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Apple Watch Burn Skin Report from iWatch Owner

Can you imagine Apple Watch burn skin? A lot of smartwatch users haven’t noticed any issues with their watch but some do report it becoming hot once in a while. One man reports that Apple Watch burns arm because his personal experience shows the burns on the wrist from wearing the gadget. Learn if you can use iWatch without iPhone.

Could the device really burn skin? Apple is making its products of top quality. Millions of customers from all over the world are purchasing the iPhone, iPad Pro, iPod touch, Mac and other gadgets and are totally happy with the devices. Still there are some iOS 9 issues, problems with ‘fruit’ hardware and software once in a while. Everyone knows this.

Apple Watch burns skin arm

Sometimes Apple servers stop working. You cannot connect to the App Store. You are not able to upgrade or downgrade. Still all these issues are not that sever because they leave no burns on you skin. Are Apple Watch marks real? How safe is the iWatch?

There is a witness who also states that Apple Watch burns arm and not any other external source causes the burns on the wrist of Jorgen Mouritzen. It’s curious that burn marks appear on both skin and the Watch strap.

Does Apple know about this case? According to news reports, the man asked the company to investigate and conclude [would the issue be addressed in Apple Watch 2 update?]. The ‘fruit’ department in Denmark was investigating the photographs of the burns provided by the man. As it assures this is the private matter and not the common incident. Still there is no official statements from the Cupertino-based giant yet.

You know that Apple added the note to its site that says that a few people could ‘experience reactions’ to some materials used in the watch. This could be the case with the man’s skin.


How to Add Second Home Button on iPhone

Apple has released its iPhone [this is one of the most popular smartphones in 2015] with one Home button unlike a lot of rivals. Users are used to this however it is possible to not only imaging the second smart button but even created iPhone with two buttons. There is a simple trick that requires no jailbreaking or unlocking. Everything can be done with the help of accessories.

If you really need a second Home button on iPhone you should take a look at screen protectors. Some of them become very handy and offer additional options. This post will explain how exactly you can make it happen and get two smart buttons on the Apple handset instead of one.

How to Double Home Button on iPhone

Step 1. Search through available screen protectors and find the one that offers the second button option. This could cost you around $10. Might sound pretty expensive but this works and extends your features.

iPhone Screen Protector Add Two Home Buttons

Step 2. The smart protector can truly send the touch signal to your iPhone’s screen top [learn how to quickly launch iOS 9 apps using 3D Touch tweak]. This is the place where a lot of applications have different actions which you can use through this second button which can appear at the right or left of the original Home button. The only difference is your second Home button is more virtual and located on the screen protector.

Step 3. Once you got the screen protector and started to use it with your iPhone 6 or newer models iPhone 6s / 6s Plus you are able to do various tricks. For example, you can use this extra button to get ‘back’ within a program.

There are many other fun options you’ll be able to complete with this simple solution. Doesn’t it sound curious to give it a try?


iTunes Connect Not Working or Offline: Learn Holiday Closure 2015 Schedule

If you are planning to add your application or upgrade the current app – remember about iTunes Connect holiday shutdown 2015 schedule. Every year this service goes on holidays and this year is not an exception to the rule set up by Apple years ago.

When will iTunes connect offline message appear? When won’t you be able to send the new and update top iOS 9 applications to have them added to the App Store? The famous Cupertino-based giant informed all developers about iTunes Connect holiday closure 2015 dates.

App Store iTunes Connect Shutdown 2015

This year the service will got offline on December 22nd. It will be shutdown until December 29th. Expect it to work again on December 30th. This is not surprising at all. If you wanted to offer an update – you still have plenty of time to submit it for review. Just plan your release schedule as well and don’t hurry to do anything between Dec. 22 and 29.

Is iTunes Connect not working? Remember to reread this post when you get this message in the end of December. Christmas is the family holiday and you are able to offer update right before Christmas as there is enough time to schedule it for the days when the service will be officially offline.

It is curious how popular the App Store is these days. The ‘fruit’ giant already reported that it managed to cross 100 billion application downloads. The revenues have also increased by at least 25 percent.


Great Apple Watch Black Friday 2015 Sales and Deals

A lot of Apple fans can’t wait for the Black Friday day [you still have time to learn what the most popular smartphone in 2015 is]. This is the very popular day among shoppers from all over the world. If you are looking for Apple Watch Black Friday 2015 options and offers you should better review what different stores will sell to get prepared this week.

It is possible to get the most impressive Apple Watch Black Friday sales if you know where to search for this smartwatch device. The Cupertino-based giant released its iWatch in spring 2015. It is still a new and highly popular gadget which you might be lucky to get on sale this week.

Apple Watch Black Friday 2015 Deals Sales

Apple Watch Black Friday Deals for 2015

Target is the U.S. store that is planning to provide discounts for Apple gadgets this year. It will not offer you any ‘off’ options but it will eagerly offer you the $100 gift card if you buy the iWatch or other ‘fruit’ device. The cheapest smartwatch [Sport 38 mm model] will be available at $349 + the gift card worth $100. The deals begin as early as November 25th and will last through November 27th, 2015. Just remember that the next Apple Watch 2 is coming pretty soon. Experts believe it could be unveiled in spring 2016.

Best Buy is one of the many stores to look at. It will provide $100 off your Apple Watch and other Apple devices. For example, the 38 mm version of the Sport iWatch model would cost you $249 this Black Friday. By the way, you can actually get the deal even earlier since the store announced it would offer it on Thanksgiving as well.

You should also check in Walmart and Sam’s Club as these stores are also planning to offer iPhone, iPad sales and might offer gift cards or discounts for Apple Watch purchase.


How to Get Unlimited Tabs in Safari with Cydia iOS 9 Tweak

When you are using Safari on iPhone or iPad you can open 36 tabs [learn how to block ads on Safari]. This is a big number and not all users are eager to launch so many tabs at once. Still you can increase this number and get truly unlimited tabs in Safari Cydia if you are jailbroken. iOS 9 firmware can be jailbroken with Pangu program which also supports version iOS 9.0.1 and 9.0.2.

If you already installed iOS 9.1 using direct download links or through OTA-update you cannot install any iOS 9 jailbreak tweaks because this platform is currently non-jailbreakable.

How to Get Safari Unlimited Tabs on iPhone

Step 1. The good news is you don’t have to pay for the jailbreak app. It is totally free. You can download the tweak Xaris from BigBoss repo on Cydia and install on your iOS 9 device.

Step 2. There are no configurations. So there is no need to launch Settings and adjust anything with the tweak.

Step 3. You can now launch Safari browser and open any amount of tabs. You are no longer limited to 36 tabs which is nice.

iPhone Unlimited Safari Tabs iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweak

However do you really need so many tabs? Your iPhone or iPad would eventually run out of memory if you keep opening more and more tabs. You can also use iOS 9 multitasking using the tweak from Cydia store.

You have to remember that the more tabs you open the more memory is used and your browser will be slower if you launch too many tabs on iOS 9 iPhone or iPad.

This is a fun tweak however more users don’t need so many tabs. What do you think about such an offer? Who would ever need 36+ tabs in Safari on the smartphone or tablet device?


Apple Repair Options to Be Simpler with iOS App

Customers who purchase the iOS devices have to face Apple repair costs that are often pretty high. While it can be expensive to go to Apple repair center when you experience issues with your iDevice you have no other choice. The company wants to simplify the procedure to most customers.

What is the ‘fruit’ giant doing? As news note, the iPhone maker is thinking about other Apple repair options that would make the process of iPhone 5 battery replacement and other things more comfortable and simple. It is planning to create a special iOS application that makes it easier and faster. This program will work on all iDevices.

Apple iPhone Repair App

The new tool will include various troubleshooting tips as well as Apple repair options. If you get any problem with the gadget you’ll be able to probably find the answer in this application.

When could the giant launch such an app? Apple has only entered the stage of development. It could take it some time to include different tips and tricks for users. The company promises to include the tips for its iPad devices, iPhone handsets and other ‘fruit’ gadgets [here are some useful iOS 9.1 jailbreak tips for users who can’t wait to untether this firmware version sometime in the future].

This would be a guide on the iDevices with instructions and walkthroughs. It should also help users to chat with the support teams in case the problem occurs and get the answer to the question. It should be possible to see how to schedule in-store visits, send your iPhone / iPad / Mac for service and get all sorts of help. The company would also include the links to support documents and other useful and interesting facts.

There is also information that Apple would tie its application to user’s Apple ID. This way it will get a list of all active devices all in one place. It is not known when the company could present this iOS application.


Cheapest iPad on Black Friday 2015 and Best Tablet Deals / Sales

Black Friday iPad sales are already going on or will be later this week. Where can you get the cheapest iPad on Black Friday 2015? What store offers the biggest discounts? Here is some useful information about the popular Apple tablet [learn what to do if your new iPad Pro is not responding after being charged] and the top deals you can get.

The whole world is waiting for Black Friday. This ordinary day is not too ordinary. It’s the day of the biggest discounts and millions of Americans and users from other countries can’t wait for this most popular shopping day on the planet.

iPad Black Friday 2015 Deals Sales

Deals on iPad Black Friday 2015

What models can you get with a nice discount this week? Most store are eager to offer deals on iPad mini 4 and iPad Air 2. If you wish to get the most recent iPad Pro 12.9-inch tablet you’ll probably have to wait for Black Friday day or Cyber Monday. Some companies might offer an interesting deal.

Black Friday iPad deals 2015 are going in Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club and other stores.

For example, you can get $100 off the iPad mini 4 or $100-$125 off the iPad Air 2 at Best Buy on Black Friday. Target is ready to offer you $80-$150 gift card if you buy iPad mini 2 / 4 or iPad Air / iPad Air 2 from this store. Walmart also has doorbusters for Thanksgiving with $100 discount for iPad Air 2 purchase. This U.S. store also offers $69 off the iPad mini 2 [only the model with 16GB of storage space].

You can also check the Sam’s Club where you might be able to purchase the 9.7-inch tablet for $349 getting $150 off any iPad Air 2 model.

All the hottest deals will be available for limited hours only.


How to Get iOS 9 Safari Split Screen on iPad [Jailbreak Tweak]

It has become possible to get iOS 9 Safari split screen option on the iPad. You know that iPad users can enjoy the real split-view multitasking after iOS 9 update however this feature is not available for the iPad Safari tabs unless you are jailbroken. Pangu is the iOS 9 – 9.0.2 jailbreak that gives you access to tons of Cydia tweaks that allow customizing the smartphone the way you want. You’ll extend iOS 9 split view iPad feature with deeper meaning.

So if you have the iPad that supports the Split View and is jailbroken you can go ahead and download one jailbreak tweak. Learn what the app offers and how you can install it in this post.

Safari Split View iPad iOS 9

Using Safari Split Screen iPad Option

Step 1. Go to Cydia and download the $0.99 Sidefari jailbreak tweak for iPad. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on the iPhone.

Step 2. The jailbreak app adds two webpages ini Split View. You’ll be able to use both tabs at the same time.

Step 3. The iOS 9 Safari split screen allows opening a page in Safari and then invoke Sidefari in your Split View menu. This tweak is like a companion to your browser however it doesn’t offer any other options or features you might have hoped to see.

Right now the tweak brings Safari Split View to new iPad Pro device, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4. All other Apple tablets do not support the multitasking offered by iOS 9 platform.

By the way, you can send up to 50 links from Safari to the tweak and this app will hold them in its history.


What Is The Most Popular Smartphone 2015 in U.S.?

What is the most popular smartphone 2015 model? You know that Apple mobile firmware is one of the high demanded among customers as well as Android based smartphones. Every year the Cupertino based company sells millions of gadgets and U.S. customers are more than eager to purchase the upgraded models.

According to Apple, there are over 100 million active iOS smartphones in the U.S. today. How popular are iPhones? You see that they are extremely popular. Users choose to upgrade in September as soon as the new model is released. They purchase the handsets for Christmas and buy them in sprint and summer when older iPhones go on sale.

iPhones Usage USA Most Popular Smartphone World

How popular is iPhone 5? It is just as popular as iPhone 4s [here is how to downgrade iPhone 4s to iOS 6.1.3]. However newer versions iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and surely iPhone 6s are demanded even more. The CIRP shares information about active iOS handsts in the United States that are currently in use. This data was gathered in the late September 2015.

About two thirds of over 100 million iPhones used by customers are new models that were bought in 2015 and 2014. It is curious the over 50 percent of all the active ‘fruit’ smartphones are the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus [about 58 million gadgets that are active]. There are about 4 millions of the most recent generation iPhone 6s / 6s Plus.

What is the best size most consumers prefer? The report mentions the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 6s as these gadgets are the most adopted nowadays.


iPhone Hacker Tools Cost More Than OS X, Android and Windows Tools

Do you know how expensive iPhone hacker tools are? The companies are willing to pay thousands of dollars for using programs created by hackers. For example, there is Zerodium firm you might have heard of. They promised to pay $1 million bounty to the team or hacker who develops unique browser based jailbreak for iOS 9.1 and one group of hackers truly won this prize.

It is reported that iPhone hacker software is the most expensive in the market if compared to OS X, Windows and Android programs. The firms purchased tools and later sell it to government agencies and other companies that are eager to pay for exploits.

iPhone Hacks Paid More Than Other Exploits

As noted by Zerodium, they are paying about $5,000 for exploits found in MyBB and WordPress. The O X hacks cost about $30,000 and iOS tools are the most expensive and the most wanted. Some hackers who find exploits in Apple mobile firmware can get as much as $500,000 for the program.

The spy firms and companies pay for exploits for various platforms, including Android and Windows. Most companies do not discuss the prices usually however Zerodium thinks that it is good for hackers to know the prices. No firms, of course, name the real agencies they are working with. This information is kept in secret. But these companies are also paying a lot for being able to access the exploits purchased from hackers.

Firms that buy and sell exploits for remote access are only eager to get the exclusive and original exploits that were never revealed to public. You see that any platform can be hacked for the right money.