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Is It Possible to Jailbreak iOS 9 with Taig or Pangu?

With the new mobile firmware update a lot of Apple users wonder about iOS 9 jailbreak update and well-known hacker’s teams speak about this important issue. Is it possible to jailbreak iOS 9? Are there any new vulnerabilities found by TaiG, Pangu or PP jailbreak groups? Can you untether your iOS 9 iPhone or iPad today?

As the document presented by Apple notes the company patched the iOS 9 vulnerability found by hackers and use for jailbreaking iOS 8 version. This means that iOS is not jailbreakable right now. The famous ‘fruit’ giant already credited both TaiG and Pangu for finding the security exploit in iOS 9 version. You can guess that this flaw is already patched.

The iPhone maker managed to kill the holes in the code and fixed the issues that could be used for jailbreaking iOS 9 today. It can take hackers a few weeks or even months to find the new solution and discover new vulnerabilities in the 2015 mobile firmware version. If this happens soon – we might be able to get the iOS 9 jailbreak this fall.

It could also happen that jailbreaking teams create a working tool in the end of September or early October. One developer [iH8sn0w] hs already proved that iOS 9 can be jailbroken. He demonstrated his solution on video but is not planning to make the program public. Could iH8sn0w share the exploit with Pangu, TaiG or PP Jailbreak? We don’t know but the jailbreaking community surely exchanges opinions and ideas and this might also happen.

Are you looking for the iOS 9 jailbreak availability or do you like all the features present in iOS 9 and don’t want to customize this system?


When iOS 9 News App Missing on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Apple announced the new iOS 9 Apple News app at the WWDC in June. The most recent firmware version is already released and can be downloaded / installed on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. At the same time iOS 9 News app missing for the U.K. and other countries. It can only be downloaded in the U.S.

The Cupertino-based giant promised News to come to the United States, Australia and the U.K. While Americans who hurried to download iOS 9 News app found this addition, iDevice users from other countries find it missing from the upgrade.

Rumors suggest Apple could bring the News program to Australia and the United Kingdom along with iOS 9.1 update that shold follow soon. It is being already tested by developers and might be unveiled in October.

If you still wish to download iOS 9 with News program even from outside the U.S. you can perform a simple trick and get it.

Just change your Region to the United States:

Step 1. Take your iPhone and select Settings program.

Step 2. Go to General menu.

Step 3. Select Language & Region.

iOS 9 Apple News Choose Region

Step 4. Go to Region and find United States in the list.

iOS 9 Apple News Regions

Step 5. Select the U.S. and press Done.

Step 6. If you are asked to change the language to English either change it or Continue.

Step 7. You should now be able to see and use News program on the iPhone running iOS 9 firmware version.


Download iTunes 12.3 Free for iOS 9

Apple presented its brand new iOS 9 which is the major upgrade from previous iOS 8 mobile firmware. Now the company offers to download iTunes 12.3 and users who are already running iOS 9 and didn’t come across any iOS 9 stuck issues during installation might want to also get the latest launch of the desktop program.

The famous company will soon start to sell its new generation iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. It should also present the new OS X El Capitan platform for Mac users and continue working on the Watch OS 2 and next gen smartwatch model.

You can download iTunes 12.3 free version [iTunes is always free to use and get] from Apple site. It should have the improvements and support the most recent iPhone firmware version. If you had problems ith Up Next or Recently Played stations as well as other Music and radio station bugs – the upgrade to iTunes version 12.3 should fix everything and make the smooth and enjoyable experience.

Are you planning to download iTunes for iOS 9? Fans of music who are using Apple Music tool and want to have no problems with Up Next option [you can reorder the songs and access VoiceOver feature] as well as use 2-factor authentication security protection should install the 12.3 release. Mac OS X users can already download the updated program and Windows users should also soon be able to get it.


Top iOS 9 Tricks and Tips for iPhone Users

iOS 9 is out and millions of users are already running this most recent Apple mobile firmware. What are iOS 9 tips and tricks you have to know about in case you have upgraded or are planning to install this operating system on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The first and main option introduced by Apple is the Low Power mode that can save your battery life. When you launch Settings and select Usage – Battery menu you will find the new 2015 feature that turns off the options and processes to provide you with up to 3 hours of battery life.

The second fun feature that appears in iOS 9 is the iCloud Drive manager that can be accessed as the iOS 9 app and not a third-party program. You can share files, download and view files through this application.

The third option we must mention is Search Bar. This great feature is already built into your Settings making sure you’ll find what you need much quicker than if scrolling down the menu.

The list of iOS 9 tricks and tips is pretty long. There are a lot of changes that are worth talking about and make this platform so demanded by iPhone owners. For example, Apple brought the Back to App feature that makes it simple to return to the previous program you were using.

Users who type a lot will find both Lower and Upper case keys which can be turned on and off. The refreshed keyboard on iOS 9 now shows you lower case keys however they turn to upper case letters when you enable the Shift key.

Users who enjoy recording videos on iOS 9 can turn of the Flash by toggling. It is also possible to dismiss images by swiping down, see the next-coming photo through the thumbnails, select multiple images by tapping and dragging over thumbnails, and hide photographs from unwanted viewers by selecting the file and clicking the Share – Hide option.

There are a lot of other things you’ll learn about iOS 9.


Fix iOS 9 Stuck Update Requested on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Some users who are trying to install the most recent version of Apple mobile firmare report the iOS 9 stuck installing issue that keeps saying ‘Update Requested’ and doesn’t want to complete the installation procedure. Is there a way how to fight with this bug and get this firmware running on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad?

You know that the first week of the official iOS 9 upgrade is always with troubles because of millions of Apple fans who are trying to upload the software right away. This causes overloads for Apple servers and shows different errors and issues which make the updating complicated for a number of iPhone and iPad owners.

iOS 9 Stuck Update Requested Fix

Yes, one of the issues caused by slow download speeds is ‘Update Requested…’ message. It happened a year ago and it happens in the fall 2015. In case you see this text you will have to wait a bit since the iOS 9 download should start automatically in a while.

How to fix iOS 9 stuck on waiting? Unfortunately you can’t do much about Apple’s download speeds and have to wait until everything gets back to normal and you’ll be able to get the newest firmware release. It could take 2-3 days for things to become normal again however you can wait for iPhone 6s official launch date and get the new phone with iOS 9 already pre-installed on it.

In case you wish to install iOS 9 right away you might want to restart your iDevice after the ‘Update Requested’ message appears. This could help the download to start. If this doesn’t help you can upgrade through iTunes or use direct download links Apple offers [the ipsw file can be also installed through iTunes but manually].

There are a couple of methods how to download and install iOS 9 and you might want to try them all in case something doesn’t work.


Direct Links iOS 9 and How to Upgrade to iOS 9 on Jailbroken iPhone

Do you have an iOS 8 iPhone, iPod touch or iPad you jailbroke using TaiG or PP Jailbreak? Would you like to download and install iOS 9 on your gadget? Follow the instruction below and you’ll be running the most recent Apple software version however you cannot jailbreak iOS 9 at the moment because all the known exploits were patched by the Cupertino-based company.

You have to use direct links iOS 9 for your device because the jailbreak doesn’t allow users upgrading through OTA update option. It will not show you the update or get the iOS 9 stuck on Checking for Update message. Use the links and you’ll successfully run this latest mobile operating system.

How to Upgrade to iOS 9 on Jailbroken iPhone

Step 1. Back up and prepare to lose the jailbreak status. Once you install the iOS 9 update you won’t be able to jailbreak unless hackers find a new tool and release it to public.

Step 2. Use the direct download iOS 9 links to get the latest firmware and save the ipsw file on your computer:

Direct Links iOS 9 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

iPhone 6 iOS 9 ipsw

iPhone 6 Plus iOS 9 ipsw

iPhone 5S A1453 and A1533 iOS 9 ipsw

iPhone 5S A1457, A1518, A1528, A1530 iOS 9 ipsw

iPhone 5c A1456 and A1532 iOS 9 ipsw

iPhone 5c A1507, A1516, A1526, A1529 iOS 9 ipsw

iPhone 5 A1428 iOS 9 ipsw

iPhone 5 A1429 iOS 9 ipsw

iPhone 4S iOS 9 ipsw

iPad Air 2 A1566 iOS 9 ipsw

iPad Air 2 A1567 iOS 9 ipsw

iPad mini 3 A1599 iOS 9 ipsw

iPad mini 3 A1600 iOS 9 ipsw

iPad mini 3 A1601 iOS 9 ipsw

iPad Air A1474 iOS 9 ipsw

iPad Air A1475 iOS 9 ipsw

iPad Air A1476 iOS 9 ipsw

iPad mini 2 A1489 iOS 9 ipsw

iPad mini 2 A1490 iOS 9 ipsw

iPad mini 2 A1491 iOS 9 ipsw

iPad 4 A1458 iOS 9 ipsw

iPad 4 A1459 iOS 9 ipsw

iPad 4 A1460 iOS 9 ipsw

iPad mini A1432 iOS 9 ipsw

iPad mini A1454 iOS 9 ipsw

iPad mini A1455 iOS 9 ipsw

iPad Wi-Fi 3 iOS 9 ipsw

iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular AT&T iOS 9 ipsw

iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular Verizon iOS 9 ipsw

iPad 2 Wi-Fi Rev A iOS 9 ipsw

iPad 2 Wi-Fi iOS 9 ipsw

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G GSM iOS 9 ipsw

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G CDMA iOS 9 ipsw

iPod touch 5g iOS 9 ipsw

iPod touch 6g iOS 9 ipsw

Step 3. Connect the iDevice to your computer through USB.

Step 4. Launch iTunes.

Step 5. Press on Option [if you are on Mac] or Shift [if you are Windows user] and select Check for Updates menu.

Step 6. Select the ipsw file you saved earlier and confirm you wish to Update.

Step 7. Wait for the new firmware to be installed.

Start discovering all the iOS 9 features and wait for the news about jailbreaking possibilities.


Apple 3D Touch Technology in iPhone 6s

What is Apple 3D Touch technology that is used on the new generation iPhones? How to use it? All these questions will soon be answered by each customer who pre-orders the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus now or is going to purchase one of these models on September 25 when they both go on sale in Apple retail stores in the U.S. and across the world.

The new iPhone 6s 3D Touch option is different from the Force Touch used in Apple Watch and some Macs. This new 2015 option is also one of the major iPhone 6s features offered to potential ‘fruit’ giant customers who are planning to upgrade to a newer smartphone and wish to get something unique that really stands out.

Apple is trying to introduce something brand new in each iPhone model to keep customer’s attention and interest for high handset demand. It unveiled Siri with iPhone 4S, presented Touch ID with iPhone 5S, brought new design and bigger screen with iPhone 6 and now introduces 3D Touch for iPhone 6s / 6s Plus.

This is a brand new interaction way for ‘fruit’ users. The multitouch technology has been developed for many years to be released in 2015. This year’s phones can detect the pressure you are using while tapping or clicking on the screen. This opens new opportunities for users and should make the iPhone experience unbelievably simple.

All the information is obtained from your touch sensor and the special accelerometer. The next iOS 9 firmware version also focuses on this technology making it easier to navigate and work inside applications.

You can tab, click and press hard. You new gen phone will distinguish between all these light and deeper press gestures and provide more ways to interact with the smartphone and do your everyday tasks. This feature will absolutely come to all future phones however Apple has already introduced it in 2015. Are you planning to get the ‘s’ device?


How to Clear Space on iPhone for iOS 9 Update

This week Apple is rolling out the new public iOS 9 firmware for its iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Here is the simple prepare to update iOS 9 guide that will help all users to free up space for the installation on their iDevice to make the upgrade as smooth as possible.

Our tips on how to free up space on iPhone for iOS 9 update are simple and you most likely know most of them. Recollecting is fun so let’s prepare our gadgets for the major roll out that is planned for September 16.

How to Clear Space on iPhone for iOS 9

Step 1. Figure out where the most of your storage space is used. Go to Settings and select General – Usage menu. You can choose Storage – Manage Storage option and get details on the storage space used on the iPhone or other iDevice you have.

Step 2. Think about the apps you want to get rid of. Uninstall the programs you don’t need. This way you get free up enough storage space for successful iOS 9 updating.

Step 3. Users with the 16GB models might need to also reduce the music library and maybe switch to the streaming service to get more free space on the smartphone.

Step 4. Sync your pictures / video files to iCloud Photo Library [here is how to restore deleted files on iCloud] and use less space on the iDevice by not storing photos and videos directly on it. You can also sync your files with your computer through iTunes.

Step 5. You might want to clear your Safari cache by going to Settings – General menu and selecting Usage – Manage Storage – Safari and choosing the feature called Clear History and Website Data.

Step 6. Do you have a lot of iMessage conversations that are old and you don’t actually need to store them? Delete all the old texts and get more free space for updating to iOS 9.

It’s great that the Cupertino-based company reduced the free space you have to have on the iDevice in order to install iOS 9 through OTA option. You’ll need 1.3GB of free space if you choose this method. This is a great accomplishment because iOS 8 needed at least 4.6GB of free space for over-the-air updates.


How Big Is 4K Video on iPhone 6S?

The 2015 iPhone 6s model Apple will officially release in the end of September has some unique features not present on iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Firstly, this device will be running the new iOS 9 platform with tons of options and interesting extras. Secondly, iPhone 6s 4k video is a new option that allows users recording 4k films through the 12MP camera.

How big is 4k video on iPhone 6s? A lot of potential customers might want to know this information before getting the new generation smartphone since Apple still offers the 16GB model even though most users hoped the company would drop this storage space version.

The 4k video storage space is surely much bigger than space taken by regular videos. There is already information from different experts who manage to shot the 1 minute video and discovered how big it is.

Let me say one thing. You do not want to get the 16GB iPhone 6s or 6s Plus. Look at the 64GB or 128GB model because the 4k video is pretty big. To compare, the HD video requires at least 60MB of space if you capture it at 30fps and at 720p HD. Better quality you want to get – the more space will be required.

Thus, the 30fps and 1080p HD 1-minute iPhone 6s 4K video will need 130MB of space. If you ant even better quality, you should remember this: while the 60fps 1080p HD video needs 200MB of space your brand new 4K video shot at 30fps will take even more – it will need 375MB!

You can see that the iOS 9 iPhone 6s with 16GB of space will definitely be not enough for users who are planning to record 4k videos. The Apple phone with the smallest storage space won’t even hold the 40 minutes 4k video because it requires all the space this model has.

The 128GB iPhone 6s would be able to record not more than 6 hours of 4k videos.


How to Make iOS 8 Messages Look Better in Grid View

Would you like your iOS 8 messages look better? They are normally present in the table view when you launch this iPhone applications however you can change the look to grid view if you are running iOS 8 platform and have a jailbroken iPhone. Jailbreak is possible on all firmwares up to iOS 8.4.1 which is currently non-jailbreakable.

A list of iOS 8 Messages tweak options is pretty long. It is possible to customize this iPhone program in a number of ways. One way is create the grid view for your conversations using a fun free jailbreak tweak from Cydia.

iOS 8 Messages Grid View Tweak for iPhone

Step 1. Go to BigBoss repo on Cydia if you are jailbroken on iOS 8 platform and download / install Grid Messages tweak.

Step 2. Is there anything to configure? No, the tweak is simple. It starts working as soon as you have installed it on your gadget.

Step 3. You can now launch Messages program and find the new grid view option. This way you will get away from the table view and get the grids with message preview [it’s rather brief but you’ll have an idea what the conversation is about].

Step 4. It is possible to get around 12 Messages conversations in the grid view per iPhone page.

Step 5. If you need to open the conversation you can tap on the grid. This is very simple.

Step 6. It is always possible to get back to the table view. You can find the table option at the top left corner of the Messages program.

Step 7. The tweak also allows selecting several conversations and delete them at once.

The iOS 8 Messages tweak Grid View is pretty fun and interesting. Since it is free of charge you might want to give it a try. The switching between the two views is fast and easy.