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iPhone 7 Rumors: Apple to Use Emi Shielding

Apple is to present iPhone 7 soon. This is the new generation smartphone that could be anything you wish or nothing you want. Many iPhone 7 rumors point to different features, specs and options. What will we see in the fall 2016?

The most recent repots mention iPhone 7 EMI shielding technology. The news comes from Korea. The Cupertino-based company could use individual Electromagnetic Interference shields for different iPhone 7 / 7 Plus components. The firm could low down electromagnetic interference by increasing clock signal of chips and improve the overall performance of the smartphones.

Apple EMI Shield iPhone 7

The chips that are responsible for connection could also get EMI shields. The Application Processor and RF would get the same technology. Of course, using EMI shielding would increase the cost of the phone parts and the iPhone cost too.

It seems that the ‘fruit’ company is planning this EMI project for a while now. The 4-inch iPhone maker has been working on it since the last year. Amkor and StatsChipPac go the contract with Apple but this is all just rumor and reports from unknown sources.

This spring we are expecting iPhone 5se release. This model will get 4-inch screen and enough power to attract new customers. The iPhone 7 launch is expected in the fall 2016. We are sure that there will be more details about the next generation handset and we’ll soon hear more and see more concepts and leaked images.


Get iPhone Virtual Home Button on iOS 9 [Jailbreak Tweak]

Do you have a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 9? You can use Pangu iOS 9 – 9.0.2 jailbreak program to untether your smartphone in case you want to get Cydia on your device. There is a tweak that can add iPhone virtual Home button to your current platform version.

Sometimes it is hard to switch between applications using your original Home button. You an either enable Assistive Touch or you the iOS 9 jailbreak tweak to get the virtual button and perform any task you need.

iPhone Virtual Home Button iOS 9

The free tweak is called SPTouch. It simply adds a new button to your iOS 9 screen. This button will do everything your physical Home button does when you tap on it. You are allowed to drag it around the screen and position where you want. If you double click on it – you’ll launch your App Switcher. Does it sound cool?

When you customize this virtual button you’ll see all the changes at once. Change the button’s size through Settings, make it more transparent, add borders and do other things to make it look cute. Just don’t expect it to look native in iOS 9. Still since this tweak is doing its job – it is worth downloading.


Apple Reuse and Recycling Program Detailed in New Report

Apple publishes a new report where it shares more details about Apple Recycle program. This program is popular among U.S. iPhone users who wish to upgrade to a newer smartphone model by exchanging the old working iPhone version.

The program was released a couple of years ago. The ‘fruit’ giant Users who wish to participate in Apple Reuse and Recycling program have to meet 50 regulations / requirements. Even if you bring your old iPhone back – there are no guarantees it will be destroyed. Sometimes old phones appear in the secondary market.

Apple Reuse Recycle Program for iPhone

According to the iPhone maker, the leftover iPhone parts cannot be mixed with parts produced by other firms. Only Apple products can be used to bring the phone back to life and you know how Apple treats its brand.

The iDevice creator doesn’t like it when fake iPhones are sold in the market. Thus Apple is reusing components but never elaborates with other companies. It is protecting its brand and products even after the old device stops working and is recycled or has to be reused.

We know that the ‘fruit’ company is about to introduce the 4-inch iPhone 5se this spring and present iPhone 7 in the fall. While the smaller device would most likely run iOS 9, its bigger ‘brother’ will arrive with future iOS 10.

There are many gadgets the iPhone maker wishes to present in 2016. Customers can’t wait to see the updated iPad Pro, new iPhones, Mac upgrades and software updates.


Get Weather in Status Bar iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweak for iPhone

There are different weather jailbreak tweaks for iOS 9 smartphone. iPhone users who haven’t updated to iOS 9.1 or newer firmwares and are jailbroken with Pangu tool can download numerous Cydia tweaks and customize the handset the way you like.

Thanks to hackers millions of users from all over the world can jailbreak and get more features for the iPhone than users with non-jailbroken Apple devices. You can add weather in Status Bar iOS 9 with the help of Meteor jailbreak app.

Meteor iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweak iPhone

You can download Meteor from Cydia store. It is available on the BigBoss repository at $1.99. What can you get at this price?

Firstly, you will fine the Weather application icon in your Status bar. Secondly, you will find live weather data and get temperatures for your location on-the-go. It is comfortable and the changes from condition to temperature are animated. The tweak is really nice and it could be worth your money since you get different options.

For example, you can use current condition instead of your weather tweak icon text. Simply replace it and you’ll enjoy the changes. Besides, you are offered to use unique refresh delay and reposition the status-bar icon to left or right.

Meteor jailbreak app supports Fahrenheit and Celsius. Developer assures that this Cydia tweak doesn’t affect iPhone battery life that much. It can drain your battery to 4-5% within 8 hours [battery drain is a big issue on iOS 9.2.1] if you set the refresh rate to half an hour updates.

You can search for other tweaks as well and find different features and customization options to create a unique and exclusive iPhone running iOS 9.


Download VLC Remote for Free: iPhone App at No Cost for Limited Time

The VLC Remote tool has become free to download [learn how to enable iOS 9 Emoticons]. This app used to cost $4.99 but you have a chance to download free VLC Remote iPhone app that also works on Apple Watch and iPad right now. The popular application is available at no cost for limited time.

Why would you need the free VLC Remote app for iPhone or other iDevice? It helps you control playback on VLC media player on Apple TV, OS X or Windows computer. It should be easy to control everything right from your wrist. You’ll get fast forward, play, volume, pause and equalizer control. There are many features you get with the app.

VLC Player Free iPhone iOS 9

Users who choose the free VLC Remote iPhone app while it is free will get a list of options. What can be simpler than controlling your VLC from sofa? Wouldn’t you like to get full DVD controls, enjoy graphical equalizer and cover art, support Apple Watch [Apple would soon bring Apple Watch 2 version], find VLC players by automatically scanning local network.

The popular media player supports different computers. Both Mac and Windows users can use it if they have official VLC client installed on their machine. Other media players ill not work.

The app is easy to set up. The helper included into the program will guide you through installation process. The universal tool for iOS 9 iPhone and iPad allows controlling audio tracks, aspect ratio, subtitles, delays, fullscreen, playlists etc.

Remember that the free deal won’t last forever.


iPhone 7 Concept Design with AMOLED Display

Looking at the new iPhone 7 concept that promises AMOLED display and water-resistant design – you can find a dreamy smartphone that will be running iOS 10. The handset is so thin you’ll enjoy it and it has wireless charging option which could be so wonderful.

The design shares bright ideas and can boast a wonderful design. This model has all the upgrades a user can wish for. The design team carefully thought of each detail and brought it to the concept phone adding an inductive ChargingPad, making the Home button a Force Touch button and bringing even more changes you can only wish for.

iPhone 7 Concept

What can be better than a new iPhone 7 that has all the pros millions of customers believe to become real one day. Getting a thinner body that is also water-resistant and boasts the AMOLED screen.

There are rumors about Apple bringing Force Touch home button to its next generation devices. The company is constantly improving its smartphones and adds innovative features to the iDevices. This is what make the iPhone one of the most demanded gadget in the world.

Users in the U.S., Canada, China, European countries and other corners of the world are happy to own one of Apple handsets. The current iPhone 6s might not be as successful as previous iPhone 6 still users continue to purchase iOS 9 phones.


Useful iPhone Error 53 Fix Guide: iOS 9.2.1 Upgrade

Finally Apple released a real iPhone error 53 fix. A lot of users suffered from this problem that appeared once they repaired the iPhone 6 / 6s / 6 Plus / 6s Plus at unauthorized shop. The Cupertino-based giant released a new mobile firmware update and once you install it on the handset you should solve the problem with error 53.

Users who have iPhone 5s and earlier models didn’t have the issue because their gadget has no Touch ID option. Apple assured that its phones have to include only authorized parts. Still the company found a way how to fix error 53 without switching smartphones.

Users with the bricked device have to download iOS 9.2.1 update. Apple offers iOS 9.2.1 version 13D20 and this is what has to help you. Follow the guide and get your handset to work again.

Fix iPhone Error 53 Brick iOS 9.2.1 Update

How to Fix Bricked iPhone Caused by Error 53

Step 1. Update iTunes to the most recent version on your computer.

Step 2. Use USB cable to plug bricked iPhone 6 / 6s to your PC or Mac.

Step 3. iTunes will see the bricked phone.

Step 4. Choose iPhone in the iTunes menu and be very attentive.

Step 5. You have to hard restart [force reset] the iPhone. You can mange this by clicking-holding your Power or Sleep / Wake button. Keep holding this button and at the same time press Home button. Wait for your screen to enter reboot state and show Apple logo.

Step 6. Once the gadget has restarted you should choose Restore iPhone option on iTunes. Note that this way you’ll delete all information from the gadget. If you don’t want to wipe your data you should hold Shift [Alt / Option] depending whether you have Windows or Mac computer and choose Check for Update feature. You’ll have to download iOS 9.2.1 build 13D20 ipsw file beforehand and save on your computer and point to this file.

Step 7. Choose Download and Install – Agree to Terms and Conditions and wait for iTunes to upgrade your iPhone mobile firmware to version that fixes brick error 53.

Was it easy for you?


Direct iOS 9.2.1 ipsw Download Links for iPhone

Apple released iOS 9.2.1 with error 53 fix update for iPhone that patches the bug that caused handset to become a brick. Really, users who repaired their iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s or 6s Plus at unauthorized repair stores got an issue. Their smartphone suddenly got bricked by Apple for security resons as the company explained at first.

The wave of unsatisfied users was so strong that Apple had to offer download iOS 9.2.1 update to fix error 53. This firmware upgrade is available under the build name 13D20. It was created specifically to address the error 53 issue that made too many users mad at the ‘fruit’ giant.

Download iOS 9.2.1 ipsw direct links fix error 53

It didn’t take Apple too long to update its mobile platform.

The upgrade is only meant to restore the smartphones that were bricked. There is no need to download this version if everything is ok with your iPhone. If you repaired your phone using third-party site or company you are advised to also update and prevent possible iPhone bricking issues.

Direct iOS 9.2.1 ipsw Download Links for iPhone

iOS 9.2.1 with error 53 fix for iPhone 4s

iOS 9.2.1 with error 53 fix for iPhone 5 GSM model

iOS 9.2.1 with error 53 fix for iPhone 5 GSM and CDMA model

iOS 9.2.1 with error 53 fix for iPhone 5s GSM version

iOS 9.2.1 with error 53 fix for iPhone 5s GSM and CDMA

iOS 9.2.1 with error 53 fix for iPhone 5c GSM version

iOS 9.2.1 with error 53 fix for iPhone 5c GSM and CDMA

iOS 9.2.1 with error 53 fix for iPhone 6

iOS 9.2.1 with error 53 fix for iPhone 6 Plus

iOS 9.2.1 with error 53 fix for iPhone 6s

iOS 9.2.1 with error 53 fix for iPhone 6s Plus

The version iOS 9.2.1 13D20 comes without any new features and specs. Apple is testing iOS 9.3 beta that will offer some changes to all ‘fruit’ fans.

The company also apologizes for Error 53 and inconvenience it has caused to a lot of people. You can fix the bug youself on both Mac and Windows computer.


iPhone Bricked Can’t Restore Bug to Be Fixed

Have you heard of iPhone error 53 1970 bug? Users who tried to change the date on their iOS 9 smartphone back to 1970 found out they now own a bricked handset. Apple assures that it knows about the issue and working on the fix.

Users who report about iPhone bricked can’t restore problem decided to change the date as a joke. Some users were pranked. Others just didn’t believe they could brick their own iPhone this easy. Still there is a big amount of users who are in search for how to fix iPhone brick bug.

iPhone Bricked Error 53 Bug Fix

Apple should deliver the solution in its future software update. Right now the company is testing iOS 9.3 beta [both developers and public beta testers can now download iOS 9.3 beta 3]. Probably this iPhone firmware version will also fix ‘1970’ date bug that bricks iPhones across the world. The information is official. Apple reported about the upcoming fix through the Support website. Apple employees have a headache since last week because this was when users discovered the problem.

Once iOS 9.3 becomes public that changing of dates on iPhone should no longer result in smartphone brick. The issue will be gone. At least this is what both Apple and many users are hoping for. If you have the problem right now you might want to also contact Apple Support to get help. The ‘fruit’ giant could possibly replace your bricked phone until the problem is fixed. Just note that not all Apple stores are eager to replace your ‘1970’ bricked model with a new working one.


3D Printer for Kids Supported by iPhone

There is a new 3D printer for kids that is supported by iPhone and iPad. Mattel company created a printing studio that allows families to build and print toys using the popular Apple devices. It is also possible to create jewelry using the ThingMaker 3D printer.

The presented iPhone 3D printer is pricey. Users are offered to pay as much as $300 to get this studio and design toys and jewelry on iPhone to print them [here is the list of top iPhone games 2016 that are free to download]. The machine has molds where you can add liquid plastic and bake your new toy.

3D Printer with iPhone Support

Some experts think that 3D printer price iPhone is actually affordable if judging by the cost of most 3D printers in the market. The gadget supports both iOS 9 and Android platforms. It can help children and their parents to build toys using Autodesk application. It is possible to create all kinds of scorpions, necklaces, skeletons and other creating toys.

Users can print one color at a time. You can still make colorful pieces to make your toy stand out and look fantastic. Use joints to attach different pieces and create an interesting and fun toys. You can also play Nintendo Super Mario game on iOS 9 smartphone.

The new iOS 9 application is designed for kids 3+. According to 3D printer manufacturer, this gadget can hide the retractable printer head when the machine is not being used. This way children won’t get burns.

The application is believed to be super easy and simple to understand and use. This is an interesting method of understanding how toys are build and create your own toys with multiple parts that connect to each other.

The 3D printer with iPhone support should be released in fall 2016. It should get support for Hot Wheels and Barbie toys.