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How to Look at Hidden Messages on iPhone iOS 9 Facebook Messenger App

Millions of iPhone users are big fans of Facebook and are using the social network apps on their smartphone. You have hidden messages Facebook Messenger app and you are able to find these messages using a simple guide.

There are many messages in your inbox and you might not even know that there are Facebook messages you haven’t read yet [are you using Facebook Live Photos option?]. You can easily find hidden messages on iPhone and this procedure is fast, easy and can really surprise you.

iPhone Messenger Find Hidden Messages

How to Look at Hidden Messages on Facebook Messenger App

Step 1. Take your iPhone and launch Facebook Messenger program.

Step 2. Scroll down till you see Settings icon and tap on it. If there are no Settings for you choose Me option.

Step 3. Click on People menu and select Message Requests.

Step 4. Do you see Message Requests for unreal messages?

Step 5. You should see the See filtered requests link [of blue color] so click on it.

Step 6. Once you are on the filtered request window you can see all your hidden Facebook iPhone messages. Does it sound like fun?

Step 7. If you wish to delete filtered messages you can click on Edit – Delete and remove them.

Is it fun to discover unread messages in the app you are using on a regular basis? You surely get notified when there is a new message waiting for you however there are situations when you receive a message without notification.

It’s always nice to discover something new, isn’t it?


What Nintendo Games Work on iPhone?

Can you play Nintendo games on iPhone 6 without any additional devices? Nintendo is truly creating iOS games for Apple mobile devices. What Nintendo games work on iPhone? Well, fans of this company can’t wait to see Mario iPhone game. Will it be released?

According to reports, Nintendo games for iPhone 6 include Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing. Unfortunately there is no work about Super Mario becoming official iOS 9 or iOS 10 game. The franchise is only bringing other titles not as popular as Super Mario, at least for Mario fans. The lovable plumber is still a dream of millions of users.

iPhone Nintendo Games 2016

Of course, both Nintendo Games for iPhone 6 [Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing] are very popular. They also have over million fans across the world. This is the reason why the company is updating them to support iOS platform. Still there are many users who wish to see Zelda and Mario games instead.
The release date is not confirmed. No one can tell you when exactly Nintendo is planning to offer iOS games [you can also use Nintendo iOS emulator]. The company has been promising iPhone games for a while but haven’t presented anything officially yet.

A month ago Nintedo brought its first iOS game Miitomo and it became extremely popular in Japan reading over million downloads in just 3 days. No wonder users are waiting for other games to be presented for Apple gadgets.

We might see them released sometime this year or next year. Why not?


Ready to Download iOS 9.3.2 Beta 3 on Your Apple iPhone?

Apple offers new iOS 9.3.2 beta 3 release to iPhone and iPad users. If you have an iDevice and are a registered developer you can already install it on your device. This is the third beta of the next mobile firmware which the ‘fruit’ giant should soon present.

The original iOS 9.3 was a big problem to all users. It offered great new features and multiple errors and bugs. Apple had to update the version pretty soon after the official launch to fix the known problems. Still there are some issues that still require some work.

iOS 9.3.2 Beta 3 Download

You can download iOS 9.3.2 beta 3 only if you are participating in Apple Dev Program. This version is available through OTA-update [make sure your iPhone is already running iOS 9.3.2 beta 2 or beta 1 or otherwise this method will fail] or you can use direct links to upgrade through Dev Center. The first two betas appeared earlier this spring [you can on longer downgrade ioS 9.3.1 to iOS 9.3]. This will be a minor upgrade since the next big major iOS 10 update would arrive in the summer.

According to developers, iOS 9.3.2 should arrive with bug fixes, some minor improvements and enhancements. This operating system supports Quick Actions in landscape mode and makes it faster and easier to open them. Everything has become much smoother.

Apple should also allow users enabling both Night Shift and Low Power Mode at the same time.


How to Use Facebook Private iPhone Settings on iOS 9

iPhone users who are big fans of Facebook can enhance their iPHone facebook privacy settings on iOS 9 platform. There are options you can use but you have to meet some requirements. For example, if you are running iOS 9.2 or iOS 9.3 you are not able to follow this guide. If you are running earlier firmware version you can enjoy all the advantages.

We’ll explain how to make Facebook private iPhone and what requirements you have to meet. Only iPhone users who are jailbroken can enjoy this instruction since you’ll have to download and install iOS 9 jailbreak tweak. Otherwise it won’t work.

iPhone Facebook Private Settings Jailbreak Tweak iOS 9

The stand along Facebook Messengers cannot let you control your privacy. Still if you use the jailbreak tweak called SilentMessenger. It offers some freedom and makes your Facebook a bit more private.

The tweak is not free. It is available on Cydia for $1.5. Still it’s pretty useful. Install the program and launch Settings – preference pane. Enable the features you would like to use. There are many toggles you can play with to make Facebook better. Turn them on and off whenever you wish.

Firstly, you can try the invisible mode for Facebook. Your friends will not see you online as this mode hides your real status. Secondly, you can turn off typing indicator. This way no one will know when you are typing.

There are other options you can try. Use Silent Mode, send multiple photos, stop videos from playing automatically etc.

If you are interested in trying the jailbreak tweak you’ll have to use Pangu jailbreak which supports iOS 9.1 and earlier iPhone firmware versions.


You Can Enable Night Mode in Maps 24/7 on iPhone

iOS 9 users who had enough time to jailbreak iPhone using Pangu jailbreaking tool can now enjoy some cool features. For example, you can use Night Mode in Maps application 24/7. Originally this option is only enabled during the night still jailbroken users get more opportunities.

Why would you need to use Night Mode in Maps? Firstly, it makes it much easier on your eyes to see the elements. Secondly, you can enjoy simpler and faster navigation thanks to this cool option.

iOS 9 Maps App Night Mode Enable Day Night Jailbreak Tweak

Why would you like to use iPhone Night Mode during the day? Some users might enjoy the dark-colored theme offered by the cool iOS 9 mode. Thanks to one jailbreak tweak you can turn on this option for 24/7 use. The tweak is called AlwaysNightMode.

The jailbreak app is free of charge. You can download it on BigBoss repository. Install it and there is nothing to configure. Just enable the program through Settings and restart Maps application if needed.

With the tweak being on you will notice that iPhone Maps becomes much darker than original version. All the application’s design elements will be darker. You will be able to enjoy the changes during the day and at night. If you only wish to use the ordinary Night Mode option you’ll have to disable the iPhone jailbreak tweak.

Right now users can only jailbreak iOS 9 versions up to iOS 9.1 as this version is also supported by Pangu tool. All newer firmwares are currently non-jailbreakable.


Chinese Expert Calls Apple Innovation Strategy Too Slow

Apple Innovation history is pretty interesting. The company managed to create one of the most popular smartphones in the world. Apple iPhone is recognized in most countries across the globe but some experts believe that Apple innovation strategy is becoming too slow.

As noted by Chinese LeEco CEO Jia Yueting, the ‘fruit’ giant is experiencing slower sales and this is the result of ‘extremely slow’ innovation. The expert from China is sure that that release of small 4-inch iPhone SE is a big mistake made by Apple. Why? He is sure that this device has a new philosophy while customers are used to Apple previous vision of what is the best for them.

Apple Innovation Slow 2016 Expert Thoughts

LeEco is often called ‘Chinese Netflix’ however this company has many different businesses and reminds of Amazon. Its main focus is internet and still this firm announced smartphones without headphone jacks. Apple at the same time is mainly focused on software and hardware development.

The words about Apple innovation slow motion cannot affect the iPhone sales. LeEco has other focuses and the Cupertino-based giant is well-known for its mobile devices and hardware / software products. Chinese CEO is sure that Apple offers obsolete gadget design however the focus on individual applications cannot be a good business nowadays, Yueting believes.

No matter what others say about Apple this company is now extremely popular in China. Chinese market has become the iPhone’s second biggest market for the ‘fruit’ company no mater how ‘slow innovation has become.’

Apple is believed to be working on the next iPhone 7. This bigger smartphone if compared to iPhone SE should bring some nice features to attract customers. Are you looking forward to iPhone 7 official release this fall?


Enjoy iPhone Virtual Reality for Answering Calls and Texts

All Apple fans can download and install virtual reality iPhone apps. This is a fun way to look at calendar events, answer handset calls and read text messages [learn how to change iPhone Home button click speed]. Everything can be accessed within your new virtual world. It’s a cool thing and you should give it a try if you haven’t already discovered HTC VR options for your iDevice.

There is a free application that makes iPhone virtual reality so real. It is called HTC Vive. You can get the free program on App Store and since it is available free of charge – why not checking it out?

HTC Vive iPhone Virtual Reality Free App

HTC is known for its virtual reality world. The company put much effort and created an interesting option that can be enjoyed by millions of users from all over the world. There are interesting options you can get once you install the addition. All virtual reality experience on iPhone is related to your calls, messages and calendar events. This is what you can access from within the new reality.

Android users who install their app version get more elements [learn how to clear iPhone app cache] since iOS application has some limits. For example, they can send canned responses back to messages and calls. iPhone owners cannot do this trick. Still iOS devices also boast nice functionality when they have virtual reality installed on them.

It is curious that Apple has plans to create virtual reality phone. We’ve heard such rumors but no one can tell you when exactly the Cupertino giant is planning to unveil it and present to general public. For now you can only try HTC Vive free application and see what it offers to your iOS 9 iPhone.


Most Attractive iPhone SE Features and Specs

The new 4 inch iPhone features are not exactly what iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models offer but this smaller and less expensive Apple device is pretty attractive. Apple is offering it at $399+ as this version is meant to replace the iPhone 5c and 5s. It is cheaper yet it has some great options.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most outstanding iPhone SE features. The iPhone SE battery and specs are the main option as this is the most powerful Apple handset offered these days. It comes with 12MP camera, has 2GB of RAM, supports Apple Pay, has the A9 chip, can record 4K videos and offers Live Photos to users. It’s a great smartphone that is well worth its cost.

iPhone SE Features and Specs

iPhone SE specs are enhanced by powerful battery that can last longer than the batter in iPhone 6s / 6s Plus. Of course, iPhone SE lacks main iPhone 6s options and still it is a great handset created by the ‘fruit’ giant.

iPhone SE has no 3D Touch but this is something you can live without. You still get Apple Pay and Hey Siri option. Your modern iPhone SE can boast 50% more battery life than iPhone 5S, for example. It lasts for 10 hours. This is a good result, don’t you think so?

Apple offers iPhone SE at 16GB and 64GB versions. The bigger capacity costs $100 more than the 16GB model. If you already own bigger iPhone 6s you will most likely not even look at iPhone SE. Still there are many customer who wish to upgrade from iPhone 5 versions to SE model. They could be happy with it.


Protect iPhone Files and Photos by Locking Them

iPhone users often have tons of photos, videos and other files. If you often borrow your smartphone to family or friends to play games or surf the web you might want to hear more about iPhone lock files possibility [also learn how to restore deleted or lost files on iCloud]. There is such an option and it helps you hide your files from others.

We’ll explain how to lock files on iPhone 6 and other Apple smartphone models. Such feature is not enabled by default. You can surely protect iDevice with Touch ID or passcode however this way you’ll lock the whole device and not just some files on it.

Lock iPhone Photos and Files iOS 9

How to Lock Photos on iPhone [Videos, Other Files]

Step 1. Download the tool called Pocket Files [it costs $2.99 on iTunes]. It’s exactly what can help you with iPhone lock video files, pictures and other documents you wish to protect.

Step 2. Once you install the application and launch it you will notice three folders. One is for pictures, one is for video files and one is for your documents. You are not limited to the three folders and are welcome to create new folders.

Step 3. Launch the folder where you would like to add your files and press on the plus ‘+’ option.

Step 4. The app will ask your permission to access your photos or videos. Choose your files (photos, videos or others) and import them into the application memory. Here is how to lock Notes with Touch ID on iOS 9.3 iPhone.

Step 5. It’s nice to store your files in a folder you can protect. But you should also create a passode to lock this folder. Go to Settings and choose Launch Passcode. Enter the password and you are protected! It is also possible to lock the folder with photos, videos and your other files with Touch ID feature.


Best Buy Offers Discounts on Apple Gadgets

Are you looking for nice Best Buy discounts? Apple fans can get some interesting deals on Apple Watch, iPad, MacBook and other ‘fruit’ gadgets [Apple brought new iPhone SE leasing program to India]. There are different discounts offered by different Apple retailers. Take a look at some curious deals you can get right now.

For example, Best Buy discount Apple Watch can save you $200. The discount can be less than $200 as this is the maximum you can get. There are different ‘fruit’ smartwatch versions you can choose from. This Watch has become popular among many iPhone owners. It works in pair with Apple smartphones and allows checking different information right on your wrist.

Best Buy iPad Apple Watch MacBook Pro Discounts

You can get Space Black Stainless Steel smartwatch at $349 or $399. Milanese Loop version models cost $449 or $499 depending on the version you prefer. It is possible to pick 38mmor 42mm smartwatch [Apple is testing watchOS 2.2.1 beta with developers now].

Users who are looking for other gadgets can also look at other Best Buy discounts. Thus iPad fans can get up to $70 off the iPad mini 2. Customers can buy 16GB iPad mini 2 at $199.99. You can select either space gray or silver model at this price. At the same time Best Buy provides $75 off the 12.9-inch iPad Pro device.

MacBook Pro can be found with $225 discount. Customers get the choices with both Retina and non-Retina screens. The non-Retina versions could cost around $875 and Retina models are prices over $1,000. The 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air models are offered at $750 and $850.

Apple rarely offers big discounts on its devices.