondly, the most recent update came with one bug. A number of users noticed they could no longer use Touch ID for buying apps, downloading free programs and updating games and apps in the App Store. The store just stopped giving them this option asking for their ID and password only.

How to Fix Touch ID Not Working iOS 8.3 Issue

Step 1. You’ll have to use some magic inside Settings application.

Step 2. Inside Settings you should find Touch ID & Passcode option. Do you see it? Click on it.

Step 3. It is time to disable this option for iTunes & App Store.

Step 4. Reboot the iOS 8.3 iPhone.

Step 5. Unlock the lockscreen by entering your password.

Step 6. Go to Settings – Touch ID & Passcode once again.

Step 7. Enable the feature for App Store and iTunes.

Step 8. Go to the App Store or iTunes and try to download or update something. Everything should be ok now. It should become possible to pay for applications and upgrade them via Touch ID on 8.3 firmware version.

P.S. While most users are enjoying the new changes in 8.3, Apple has already seeded the next iOS 8.4 to developers and testers.


iOS 8.4 Beta Direct Download Links without UDID and Dev Account

The first iOS 8.4 beta 1 has been seeded by Apple to devs and beta testers [it happened right after iOS 8.3 public launch]. If you wish to use iOS 8.4 beta download links but have no dev account and no UDID security number you can follow our direct links and get the ipsw file on your computer which you can install through iTunes. Please note that all betas have bugs and issues so it might be risky to install one.

According to reports, the Cupertino-based giant has added the new Music app to this beta. This program gets a beautiful look and makes music streaming much simpler. The iPhone maker has updated the Music program with personalizable playlists and made it possible to play tunes right from the album list.

If you are a music fan you might like to get iOS 8.4 beta direct download to take a look at Up next feature and other options offered by Music. It is possible to reorder songs, skip them and add new files. You can also search from inside the new application.

iOS 8.4 Beta Direct Link for iDevices

If you wish to get the first beta version of the new iOS 8.4 you can select your device from the list below and download the ipsw file on your Mac or Windows. To install this firmware on your iPhone or other gadget you’ll have to launch iTunes and click-hold on Shift [Windows] or Alt/Option [Mac] while pressing on Check for Updates. This will allow you pointing to the ipsw you have downloaded to restore to iOS 8.4 first beta.

For iPod Touch model [only one version can run iOS 8 firmwares]:

iPod Touch 5

For iPhones [any model that is iPhone 4S or newer is good]:

iPhone 4S models A1431, A1387

iPhone 5 (GSM) version A1428

iPhone 5 (CDMA) models A1429, A1442

iPhone 5s (CDMA) smartphones A1457, A1518, A1528, A1530

iPhone 5s (GSM) handsets A1453, A1533

iPhone 5c (CDMA) models A1507, A1516, A1526, A1529

iPhone 5c (GSM) versions A1456, A1532

iPhone 6 devices A1549, A1586

iPhone 6 Plus smartphones A1522, A1524

For iPads [including Air and mini versions]:

iPad mini (WiFi) model A1432

iPad mini (GSM) version A1454

iPad mini (CDMA) model A1455

iPad mini 2 (WiFi) tablet A1489

iPad mini 2 (WiFi +Cellular) model A1490

iPad mini 2 (TD-LTE) version A1491

iPad mini 3 (WiFi) device A1599

iPad mini 3 (CDMA) iDevice A1600

iPad mini 3 (TD-LTE) model A1601

iPad 2 Wi-Fi (REV A) version A1395

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (CDMA) tablet A1397

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM) gadget A1396

iPad 2 Wi-Fi model A1395

iPad 3 Wi-Fi version A1416

iPad 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular (CDMA) iTablet A1403

iPad 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular (GSM) ‘fruit’ model A1430

iPad 4 (WiFi) gadget A1458

iPad 4 (GSM) tablet A1459

iPad 4 (CDMA) model A1460

iPad Air (WiFi) version A1474

iPad Air (WiFi +Cellular) device A1475

iPad Air (TD-LTE) version A1476

iPad Air 2 (WiFi)

iPad Air 2 (WiFi +Cellular)

This beta comes under the build name 12H407d.


Download iTunes 12.1.2 Update with New Photos Support from Apple [Link]

Apple released the new iTunes 12.1.2 update for its users, customers and fans of ‘fruit’ devices. Using iTunes you can download tons of official games, apps, books and tunes on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It is possible to backup through this program, downgrade from iOS 8.3 to 8.2 [while this is still possible since the Cupertino-based giant can stop signing 8.2 version at any moment] and do other things.

You can download iTunes 12.1.2 and get the most recent version of it. Why is it important to upgrade? Firstly, this update comes with Photos application support. This app is present in the OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 version that was officially launched along with iOS 8.3 release which you can download using direct links shared by us. What else is present in iTunes update?

Firstly, iTunes 12.1.2 free download is available through your older iTunes version. You can Check for Updates and install it right from your computer. Secondly, you can download iTunes 12.1.1 directly from Apple [for example, you can use this link].

Once you upgrade, you will be able to easily sync your images and pictures from the iDevice if you are running Yosemite with the brand new Photos program. This is its most unique feature as there were no Photos on previous OS X versions.

Besides getting the support for Photos application, the new iTunes provides better stability and adds some improvements to the Get Info menu. In other word, if you would like to see some refinements and get more stable version of iTunes you are welcome to download version 12.1.2 and install it on your computer [including Windows] but especially if you are using Mac and have already installed the latest Yosemite on it.

We hope you found this post useful and successfully updated your iTunes to the new release offered by Apple this April.


iOS 8.3 Downgrade to 8.2 Guide for iPhone and iPad Users

You know that Apple eventually stops signing the previous version of its mobile firmware soon after it releases the update. While the company still signs iOS 8.2 you can follow these iOS 8.3 downgrade instructions and get back to the previous release. Sadly, both firmwares cannot be jailbroken.

iOS 8.3 downgrade to 8.2 might be interested to users who hurried to update as soon as Apple released its new system for iPhone and iPad. We shared the direct links for iOS 8.3 download and how to install 8.3 guide, and now we’ll post a new instruction on how to downgrade 8.3 in case you don’t like it.

How to Downgrade iOS 8.3 to 8.2

Step 1. Use iTunes / iCloud to backup your smartphone or tablet. Having a copy of all your personal files is must-do because it will save your information in case anything goes the wrong way. It’s up to you which program to use for this. Both iCloud and iTunes can do the job.

Step 2. Use this site to check if Apple is still signing iOS 8.2. If you see the green checkmark, everything is ok and you can proceed.

iOS 8.2 Apple Signing Status Check

Step 3. You have to download iOS 8.2 ipsw file using direct links. Choose your device model and version and save your ipsw on your computer.

Step 4. Through the USB, connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC / Mac.

Step 5. Open iTunes and wait till it finds your gadget. Choose it from the top menu.

Step 6. Click and hold Shift [if you are using Windows PC] or Alt/Option [if you are on Mac] and press on Check for Update at the same time.

Step 7. Point to 8.2 ipsw you have downloaded in Step 3.

Step 8. Wait till iTunes updates / restores you to this previous version of mobile operating system for iDevices.

Remember that the new OS comes with a lot of fixes and new features. You can find the full list of all iOS 8.3 release notes before you decide that you really want to downgrade or don’t want to do this any more.

Remember that as soon as Apple stops signing 8.2 it will become impossible to downgrade. There is still time for this!


Apple Store Goes Down on April 10: Smartwatch Pre-Order Day

Have you noticed how often users experience Apple Store down issues in 2014 and 2015? Every time the company is planning to add some changes, introduce a new product, start taking pre-orders for its new devices, its website goes down.

The same issue happened on April 10. The Apple Store went down ahead of smartwatch pre-orders time. The company begins to accept user’s pre-orders for its new Apple Watch gadget that will be officially released in the U.S. and a number of countries across the world on April 24.

Apple Watch $349 Sport Models

It appears that the ‘fruit’ giant will start selling its new 12-inch MacBook along with taking Watch pre-orders from customers. The site is back again, but the fact that it goes down once in a while cannot make users happy. If you are a fan of the iOS company and its brilliant designs, you can place your pre-order for the MacBook or Apple Watch now. Everything is good again, and Apple Store not working problem has already been resolved.

The iPhone maker has reported earlier that its wearable is the ‘most personal’ gadget it ever released. Potential customers will wear it every day, from morning to night, with just one charge over night. Before Watch was launched, it was already considered to have the best design among all modern wearables. It is priced high enough [you can learn what Apple Watch storage size is]. The cheapest version starts at $349. Users who wish to get diamond and gold versions will have to pay over $10,000.

If you are a fan of MacBooks, you can grab the new model at $1,299 or higher. The cheapest MacBook comes with 256GB of storage and 1.1GHz processor. Wanna faster processor and more storage? Pay extra $200 and Apple will make your wish come true. Hopefully, Apple Store won’t go down in April any more.


Is It Possible to Jailbreak iOS 8.3 Right After Its Release?

Should you update to iOS 8.3 or not? Every jailbreaker asks this question and doesn’t hurry to install the new software. Does iOS 8.3 jailbreak TaiG or any other program support it? We should admit that Apple did a lot to protect its new firmware for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It also took care about the possibility of jailbreaking.

Is it possible to jailbreak iOS 8.3 right now, after we’ve heard about iOS 8.2 progress from TaiG? No, it is not. Apple patched the exploits used in TaiG and there is no solution at the moment.We have no idea when hackers are planning to release a new program.

While the iOS 8.3 jailbreak release date is not known and set, you can read about iOS 8.3 installation or features. Just don’t follow the instruction if you are not ready to update because you will lose the jailbreak and no one knows when you can get it back.

iOS 8.3 fixes some issues and brings new bugs. For example, a number of users have already noticed that Touch ID doesn’t work in App Store so you cannot update your apps, download free programs and buy new games using your fingerprint. You have to use only manual checkout with Apple ID and password.

Along with the iOS 8.3 release notes Apple also presented the knowledge base document which reveals the following information. The company has killed some security flaws, including TaiG jailbreak which used the security hole in iOS ‘Backup’ system.

According to the Cupertino giant, possible attackers could use this backup system and get access to restricted parts of iOS. The iPhone maker reports that it has improved path evaluation and thus it fixed the bug and patched the exploit used in TaiG jailbreak.

Do you think about installing the new firmware or not? Would you rather wait for Chinese hackers or other teams to present a new jailbreaking solution?


Users Report Touch ID Not Working After iOS 8.3 Installation

You have most likely heard that Apple released a new firmware update iOS 8.3 which is a major one. There are some new options and a huge list of fixes the company has added. Users who had time to install this system report iOS 8.3 Touch ID not working issue. It looks like there are some bugs Apple didn’t think of.

In case you also experience iPhone Touch ID not working after update problem, here is some information we’ve got. The Cupertino-based company has most likely forgot to add the authorization for App Store purchases and this is why a lot of iPhone and iPad owners who installed iOS 8.3 cannot buy apps and download applications and games from this online store using their fingerprint.

Who report on the bugs with 8.3 update? According to Apple Support forums, users who have the smartphone and tablets [at least iPad mini3 and iPad Air 2] came across the new problem. They are not able to use Touch ID option inside the App Store.

The store simply doesn’t ask them to verify the fingerprint thus a purchase is impossible. It is also problematic to download or update the games and apps a user already has on his or her ‘fruit’ device. You can still enter the password for your ID to complete the purchase or download, but no matter what you are doing with your Touch ID the iOS Store doesn’t support this feature at the moment.

The number of affected users is growing. It might be a temporary issue. The iOS company might fix it or leave it as it is not allowing Touch ID to be used for online purchases in its application store.

We might see the fix to this new 8.3 bug in the small 8.3.1 update. This is just a prediction. Have you tried to buy an app using your Touch ID after updating?