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How to Install iOS 9.3 through iTunes on Mac / Windows PC

iTunes iOS 9.3 install guide can be helpful to new iPhone 6s users and customers who are planning to buy iPhone SE this spring. You can use OTA-update to get the most recent version of Apple mobile firmware right from your iPhone or use direct links to update via iTunes.

We have reminded how to update to iOS 9.3 via OTA update. Now it’s time to recollect the iTunes installation options that could make the process faster and easier.

How to Install iOS 9 Direct ipsw Download Update Guide

How to Install iOS 9.3 iTunes Guide

Step 1. Create a backup version of your device and make sure your handset or tablet is supported by iOS 9.3.

Step 2. You should have the most recent version of iTunes. If you are not sure, take a look in the menu bar and Check for updates.

Step 3. Now through USB connect iDevice to computer and launch iTunes. The program will detect your phone or tablet.

Step 4. Click on your device and choose Check for Update. If the firmware update is available it will be downloaded automatically once you press Download and Update option. If it is not available or your program can’t see it – install iOS 9.3 direct links we shared earlier. Download the version of iOS for your model. If you download ipsw file through direct links you’ll have to hold Option / Shift depending on Mac / Windows you are using and point to the ipsw file.

Step 5. Update and wait till iOS 9.3 is installed on the device.

You should be now running the most recent mobile firmware iOS 9.3 and explore all the cool features Apple brought this spring.


iOS 9.3 Installation Guide for iPhone OTA Update Fans

Apple has updated its popular mobile firmware to iOS 9.3 version. iPhone and iPad users can download and install iOS 9.3 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that are supported by this new OS. The update is simple still we’ll be happy to remind you the whole iOS 9.3 installation guide. It should be useful to new users who wish to upgrade via OTA-update option.

The firmware brings new features and specs to iDevices. For example, users get the Night Shift mode, can secure their notes with Touch ID and explore other great improvements and enhancements. Everything has been tested during winter and the update arrived in the spring.

iOS 9.3 Install OTA Update iPhone Instruction

Install iOS 9.3 via OTA Update

Once again, the iOS 9.3 installation procedure is not complicated. It is fast and simple when the servers are not overloaded by a huge number of customers who are willing to install the latest version as soon as possible.

Step 1. Use iCloud or iTunes to backup your iPhone or iPad [learn where iTunes backup is stored on your computer]. This is extremely important for everyone.

Step 2. Make sure you are connected to the power source. Your iPhone shouldn’t run out of battery life during the update.

Step 3. To avoid extra charges for cellular connection you should use WiFi network instead.

Step 4. Launch Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 5. Go to General menu and choose Software Update.

Step 6. The software will check for all available updates and you’ll be informed about iOS 9.3 update option.

Step 7. Click Download and Install.

Step 8. Wait for the download to complete. It might take about 10 minutes or last for an hour. Everything depends on how many users are trying to update at the same time with you.

Step 9. Click on Install Now to make sure iOS 9.3 will be installed on your gadget.

If you have a jailbroken devices – stay away from iOS 9.3 update because there is now working iOS 9.3 jailbreak at the moment.


Apple Watch Users Can Install WatchOS 2.2: Here Is How

WatchOS 2.2 download is available to Apple Watch users. If you have the iPhone that is updated to iOS 9.3 you can now also get the new mobile firmware for your smartwatch. We’ll explain how you can do this.

The smartwatch update arrive with some improvements. For example you can pair several Watch gadgets to the same iPhone. This wasn’t possible on earlier mobile operating systems. If you are using Maps for your everyday life you can also install the watchOS 2.2 since it improvise the program by offering Nearby search option and enhanced screen of actions.

How to Install WatchOS 2.2 Update

How to Install WatchOS 2.2

Step 1. Download iOS 9.3 ipsw through direct links and install it on your iPhone.

Step 2. Make sure your smartwatch is charged. You could also connect to the charger just in case.

Step 3. Open Apple Watch program on the iPhone.

Step 4. Choose General menu and click on WatchOS 2.2 update [Software Update].

Step 5. Wait for the firmware to download.

Step 6. Click on Download and Install.

Step 7. You might need to enter your password before you can select Done.

Step 8. Agree to the terms / conditions and wait for your watch to download the update. You might need to wait for about 15 minutes.

Step 9. If you are charged – the firmware will update and you’ll be informed about installation once the operating system has been upgraded.

Explore iOS 9.3 and WatchOS 2.2 features and options.


iOS 9.3 Download Link for All Supported Devices

Apple released iOS 9.3 that was tested this winter. The company offers iOS 9.3 direct download links all users can take advantage of. You can also try the OTA-update however due to a huge number of users who are trying to upgrade at the same time it might be difficult to install the latest iPhone firmware this way.

The iOS 9.3 download link for each model is a faster way to update when there is a high demand for new release. You can simply choose your iPhone or iPad model from the list, download the ipsw file and install it manually via iTunes. This takes some time but you’ll be soon running this firmware with new features and fun options Apple offers.

We should remind you that the first iOS 9.3 beta was launched in early January. Developers and public beta testers were searching for bugs, errors and issues. Now, a couple of months later, all users get a chance to update to this mobile operating system that comes with Night Shift mode and other interesting specs.

iOS 9.3 Direct Download ipsw Links iPhone iPad iPod touch

If you are running previous iOS 9 firmwares that can be jailbroken with Pangu – don’t use download iOS 9.3 links as you will lose the jailbreak. We don’t know if Pangu has plans to update their untethering tool and bring support for iOS 9.3. Don’t risk.

iOS 9.3 Download IPSW Links

Download iOS 9.3 IPSW for iPhone

iOS 9.3 for iPhone 4S

iOS 9.3 for iPhone 5 GSM

iOS 9.3 for iPhone 5 GSM+CDMA

iOS 9.3 for iPhone 5s GSM

iOS 9.3 for iPhone 5s GSM+CDMA

iOS 9.3 for iPhone 5c GSM

iOS 9.3 for iPhone 5c GSM+CDMA

iOS 9.3 for iPhone 6 Plus

iOS 9.3 for iPhone 6

iOS 9.3 for iPhone 6s

iOS 9.3 for iPhone 6s Plus

iOS 9.3 for iPhone SE

Direct Download iOS 9.3 IPSW Links for iPad:

iOS 9.3 for iPad 2 Wi-Fi

iOS 9.3 for iPad 2 GSM

iOS 9.3 for iPad 2 CDMA

iOS 9.3 for iPad 2 New

iOS 9.3 for iPad 3 Wi-Fi

iOS 9.3 for iPad 3 CDMA

iOS 9.3 for iPad 3 GSM

iOS 9.3 for iPad Mini Wi-Fi

iOS 9.3 for iPad Mini GSM

iOS 9.3 for iPad Mini CDMA

iOS 9.3 for iPad 4 Wi-Fi

iOS 9.3 for iPad 4 GSM

iOS 9.3 for iPad 4 GSM_CDMA

iOS 9.3 for iPad Air Wi-Fi

iOS 9.3 for iPad Air Cellular

iOS 9.3 for iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi

iOS 9.3 for iPad Mini 2 Cellular

iOS 9.3 for iPad Air China

iOS 9.3 for iPad Mini 2 China

iOS 9.3 for iPad Mini 3 Wi-Fi

iOS 9.3 for iPad Mini 3 Cellular

iOS 9.3 for iPad Mini 3 China

iOS 9.3 for iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi

iOS 9.3 for iPad Air 2 Cellular

iOS 9.3 for iPad Mini 4 Wi-Fi

iOS 9.3 for iPad Mini 4 Cellular

iOS 9.3 for iPad Pro Wi-Fi

iOS 9.3 for iPad Pro Cellular

iOS 9.3 for iPad Pro 9.7 Wi-Fi

iOS 9.3 for iPad Pro 9.7 Cellular

Links for iOS 9.3 ipsw for iPod touch

iOS 9.3 for iPod touch 5G

iOS 9.3 for iPod touch 6G


Use Apple Watch to Check Your iPhone Battery Charge Level

Apple Watch users can check iPhone battery charge right on their smartwatch. This way there is no need to take the handset and look up its battery level. It’s simple and easy for all the fans of Apple devices.

The ‘fruit’ company makes everything possible to simplify the interaction between the iPhone and Apple Watch. You are able to check your messages, use some programs and get to settings right on your wrist without the need to take the phone out of your pocket.

Check iPhone Battery Level on Apple Watch How To

How to Check iPhone Battery on Apple Watch

Since it is impossible to check the iPhone battery from Apple Watch without tricks – we’ll share some tips with you that help achieve this goal.

Step 1. Search for the Power – Glance application on iTunes. It costs $1.99. Download and install it on your smartwatch. You can do this by opening Apple Watch application on iPhone- find Power – Glance program in the list of applications – access the app settings and choose the feature called ‘show App on Apple Watch’ along with ‘show in Glances’ – this way you’ll activate the app on your smartwatch.

Step 2. With the application installed you can see your iPhone battery life right on the Apple Watch face.
Step 3. The app only shows your battery level and does nothing more. But this is exactly what you wanted to do. The program is simple and is comes without additional features. It’s basically the way to check and control your iPhone battery charge from your wrist.

Step 4. When you wish to know how much battery life your iPhone has you should only raise your wrist and look in Glance. Isn’t it fun?


Where Is My iPhone iTunes Backup Stored on My Computer?

Most iPhone and iPad users prefer to back up their smartphone / tablet once in a while. Some use iTunes to reach this goal. Great, let’s imagines you have several backup copies of your gadget but now you wish to find iPhone backup on iTunes location [here is how to recover iPhone videos from backup]. Where should you look at?

When you know the exact place where your backups are located you are free to delete, move them or extract contents from backup with third-party tools.

Locate iPhone iTunes Backup on Computer

Where Is My iTunes Backup Stored on My Mac Computer

Step 1. Launch Finder.

Step 2. Select Go option and choose Go to Folder.

Step 3. You need to type this location:

~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

Step 4. Finder can open the folder with all your backups for you.

Step 5. You can now work with the iPhone backup folders.

Where iTunes Store Backup on Windows

Step1. Choose Start / Windows depending on your Windows version [here is how to delete backups from iCloud to save some space].

Step 2. Type %appdata% and click Enter and you’ll launch AppData folder.

Step 3. You can now open Apple Computer – choose MobileSync and find Backupfolder. The full location for backups on Windows machines is called \Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\.

Step 4. Since you have found the correct folder you can delete backups you don’t need, browse through folders, move them etc.

Since it’s hard to identify which backup is meant for which iDevice you should launch iTunes and choose Edit – Preferences to select the Devices menu and find the list of all your gadgets with their backup dates. Knowing these dates you can figure out what backup files you have on your computer.


Interesting Apple TV 4 Jailbreak News for Apple Fans

It was interesting to see iOS 9.1 jailbreak for iPhone in March. Pangu team found an untethered solution and made millions of Apple fans curious about Apple TV 4 jailbreak news. Will this be possible in spring?

A lot of users have already updated to iOS 9.2 and it is impossible to downgrade from iOS 9.2 and 9.2.1 to iOS 9.1 because Apple is no longer signing this firmware version. Apple TV 4 jailbreak could be possible as well. This is what Pangu says.

Apple TV 4 Jailbreak Pangu News

The group of hackers became popular as soon as it launched its first public free jailbreak for iPhone. Today this is the only team that found a jailbreaking tool for iOS 9 platform. It presented iOS 9 – 9.0.2 untether tool in the fall and presented iOS 9.1 jailbreak this spring.

Apple TV 4 jailbreak 2016 possibility has been confirmed by Pangu group. There is official Twitter announcement made by Pangu. According to their message, the jailbreak for Apple TV 4 model could be presented to users by next week. The tool could support both tvOS 9.0 and version 9.0.1.

It would be interesting to see public jailbreak for Apple TV. The previous attempt was mainly meant for devs. This time everything could be different. Developers might be able to create tweaks to give users a chance to improve their TV as it happens with iPhone and iPad owners. Jailbreaking makes it possible to customize the iDevices and install numerous Cydia tweaks and tricks.

If your Apple TV is running a different firmware, not 9.0 or 9.0.1, you won’t be able to perform the untether process and possibly install the tweaks.


Pangu Jailbreak iOS 9.1 Update Arrives to Make iPhone Jailbreak More Stable

iOS 9.1 Pangu jailbreak is available to all iPhone and iPad users who are still running iOS 9.1 platform. The group of hackers who presented it has recently updated it to make the system more stable.

It was an unexpected iOS 9.1 jailbreak download presentation. It supports only 64-bit devices. Earlier models cannot be jailbroken with this tool. In other words, if you still own the 32-bit iPhone or iPad you won’t be able to use the new jailbreak or its update.

Pangu Jailbreak iOS 9.1 Update

Apple takes care of updating its mobile platform as soon as possible and patch all known exploits to avoid jailbreaking. Still hackers always search for new holes in the iPhone and iPad mobile operating system and sometimes surprise users with the new release that untethers the latest versions of iOS.

Pangu jailbreak iOS 9.1 is available for both Mac and Windows users. If you have a PC you can download PanGu update 1.1.1. If you own Ma you should download the updated release 1.3.1. The jailbreak will install Cydia store on your Home screen.

Developers also hurry to update their jailbreaking apps to support iOS 9.1. Some popular tools are already upgraded. Other would see the update shortly. The new jailbreak support no iPod touch models. It doesn’t work with iPads.

Only iPhone 5s and newer smartphones can run this program and get a chance to customize their devices using Cydia applications and tweaks.

Apple is now testing iOS 9.3 beta. The company doesn’t sign iOS 9.1 so it is impossible to upgrade or downgrade to this jailbreakable mobile OS.


What Jailbreak Tweaks Support Jailbroken iOS 9.1 Smartphones?

Millions of users were surprised to see iOS 9.1 jailbreak release. Hackers from China managed to untether this firware version and those who hurried to perform the jailbreak are now looking for all the tweaks that support their smartphone or tablet device.

iOS 9.1 Jailbreak Tweaks Compatible List

Here is the list of iOS 9.1 compatible jailbreak tweaks. If you are already jailbroken [users who wish to downgrade or upgrade to iOS 9.1 won’t succeed because Apple stopped signing this firmware version] you can download Activator tool, install Snapchat – phantom tweak on your iDevice or get AppInfo. You will get no reboot loop issue if you download Tage app, Filza tweak or Cloaky program. You know that it’s risky to install any tweak because programs that are not compatible with iOS 9.1 could easily cause your device to restore to iOS 9.2.1 and you won’t be able to use your iPhone / iPad.

Acapella II, TetherMe, VirtualHome and SwipeSelection Cydia tweaks are also compatible with iOS 9.1. The list also includes SwipeExpander, BatteryLife, ColorBadges, Minimal Hosts Blocker and BetterWiFi7.

What else is safe to download? Speed Intensifier, EqualizerEverywhere, MyWi 9, Disable Parallax Effect and NoSlowAnimation are also the tweaks that are compatible with iOS 9.1 firmware version.

By the way, iFile, iCleaner Pro, ClassicDock Non-Themes, PhotoAlbums+ iOS 9, NoLiveClock, Portrait Lock are also the compatible jailbreaking apps. The list is pretty long and before you download the tweak you are advised to double check if it is compatible with iOS 9.1 or not.


Apple Offers iOS 9.3 Beta 7 Release for iPhone and iPad

Are you waiting for iOS 9.3 update? Apple is testing this firmware with developers and public beta testers. The company has been quick to upgrade versions and it now offers iOS 9.3 beta 7 release. Ordinary users are not advised to upgrade.

The direct links that let download iOS 9.3 beta 7 are offered to registered developers and users who participate in Apple Public Beta Program only. Why? They know what they are testing and all betas are buggy. They could lead to errors and other issues that’s why users are advised to wait for public iOS 9.3 release.

iOS 9.3 Beta 7 Download Release

The previous beta appeared about a week ago. Apple started testing the future mobile operating system in early January. Experts think the company could present the final iOS 9.3 version in late March or early April.
It is curious that while this firmware should be a minor update it still offers some interesting new features.

or example, it will arrive with Night Shift mode. This option will make it easier to read at any time of the day because your screen will adjust to the time of the day and night using your geolocation and iPhone clock.

The Cupertino-based giant also allows protesting different apps with Touch ID but this will be only possible with iOS 9.3 update. Verizon subscribers should finally get WiFi Calling support like on iOS 9.2 update which is nice as other carriers, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile already offer this feature.

Devs and public beta testers can update to iOS 9.3 beta 7 through Dev Center, OTA or direct links.