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iOS 9 Proactive Assistant and Smarter Siri Features

Let’s take a quick glance at the important iOS 9 features list Apple will unveil on September 9th when it holds the long-awaited iPhone 6s official introduction event. The company will make the next platform similar to iOS 8 however it will get some interesting options that are not present on the current firmware versions.

Search and Siri have been probably changed the most by the ‘fruit’ company. Apple made the whole system more intelligent thanks to the improvements added to these two iOS 9 features. They are now smarter as noticed by developers and public beta testers who are searching for bugs and test overall performance of the upcoming iOS 9 software version.

iOS 9 smarter Siri along with better Search inside the system feature has been also known as iOS 9 proactive assistant. The new term is just a method to describe the upcoming technology that makes everything simpler, faster and can be more helpful than Siri along.

Apple created the spec similar to Google Now. The Cupertino-based company’s Proactive option allows users searching within the operating system. It can also store user’s insights right into the iPhone’s behavior meaning it is better protected by Apple since no information is saved and stored on the internet.

When you start using iOS 9 Proactive option you’ll quickly notice the changes in the way you interact with Apple iPhone. Siri assistant will be able to remind you of the things you were planning to do. It should be possible to search through images asking Siri to find the correct ones you were taking earlier etc.

You’ll get more recommendations from Siri based on the time of the day and your personal preferences. All these changes are added to the iOS 9 platform and they are brought by Siri and Search [or Proactive] users should really enjoy using.


iOS Malware Protection Required: Hackers Steal 250,000 iPhone Accounts

How important is iOS malware protection if you are Apple customer? The Cupertino-based giant always promises the best protection of its mobile firmware versions however those iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users who prefer to jailbreak iOS 8 and future iOS 9 always carry risks to download malware applications. One of such apps has already stolen over 250,000 accounts that belong to Apple users.

iOS malware KeyRaider is the dangerous program that is responsible for obtaining user’s personal information. Using this file hackers were able to get passwords and access to accounts of over 250,000 Apple users. Everything happened on jailbroken iPhones and other iDevices that were untethered or tethered.

The Chinese source that reported such news, WooYun, was the first one to note how dangerous jailbroken gadgets are and share information about stolen accounts with users. Following the news, Palo Alto team researched the issue and assures that KeyRaider is the malware that helped intruders to steal ‘fruit’ accounts.

The malware can only infect a jailbroken smartphone or tablet. It doesn’t affect factory iPhones and iPads. If you don’t use iOS malware protection and you have the jailbroken iDevice you can be at potential risk of unveiling your passwords to hackers who could use your iTunes account for purchasing apps and add-ons without your permission.

If you are jailbroken and notice unauthorized purchases on your App Store account – you could be on the list of users who lost their accounts or provided access to hackers. The malware can work through Cydia store which is extremely popular among iOS users who run tools to untether their Apple products.

Yangzhou is the Chinese student who first discovered KeyRaider malware. If you don’t want to lose your iCloud account you should check your system once in a while to make sure no malicious files are present and no one could access your account or steal your personal information.


How to Jailbreak iOS 8.4.1 or Status Update

Millions of iPhone users got upset with iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak patch news. Apple killed the exploits that were discovered by Chinese hackers and made it impossible to become untethered for a while. No one can name you the exact iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak release date however we’ve heard some rumors and read news about this launch.

While it is currently impossible to jailbreak 8.4.1 platform on iPhone, iPod and iPad, hackers found new exploits and even showed demo iOS 8.4.1 untether jailbreak [Pangu team managed to create the jailbreaking tool]. Still they don’t hurry to launch a new program update because September is a big month for new major Apple upgrades. The company will soon present iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and, of course, iOS 9 features and specs a lot of users are waiting for.

You won’t find real working how to jailbreak iOS 8.4.1 instruction right now [here is how to set up a jailbroken iPhone]. But it should be possible to do in the future. As soon as the Cupertino-based company unveils iOS 9 firmware version – hackers will be able to test their solution on this platform and maybe jailbreak iOS 9 and 8.4.1 at once.

Users who installed the latest 8 firmware on their iDevice were able to downgrade iOS 8.4.1 to 8.4 until Apple stopped signing 8.4 version. Downgrading is unavailable any more so you don’t have a chance to get back to the previous release and jailbreak it.

Users who are now running 8.4.1 can simply wait for iOS 9 release and new jailbreak launch. You have to patient but await will be over soon. Modern hackers still are able to find holes in Apple’s code no matter how hard the company is trying to protect its firmware versions.

Will TaiG or Pangu or PP Jailbreak be the first to release iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak solution? Do you have any idea?


Jailbreak Inspired iOS 9 Features Offered by Apple

Users choose to jailbreak their iPhone and iPad only because Apple doesn’t give them enough freedom to customize the iDevice, add new features and options. iOS 9 features list includes some of the specs that seem to be inspired by jailbreak.

Apple follows the demand and adds some changes to its new platform. The official iOS 9 release is expected in September [there are also Android inspired options iOS 9 users will get]. The company spent the whole summer testing this platform with the help of developers and public beta testers. Jailbreak iOS 9 features should be cool and fun but they cannot add all the extras available through Cydia tweaks.

iOS 9 Features Inspired by Jailbreak

Firstly, the upcoming fall release will make multitasking better on niPad devices. Similar tweak called VideoPane used to help iOS 9 users to watch videos along with other programs. Such a nice addition should improve experience with the ‘fruit’ tablets.

Secondly, the Cupertino-based company lets iOS 9 users get an extra battery life which is impossible on current iOS 8. Cydia users might remember BattSaver tweak that manages battery life and allows saving it.

Thirdly, Apple brings ‘back to’ option similar to LastApp jailbreak tweak that allowed users to return to the previous application they were using. Such shortcut will become a part of the upgraded iOS 9 platform that is expected to be unveiled soon.

iOS 9 Swipe Selection Feature

It should be also possible to move two fingers across the display and control your iPad cursor. Such an option was brought by SwipeSelection and will finally arrive to iOS 9 without the need to jailbreak.

iOS 9 Search Settings Feature

It will be easy to search Settings application. This way iOS 9 users will get simple navigation through settings and add changes on the go. Similar option was introduced by SearchSettings Cydia tweak.

You can see that Apple is trying to enhance user’s experience and brings some well-known features inspired by jailbreak to its iOS 9 version.


Useful iPhone Typing Tips for iOS 8 Users

Are you using iOS 8 firmware on your iPhone? While it is impossible to jailbreak iOS 8.4.1 platform right now because Apple patched the exploits used for iOS 8.4 and earlier versions jailbreak – it is possible to use iPhone typing tips that are simple and do real tricks.

Apple gadget offers a lot of features. You can use shortcuts, special symbols, thumbs and auto-correct option but these are not all the tricks available for iPhone owners. There are fast and easy-to-use iPhone typing trick features you will fall in love with.

Guide for Typing on iPhone

* Type .com

When you are on Safari you can click-hold the period key and you will see a list of domains to choose from. There is no need to type .com every time.

* Undo

When you need to undo something [made a mistake] you can just shake your iPhone and this will undo big amounts of texts. Don’t use this when you need to delete only one letter.

* Currency Symbols

Whenever you wish to use symbols you can click-hold ‘$’ or period / coma on the keyboard and it will show you more symbols to select.

* Auto-correct

When you want to use contractions you can add an extra letter. For example you can type ‘welll’ and it will be automatically changed into we’ll by iPhone.

* Complete sentences

When you want to add sentences with a dot automatically you can double click on the spacebar at the end of the sentence. This will add a period and make space so that you can start a new sentence.


If you want to turn your text into all caps you can double click on the Shift key and it will be locked in the Caps mode.

These are some simple and useful typing tips each iPhone users should know.


iPod Touch 6 vs iPod Touch 5 Comparison

Apple released the new iPod touch this summer. The company is currently getting ready for the big iPhone launch in September and while customers are waiting for the official iPhone 6s introduction – you can compare iPod touch 5 and 6.

Do you own the lastest generation iPod touch from Apple? The ‘fruit’ giant presented its 2015 model before the public release of the new iPhone. Should you buy this gadget or keep your older iPod touch 5G?

iPod Touch 6 vs iPod Touch 5

When you see the two devices you get the feeling that they are so much alike. But this only appears at first glance because Apple didn’t change the design of its iPod touch 6. Since the newest version has 1GB of RAM and can boast A8 chip, it is faster and better than iPod touch 5G in many situations. The Greekbench scores show that the sixth gen model does crush the previous release. Just think of it: iPod touch 6 scored 2,449 and this is nearly six time what 5th generation version scored.

These are not the only improvements Apple brings to its customers this year. The iPod that was launched this summer comes with an enhanced 8 megapixel camera allowing users to create slow-motion videos. It also comes with the quick WiFi speeds.

Gold iPod touch 6

Fans of gold color will find gold-colored iPod touch 6. This model is available in four options of storage. The smallest 16GB version costs $199. The 32GB model is available at $249. The 64G version costs $299 and the device with the 128GB of storage is the most expensive – you can buy it at $399.

Are you planning to buy iPod touch 6 or are you waiting for the iOS 9 iPhone 6S release?