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How to Hide iOS 8 iPhone Apps [No Jailbreak Needed]

Not all iOS 8 users choose to jailbreak their smartphone. Not all firmwares released in 2015 can be jailbroken. For example, it is currently impossible to jailbreak iOS 8.1.3 and 8.2, but there is one interesting hack that lets you hide apps if iPhone is not jailbroken.

This is not just about adding all stock apps you don’t need into a folder that you leave on your home screen. There is a method that helps to hide iPhone apps with no jailbreak necessary. It works on all versions of mobile operating system you might be using and it doesn’t harm your gadget.

How to Hide Stock Apps on iOS 8 iPhone

This is an instruction which is not that simple and fast to complete. It often takes a user several attempts in order to successfully finish all the steps. Everything is pretty tricky but you can manage everything.

Step 1. We’ll use one iOS 8 glitch which helps to delete stock applications but this solution is not permanent. Here is what you have to do.

Step 2. Add apps on your home screen. There should be no free spaces. The app you wish to remove has to be located the last at your display’s bottom right. It is highly important to do as advised.

How to Hide iPhone Apps no Jailbreak

Step 3. You should now let the glitch hack the device by deleting one application you don’t want. Click-hold on any program on your screen in order to enter the editing mode.

Step 4. Move the app located next to the stock one you wish to delete on top of it in order to make a new folder. Now click outside of this newly created folder to return to the screen.

Step 5. Click on the folder to choose it and move the app you moved in Step 4 out of the folder. It will return on the home screen and be placed near the folder.

Step 6. Click on the folder once again. Move the app you planned to remove out of this folder. You have to place it on the screen just in the place where the folder was existing and do this as quickly as possible. If you are quick enough both the folder and your stock app will be removed this way.

Hide Apps if iPhone not Jailbroken

You can free some space on your home screen after you remove apps you don’t use from your home screen. This hack is tricky but it allows clearing your display and place there only the programs you are using.

Thanks to iOS 8 glitch the app is only temporarily deleted from the screen. It will get back on your home screen after you restart the smartphone.


Apple Officially Launches Android Trade-in Program in U.S. Stores

Would you like to trade Android for iPhone 6? If you live in the U.S., the UK, France or Italy and have an Android smartphone you wish to exchange for the ‘fruit’ models iPhone 6 Plus, 6 or 5S you can visit Apple retail store and have it done. The company looks to have already launched its trade in Android for iPhone 6 program in several countries of the world.

The Cupertino-based giant now accepts non-iPhone gadgets [this was never available in the past] giving customers credits for the purchase of iOS smartphone. It is known that you can bring your Android, BlackBerry or Windows phone and purchase one of the three iPhone models instead. Your old handset should be in good condition and capable of powering on. It should also work in order to get the credit that becomes your personal discount.

The new deal might help Apple to boost its iPhone sales across the world. It was previously only possible to trade in an old iPhone for the new one, but from now on a lot of other brands participate in this program offering customers more choices.

It is believed that the same program will be soon launched in China. By the way, if you believe that Apple won’t pay you much for your Android device you can always sell it on eBay as a used smartphone and buy a new iPhone 6 on the money you’ll get. Why not?

Besides, you can easily transfer Android data to iPhone and preserve all your contacts, photos and other information to use on the iOS device.


iPhone 6 Guide to Delete Backups from iCloud and Free Up Some Space

You know that before you update, jailbreak or do anything else with your iPhone it is better to create a backup file of your smartphone through iTunes or iCloud. We have told you before how to delete backups from iTunes and now it is time to speak about the same procedure for the second program. You can delete backups from iCloud and free up some space.

Apple gives its users only 5GB of free storage in iCloud [you can also learn about iCloud security]. When you run out of this space you can either buy more space [Apple offers more at additional cost] or remove the old backup files to clean some space in your account. Follow this instruction step by step and you’ll complete this task without issues.

How to Delete Backup from iCloud

Step 1. Before you begin you have to learn something. You can use this method to delete one backup file or all old backups you have. This becomes handy if you got a new Apple smartphone this year and don’t need the backups created for the previous model.

Step 2. Now, when you have learned why you might like to remove some older files you can take your iPhone 6, 6 Plus or any other model and launch Settings app.

Step 3. Go to iCloud menu and select Storage option.

Step 4. Tap on Manage Storage.

Step 5. You can now select and click on your device under Backups menu.

Step 6. Click on Delete Backup option.

Step 7. The program will ask you if you want to remove all the backup data you have. Select Turn Off & Delete and all the old backups will be deleted permanently. Note that all the backup for the device you have chosen will be disabled.

Step 8. If you want to remove backup files for particular apps you have to select Settings app and choose iCloud – Storage where you can view Manage Storage and ask the device to Show All Apps. You can now disable the sliders for apps of your choice and click on Turn Off & Delete.

Note that you can’t free too much space by deleting backups from iCloud.


Look at First iPhone 6c 4-inch Screen Model Leaks

We’ve heard some rumors about the new iPhone 6c that will have the 4-inch screen and we’ve seen the first iPhone 6c leak images that are believed to show the real purported rear shell of this new Apple smartphone that might be officially released in the fall of 2015.

Just like it happened in the past, these iPhone 6c 4 inch screen leaks of the rear shell come from China. Local part supplier Future Supplier is rumored to share these photos on purpose or accidentally. Users saw tons of similar leaks before Apple launched the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus so the new images might suggest that the company is indeed working on the 4-inch model.

iPhone 6c 4 inch screen leaks

You can see that the next 6c might get similar rear shell to the current iPhone 5c [this version was released in the fall of 2013, but the iPhone 5S that was launched at the same time became more demanded among consumers]. Just like its colorful predecessor the new phone seems to get the glossy plastic, but unlike it the iPhone 6c seems to get the bigger LED cutout where the iOS giant will build in the dual-LED True Tone flash. Judging by the images, the smartphone will also get speaker grilles at the bottom.

The size of the leaked rear housing might point to the 4-inch display of the future iPhone.


Super Mario Flawless Gameplay on iOS 8 iPhone 6

Is it possible to play Super Mario on iPhone 6 without issues? We know that Nintendo wants to bring Mario Bros games to iOS devices but this could happen in the fall of 2015 which is nearly half a year away from now. There is a way to enjoy this popular gameplay on your devices right here right now.

Thanks to Roystan Ross Super Mario 64 on iOS 8 is not just a dream. It is a reality that works thanks to the browser-based version of this game built with the help of Unity plugin. It supports nearly all possible platforms including OS X, Windows and others.

It’s a bit tricky how you can bring it to your iOS 8 iPhone 6 smartphone, but the 3D game is really awesome and has no flaws at all as proved by developers. Unity can be playable on the iPhone but sadly James Fletcher who knows how to play Super Mario on iDevice is not planning to release this jailbreak tweak to the public.

Fans of Mario games can install Unity on their computer in order to play the popular game of the end of the twenties century using Ross’ plugin.

Everyone else who has the iPhone 6 or other smartphone model will have to wait until Nintendo releases new games with Mario or other characters that were loved years ago and are still loved by many of us.


How to Set iPhone Calls Automatically Go to Speaker

A lot of users are multitasking while talking on the phone. If you have a lot of chores around the house or wish to free your hands you can always use iPhone speaker for incoming calls [you might also find interesting these simple iPhone 6 one hand use tips]. It is possible to make this your default setting.

You can normally switch any call to your speakerphone by clicking on the speaker button while you are talking but you can make this an automatic function. If your iPhone speaker for calls is not working you might have forgotten to tap the speaker button during a call. Try it and if everything is ok, just make it your default option.

How to Set iPhone Speakers for Phone Calls by Default

Step 1. When you wish to customize your iOS experience and turn on default speakerphone option you should begin with Settings. Launch it.

Step 2. Select General menu on iOS 8, 8.1 or 8.2 [Apple will soon release iOS 8.3 with new features and options, including emojis, Hey Siri and others].

Step 3. You can now use Accessibility feature that was introduced by Apple to help customers with impairments, but this feature can truly help just anyone and it can also be used for making your speaker enabled as default for all iPhone calls you get.

Step 4. Choose Call Audio Routing. This option is located right underneath Interaction.

Step 4 for Setting iPhone Speakerphone by Default

Step 5. To make your speaker automatically turn on when you make or receive calls you should choose Speaker instead of Automatic.

Step 5 for Setting iPhone Speakerphone by Default

Step 6. From now on you will get all phone calls on your speakerphone. This also includes calls placed through FaceTime.

This guide is good for people who mostly like to talk on the speakerphone. When you want to use your internal speakers you should click on the speaker icon or if you want to get back to the previous settings you have to follow the instruction once again but choose Automatic instead of Speaker in Step 5.

We hope you find this instruction useful. Enjoy!


How to Buy Apple Watch: Experience You’ll Get Soon

Can you imagine how different your Apple Watch buying experience will be from what you are used to with Macs, iPhones and iPads? The new iOS wearable release date is getting closer. The Cupertino-based giant will start accepting pre-orders beginning next Friday, April 10. Are you ready for the changes?

Smartphones and tablets are personal but they don’t touch your body unlike the smartwatch which you wear on your wrist. It might be interesting for you to get an idea how the whole experience is going to work for potential consumers. Apple will open Watch stores in London, Paris, Tokyo and other places around the world, so not only U.S. users will get their hands on this new product.

How to Buy Apple Watch

Let’s begin with an instruction.

Step 1. You can pre-order your watch starting April 10.

Step 2. If you have your watch pre-ordered it will be shipped to you on April 24.

Step 3. You can also book an appointment to try iOS wearable. If you do so, read our guide that explains how such appointments will be held in stores.

Step 4. If you haven’t booked an appointment beforehand there is nothing to worry about. You can still come to Apple store and wait in a walk-in queue. The company has a new system that tells its clients when their appointment starts through the text message. If you come to the mall where Apple store is located you are allowed to shop elsewhere until you are texted.

Apple Watch Display

Apple Watch Buying Guide

Each Apple store that allows consumers trying the Watch will have a special display table with different units present but you can’t mix and match smartwatch’s bands and cases. Each device will be in demo mode but you will be able to see all the main features of the model you select to try.

The company will let you choose up to two different models. Once you make your choice, your one or two Watches will be moved to the try-on table with special drawers which only some employees can unlock. They are securily protected by RFID sensor and have special mechanism for unlocking.

Your unit [the one you will be testing] should include Force Touch and other important options even though it will run in demo. This is the most important part of the procedure. By trying different units you might be able to choose which one to purchase.

If you have reserved your unit by the time you try the watch itself you will be welcome to pay for it after you try it on and make sure this is exactly what you are looking for. If you haven’t reserved a smartwatch you’ll be able to do so through online store.


iPhone 6 Plus Pros and Cons: 6 Months Later

It’s been six months since the first iPhone 6 Plus review and official release date. A lot of customers fell in love with the next generation of Apple mobile devices. Both iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are among top sellers in the U.S., China and around the world. This proves that this is one of the best gadgets to purchase at the moment.

There are some iPhone 6 Plus flaws but no device is perfect. There are a lot of reasons for purchasing this gadget and one of them is its big screen. This is the largest Apple smartphone ever released.

iPhone 6 Plus Review Design

iPhone 6 Plus Pros and Cons

Users who carry around their seventh-gen 6 Plus know about its good and bad sides. But they don’t hurry to switch it for a different model. Why? I’ll explain this to you.

There are a lot of mobile devices that are trendy. Customers like bigger screens and modern features. This is the main reason why Apple started to work on the super-sized iPhone, and the success that followed its launch helped to set the record-breaking revenue in Q1 2015.

This smartphone is huge. I mean it. But you can quickly adjust to this new size and even start to love the 5.5-inch screen [there are simple one hand use tips for iPhone 6 Plus]. The first drawback we want to mention is this smartphone is very easy to drop because of its sleek aluminum body. Use a case and you’ll prevent it from being dropped by accident. If you get a case you’ll also hide the protruding camera [it helps you to snap great images and record awesome videos both indoors and outdoors] and this flaw won’t be noticed by you.

iPhone 6 Plus Case

Let’s get back to the bigger display. It is by the way 1080p Retine HD screen that is incredible and offers bright colors, beautiful gameplay and amazing touch. This display is perfect for reading. Some users even stopped using their tablets after they got this new smartphone. It is multitasking and you can get so much out of it.

The 6 Plus is great for watching TV, surfing web, playing games, listening to music etc. There are tons of apps that are optimized for the big screen yet there are still a lot of applications and games that look out of proportion because half a year wasn’t enough for some devs to work on their program updates.

You can use your 6 Plus for a long while on one battery charge overnight. Heavy users might need to charge it more often though.

I love the A8 processor. It is enough for the gadget and a lot of users will agree on this. The iPhone 6 Plus review won’t be complete without notes about its smooth performance and fast loads. Sadly, Apple offers only 1GB of RAM but experts hope this number will double in the next iPhone line.


Users Have Apple Pay Difficulties and Issues at Checkout: Study States

Apple Pay issues surface once in a while since its debut in the fall of 2014. At first, some stores didn’t like this idea. Customers found it attractive and simple to check out using only the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and banks, stores and retailers quickly joined the popular trend. More and more unions are adding support for this young mobile payment system.

Some customers though experience Apple Pay checkout problem or issues. Such information was revealed by one study conducted by Phoenix Marketing International. It looks like the experience isn’t smooth for a lot of users because the number of banks that support Pay is higher than the number of official businesses that offer it.

As the survey shows, Apple Pay difficulties are faced by over 50 percent of respondents [it is worth to mention that nearly 3,000 users tooks part in the survey and nearly 70 percent of them have confirmed signing up for Apple Pay].

A lot of potential customers who are willing to pay with Pay say that locations they tried to use weren’t fully equipped and didn’t allow checkout option. While half of respondents managed to pay [it took really long to process their transactions] over 40 percent of users noted that the new technology wasn’t familiar to cashiers. Some users also faced other kinds of problems that included transactions being counted twice or posted incorrectly.

Other complaints mentioned point to Apple Pay fraud and this resulted in how banks started to activate customer’s credit cards. They learned from reports about users adding stolen credit card information into Pay and trying to check out with their iPhones. About 8 percent of all mobile transactions with the iDevices were fraudulent.

There was a different study made by Citi Research and it shows the similar facts about Apple Pay not working properly or stores not knowing about such a payment option in the U.S. The iOS giant still thinks about bringing its Pay service to Canada and other countries of the world.


Download ‘Becoming Steve Jobs’ iBook on iPhone

The unofficial Steve Jobs biography has been published by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli. Apple fans who are interested to hear more about this legendary person can download ‘Becoming Steve Jobs’ Brent Schlender on their iDevice.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs who died in 2011 was well-known for his ideas, creations and love for work and innovations. There are a lot of Steve Jobs movies you can watch to learn more about the iPhone creator. From now on you can also get the book about him on iBookstore and other places like Amazon and Kindle.

This particular book was praised by different executives who work for Apple. If Tim Cook thought that the biography writted by Walter Isaacson was a disservice, he liked the creation of Brent and Rick. Software developer Eddy Cue has also shared his opinion on the new book. As he tweeted, this is the first book ‘to get it right’ among the long list of Steve Jobs biography books already written.

There are a lot of stereotypes and even myth about Jobs and Becoming Steve Jobs is believed to break them down. The book should answer your questions about the life of Apple cofounder, his career and other things he was passionate about. He did change the life of millions of users from all over the world.

The iBook costs $13 while Kindle edition is $5.59. If you wish to read some fun stores of Steve’s life, you can get a glance at this biography.