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World’s Longest iPhone Password Spotted?

You know that smartphones and other gadgets are often protected with the password [iCloud passwords can be stolen by jailbreak app]. Still can you image the longest password ever for iPhone? Firstly, it is necessary to remember the code, right? Secondly, not too many people are eager to enter more than 50 digits even if you have to do this only once in a while thanks to touch screen and fingerprint option on the Apple handset.

iPhone Longest Password Video

It seems that the world’s longest iPhone password is created by Japanese users. Just like any other country in the world, Japan knows how important it is to protect your privacy and how hard it is to crack a gadget with a long-long passcode. Thanks to web, we now know where the longest iPhone passcode ‘lives’ and can see how weird it is to see anyone entering so many digits to use the handset.

The video is surely must see. You can watch it to get the fullest impressions since when someone talks about 50+ digit iPhone passcord – it is one thing and when you see someone entering these many digits – it’s a completely differen thing.

Of course, it is incredible when someone wows you with long code. Still it’s more astonishing how a user can remember the long passcode to enter it quickly. Whoever is using this particular iPhone passwords – knows it and seems to use it very often. Just 11 seconds – and the longest iOS passcode in the world is entered to unlock the iDevice.

Would you ever create a long password even if you can remember it very well?


How to Hide Apps on iPhone Running iOS 9

If you really need to learn how to hide apps on iPhone but you are already running iOS 9.1 or just don’t want to jailbreak – there is an instruction just for you [here is how to add a second Home button to your iPhone]. It is possible to do everything in several specs. It works on both iPhones and iPads. You’ll be using simply your settings and special wallpapers.

iOS 9 hide apps guide is pretty simple yet it takes some adjustments on the phone. You’ll have to download wallpaper on your gadget, either gray or white and save it in iOS 9 Camera Roll. What to do next? Keep on reading.

Hide iOS 9 Apps iPhone How to Guide

How to Hide Apps on iOS 9

Step 1. So you have downloaded the wallpaper. Choose white wallpaper or gray wallpaper because other colors won’t work. Apply your new wallpaper as ‘still’ image.

Step 2. Our ‘how to hide apps iOS 9’ guide now makes you go to Settings – General menu. Launch Accessibility and select Increase Contrasts. For white background you should turn off ‘Reduce Transparency’ and for gray on you’ll have to enable this feature.

Step 3. Create a new folder. Copy and paste blank characters to make the folder’s name blank. Now remember about iOS 9 hide apps goal and add all the applications you need to hide inside this folder.

Step 4. Go to iTunes or App Store and get App Icons Free app. Install it. This tool will create for you ‘invisible’ icons for apps.

Step 5. Once you launch the new app you should click on Create and choose Go To Link option. Now choose Photo – Camera Roll and point to the wallpaper you are using. Remember it’s either white or gray depending on your choice. There will be a field under the icon where you should copy – paste the blank characters just as you did for your ‘invisible’ folder.

Step 6. Now as you have successfully created ‘invisible’ icon for your home page you will see no folder as it is also ‘invisible’ blending in with your wallpaper [here is a guide on how to hide your stock apps on iOS 8 if you are still running this older mobile Apple firmware version].

Step 7. Click on your ‘blank’ folder and swipe over to the second page. Now you should see all the apps you have hidden.


Biggest iPhone Shopping Day and Record Sales 2015 Reported

This year’s iPhone Black Friday sale 2015 was reported as the biggest shopping day ever by Target stores. We shared details about different iPhone shopping possibilities on this day. Black Friday is over but the sales announced by U.S. stores brought them thousands of shoppers who wished to get the popular Apple devices.

Big iPhone sale last week brought record-breaking sales for iPad and Apple Watch [here is how to install WatchOS2 on your smartwatch]. iPhone shopping was also popular but the most attention was driven towards the newest smartwatch that was released in spring and tablet computers developed by the Cupertino-based giant.

High iPhone Record Breaking Sales Black Friday 2015

As noted by the retail store, it was selling an iPad every second through Thanksgiving day. Black Friday deals were already announced and began a day earlier that’s why a lot of customers decided to purchase their tablet from Apple on this day. The gadget was popular both online and in retail stores.

A lot of U.S. stores are offered either discounts or gift cars with the purchase of Apple gadgets this holiday season. Cyber Monday is following Black Friday sales and soon we’ll also hear about a number of deals towards fast-approaching Christmas.

We’ll also hear about big iPhone sale from Apple. This company experiences highest demand towards its gadgets during holiday season. Black Friday shopping 2015 was a real bust for many stores that offered popular gadgets to customers. Still the biggest sales are still ahead as December is also the month for biggest discounts and high demand for well-selling products.

Have you been lucky to get an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or any other gadget in the end of November 2015?


Great iOS 9 Features You Must Know About

Great iOS 9 features include various options. They are interesting and worth knowning about. For example, it is possible to name notes, add pictures, maps etc. The experience on the iPhone and iPad is improved thanks to the changes.

Besides getting best features of iOS 9 you can also factory SIM unlock iOS 9 iPhone 6s from AT&T and any other U.S. carrier. Such service could make you totally free. You’ll be able to choose your network based on the data plan options and pricing policy.

There will be no need to stay with AT&T only because you are locked to it or pay early termination fees. You’ll become permanently unlocked and get a chance to insert any SIM card at any moment.

iOS 9 Top Features Changes

Siri has been significantly enhanced. Apple added its support to Cortana and Google. It is possible to switch applications and easily return to previous app launched. You can read all the news at one place which is a great way to stay connected with anything that happens in the world.

iOS 9 notifications are present in the most recent order. You won’t miss anything now. Apple brought your selfies to one place and improved navigation. You can get better Search results since you can search your Settings now.

The Cupertino-based giant also enhanced its Map search and gives you access to public transportation information. There are several iOS 9 options now. iOS 9.1 is the most recent one but Apple is already testing iOS 9.2 which could be unveiled before Christmas.

Have you updated to iOS 9, 9.0.1, 9.0.2 or 9.1 by now? How do you find this platform if compared to iOS 8?


How to Fix iOS 9 Autocorrect Problems

Are you tired of iOS 9 autocorrect issues on the iPhone? All Apple mobile firmware versions like to correct your messages in a funny and sometimes unpleasant way. This is the problem with all Autocorrect functions on any smartphone or other device. If you have updated to iOS 9 you might want to tweak your platform and get better accuracy while typing a message on your handset.

The simplest method to fix iOS 9 autocorrect is to disable it. You’ll be able to type without bugs but you’ll probably type slower. Take the iPhone and launch Settings where you can go to General – Keyboard and toggle the Auto-Correction off.

You can make all contacts unique by adding correct contact names. The iOS 9 feature would use them as a reference and you’ll get less problems with spelling many names.

Fix iOS 9 Autocorrect Issues Problems iPhone

Another way to solve iOS 9 autocorrect issues is to replace the keyboard shortcuts with correct words through Settings – General menu where you can choose Keyboard and Text Replacement option. This does take time but in the end you’ll get more accurate and nice words and sentences.

iOS 9 autocorrect problems drive many people mad. Most of them are used to getting misspells because of the issues still you might want to reset iOS 9 keyboard and get rid of some spellchecks [learn how to switch keyboards on iPhone 6]. Launch Settings and go to General – Reset where you are able to Reset Keyboard Dictionary and remove modifications. This way you’ll have less weird words in the dictionary and type more accurate.

Hopefully these short methods can help you fix some or most of the iOS 9 autocorrect woes you see every day.


iPhone 7s Specification Leaks: Apple Prepares OLED Displays

There is some information about iPhone 7s display. Apple is rumored to release the colorful iPhone 6c in the spring and the new iPhone 7s in the fall 2016. These are just rumors but it’s interesting to get some iPhone 7s specification and specs before this smartphone becomes real in less than a year from now.

Some rumors claim that Apple could create OLED displays for its future handsets sometime in 2018. Now some experts think that the company is already working with several manufacturers trying to bring such iPhone 7s screen earlier.

iPhone OLED Display Apple iPhone 7s

It’s not clear when exactly the ‘fruit’ giant could bring OLED screens. Would it be able to get them in time for iPhone 7s release date or not? There are suggestions that Apple would do everything to push new display delivery to 2016 or 2017.

Some reports mention that Apple is working with Japanese and Korean companies and wants to adopt the iPhone OLED screens as soon as possible. If, for example, Apple launches iPhone 6c next September or calls the next generation handset the iPhone 7, it could present iPhone 7s in 2017 and add OLED panels to this lineup.

Current iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and previous models are using LCD panels. If it becomes impossible for manufacturers to deliver enough screens in 2016 or 2017 – Apple could postpone OLED screen release to iPhone 8 in 2018. It wouldn’t want to affect sales by lacking the new display that’s why analysts share such predictions.

Nothing is confirmed. Customers won’t get official information about the future iPhones until Apple introduces the new device to mass media.


You Can Bring iPad Pro 3D Touch Feature Alive

Users found a way how to bring 3D Touch on iPad Pro [here is what to do if your new iPad Pro stops responding]. You’ll have to use the Apple Pencil accessory. Would you have to jailbreak? The original 3D Touch is introduced on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus this fall. Users find it useful but unfortunately the feature is not available on other gadgets unless you jailbreak them and find tweaks that offer similar experience.

iPad Pro 3D Touch possibility is found by Hamza Sood. This well-known developer answers the question ‘how to add 3d touch to iPad without jailbreak.’ If you are using iPad Pro which is the most recent tablet device released in November – there is no need to use Apple Pencil and make 3D Touch alive unless you jailbreak.

iPad Pro 3D Touch with Apple Pencil Jailbreak

Sood performed iOS 9 jailbreak and managed to somehow link the software with Apple Pencil pressure. This way he was able to manipulate the pressure and get similar responses to 3D Touch. If you are jailbroken but have no Pencil – you won’t be able to awoke the 3D Touch option. It only comes alive thanks to the sensors included into Apple Pencil that can distinguish between sketching, painting, writing etc.

The trick is nice but it’s not available to public. Could Apple offer 3D Touch to the next iPad Pro? Would it upgrade other gadgets to offer the same thing iPhone 6s offers? Millions of customers would be happy to buy a new device if it comes with some great and popular options. Still most features users really enjoy getting are possible to install through jailbreaking and it is impossible to jailbreak iOS 9.1. Only earlier firmware versions can be jailbroken at the moment.