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How to Block Automatic Updates on iOS 9 for App Store Apps

You can easily stop updates from App Store if they annoy you. It is possible to do this for particular titles only. If you are running iOS 9 and have a jailbroken smartphone you can follow the guide below and enjoy getting less frustrate on your iPhone.

Not all iOS versions can be jailbroken. For example, you can jailbreak iOS 9 – 9.0.2 using Pangu tool for Windows but you are not ableto jailbreak iOS 9.1 or 9.2. Apple is testing iOS 9.3 already and while you can compare iOS 9.2 vs iOS 9.3 based on speed test you are not able to jailbreak the most recent beta firmware version yet.

Block App Store App Updates on iOS 9 iPhone Jailbreak Tweak

How to Block Automatic Updates iOS 9 Instruction

Step 1. Make sure you have Cydia on your iPhone. This means you are jailbroken.

Step 2. Download App Admin program from and install on your smartphone.

Step 3. This is a popular tool that allows downgrading apps from the App Store and now block some programs from being automatically updated.

Step 4. Open App Store program. Choose Updates Available menu and click on Update option next to the application you wish to block from updating [here is how to downgrade iOS 9 app to previous version using the same cool App Admin jailbreakable tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch]. Select Block All Updates feature for this app and it will be no longer upgraded on your iOS 9 iPhone.

Step 5. If you ever want to unblock the updates option you can click on Blocked option [find it in the top left corner] and swipe the application to the left. You’ll be able to select Delete option and the application will appear in Updates Available section once again.

The tweak removes applications you have blocked from Updates Available list on your device.


How to Keep Notifications on Lock Screen iPhone iOS 9

You can keep notifications on Lock Screen iPhone if it is jailbroken. There is iOS 9 tweak for 3D Touch Multitasking and notifications. You’ll have to dismiss your notifications manually once this tweak is installed and used by you.

Usually notifications are displayed on the Lock screen until you unlock your iPhone and relock it. Then notifications are dismissed and you can’t do anything about this unless you download the right jailbreak tweak and change this option.

Keep iPhone iOS 9 Notifications on Lock Screen

How to Make Notifications Appear on Lock Screen

Step 1. You should download and install ForeverNotification tweak. This is a free Lock screen Cydia package you can find on BigBoss repository.

Step 2. You make notifications stay on Lock screen because this is what the jailbreak app does for you. You can manually swipe the notification to the left and dismiss it by clicking on the X option. All other notifications will remain on the iOS 9 Lock screen unless you choose to remove them.

Step 3. If you own iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone 6s [here are some iPhone 6s problems you have to know about] you can view your pending notifications by clicking on the Home button. All the notifications will stay visible even if you unlock the iPhone before viewing them all.

The tweak is free of charge and simple to use. It doesn’t offer more than it promises. Still you can finally decide when to remove notifications from your iPhone Lock screen. You can also keep them all visible if this is you wish. Apple doesn’t tell you what to do if you are jailbroken because there are tons of Cydia tweaks that help you customize the smartphone to your personal likes.


How to Replace Bange Icon on iPhone with Informative Labels

There are many different iOS 9 tweaks on Cydia that help you customize the iPhone. For example, you can change badge icon iPhone with information label and this can be achieved thanks to one jailbreaking app. Apple tried to help users pay attention to notifications and created badges however a lot of people are annoyed by these constant reminders.

Using Cydia badge tweaks you can replace the annoying badges with different labels that are not as frustrating. Just use the right badge customizer iOS 9 tool and you’ll become a bit happier.

iPhone iOS 9 Badge Icon Jailbreak Tweak

How to Replace Icon Badge with Label [Jailbreak Tweak]

Step 1. iOS 9 jailbroken iPhone users can launch Cydia and install Goodges tweak. This is a free tool.

Step 2. Respring the smartphone to apply changes.

Step 3. Goodges is now enabled and you can notice no iOS 9 badges. They are replaced with information about the number of your unread notifications along with their types. If you choose to read all the notifications the application name will remove highlighted informing text.

Step 4. If you want to change the settings to default you can launch Settings and everything will return back.

You can change badge icon iPhone for the following labels: color matching, highlighting, coloring. You can also change hide badges, bold label and other things so the free tweak is pretty fun to use on iOS 9 devices.


Compare iOS 9.3 and iOS 9.2 by Speed Test

Apple is currently testing new mobile platform for its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The company officially released iOS 9.2 in December and seeded 9.3 updates for developers and public testers in January. You can take a look at iOS 9.3 vs iOS 9.2 and compare the two firmware versions based on the speed test results.

The most recent beta upgrades bring some minor changes along with interesting options iDevice users would enjoy. When you compare iOS 9.3 and iOS 9.2 you will see that the newest one gets Touch ID lock option for Notes, great Night Shift option and many other enhancements that would improve overall experience and impressions.

iOS 9.2 vs iOS 9.3 Compare Speed Test

iOS 9 Speed Test for iOS 9.2 and 9.3 Firmwares

Which version is faster? It’s curious that while iOS 9.3 beta brings some new features it is also slower to boot up than 9.2 version. The first 9.3 beta is also slower to load some applications including the popular App Store. Maybe this is just the first beta release and Apple would improve its future updates.

Both versions work better on iPhone 6 and newer smartphones. They are slower to boot up on iPhone 5s and other older gadgets. Of course, the iPhone 6, 6s and 6 Plus / 6s Plus are better supported by most recent upgrades compared to earlier models. It’s not a secret that most iOS 9 platform updates work better on iPhone 6 and newer phones.

Both iOS 9.2 and iOS 9.3 beta bring similar performance experience. The only difference discovered by the speed test is the time for booting up. These things could however change by the time Apple officially launches the new iOS updates to public.


Keep Cydia and App Store Settings in Different iPhone Folders [Jailbreak Tweak]

It is possible keep your Cydia and App Store settings in two separate folders thanks to the jailbreak tweak called PreferenceOrganizer 2. You have to be jailbroken to use this feature and follow our guide for App Store Cydia settings iPhone creation. It’s simpler than it could sound at the first look.

Users who have installed iOS 9 can jailbreak their iPhone using Pangu jailbreaking tool that supports Windows but can be also used on Mac to jailbreak iOS 9 – 9.0.2 versions. All newer firmwares are currently non-jailbreakable.

iPhone Settings Two Folders App Store Cydia Jailbreak Tweak

How to Create Two iPhone Folders for Settings for Cydia and App Store

Step 1. Download the tweak PreferenceOrganizer 2 by adding the source to your repo list.

Step 2. Install the tweak.

Step 3. You will find 4 folds in your Settings now. Look for Tweak, Apple Apps, App Store Apps and Social Apps. Do you see them?

Step 4. Your settings will be move to these folders and you will find settings for your social networks in Social Apps, and iOS 9 jailbreak tweak settings in Tweaks etc.

Step 5. The app places your preferences in the corresponding folders on its own. You have nothing to configure or change.

This is something that can make your life a bit simpler if you have too many preferences saved and wish to organize your iPhone that is jailbroken on iOS 9.


How to Protect Your iPhone from Theft Using Jailbreak Tweak

Is it possible to protect iPhone from theft? This is a very popular smartphone and even though Apple is doing everything to help users secure their smartphones, you should also take care of this issue and use additional methods. For example, if you are jailbroken you can secure iPhone from theft using Cydia jailbreak tweak.

Keep on reading and you’ll learn some tips and secrets that can be really useful and truly secure the handset you own. Currently you can only jailbreak on iOS 9 up to 9.0.2 version. If you are running iOS 9.1 or 9.2 you’ll have to wait for hackers to present a new jailbreak for these platforms. Pangu jailbreak team hasn’t released any iOS 9.2 updates yet.

Protect iPhone from Theft Jailbreak Tweak iOS 9

How to Protect Your iPhone from Theft

Step 1. Download special iPhone theft protection tweak called PickPocket though and install this beta tool on your smartphone. Yes, it exists in beta stage at the moment. Still the program is fun to try.

Step 2. The tweak can restrict access to the iPhone when you want to turn off the device by holding down Sleep / Lock button. You’ll have to confirm this deciding by entering the correct iPhone password.

Step 3. If you enter wrong password your smartphone will be alarmed and it is impossible to disable the sound unless you enter the passcode. The physical volume button will not help you even reduce the sound level so it would be impossible for thieves to take the phone out of your pocket and try to turn it off right away without being noticed.

This is a fun tweak that can truly protect your iPhone from being stolen by ordinary thieves. What do you think?


iPhone 7 Concept Shows Super Thin Smartphone

With so many rumors around iPhone 7 specs and possible iPhone 7 release date it is always nice to find new concepts and imagine what the next generation of Apple smartphone could look like. There is an interesting idea shared on the web and you are welcome to see it.

Many of the iPhone 7 concept ideas are impressive however this one shows an interesting very thin and curvy iOS handset that truly reminds of an older generation iPod touch or earlier iPhone that is fully metal on the back. It’s just crazy thin and it’s hard to believe that Apple could fit all the modern tech inside this phone to offers bunch of innovative features, options and specs that are so demanded by customers in 2016.

iphone 7 concept image

There is Apple logon the back. The back is made of curved metal. It looks to include LED flash and iSight cameras and they all fit in the place you would expect to see them. This is really curious if paying attention at how thin this concept iPhone 7 is.

You can see the handset in four colors. Designers have thought it would be cool to depict the future smartphone in various colors and you are familiar with each option because these are colors Apple likes to use.

Besides the camera and LED flash you can find Lightning port, headphone jack, microphone and speaker grille. As noted by designers, this concept also includes a better processor, enhanced 3D Touch option, Force Touch home button and some other interesting specs. Besides, this iPhone 7 looks to be water-resistant. Interesting concept, isn’t it?


Apple Music Issues iOS 9 Trouble Subscribers Globally

Apple Music issues are noticed this week by users. Those Mac and PC owners who are trying to connect to Music using iTunes fail and get Apple Music server error. What is happening?

It looks like the bug bothers users from all over the world. Reports come from different users who have the same problem. A lot of subscribers are asked to subscribe to Apple Music when they are trying to launch this application. Many experience the issue with app quitting for them.

Apple Music server error January 2016

There are also reports about bag music streaming experience. When some users try to play songs they can only hear one title while other tunes show server errors. Similar issues occur on computers, Macs and PCs. Both OS X and Windows platforms get different errors along with iPhone and iPad devices.

Have you had any Apple Music issues iOS 9 this week? It’s curious that most problems occur to Apple servers when the company releases a new gadget upgrade or updates its platforms to new version that offer major changes to users. This time the errors are not connect to the new product launch still there are so many notes about Music application crashing, bugging, accounts get ‘lost,’ act crazy.

Users can’t listen to music and this looks frustrating to them. Apple should respond to the problems because they are discussed everywhere on the web. Hopefully the iPhone maker fixes everything as soon as possible.


Bring 3D Touch Multitasking to iPhone 6 / iPhone 5 [Jailbreak Tweak]

Only the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus can boast real 3D Touch multitasking options. All other models are officially not supported by this innovative feature introduced in the end of 2015. Still it is possible to bring iPhone 3D Touch multitasking to older handsets, including iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 if you have a jailbroken device and know about one wonderful tweak.

Actually there are several different jailbreak tweaks that are designed to bring experience similar to 3D Touch multitasking to the unsupported Apple smartphones. We will talk about one of such creations.

Cool 3D Touch Multitasking Tweak for iPhone 6 / iPhone 5

The jaiblroken app is called SwipeSwitcher. It can make some exclusive iPhone 6s options available on your older iPhone version. You’ll be able to launch App Switcher using 3D Touch on your display’s left edge. In other words, you’ll get to use a new shortcut on your handset.

3d Touch Multitasking iPhone 5 iPhone 6 SwipeSwitcher Jailbreak Tweak

When you download and install 3D Touch multitasking iPhone 6 tweak is available for free on Cydia. You can find it on the BigBoss repository that has a lot of interesting additions to offer.

One you have the app installed it will be turned on by default. When you swipe in from your screen’s top left edge you will now launch App Switcher which is a fast and simple gesture similar to what 3D Touch multitasking offers.

You will also get the screen split into two parts. You can swipe from the top left half of the display you will be able to use App Switcher tool. When you swipe from the bottom left half you will get a chance to return to the previous app’s page.

Isn’t it so much fun?


iOS 9.3 Public Beta and iOS 9.3 Beta 1.1 Update Released

Right after the famous Cupertino-based iPhone giant offered iOS 9.3 beta 1 for developers it also releases the first iOS 9.3 public beta. You can install the newest firmware on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad if you participate in this free program and wish to test each new version of Apple mobile operating system before it becomes public officially.

Besides, the company launched iOS 9.3 beta 1.1 update [also known under the build 13E5181f] however it can be used by devs only at the moment. You have to register in Apple Dev Center and use OTA-update or direct ipsw download links offered through this program’s website.

iOS 9.3 beta 1.1 and iOS 9.3 public beta download release

If you are not a developer and don’t want to test buggy beta versions you can download the most recent official iOS 9.2 through ipsw direct links. This is fast and simple however you should note that this version as well as iOS 9.1 is not jailbreakable.

The only iOS 9 platforms you can untether jailbreak with Pangu on Windows are iOS 9, 9.0.1 and 9.0.2. Hackers were not able to release any public updates ever since this program presentation. Mac users can also use the same tool to jailbreak through Windows virtual machine program.

It’s curious that hackers can actually jailbreak iOS 9.3 beta however they have no intensions to create a public release for this firmware. There are also no major changes offered by iOS 9.3 betas currently.

Are you testing betas and report bugs to Apple? Or do you prefer waiting for the official releases to avoid all possible errors, issues and problems with your iPhone or other ‘fruit’ gadget?