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Bring Apple Watch Notifications on iPhone [iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweak]

You can change iPhone Notification Center notifications on iOS 9 firmware and make the similar to what Apple Watch offers. You should be jailbroken which is currently possible on several iOS 9 versions up to 9.0.2. Unfortunately iOS 9.1 jailbreak state is still not confirmed and there is now program that can untether this latest platform.

Once you install the tweak you will change iPhone notifications iOS 9 and find the card-like previews of notifications you have. There will be no strings of text any more. The jailbreak tool is capable of sorting the cards based on the application they belong to. There is even the jailbreak tweak for iOS 9 that brings 3D Touch on Cydia and this is cool as you can also add 3D Touch option similar to what iPhone 6s has on other models.

iOS 9 Apple Watch Notifications on iPhone

Change iPhone Notification Center Previews on iOS 9

Step 1. The BigBoss repo has the NCCards tweak that costs $2.99. This is the tool that is inspired by Apple Watch notifications and can bring them on other iDevices that are running iOS 9 version. If you are eager to pay for the tweak – download and install it.

Step 2. The tweak is fun if you have the Apple Watch and wish to get similar experience on the iPhone.

Step 3. You can adjust your likes in the tweak’s pane that appears in Settings after installation. There are different customizations you can use. For example, it is possible to change the color of text and background for the cards top / bottom bars and background of notifications. It is also possible for the color to change accordingly to the main application color.

Step 4. If you think that your cards take too much space you can make them collapsed. This way you can free up some space.

Step 5. You can collapse and expand your cards.

Step 6. If you tap-hold the top of the card you should the option to clear all notifications which is very useful.

What do you think about this jailbreak tweak for iOS 9?


Download iOS 9.2 Beta 4 ipsw for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch [Direct Links]

Apple offers iOS 9.2 beta 4 release and not only public beta testers and registered developers can install this firmware but also ordinary users who don’t participate in these programs. There are direct ipsw links you can use for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Why would you like to install the upgrade? Aren’t you curious to see what changes are to come soon?

Of course, you can download iOS 9.2 beta 4 ipsw only if you like to take risks. It is probably better to either register with Apple Dev Program or participate in the free Public Beta Testing option Apple unveiled this year for the first time in its history. If you are not a fan of various registrations but still want to run the beta version under build code 13C5075 – you can take a risk and download it using our links.

Download iOS 9.2 Beta 4 ipsw direct links iPhone iPad iPod touch

Remember to backup prior to update. You’ll have to install your ipsw file manually through iTunes. Also remember that this is beta release so it can be buggy, not support your favorite apps and even not work once in a while. The official iOS 9.2 will arrive sometime this or next year.

Direct Download iOS 9.2 13c5075 or 13c75 ipsw

iOS 9.2 beta 4 ipsw download for iPhone users

iPhone 4[S] – Model A1387, A1431

iPhone 5 (GSM) – Model A1428

iPhone 5 (Global) – Model A1429, A1442

iPhone 5c (GSM) – Model A1456, A1532

iPhone 5c (Global) – Model A1507, A1516, A15261, A1529

iPhone 5s (GSM) – Model A1453, A1533

iPhone 5s (Global) – Model A1457, A15181, A15281, A1530

iPhone 6 Plus – Model A1522, A1524

iPhone 6 – Model A1549, A1586

iPhone 6S – Model A1633, A1688, A1691, A1700

iPhone 6S Plus – Model A1634, A1687, A1690, A1699

Download iOS 9.2 beta 4 for iPod touch

iPod touch 5 – Models A1421 and A1509

iPod touch 6 – Model A1574

iOS 9.2 beta 4 update for iPad [ipsw file direct download links]

iPad 2 (GSM) – Model A1396

iPad 2 (CDMA) – Model A1397

iPad 2 (Mid 2012) – A1395

iPad Mini (WiFi) – Model A1432

iPad Mini (GSM) – Model A1454

iPad Mini (Global) – Model A1455

iPad 3 (WiFi) – Model A1416

iPad 3 (CDMA) – Model A1403

iPad 3 (GSM) – Model A1430

iPad 4 (WiFi) – Model A1458

iPad 4 (GSM) – Model A1459

iPad 4 (Global) – Model A1460

iPad Air (WiFi) – Model A1474

iPad Air (Cellular) – Model A1475

iPad Air (China) – Model A1476

iPad Mini 2 (WiFi) – Model A1489

iPad Mini 2 (Cellular) – Model A1490

iPad Mini 2 (China) – Model A1491

iPad Mini 3 (WiFi) – Model A1599

iPad Mini 3 (Cellular) – Model A1600

iPad Mini 3 (China) – Model A1601

iPad Mini 4 (WiFi) – Model A1538

iPad Mini 4 (Cellular) – Model A1550

iPad Air 2 (WiFi) – Model A1566

iPad Air 2 (Cellular) – Model A1567

iPad Pro (WiFi) – Model A1584

iPad Pro (Cellular) – Model A1652

The latest release should fix some previous problems ad improve Safari and some other parts of the system. Apple also offers AT&T NumberSync option support in its iOS 9.2 – this way you can answer your iPhone calls through iPad or Mac.


Mac App Store Authentication Issues Explained

Mac users had problems with downloading apps from the Apple stores lately. The company emailed application developers and explained the current Mac App Store authentications issues a lot of people have to face. Will there be a fix and when? Keep on reading.

We already shared with you the news about Mac applications being damaged due to authentication issues. Some of the popular and not so popular programs simply don’t open on Macs and users try various fix while nothing really helps that much. According to the letter Apple sent to registered devs, Store Mac-authentication problems will be fixed in the future OS X upgrade. This means the problem is with software.

What does it also mean is you can’t do really much about the bug if you experience once but there is a fix shared through Twitter:

How to Fix Mac App Authentication Fail Error Problem

The copy of email received from Apple was published by one developer who stands behind a number of programs, including Watermarker 2 and Thumbtack and shared via Twitter. The bug is related to the old Mac App Store certificate expiration. As noted by Apple, users who wish to get rid of the problem can clear their system cache. For now this solution should work.

If you keep getting the same problem in the future you should look up for the next system update. Apple promises to address the problems with caching [the latest OS X El Capital release brought split screen view you can enjoy].

Developers who were using older OpenSSL versions that do not offer the SHA-2 certificate [it was released this fall] support should know that Apple replaced it with SHA-1 certificate this week. However the company says its AppleCare support team is also aware of the problem and can assist any user or developer who contacts the company.

While most problems are fixed with the certificate update, there is a number of Mac applications that could fail verification and their developers can fix this by following the Receipt Validation Programming Guide offered by the ‘fruit’ company.


Cloud Apple Services Are Down: New App Store Outage

This week wasn’t easy for Apple. Users noticed App Store outage and this problem quickly echoed to other company’s services work. This time a number of services was affected and Apple even reflected these unpleasant changes on its status page that is usually showing that everything is great even when a lot of users complain.

Apple Services Outage Mid November 2015

What caused the latest iTunes Store outage and other problems? Users with iPhone, iPad experienced the bug and Apple TV outage also caused owners of this device to not being able to use Siri because iTunes and App Store both couldn’t be accessed.

Did the new gadget cause this outage? It’s hard to say because Apple presented the bigger tablet model iPad Pro earlier and the 12.9-inch gadget shouldn’t have influenced the work of multiple company’s services. The problem was even with the official online store and a lot of customers couldn’t use iMessage application.

Is there anything you can do when App Store outage takes place as well as other service are not working? You can only sit and wait, share your impressions with your friends, visit the Apple Support forums to make sure a lot of other people are getting the very same issue and wait. Apple is pretty quickly to identify problems and fix them even when the Cupertino-based giant is officially silent. It is still working on the solution to make users happy.


New iPad Pro Unresponsive: How to Fix Issue

Is your iPad Pro unresponsive? It happens to some users who already got the newest tablet Apple released last week. According to new owners, their device often becomes unresponsive [here is how to order your new iPad Pro model]. It happens mostly after charging. Can you fix the bug?

The new 12.9-inch device that is available in several colors and boast the powerful processor is currently the biggest tablet device released by Apple. Of course, the charging is part of everyday use and it is a problem when each charging results in your iPad Pro not responding to you.

iPad Pro Not Responding Bug Fix Issues Problems Unresponsive

Exploring all the fun features you get with the iPad Pro is nice however you will be upset the first time your tablet stops responding [no matter what color iPad Pro you choose or capacity you have]. When this would happen again and again after each charge you will probably get frustrated. We don’t know why the issue takes place but the fact it – the device stops responding after charging. Of course, you can fix the problem on your own but you will not be too happy to fix it each time the issue occurs. Right?

Frozen iPad Pro is of no use unless you unfreeze it. ‘Lucky’ owners of the buggy devices say that if your tablet doesn’t want to wake up or respond after it is charged – you can hard restart the iDevice that the issue will be gone. There should be no issues with the full battery life after charge, it isn’t gone. However Apple has to do something with the iOS 9 problem and offer the fix as the number of iPad Pro customers is growing every day.

It’s not nice to carry the ‘dead’ iPad Pro with you. Charge it and hard restart if the gadget stops responding afterwards. You might also want to contact Apple just in case. The company surely knows about the bug and suggests users could either hard reset the device or restore it to factory settings. Is this the hardward or software bug? No information from Apple yet.


How to Quickly Launch Apps on iPhone with 3D Touch Jailbreak Tweak

It is possible to quickly launch applications on your iPhone using 3D Touch jailbreak tweak. It supports iOS 9 but you have to be jailbroken. If you are running any firmware version up to iOS 9.0.2 – you can use Pangu jailbreak program that is working with iOS 9, 9.0.1 and 9.0.2 versions as this is the main requirement for using different tweaks.

There are a few 3D Touch tweaks iOS 9 that can add some extra options to your iPhone. You know that the real 3D Touch is brought to iPhone 6s and 6s Plus by Apple and the tweak really improves the options on these two models. This feature officially doesn’t support earlier smarthone models so users with iPhone 6, iPhone 5s and other devices that are supported by iOS 9 also dream to get 3D Touch quick actions. This is possible to do if you are jailbroken and installed any tweak that brings 3D Touch options [for example, RevealMenu program or similar tool].

3D Touch iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweak Quick App Launch

Quick Launch Apps iPhone iOS 9 Guide

Step 1. Great news! The 3D Touch jailbreak tweak called Appendix is free to download and use. This is a no cost package available on the BigBoss repo on Cydia. You can download and install it if you are jailbroken.

Step 2. You’ll be able to interact with iPhone folders in a great new way. There is nothing to configure so you can enjoy the new features right after the tweak is installed.

Step 3. Using the tool you can easily and quickly launch programs in a folder. Just force touch on any folder and you will see a list of shortcuts with the first 4 applications that are inside this folder. Tap on any app and it will be launched at once.

If you use the tweak you don’t need to open your iOS 9 folders any more in order to open a program. Jailbreaking makes it much faster to get to the iPhone app of your choice without opening the folder.


iPad Pro Unboxing Photos and First Impressions

The new iPad Pro is already available in stores across U.S. and other countries. Users who got their device in hands hurry to share the first iPad Pro photos, impressions and emotions. The tablet device interests users less than the new accessories Apple sells along with the new device.

Before you read about iPad Pro unboxing and set up process, we’ll tell you that if you are planning to getting the bigger tablet you might also want to get the Smart Keyboard as well as Apple Pencil. So let’s see what the new device offers.

iPad Pro First Impressions and Unboxing Photos

iPad Pro Unboxing and Set Up Guide

The first iPad Pro impressions combine wow and ohh factors. This is the biggest tablet offered by Apple. Previous models are smaller but its design is very similar to the iPad Air 2. You can guess that a bigger device is also a lot more heavier. This is not the device for 24/7 surfing, reading and working on-the-go because it’s not that comfortable to carry it in hands and hold for a long period of time.

iPad Pro First Impressions and Unboxing Photos 3

The gadget has 4 speakers, aluminium case, rounded edges and feels very Apple alike. It’s understood as the ‘fruit’ company created it but you won’t find all the cool features in this tablet. Firstly, the iPad Pro didn’t get the same 3D Touch as used in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Secondly, the Hey Siri option doesn’t support this gadget and this is also upsetting.

iPad Pro First Impressions and Unboxing Photos 2

The good news is you can run two programs at once on the iPad Pro as it supports the Split View offered by iOS 9 firmware. When you look at iPad Pro photos you probably ask yourself how good is the new processor and how powerful its battery. Well, Apple uses the 12W battery charge with 10,307 capacity which takes about 4.5 hours to fully recharge. As for the processor, Apple uses the 2.14 GHz A9X chip. This is a new gen chip that is more powerful than processors used in the newest iPhones. Besides, the iPad Pro can boast 4GB of RAM.

The gadget is very fast and is overally a great update. You can follow our instruction on how to set up iPad Pro if you are using it for the first time. What do you think about this fast and big tablet device?


iPhone 6s Problems: No Recent Calls After iCloud Restore

We’ve heard about various iPhone 6s problems as they keep surfacing as more and more customers purchase this Apple smartphone this year. If you are thinking about restoring form your iCloud backup you might want to wait a bit. Users report iPhone 6s iCloud restore issue that causes some bugs with your recent messages and phone calls.

Still not users can avoid restoring. Some were forced to replace their handset for a number of reasons. After replacing the gadget some people noticed iPhone 6s problems they were not prepared to get. Thus, as noted by users through Apple Support Forumes, the respore resulted in losing some data. For example, they got iPhone 6s no recent calls and messages and other issues. Some Apple consumers even lost their browsing data and Health information. All this happened after iCloud restore.

iPhone 6s iCloud Restore Issue Recent Calls Lost

The nature of such iPhone 6s iCloud restore problems is unclear. Some experts believe that the bug occurs because previous backups were created for iOS 9.0.1 and iOS 9.1 while the replacement iPhone 6s arrived with iOS 9 firmware pre-installed on it. This could indeed be the reason why restoration of data partly failed and is missing.

Others think that some restoration files could be corrupted as well as backup copies and this is why some data could be lost.

Is there a way how to fix this bug and get all your information back? Right now there is no solution from Apple. You can surely try to make sure your new and old smartphones are running the same iOS version before you restore from backup but this doesn’t guarantee that the process goes smoothly and you get all your information. Some users don’t even have their older model to double check on this so you can simply wait until Apple fixes the bug and releases the working solution. The company is aware of the problem and promises to be working on the fix.


How to Change Music Icon on iPhone with Song’s Artwork [iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweak]

Users who are running iOS 9 firmware and wish to add some minor changes to the look of their device might want to replace music icon on iPhone with the artwork that goes along with the song you are listening to. There are other iPhone music icon iOS 9 Cydia tweaks you can use. While the popular Articon tool doesn’t support iOS 9 firmware – there is an alternative solution for your iDevice.

Apple presented iOS 9 update this fall. It is possible to jailbreak iOS 9 with Pangu however it is impossible to jailbreak iOS 9.1 so you cannot use the tweak if you have already installed this most recent firmware version on the iPhone 6s or other model.

iOS Music App Icon Change Jailbreak Tweak iPhone

How to Change Music iCon on iPhone iOS 9

Step 1. In order to replace your iOS 9 Music application icon with the song’s artwork you should visit the BigBoss repository on Cydia store and download Cairo program. It costs $1.49 and it is designed to change your icon just what we wanted to do. The app is also similar to the good old Articon program.

Step 2. With the tweak installed you can start using it at once. It doesn’t arrive with the special pane you can configure.

Step 3. When you are playing a song on iOS 9 iPhone now you will see no Music app icon on your Home screen. This icon is automatically replaced with the album artwork for the song you are listening to. This is exactly the same image as the one shown in your Music Now Playing section.

The same tweak should work with other tools that are playing tunes, including Pandora and Spotify. The app does what it is supposed to do. You can also search for free alternatives if you device that it is too much to pay for the opportunity to replace your Music app icon with album’s image.


How to Set Up iPad Pro Instruction

Have you purchased the new iPad Pro model? Apple upgraded the lineup of its tablet devices. Customers in U.S. and other countries can already purchase the gadget and explore all the features it delivers. It is possible to choose different iPad Pro colors. This year the Cupertino-based giant offers it in gold, silver and space gray. This is the iPad Por set up guide you can follow if you already have a device in your hands.

It might take some time. So get prepared to spend time on setting it up. Still this is one-time procedure since you’ll be able to use it without having to repeat this guide again unless you get another tablet version.

iPad Pro How to Set Up Guide

How to Set Up iPad Pro

Step 1. Take the device. You should turn it on. To do so, click on your Power button or use the Sleep / Wake button.

Step 2. iPad Pro will greet you with Hello message. You need to swipe from left to right now.

Step 3. Choose the preferred language.

Step 4. You will the list with the country / region so choose your area.

Step 5. Select your Keyboard and choose WiFi network. You’ll have to enter the passcode if you are using secure WiFi connection and choose Join option.

Step 6. The iPad Pro should inform you it is ready now. Choose Continue and Enable Location Services to turn on Find My iPad or disable the service.

Step 7. Set up Touch ID fingerprint sensor [learn how secure the Touch ID is]. This way you’ll be able to unlock the device without entering your passcode each time you are using the iPad Pro.

Step 8. It’s time to create a passcode. You can choose between 4-digit and 6-digit codes in Password Options. This option is required since you’ll be asked to unlock the gadget with the password after you reboot it for the first time.

Step 9. It is possible to restore the device from backup, set up as New iPad or have data moved from Android. It is always better to set up as a new gadget but some users might have a different opinion.

Step 10. Sing in using the Apple ID you have. If you don’t have one you’ll have to create it.

Step 11. If you are using 2-step verification option you’ll have to Verify the identity by entering the verification 4-digit code that was sent to your other device. Enter the code to continue.

Step 12. Read the Terms and Conditions and agree to them.

Step 13. The device will now ask you to set up your iCloud Keychain. This is possible to complete by sending the code to other device, choose the security code from iCloud or decide not to restore passwords. It’s up to you.

Step 14. Set up Hey Siri option.

Step 15. Choose Get Started and enjoy the new 2015 iPad Pro model.