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Cydia Customization Tweaks Add More Feature to iPhone Cydia

Do you have a jailbroken iPhone? If you are updated to iOS 9 and used Pangu to jailbreak your iDevice you can now search for Cydia customization tweaks. There are several titles you could be interested in and we’ll share information about one of such programs.

How can you customize Cydia? There are numerous ways. Jailbreak tweaks can add extra features to this app, bring export capability and offer a new look to this popular store. You are able to enhance your iOS 9 Cydia options.

iOS 9 Cydia Customize Jailbreak Tweak iPhone

For example, free Flame tool [it is available on the BigBoss repo] brings Cydia export function and improves its features. Users are promised to get better experience and enjoy different tasks. Thus Flame allows exporting the full list of all your Cydia sources and tweaks [there is a tweak that lets you view how many Cydia jailbreak apps are installed on your iPhone]. You can do this by going to Cydia – Installed menu where you should see a new folder icon (located in the top left corner). Click on this icon and select what you wish to export. Wait for the list to be generated and email it to yourself. Isn’t it great? You can shorten the time for your Cydia sources to refresh and copy multiple sources to Cydia clipboard to add them all at once.

The tweak offers some options that are originally missing from your jailbroken smartphone. With Flame you can automatically reboot, respring and get back to Cydia after removing and installing new tweaks. This is pretty neat. When you need to copy the new soure you can ‘remember’ it’s URL link by clicking-holding on the source. This has become very simple.

The jailbreak app has its own preference pane where you can turn on and turn off its features. This is the place you can customize your iOS 9 Cydia on iPhone to your likes.


Look up Old Stock Performance Charts on iPhone

Are you following the news how different stocks perform? Would you like to get detailed information about old stock performance charts on iPhone? If you follow one trick you’ll be able to get back as far as 5 and even 10 years [it is time to download free iOS 9 games for 2016]. Isn’t it interesting to get the old data and predict on what to expect on the investment banking / management market these days?

You can access long-term iPhone stock performance charts via Stocks program. This application gives you a chance to track some stock performaces you are really interested in. Everything can be done right from your beloved smartphone. You should be running iOS 9 or late versions of iOS 8 to gather all the information about investing in a stock today and years ago.

iPhone Check Stock Performance 5 10 Years iOS 9

The stock iPhone app can display information for a day, a week, a month, a year etc. If you click on Date option you will be able to view the chart for the time period you select. The default options are limited to 2 years. If you need to check how stocks performed 5, 10 years ago – you should rotate your handset in landscape mode. Yes, this trick is so simple. The chart will at once include options for 5 and 10 years. Isn’t it cool? Since this is iOS 9 app it should also support next iOS 9.3 with new features for iPhone and iPad.

This is so easy to get the data about old stock performance for different companies. Maybe you have doubts about investing into the stock 10 years ago. Check it now and you’ll know if your investments could fail or win.

Now you know how to view 10-year stock history right on the iOS 9 iPhone.


You Can Enable More iPhone Emoticons on iOS 9

Are you a fan of emojis? These cute icons have become pretty popular along with other emoticons Apple and other companies are now sharing with their customers. You can unveil more iPhone emoticons than you already have. It is possible to do on both iPhone and iPad. We’ll explain how to make even more icons a part of your everyday communication with family and friends.

The long iPhone emoji and emoticons list can be extended if you know one little secret. Have you heard that these icons were originally introduced in Japan? Well, switch your language to Japanese and you’ll be surprised.

More Emoticons iPhone iOS 9 Guide

How to Enable Emoticons iPhone 6 Guide for More Images

Step 1. Launch Settings.

Step 2. Select General menu on your iPhone’s Settings app.

Step 3. Go to Keyboards.

Step 4. Choose Keyboards section.

Step 5. Click inside to Add New Keyboard.

Step 6. Find the Japanese language in the list of languages.

Step 7. Click to open the keyboard features and choose Romaji [also learn how to unlock secret Spock emoji on iPhone without jailbreak].

Romaji Keyboard

Step 8. You have enabled a new iPhone keyboard. Go to Messages or any other program where you are able to type and open keyboard. You can click-hold the globe icon to choose Romaji.

Step 9. With Romaji being active you can tap the 123 button and you will find new emoticons to choose from.

123 Button

There are many emoticons you can enjoy on iOS 9. This simple trick brings you many interesting additions to what you already have.


Show WiFi Password iPhone Guide for Saved Networks

Are you trying to find your iPhone WiFi network password for saved networks and fail? Here is a guide that explains what you have to do and where to look for your lost app. There are many users who get into this trouble and cannot get an application that can do the work for them. iPhone users who are jailbroken on iOS 9 – 9.0.2 can use one Cydia tweak for some help.

The tweak we’ll talk about can show WiFi passwork iPhone for you. This is the easiest and fastest way to get connected to WiFi on your smartphone.

How to Find Password for Saved WiFi Network iPhone iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweak App

How to Find Password for WiFi on iPhone 6

Step 1. Go to Cydia store and download the free jailbreak package called WiFi Passwords List. This is the tweak you should install on your iDevice.

Step 2. The tweak supports all iOS 9 devices. It can find the password for any of the WiFi networks you have joined previously which is impossible to do without jailbreaking [here is how to fix WiFi problems on iOS 9 if you experience any troubles].

Step 3. You can find a new application on your Home screen. Launch it.

Step 4. You will find a list of all WiFi networks you joined on your iPhone.

Step 5. The tweak simply shows the password below each WiFi network you have joined. So it is very easy to get the password you were searching for.

Step 6. If you click on any of the listed WiFi networks you will get information about when you joined it the last time. There will be also technical details about it.

Step 7. You can now remember all the passwords for different saved WiFi networks on iPhone. This is free and it can be handy.


Fun iOS 9 iPhone Apps Icon Jailbreak Tweaks with Gravitation Effect

It’s fun to use exclusive effects on your iPhone. Having a jailbroken iOS 9 smartphone gives you some advantage. For example, you can look at different iPhone apps icon jailbreak tweaks and find new titles that add interesting features and customize the smartphone. You can also find some free iPhone games of 2016 and have some fun.

There is a program similar to Graviboard. This new iOS 9 jailbreak tweak Gravitation offers the same effect and brings it to your Home screen application icons. The effect is activated when you shake the iDevice. What will you see? The iOS 9 app icons will simply fall to the display’s bottom.

iPhone App Icon Gravitation Effect iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweak

The effect is fun. Your app icons will move on your iPhone screen when you tilt the gadget. You can enjoy the Home screen look with ‘alive’ icons. The tweak can be invoked with a gesture since the tweak supports Activator.

The jailbreaking app supports both iOS 9 and iOS 8. It’s not a free iOS Cydia tweak [here is how to jailbreak iOS 9 firmware]. Devs want you to pay $0.99 for downloading and using it. The application can be found on BigBoss repository.

When you wish to turn off the gravity effect you should click your Home screen button. This way all app icons will return to their original place as if nothing happened. The icons will be still once again.

The tweak comes with the preference pane. Go to Settings and you’ll be able to configure the program. Turn it on or turn it off. There are other features you can use. For example you can hide application labels, explode animation and enable / disable the launch of applications. You can decide on the amount of bounciness and gravity you wish to see on your iPhone.

There are other great jailbreak tweaks you find on Cydia and explore.


Protect iPhone from Brick Bug on iOS 9 / iOS 8

Many users report the new iPhone brick bug and since it was discovered in 2016 – you have to learn how to protect iPhone from bricking. Why is it so important? Those Apple fans who have been affected by this issue searched for guides on how to fix iPhone brick and… failed.

Some manipulations with the iPhone are pretty dangerous. There is a video that surfaced online recently and shows how the iPhone gets bricked once the date is changed in Settings. This sounds unbelievable at first but those who tried to repeat the procedure and do the same – also got a bricked smartphone.

Protect iPhone from Bricking iOS 9 Bug

The boot up display can be caused by wrong clock set up. If you try to change the clock on iPhone to January 1st, 1970 you could be stucked with the bricked handset. You can try to connect to iTunes and even get the DFU display however you won’t be able to bypass the book display.

Luckily there is the BrickingDate jailbreak tweak. It simply doesn’t allow changing the date to 1970 and bricking your iPhone. It’s a nice way to protect iPhone from bricking and letting your friends play a joke on you.

Users with jailbroken iPhone iOS 9 device should download and install the tweak just in case. You’ll have to add to your Cydia sources and find the jailbreak app. Apple could also fix the bug soon. The company is most likely aware of the problem that is widely discussed on the web.

If your iPhone is already running iOS 9.2 or iOS 9.1 – you are not able to untether it. So you have only one escape in case you are affected by the bug. Keep your fingers crossed and hope the Cupertino-based giant finds a working solution sooner than later.


Apple TV 4 Automatic Turn On Television Guide

Apple TV 4 can automatically turn on your television [here is how to change DNS server settings on ATV]. Besides, this model is capable of jumping to the right HDMI input. You can follow the guide and master the newest Apple TV version available in 2016.

Does Apple TV automatically turn on? The answer is ‘yes’ and here is what you should do to set it up the correct way. You can also use your Siri Remote to control gadget’s volume. Isn’t it cool?

How to Automatically Turn On Television Apple TV 4

Simple Apple TV Automatic Turn On Instruction

Step 1. Apple TV 4 is HDMI-CEC compliant. This is what makes it to correct settings automatically and simplify the process of turning on and off your television. If you have a different model that also support HDMI-CEC [we should add that CEC stands for Consumer Electronics Control], you are lucky.

Step 2. Any gadgets that is a compatible HDMI-CEC on can control volume and power options on its own. This is incredible and leaves the TV owner enjoy the automatic process.

Step 3. Power on your Apple TV 4 and your television will also turn on.

Step 4. Power down the Apple TV and your TV will turn off. This is pretty simple, isn’t it? All you have to make sure you have enabled HDMI-CEC on TV [if it is not already turned on]. In most situations this is done automatically but you can download check by going to Apple TV Settings – Remotes and Devices – Home Theater Control and making sure your Control TVs and Receivers are on.

There is no need to leave your couch hen you need to turn on, change volume or power down your television with Apple TV 4.


Apple Safari Twitter Links Fix Offered in New Mac OS X Beta

Users who experienced the Apple Safari problem will get the fix soon. The company has found and presented the solution in the new OS X El Capitan version for Macs. There was an issued with Twitter links that seemed to be broken in Safari browser. This bug has been addressed.

Users will get Apple Safari fix soon. Right now the issue is gone in the new beta of OS X El Capitan version 10.11.4. If you are a developer you can download OS X 10.11. 4 beta 3 and make sure that the broken Twitter links are now fixes when you are using Safari. The issue as related to shortened links only.

Safari Twitter Broken Shortened Links Fix OS X

The bug was first noticed in November 2015. This was when a lot of Safari users [learn how to close all Safari tabs at once on iOS 9] figured out that when they were following the shortened link the web page wouldn’t open at all or an empty page would appear. Some Mac owners even got the endlessly loading page but no one could get to the correct destination.

The shortened Twitter link bug is solved in OS X El Capitan beta 3. The public version of 10.11.4 platform should arrive soon. If you cannot upate to the new beta [this is not recommended for users who are not testing beta software] you should either wait for the official OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 release or fix the problem by reloading the page a couple of times. It should be a temporary fix but if it works, it’s great.

Users can also try to clear their browser cache or delete the https part of the URL. Another trick is to switch to a different browser.


Manage iPhone Multiple Instagram Accounts on iOS 9

Do you have several Instagram accounts or wish to use many of them on the same iPhone [here is how to share photos on Instagram]. We’ll share a simple iPhone multiple Instagram accounts manage guide which is helpful when you have an account for friends and one for your work etc. There are many reasons why you need to do this.

There is no need to sign out of each account when you want to switch to a different one if you are running iOS 9. Instagram promises account switching simpler and faster. If you have updated Instagram to version 7.15 you can do whatever you want to do.

Multiple Instagram Accounts iPhone 6

How to Use Multiple Instagram Accounts on One Phone

Step 1. Take your iPhone [you can also get Android features on iOS 9 handset].

Step 2. Launch Instagram program.

Step 3. Find your profile icon [reminds of a person’s silhouette] which is located in the low right corner.

Step 4. Click on the gear icon in Profile that can be found at the top right corner.

Step 5. You will be taken to Instagram Options section.

Step 6. Here you can go down to the bottom of the page and find About menu.

Step 7. Do you see Add Account option?

Step 8. Sign in to your Instagram account. Users who have no account yet can create one by choosing Sing Up option.

Step 9. You can follow the same guide to add a second account. Using multiple Instagram accounts on one iPhone is pretty cool. This way you can have your company’s page and your personal account at the same time and easily switch between them.


Apple to Offer New Apple Watch Clock Faces Download Options

Searching for new and more Apple Watch clock faces download? The famous Cupertino-based company is believed to introduce more options in the future. You know that the firm should release Apple Watch 2 model this spring. It can come with great features that are not present on the original smartwatch.

How do we know about possible Apple Watch clock faces update? There is a new job listing created by the company. Apple is searching for software engineer to work on the clock face along with Watch clock face team. Candidates who wish to get this job will have to develop new faces and data displays for the smartwatch.

Apple Watch Faces New More Options

The two new clock faces for Apple Watch were introduced with WatchOS 2 update. This happend in the fall 2015. Customers who own the first gen device wish to get more faces because the current list of all options is not too long. Users who were buying Hermes models could get a new exclusive face as well but who doesn’t wish to get more choices in 2016?

Once the clock face team gets new members we could expect new releases this year. Do you think Apple could bring more face options than we can see on the watchOS 2.2? Will you have to wait for watchOS 3 update to see new faces? What are your thoughts?

Right now many users are waiting for Apple March event. This is when the company is expected to introduce new products for this year. What can we expect from Apple in 2016?

The company should unveil Apple Watch 2, new 4-inch iPhone, iPad and other products.