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Million Dollar Reward for iOS 9 Jailbreak Announced

We don’t know the exact iOS 9 jailbreak release date. Hackers have reported that Apple patched all the known exploits in this firmware update. At the same time some hackers are sure that it is possible to find more holes in the operating system and find a working solution. Thus hacker iH8sn0w already demoed iOS 9 jailbreak on video however he is not planning to make this firmware public.

Still the iOS 9 jailbreak reward announced by Zerodium could make iH8sn0w change his mind. The company is eager to pay million dollar bounty for those who release the new program. The new Apple platform is already consideredthe most secure mobile OS and those who manage to jailbreak it [only untethered jailbreak that is browser-based and exclusive is expected] will be paid 1 million U.S. dollars.

Reward for iOS 9 jailbreak will be given to the group of hackers or individuals who manage to create a program that supports all current iPhones, iPads and iPod touch models that are running iOS 9 firmware.

This is not the easiest thing to do. The million dollars will be paid for browser-based jailbreak tool only. The last such program was developed by Comex back in 2011. All modern programs are not based on browser. Could someone create a tool similar to or not?

It could be possible that hackers find more bugs in iOS 9 and create the jailbreak tools sooner or later however chances to find the browser-based hole are low.

Do you think such reward could stimulate hackers and developers to find the working solution quicker? It’s not clear if the discovered program [if any created by October 31st or until Zerodium is eager to pay] could become public.


How to Improve Multitasking on iPhone Guide

Would you like to improve multitasking iPhone option? Apple makes it better on iOS 9 iPad however those user who are still running iOS 8 and are jailbroken might want to search for top iPhone multitasking tweaks on Cydia. We’ll talk about one of such apps that can be used right away.

There is a tool called Multiplexer. It improves multitasking on iPhone and brings six main options you might give a try. We’ll discuss the features this iOS 8 jailbreak tweak adds on your smartphone.

Multiplexer comes with Aura option that makes it possible to make apps running in the background. With this feature you can easily listen to YouTube audio files but have this program work in the background.

Mission Control feature allows working with multiple desktops on your phone. It’s a cool addition because you are able to pull programs from anywhere and bring them to the particular desktop.

There is another feature the tweak boasts. It is called Empoleon. You can add programs into windows and resize them. It’s a really cool option.

You are able to also get back to the previous apps by double tapping on your iPhone iOS 8 Home button. Reach App is an interesting addition that also makes it possible to resize your application panes.

It is possible to add your apps right into Notification Center using Quick Access feature. You’ll find a new tap in Notifications. Click on it and the application added will be launched right away. Isn’t it fun?

There is also Swipe Over option that also pulls up the program that was launched last when you swipe from right to left. This multitasking options are nice to have and you can also check them out if you download the tool from Cydia store for $3.99. Unfortunately it is not free of charge.


How to Install WatchOS 2 on Apple Watch Guide

The conversations and reports about Apple testing WatchOS 2 are over. The company has officially released this new firmware and offers all users to install WatchOS 2 on their devices. If you haven’t updated yet you can learn how to install WatchOS 2.0 using our guide below.

This upgrade comes with some fixes, enhancements and new options. For example, the Cupertino-based company brings new iWatch faces to customers, native apps for the smartwatch [apps were running on iPhone previously and they can now run directly on the Apple Watch], Time Travel feature, more complications, Nightstand mode, FaceTime audio calls and other improvements.

How to Install WatchOS 2 on Apple Watch Instruction

Step 1. Before you start doing anything make sure your iWatch is charged at least 50% and connected to charger. You have to use both Watch and your iPhone. Remember that the installation procedure might take up to half an hour.

Step 2. Your iPhone should be running iOS 9 firmware. If you haven’t installed it yet – it is time to update to iOS 9 via OTA-update or through iTunes. You can download direct iOS 9 ipsw files and install it manually as well.

Step 3. You need to open the Apple Watch program on the iPhone and select General menu.

Step 4. Go to Software Update and you should see the new WatchOS 2 version available for download.

Step 5. Click on Download and Install this firmware.

Step 6. You’ll be asked to provide the iPhone passcode. Do so. Press on Done.

Step 7. Once you Agree to terms and conditions – the download should begin. Remember to press OK when the program checks that you are charging and charged at least 50%. Apple WatchOS 2 will be now installing.

Step 8. Don’t do anything until the installation has completed. You will be told when everything is done.

Step 9. The Watch should reboot several times.

You should be now running WatchOS 2.


iPhone 6s Pre-Order Not Available Online for Launch Day

This Friday will be the official iPhone 6s sale date in U.S. and other countries across the world. Apple already locked down its pre-orders and reservations for the launch date for both iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s in several states.

When iPhone 6s pre-order not available in your state you can only try to visit you local Apple Store in hopes to purchase the new generation smartphone. Still there are millions of others who want to get their hands on this gadget so this year’s release might turn to real Black Friday Apple day.

Users who have pre-orders their gadget will be able to get their order. However Apple doesn’t guarantee iPhone 6s and 6s Plus availability to those customers who were planning to buy this device on September 25th [learn more about Force touch technology built into the new phones].

If you couldn’t pre-order the ‘s’ lineup model but still want to try and get it you might want to visit your local Apple Store on Friday, stay in a long line [consumers will most likely line up in front of stores across the U.S. because the Cupertino-based giant already reported high demand on both new models and rumors suggest the company experiences shortage with iPhone 6s and 6s Plus supplies this year] and maybe get a smartphone.

You won’t be able to buy the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in Alaska, New Hampshire, Delaware and Oregon on the launch day. Why? These four states don’t have sales tax and this is the reason why Apple is not planning to serve customers on the official ‘s’ release day.

Some rumors say that Apple doesn’t want to sell its iPhone 6s / 6s Plus in the four states mentioned above because customers could purchase phones and resell them immediately getting more money than in states where taxes are paid.

There would be no walk-in iPhones 6s sales in China, Japan and Hong Kong on the official launch date either.


How to Fix iOS 9 Wifi Problems on iPhone or iPad

If you experience iOS 9 WiFi issues after installing this most recent iPhone and iPad firmware version that was released by Apple in September – use the guide below and fix the iOS 9 problems. We offer a simple instruction that could help you get rid of connectivity issues while connecting to WiFi network on iOS 9 platform.

Some users report iOS 9 problems WiFi and thus this could be a common issue with the operating system. If you want you can downgrade from iOS 9 to iOS 8.4.1 while this firmware is signed by the company. Apple is now working on iOS 9.1 version that is already seeded to developers.

How to Fix iOS 9 WiFi Problem on iPhone and iPad

Step 1. Here are the exact issues you might come across: incorrect password prompt, WiFi gray out issue, connection drops, slow speeds or inability to connect to WiFi on iOS 9.

Step 2. Try to force restart your iDevice. Some users say this helps to fix issues with WiFi connection. You should hold the Home + Sleep / Wake buttons at once and count till 10. You will see your scree go blank and Apple logo [here are other iOS 9 tips and tricks you might want to get acquainted with].

Step 3. Another way to solve the problem is to forget your WiFi Network and join it later on. You can do this through Settings – WiFi where you can select the option called Forget This Network. When you are to join it again just enter your password after selecting the network in Settings – WiFi menu.

Step 4. You can try to turn off WiFi Networking services through Settings – Privacy where you ca go to Location Services and select System Services.

Step 5. If nothing helps and you still have iOS 9 WiFi problems you can resent your network settings or restore your iDevice and set it up as a new iPhone or iPad.


List of iOS Apps Infected by Malware XcodeGhost

Are you the fan of Angry birds? Do you use WeChat or other popular applications? You should know that iOS app with Xcode Ghost could be dangerous as hackers might get your information. Apple has already removed all the infected programs from its App store however users might need to check if there are any of these applications running on their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

It is possible to use Pangu’s special checker that can make sure you have no or show your iOS apps infected by malware. If you don’t want to download the check tool you might want to simply take a look at the list of xCode Ghost malware iOS apps, the most popular titles are already listed by experts.

If you happen to have any of the apps mentioned below you are recommended to delete them. Developers will soon update the infected programs and make sure there is no malware and the apps will appear in the App Store once again.

You’ll be surprise to see Angry Birds among iOS applications that were affected by XcodeGhost. But this is true and iOS apps infected by malware could be on your iPhone or other iDevices. It is hard to determine all the programs that get the malware because this process isn’t fast and simple. The list of infected applications could be longer and get more titles on it.

So, Angry Birds 2 users are advised to remove this program because this game is infected.

iPhone owners who use WeChat are also under risk.

A big number of Chinese applications [Didi Chuxing, Railway 12306, CITIC Bank move card space and others] is infected along with China Unicom Mobile Office program.

You should remove these titles as well: Card Safe, Flush, CamCard, NetEase, Lifesmart, Pocket billing. If you happen to have downloaded iFlyTek input, Jane book, Micro Channel, The Kitchen and Medicine to force – remove them as soon as possible.

The list also includes CamScanner, Poor tour, Mara Mara, Hot stock market and hundreds of other iOS apps infected by Xcode Ghost malware.


Check iOS for Malware to Make Sure You Have no XcodeGhost in Apps

Apple removed a number of iOS 8 and 9 apps that were affected by XcodeGhost malware [here are the most popular iOS 9 tips and tricks]. The list of titles is pretty long and you might have the malicious files on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It is possible to check iOS for malware using the new Pangu’s tool. This is the fastest way to make sure you are safe.

There are no exact numbers however experts believe about over 300 titles downloaded from the App Store are affected by XcodeGhost as well as over 500 million iDevice owners. Since the list of titles that might contain this malware is long you might want to simply use a program that tells if any of your apps are affected or not.

How to Check iOS Apps for XcodeGhost Malware

Step 1. You can go to Pangu site at through Chrome or Safari web browser.

Step 2. Press on the button that says 立即下载.

Step 3. Agree to Install.

Step 4. Go to Settings on your iPhone or other gadget, select General menu and choose Profiles. Here you should click on Shenzhen Avaintel Technology and choose Trust option as Pangu’s checker needs trusted access to be used.

Step 5. Get back to your iOS Home screen.

Step 6. Launch Pangu application [the one you have downloaded and installed using this guide].

Step 7. Click on the blue button with Xcode in the middle.

Step 8. Let the check complete. Users who don’t have XcodeGhost on their gadgets will get the big green check. In case you have this malware in your apps you will see the list of applications that are infected and will be able to delete them.


How to Auto Respond to Text Messages on iPhone

Users who are looking for the iPhone automatic message reply option could take a look at the iOS 8 jailbreak tweak. It doesn’t support iOS 9 devices as well as iOS 8.4.1 firmwares since these platforms are non-jailbreakable right now.

We’ll explain how to auto respond to text messages using the Cydia app. It is not free so you can learn more about the program before getting it. The tool can automatically respond to your texts [both SMS and iMessage] and you don’t have to touch your gadget.

How to Auto Respond to Text Messages iPhone Guide

Step 1. If you have jailbroken with iOS 8 TaiG or PP Jailbreak [there is also iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak by Pangu] you can launch Cydia and find AutoResponder 3 tweak that is available for $1.99 on the BigBoss repository.

Step 2. Install the program and you will find the new pane in iOS 8 Settings.

Step 3. Go to Settings to turn on the program. You can also enable / disable adding signatures to the respond and integrate Do Not Disturb option.

Step 4. You can select contacts who you would like to send auto responds to. This means that you can also choose contacts you don’t want to send auto replies to. The list of contacts is not limited.

Step 5. Have you set up your configurations? This means that all the SMS and iMessages you will get from users who have set up auto responds to will get automated reply from you.

The tweak is fun to have if you sometimes cannot access your device while being on the meeting or driving and still want your contacts to get the respond.


Downgrade iOS 9 to 8.4.1 Instruction for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

The official release of iOS 9 means that soon Apple will stop singing the previous public version iOS 8.4.1. You can still downgrade iOS 9 to 8.4.1 if you are not satisfied with the most recent mobile operating system however the time is limited. The Cupertino-based giant will not sign iOS 8.4.1 forever.

If you wish to learn how to downgrade iOS 9 to 8.4 you should know that this is impossible. Apple no longer signs iOS 8.4 and there is the version 8.4.1 meaning you are only able to get back to the previous firmware release. It is also impossible to get back from 8.4.1 to 8.4 firmware on iDevices.

How to Downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 8.4.1

Step 1. Before you start doing anything you have to make sure that iOS 8.4.1 is still signed up by Apple. You can check it at

iOS 8.4.1 Sign Status

Step 2. Create a backup version of your tablet or smartphone. Use iTunes or iCloud.

Step 3. Download iOS 8.4.1 ipsw for your device / model.

Step 4. Launch iTunes.

Step 5. Enter the DFU mode on the iDevice. To do this, connect through USB to your computer, press on Power to turn off the phone or tablet. Hold Power for approximately 3 seconds and don’t release it while holding Home button for another 10 seconds. Let go off Power but keep holding Home button and wait till iTunes detects the devices in Recovery mode.

Step 6. Press Ok to continue.

Step 7. Tap on Shift / Option [for Windows or Mac] and choose ‘Restore iPhone’ or other device option.

Step 8. Choose your iOS 8.4.1 ipsw file.

Step 9. Select Restore and Update.

Step 10. Press Next and Agree to restore to iOS 8.4.1.

Step 11. Wait till firmware 8.4.1 is installed on your gadget.

Keep using iOS 8.4.1 instead of iOS 9.


Apple App Store Malware Removed with Infected Apps

The popular App Store can also be infected by iOS app malware files. The famous ‘fruit’ company had a malware attack on its iPhone and iPad store with official applications. Reportedly, the XcodeGhost malware managed to infect over 50 applications along with pretty popular titles across the world. For example, CamCard and WeChat programs that are used by millions of iOS device owners were infected by this malware.

Apple App Store malware programs have been already removed from the store. According to the company’s spokeswoman Christine Monaghan, the Cupertino-based giant had to remove apps from its store that were developed using ‘counterfeit software’ that helped the XcodeGhost malware to infect them.

The App Store malware attack began on the weekend. Different titles were infected by the malware and the iPhone maker assures that it is now working with devs who programs suffered from the attack on using the correct Xcode version to rebuild the iOS 9 applications. If you already have the infected program installed on your gadget you have no solution from Apple yet.

The XcodeGhost is the malware that usually affects the programs developed by Chinese teams. It can affect the Xcode compiler in both iPhone / iPad / iPod touch and Mac programs. Some developers uploaded their applications that were already affected by XcodeGhost to the iOS App store. The company successfully added them to its store giving access for public downloads. Will the iPhone create make its rules more strict now to avoid such apps from getting into the store or not?

We have on idea what Apple is planning to do. In case you are running the XcodeGhost infected applications you are highly advised to delete them asap.