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iPhone Searching Jailbreak Tweak for iOS 9 for Web Search

Did you know how to search web anywhere on iPhone running iOS 9? If you have a jailbroken smartphone you can download the jailbreak tweak that allows searching internet pretty quickly. It is possible without going to Safari browser or other program because you only have to install one jailbreaking tool and it will let you speed up this process.

Follow the instruction and you’ll see how simple everything is. The app also allows you finding word definitions on-the-go.

Search Anywhere on iPhone iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweak

Search Web iOS 9 from Anywhere on iPhone: How to

Step 1. Download the tweak TextSearchPro.

Step 2. Install the program.

Step 3. Open Settings and find the new pane where you are welcome to change configurations.

Step 4. You can select one of the two options: search the web from anywhere or get word definitions from your iOS 9 dictionary [here is how to fix iOS 9 autocorrect problems and bugs].

Step 5. This iPhone searching jailbreak tweak uses FlipSwitch and Activator to allow you performing the search tasks.

Step 6. To invoke the app you have to use the FlipSwitch toggle. It is also possible to assign a gesture that would invoke it through Settings – Activator menu.

Step 7. When you select internet searching option you will be able to search through different browser. The tweak gives you a choice of Google, Baidu, Yahoo and Bing.

You can now search faster and define words with ease. Thanks to the iOS 9 jailbreak tweak this becomes as simple as a breath. Sadly it doesn’t work on iOS 9.1 or 9.2 since both firmware versions cannot be jailbroken right now.

Apple continues to test iOS 9.3. The company has many interesting plans for 2016. Many rumors promise the new iPhone 7, iPad Pro 3 and many other gadgets. There are no official confirmations yet but millions of users can’t wait for the first spring releases.


iPad Air 3 Specs: 4K Display, Better Battery and 4GB RAM

What iPad Air 3 features are you looking for? Do you expect Apple to bring an improved and enhanced device in 2016? We’ve heard some interesting iPad Air 3 rumors and would like to share the ideas with you.

Firstly, the rumored iPhone Air 3 release date is planned for March. It could happen that Apple changes the launch date for later date in 2016. Secondly, the tablet could get many great changes and updates.

iPad Air 3 Rumors

iPad Air 3 specs mentioned by anonymous sources include 4GB or RAM, better battery that lasts longer, 9.7-inch screen with 4K resolution and no 3D Touch option. You know that iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are currently two Apple devices that get 3D Touch built-in feature. Older iPhone models can use jailbreak tweaks to bring 3D Touch similar gestures.

Customers believe Apple would introduce 3D Touch option to other gadgets this year however current rumors promise no such a feature for iPad Air 3. If the tablet device gets the 4K display it could also get the powerful A9X processor.

The news about possible new iPad Air release in March 2016 were heard several times. Apple never confirmed the release date and specs of its future products. Apple presented the new iPad Pro in the end of 2015 bringing the 12.9-inch tablet device to the market instead of upgraded iPad Air 2 gadget.

Apple is expected to release the new Apple Watch 2, iPad Air 3 and possibly iPhone 5se [or iPhone 6c] this spring. Do you think the Cupertino-based company could really unveil three new devices in early 2016?


How to Pair iPhone to Apple TV 4 With Remote

If you have the latest Apple devices you can now pair iPhone to Apple TV 4 with Remove. The same thing can be done with iPad and ATV 4. This way two gadgets can benefit from one another. Wanna learn more? Keep on reading.

For example, you can pair two devices to type faster on your TV using iPhone keyboard. There are many ways how you can use both gadgets at once. Since there is Remore application for Apple TV 4 we can use it for pairing.

Pair iPhone iOS 9 and Apple TV 4

How to Pair iPhone to Apple TV 4 with Remote

Step 1. Download and install the free Remote application on your iPhone.

Step 2. Launch the app and click on Add a Device.

How to Pair Apple TV 4 with iPhone

Step 3. Follow the instructions for pairing with Apple TV and on the TV go to Settings – Remotes and Devices. This will begin the procedure. Look under Other Devices and choose Remote App.

Pair iPhone and Apple TV

Step 4. Make sure that both your Apple TV 4 and iPhone are using the same WiFi network. The iPhone should show the 4-digit code which you can to enter on ATV. Confirm the code. [You can also change Apple TV 4 DNS settings if you need to].

Pair Apple TV and iPhone with Repote App

Step 5. Apple TV should be present under Pairable Devices section. Click on your gadget with remote.

Step 6. Remote app interface will appear on iPhone. This way you can use your smartphone in place of Apple Remote to enter text on TV. The keyboard will appear automatically wen you need to type anything. Youc an are also advise to use Apple TV 4 shortcuts.

It’s not that difficult, right? Using iPhone paired with Apple TV 4 is fun. This way you get more features and options and save some time for typing on TV and performing other interesting tricks.


Apple Brings Fix to Safari iOS / Mac Bug

Late January a lot of iOS and Mac OS X users kept experiencing the same Safari browser bug [you can also fix bugs with App Store]. It kept crashing and Apple had to find and present Safari crashing bug fix. If you were among many iOS device owners who couldn’t use Safari this week – you can now solve the issue and continue using the browser as you regularly did.

According to reports, the fix to Safari iOS bug is centered around Safari Suggestions. This option caused the application to carsh on iOS 9 iPhones and Mac machines. The problem occurred when users were searching for anything using the address bar of their gadget.

iOS 9 Safari Suggestions Bug Fix

Fix to Mac OS X Safari Problem / iPhone Bug

According to Apple, it successfully fixed the problem [if you are aware of any iOS 9 problems you can report them to Apple using this Report iOS 9 Bugs guide]. It is also believed that users got this unpleasant situation in early am hours as later the issue was gone. If you use your Safari Suggestions feature now you should have no bugs.

Experts who were keeping an eye on this widespread problem [not too many gadgets actually suffered from it still the bug got much attention] believe that it is alleviated right now. Hopefully you get no bugs like this on iPhone / iPad or Mac.

2015 was a year of many bugs, problems and issues for Apple. The company’s website kept being off once in a while [mostly during new product releases], it had to update software to solve bugs and quickly develop new iOS firmware version to fight with hackers who were jailbreaking iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Apple TV 4 tvOS beta Installation Guide

Do you have Apple TV 4? Are you looking for a step-by-step guide how to get Apple TV 4 tvOS running? The newest tvOS 9.2 beta for this model is released by Apple. It brings some new features and curious options you might wanna try on your stock system.

For example, the new tvOS for Apple TV 4 [learn how to change Apple TV DNS server settings] comes with improved app switcher, more Siri languages and brings folders to your gadget. Follow the guide below and you’ll test everything on your own.

Apple TV install tvOS 9.2 beta

How to Install tvOS Beta on Apple TV 4

Step 1. Make sure you are a registered dev with Apple account as only this way you can download tvOS 9.2 beta 1 through Apple’s direct links. All other users are out of luck for now.

Step 2. Install Xcode 7.3 beta as it is required to work with tvOS 9.2 beta for Apple TV 4.

Step 3. Use USB c-cable and connect Apple TV 4 [get 360 degree view on your ATV] to your computer.

Step 4. Launch iTunes.

Step 5. Choose Apple TV in iTunes.

Step 6. Press the following combination of keys: Option + Restore if you are using Mac and Shift + Restore button if you are running Windows platform. Point to tvOS ispw file for tvOS 9.2 beta 1.

Step 7. Your Apple TV 4 will now restore to the new beta firmware offered by Apple.

Step 8. After you start running the beta tvOS you’ll have to configure WiFi settings, user settings and even install all the applications because all this information will be lost.


How to Email Large Files / Attachments for Free on iPhone

Sometimes you wish to email large files free on iPhone or iPad. How is it possible to do? Is there a special program you have to download and use? We’ll share the instruction with you about iPhone email large attachments steps [here is an interesting Mail jailbreak tweak for iPhone]. They are all simple and you should have no issues at all.

Firstly, you are not able to use Mail application to send huge files. This is a great tool for sharing single images and gifs. Secondly, you can use Mail Drop option available on iOS 9.2 firmware version and simplify the process to sending multiple attachments or big files.

iOS 9.3 Mail Drop Large File Email iPhone

How to Email Large Files on iPhone iOS 9.2

Step 1. You have to know that Mail Drop gives you up to 5GB of limit in attachment size. It is possible to send such huge files right from iPhone and iPad through Mail application. This way you can send even big video files along with songs to your friends.

Step 2. Mail Drop expands the limits of Mail from 20-25 MB to 5 GB. The recipient of such email has to download the attachment within 30 days. Your iCloud storage will remain the same since Mail Drop doesn’t ‘eat’ its space.

Step 3. Mail Drop starts to work automatically when the file you are trying to attach is too big for normal emails. So attach the file through Mail app on iPhone and you’ll be suggested to move forward with Mail Drop iOS 9.2 feature.

Step 4. Select Use Mail Drop option and attach your file. You can now send the email. This is very simple and fast.

Step 5. If the recipient of the large files has no iPhone along with Mail Drop he can download the file anyways.