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iOS 9.3 Errors: How to Bypass Known Issues on iPhone and iPad

The most recent iOS 9.3 firmware update is pretty buggy. Users who downloaded and installed this release on iPhone and iPad come across multiple iOS 9.3 errors. Are there any tips and tricks that help bypassing or fixing all possible issues?

We’ll be happy to share some thoughts and ideas on how to fix iOS 9.3 errors or avoid getting into trouble by updating your iDevice to the newest ‘fruit’ operating system. Keep in mind that some issues will be only fixed by Apple in the future firmware updates.

iOS 9.3 Fix Safari Bugs

What iOS 9.3 bugs are mostly experienced these days? Users report different verification and activation errors. The issue is pretty widespread thus Apple had to pull the update for a number of devices. If you have older iPhone or iPad models [iPhone 5c, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and many early tablet versions] you should avoid updating to iOS 9.3 until Apple releases the fixed update.

iPad Air 2 users got the fixed version already. Users who have iPhone 4s – 5s, iPod touch 5G, iPad Air 3 or iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad mini 2, iPad 2, 3 and 4 can download iOS 9.3 build 13E237 and avoid activation bugs during installation.

If you have the activation server error or are still not able to activate your device you are advised to remove the installation through Settings – General menu where you can find Storage & iCloud Usage – Manage Storage and delete files you have downloaded earlier. Then install iOS 9.3 update through Software Update and you will have no errors and bugs related to activation.

Hopefully this guide explains simple tips and tricks you can use to successfully install newest iOS 9.3 firmware on iPhone or iPad.


iOS 9.3 Build 13e237 Update with Fix to Activation Lock Bug iPhone iPad

Apple offers new iOS 9.3 build 13e237 for download. It works on iPhone and iPad and users who have had issues with Activation Lock after update can now get the latest version to solve the issue.

You can download iOS 9.3 update through OTA-update or iTunes. Both ways work. If you have iPhone 4s – 5s model you can install iOS 9.3 13e237 right away. The update easily solves the problem with activation and you should be fine after installation.

iOS 9.3 Update Build 13e237

The original iOS 9.3 release caused a number of problems. Besides Activation issues many users experience Safari bugs and can’t open links from within applications. While new gadget owners [iPhone 6, 6s etc.] had no problems with the update – a lot of people notice that their gadget freezes.

Update known under the build 13E237 is already available for you. You shouldn’t be asked to enter Apple ID and password when you are setting up the iPhone or iPad right after firmware update.

iPad Air 2 users got the iOS 9.3 update earlier than other users. Other older gadgets have just received it. If you have already frozen after trying to install the original iOS 9.3 version you’ll have to launch in DFU model, connect to your computer, install iOS 9.3 version 13e237 through iTunes.

There should be no problems afterwards.


Users Report iOS 9.3 Safari Crash and Freezing Bugs

Apple users get a problem with Safari. The iOS 9.3 issues are experienced on both iPhone and iPad. A number of ‘fruit’ customers complain about iOS 9.3 Safari crash and freeze which wasn’t an issue before they chose to update to iOS 9.3 firmware version.

Apple released iOS 9.3 with new features in March. The company soon pulled iOS 9.3 version for a number of devices because it caused Activation problem for older iPhone and iPad models. Then Apple presented iPad 2 iOS 9.3 update without the bug however iPhone 4s – 5s and some other users still cannot install this firmware because the updated version is not available for download.

iOS 9.3 Safari Crashes Bug

It looks like Apple mobile browser Safari is broken in iOS 9.3 version. Users keep saying they are not able to open links present in apps. This causes their iPhone or iPad browser to freeze or crash.

Some users who have Safari bugs iOS 9.3 after update found a way how to fix the problem [here are direct ipsw iOS 9.3 download links]. They turned off JavaScript and reportedly this step solved the issue. Still this solution didn’t help all users. Many of them are suffering from the issue and hope Apple would present an update with fix soon.

Broken Safari after iOS update is not a new issue. Apple had such a bug in the past and fixed it by presenting a minor upgrade. This is what could happen this weekend or next week. The Cupertino-based company could unveil iOS 9.3.1 version, for example, which solves the bugs with Safari browser.


New iOS 9.3 Build Offered to Fix iPad 2 Activation Issues

Apple pulled iOS 9.3 update for some iPhone and iPad models. The company did so because users got stuck on Activation screen and couldn’t use their devices after upgrading to new firmware version. iPad 2 owners can already fix the problem.

Apple offers to download iOS 9.3 update with fix to iPad 2 Activation bug. You can download this version with the build name 13E236. It will allow correct update without any further problems. Remember that you need version 13E235 and not older 13E233.

iOS 9.3 iPad 2 Fix Update

Some users still have to wait for new iOS 9.3 build for their iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, 5c or iPhone 4s. iPod touch 5G owners and Apple fans who have iPad mini 2, iPad 3, iPad Air or iPad 4 are also waiting for Apple to fix the bug and release an update that fixes it.

Those users who are still running iOS 9.1 or earlier versions and wish to be jailbroken should avoid updating to iOS 9.3. There is no jailbreak for this release and Pangu team makes no promises regarding soon updates.

Users who don’t need to be jailbroken and wish to explore all the iOS 9.3 changes and features can install the firmware on their iPad 2 through Settings – General – Software Update. You can update through iTunes as well.

Remember that you could still be asked to enter your Apple ID / password if you are installing iOS 9.3 on some ‘fruit’ devices. Only the most recent iPhone 6 / 6s owners can install the firmware update without Activation issues.


Pangu Team Released Jailbreak for Apple TV 4

Chinese hackers presented new iOS 9.1 jailbreak solution and offered the first Apple TV 4 jailbreak. This is an interesting launch for ‘fruit’ consumers. If you are running tvOS 9.0 or version 9.0.1 you can use the Pangu program and perform jailbreak on your device.

Pangu jailbreak for Apple TV 4 doesn’t support tvOS 9.2 or 9.1 versions. If you already updated to this release you are out of luck. But if you are still using older operating system you can give it a try. Apple TV jailbreak is mostly presented for security researchers and devs. Ordinary users are not advised to use it right now.

Pangu Jailbreak for Apple TV 4

More modifications could be available in the future. For example, Apple customers who buy Apple TV could get a chance to modify their device, use new themes for its interface and get more features than Apple could provide.

Right now Pangu jailbreak for Apple TV works only on Mac machines. It doesn’t support Windows computers and you should consider this fact before you try to use it. It is possible to download Pangu tool from Pangu site. There is also a guide which you can follow in order to test the jailbreak.

If you have the iPhone or iPad you can use Pangu jailbreak to untether iOS 9.1 or update to iOS 9.3 platform and customize your device later. There are numerous Cydia tweaks you can download. They are constantly updated and improved so the number of ways how to enhance your iOS device is growing.


Users Can Pre Order New iPhone SE Model

iPhone SE release is quickly arriving. Apple already presented this new 4-inch smartphone model along with 9.7-inch iPad Pro and customers can pre order iPhone SE this weekend [we’ve heard so many rumors about iPhone SE]. The Cupertino-based giant updated its popular products and software this spring and will offer another update in the fall.

You can visit Apple official online website and place your iPhone SE pre-order as soon as today. The pre-orders went live and anyone who is curious to get the smaller than iPhone 6s handset version can do so. It is possible to choose between 16GB and 64GB versions and select one of the four available colors.

iPhone SE Pre Order Available

Customers from across the world can pre order their new iPhone SE. If you live in the U.S., the UK, Australia, France, New Zealand or Singapore – you can get your new handset. The tablet update is available in more countries. American ‘fruit’ device fans can place their pre-order either through iTunes or via Apple online store. It is also possible to pre-order iPhone SE from American carriers.

The interesting iPhone SE reminds of iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s. It is more powerful than older smartphone and can record 4K videos. It supports faster Wi-Fi and LTE connection, has improved specs and is priced at $399 and $499 depending on the storage capacity.

Compared to iPhone 5s – iPhone SE got more RAM, front camera that has Retina Flash, 4 speakers [they are built in] and Touch ID option.

The iPad Pro is priced at $599, $799, $899, $929 and $1029 depending on the version. Both new devices are sold in gold, space gray, rose gold and silver colors. Are you planning to pre-order iPhone SE this spring?


Why iOS 9.3 Update Not Available for Some iPhones

Looking for iOS 9.3 for older iPhone? Users should know that Apple pulled this update for some models soon after public release. You can still download iOS 9.3 through direct links. However iPod touch 5G, some iPhone and iPad owners are no longer able to update via iTunes or through OTA-update. Here is why.

iOS 9.3 update not available to iPhone 5s, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5 owners. A number of tablet device users cannot install iOS 9.3 for a while either. The list includes iPad 2, iPad minim, iPad 3, iPad mini 2 and iPad 4 models.

iOS 9.3 Update Error iPad iPhone

Apple pulled the update on its own. This happened because a lot of users who hurried to install iOS 9.3 as soon as it was released to public came across an issue. They were not able to activate the iDevice right after installation. Having problems with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is not pleasant and thus the Cupertino-based giant quickly pulled the update to find a fix.

Apple will soon present updated iOS 9.3 version for users who suffered from the bug. If you cannot activate your device and got stuck at the Activation screen while trying to set up your iOS 9.3 gadget – wait till the company presents a fix.

If you have iPhone 4s – 5s you are not advised to install iOS 9.3 right now. If you decide to download ipsw file and install firmware manually through iTunes – you will get error that states that your gadget ‘isn’t eligible for the requested build.’


How to Unlock / Remove Locked Notes on iOS 9.3 iPhone

iOS 9.3 secure Notes feature is a coold way to protect your personal notes on iPhone. It is possible to lock / unlock notes one by one. This is a security feature that is not available in earlier iOS versions.

We’ve told you how to lock your notes after updating to iOS 9.3 on iPhone. We’ll explain how you can remove lock on note and unlock your notes. This is also simple and fast.

How to Unlock Lock Note iOS 9.3 Notes

How to Unlock Notes iOS 9.3 iPhone Guide

Step 1. You can see that the note is locked on the Lock icon on the top. Remember that even secured notes can be still accessible unless you lock the notes by clicking on the Lock icon.

Step 2. In order to unlock notes you should enter the password you have chosen. Another way to unlock them is to scan finger taking advantage of Touch ID.

How to Remove Lock Notes iOS 9.3

Step 3. If you wish to remove the lock on notes you should open the note, unlock it and choose Share – Remove Lock option.

Step 4. This way you’ll remove the lock. It’s not necessary to enter any passwords any more.

Secured notes is a cool feature presented in iOS 9.3 firmware.

All your locked notes are not shown on the mac Notes program. Apple would soon update it and the feature will be available soon. Right now Apple has many things to take care of. The company has officially presented the new iPhone SE and iPad Pro. Users will see the new devices in the end of March and early April depending on the country.


Awesome Protection for Notes on iOS 9.3: Lock Notes with Touch ID on iPhone

The new iOS 9.3 features allow users protecting their apps with Touch ID. For example, you can secure Notes on iOS 9.3 with Touch ID. This is easy to do if you follow our step-by-step guide. Before you proceed – make sure you have downloaded and installed iOS 9.3 firmware on your iPhone.

The latest mobile operating system update arrives with multiple changes. Most of them are interesting and some are exclusive, like the one that works with Touch ID.

How to Secure Lock Note iOS 9.3 Notes iPhone Guide

How to Protect Notes with Touch ID

Step 1. Update to iOS 9.3 [download iOS 9.3 through direct ipsw links] and launch Notes on your smartphone.

Step 2. Select the note you wish to protect with Touch ID.

Step 3. Click on Share option which is located at the top right.

Step 4. Press Lock option.

Step 5. You need to create a password. This is a one-time step since all future notes will be secured with the same password. The next time you’ll have to either enter the password or scan finger since iOS 9.3 option relies on Touch ID.

Step 6. There is no need to turn on Touch ID feature as it is enabled on iPhone / iPad which supports it.

Step 7. Once you have entered your password – click Done. Remember to click on Lock icon you will fin on the top. Without this the notes will be accessible.

Step 8. That’s it. The selected note is secured.

You can repeat this guide for all the notes in Notes iOS 9.3 application or some of them. It’s up to you.


Let’s Compare iPhone 6s and New 2016 iPhone SE Model

A lot of customers have been waiting for Apple March event to learn more about the new iPhone SE specs and take a look at this cheaper smartphone offered by the Cupertino-based company. The gadget reminds of the iPhone 5s but this is only the design. Internal parts are more similar to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and these two models are the most recent generation gadgets.

Let’s look at iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s to understand why the newer version costs $399 and the iPhone 6S is so expensive compared to the SE model. The price is surprising and users start to ask questions.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s Compare

Compare iPhone 6s and iPhone SE

Firstly, there are so many differences between the two smartphones that you have to know some of them. For example, the SE device arrives with 4-inch display while iPhone 6s boasts bigger 4.7-inch IPS LCD screen and iPhone 6s Plus comes with 5.5-inch screen.

The resolution is also different. The SE version gets only 1136 x 640 pixel while 6s comes with 1334 x 750 pixel resolution. The iPhone 6s comes with full HD screen. Both 6s and 6s Plus version support 3D Touch feature and the smaller and cheaper iPhone SE has no 3D Touch.

Secondly, the iPhone Se weighs 113g and is the lightest smartphone offered by Apple. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus weigh 143g and 192g correspondingly. Still the ‘s’ lineup is thinner than SE device which is 7.6mm thick.

Thirdly, while all three devices get A9 processor. What does it mean to users? The cheaper iPhone SE could be faster and get better performance because of its lower resolution display. But this is the theory right now because we don’t know if Apple tricked the clock speed of its chip for this release.

The iPhone 6 SE is offered in two storage versions: 16GB and 64GB. Users who buy iPhone 6s / 6s Plus can also get 128GB variant.

You can see that there are differences between these models.