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Looks Like iPhone 7 Features to Be Posponed Till iPhone 8 Release

The upcoming iPhone 7 was rumored to get some interesting changes. There were reports about possible iPhone wireless charging technology and other curious rumors but it now seems that Apple has no plans to offer big improvements this soon.

Now we hear about iPhone 8 features that are similar to what was promised for iPhone 7 model. In other words iPhone OLED display and wireless charging could be postponed until 2017. We are using to seeing ‘S’ iPhone upgrade each year and by ‘S’ Apple means some major redesign changes for its extremely popular smartphone.

iPhone 8 Rumors

This year the company unexpectedly presented smaller iPhone SE and it should also unveil iPhone 7 in the fall. Analysts think that Apple could skip ‘S’ upgrade cycle next year and offer some major iPhone 8 features that would completely redesign handset and offer exclusive product to customers.

iPhone 8 rumors mention OLED screen along with wireless charging [have you seen iPhone 7 widescreen concept?]. There are also reports about absence of Home button millions of users are so used to. The Home button has been offered since 2007 and losing it in 2017 could be a big surprise.

All the iPhone 8 features are only rumors. Apple never speaks about its future models until the public presentation of the gadget right before it goes on sale. We’ll learn more about iPhone 7 during this summer. The ‘fruit’ company would be working on iOS 10 update and other products and users believe they would see iOS 10 release and iPhone 7 launch sometimes in September or October.

Nothing is impossible as we all know. It’s just curious how Apple is planning to wow customers in 2016 and 2017.


What iPhone SE Carrier to Choose: Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile?

Are you planning to buy iPhone SE? This 4-inch smartphone is very popular in China and there are many U.S. customers who wish to get the replacement for older iPhone 5s. There are four major carriers you can choose from if you have no plans to purchase newest iPhone SE model at full price directly from Apple.

For example, you can get iPhone SE carrier Sprint, choose T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon. AT&T recently raised upgrade fee for its subscribers so you’ll have to pay more if you wish to upgrade this handset from this network.

iPhone SE Network Choose Carrier

You can choose iPhone SE network Verizon. It boasts great coverage and it’s the most expensive U.S. carrier. If you are not looking for cheaper data plans you should not get Verizon iDevice. Of be ready to pay $45 a month for 3GB plan, $60 per month for 6GB plan and $80-$100 for extra packages.

T-Mobile doesn’t charge you any fees for upgrading your iPhone to iPhone SE. This is one of the most affordable networks in the United States. For example, unlimited 4G data plan costs $95 a month. You can rollover data you haven’t used if you subscribe to Simple Choice plan. There are other interesting plans you can get with this network.

Sprint iPhone SE purchase can also offer affordable data plans. The unlimited 1GB data plan costs $20 a month and 24GB plan costs $80 per month.

There are different networks that offer unlimited packages for users. If you don’t need an ordinary data allotment you can always choose more expensive plans for your iPhone SE or other smartphone model.


You Can Change Your iPhone Home Button Click Speed

Did you know that you can actually adjust your iPhone Home button click speed? This is the most used button in Apple mobile devices that have only one main button on the screen [here is how to create iOS 9 virtual Home button]. Most clicks and taps are done through your Home button and the speed can mean a lot.

You might need to change iPhone Home button click speed to avoid bypassing Home screen and launching your app switcher instead. If the click is registered too quickly this is what happens and you can change this situation.

iPhone Home button Speed Change How to

How to Adjust Click Speed of Home Button on iPhone

Step 1. Access Settings app on iOS 8 or iOS 9 iPhone. This is the start of all changes you can add to your smartphone.

Step 2. Go to General menu.

Step 3. Select Accessibility section.

Step 4. Do you see Call Audio Routing option? Your Home Button adjustments are available under it.

Step 5. You can now change the Click Speed which is standard by default. You can make it Slow or choose Slowest mode.

Step 6. The iPhone should vibrate to demonstrate your chosen Home button click speed. If you are satisfied with how you can access app switcher (double click) and Accessibility (triple click) save the new changes.

Users who didn’t like how quickly their Home button was registering clicks can enjoy slower actions. If you are tired of your iPhone Home button becomes too slow you can always adjust it again and make quicker by selecting the default speed.


Perfect iPhone 7 Concept and Rumors

Can you imagine perfect iPhone 7? Designers present their ideas and versions of iPhone 7 concept. You will see different presentations of this next generation smartphone. What options would you like to get along with iOS 10 upgrade and new iPhone release.

Let’s imagine our own iPhone 7 concept. We’ll remember all the rumors we already heard and wishes customers voice. The perfect new handset should get wireless charging support. This could be a wonderful enhancement especially when there are companies in the market that already offer this feature.

iPhone 7 Concept

iPhone 7 rumors point to water resistant devices with unique technologies. Apple could redesign the handset and present a fully updated front panel. It could change the look or make it even more stylish than the iPhone 6. For example, there were many concepts with iPhone edge-to-edge display. Could this be real with next-gen model? The ‘fruit’ giant could add some exclusive iPhone 7 features and it will most likely do so.

Users would be happy if their device charges faster. For example, who wouldn’t like it if their iPhone charges to 40% in half an hour and get 80% in just an hour? Such changes could be impressive and get many fans.

Shatterproof screen and waterproof display could be a great change too. The company is expected to improve battery life and make it last longer than current iPhone 6s / 6s Plus lasts. The ideal iPhone 7 should also get an option for extra memory however this dream would most likely stay just a dream in 2016.

The ‘fruit’ giant could also improve low-light camera and offer other interesting iOS 10 features.


Apple Introduces iPhone SE Leasing Programin India

Customers who live in India can now lease iPhone SE model. This is the most recent iPhone version presented by Apple this spring. It’s a smaller device if compared to iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and it arrives with 4-inch screen. At the same time it’s a powerful gadget that arrives with some interesting features and has a nice price.

iPhone leasing program India has been corporated by Apple in order to boost local sales of iPhones. It is possible to lease iPhone SE in India and pay off its price within the next 24 months. You’ll have to pay $15 per month to get this deal. This is similar to Rs. 999 / month cost which you must cover each month for the next 2 years.

iPhone SE Apple Leasing Program

It is interesting that iPhone SE leasing programis now offered to Indian customers only. Besides, you can also lease iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 [here is iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s comparison]. Of course, these models are priced higher. You will have to pay Rs. 1,199 / month for iPhone 6 and Rs. 1,399 per month for iPhone 6s. This way the ‘fruit’ giant wants to attract consumers who are big fans of the iPhone but are not willing to spend much on this expensive brand.

Not any customer can get the deal. Apple created this programto corporate members only. The program is an interesting way to promote iPhones in this country and the Cupertino based giant is doing everything to attract more foreign users.


Enable Both iPhone Night Shift Mode and Low Power Feature on iOS 9.3.1

Have you updated to iOS 9.3.1 on iPhone? You might wish to use Night Shift and Low Power mode simultaneously. However when you choose one of the modes the second one usually gets disabled automatically. The two popular options could also work together if you know simple trick and follow our guide below.

We’ll explain how to enable Night Shift mode and have Low Power mode on as well. This can be achieved on iOS 9.3.1 that is the most recent public iPhone firmware version released this spring. Here is what you should do.

iPhone Low Light Night Shift Mode iOS 9.3.1 Enable

How to Enable Low Power Mode on iPhone

Step 1. There is no need to ask Siri as it won’t enable both Night Shift + Low Power mode at the same time anymore. Apple fixed this option in its iOS 9.3.1 update.

Step 2. Choose Settings menu and select Display & Brightness. Choose Night Shift as there are some adjustments you have to apply first.

Step 3. Disable both Schedule and Turn On options. Say Hey Siri option and your personal assistant would be activated. Ask Siri to turn on Low Power mode.

Step 4. Tap on Home button and you’ll return to Night Shift menu.

Step 5. Turn on Night Shift manually.

Now you have both Night Shift and Low Power mode enabled. Just remember that with both modes being on your iPhone battery life would drain faster.

What do you think about iOS 9.3.1 features and this simple trick?


Learn How to Stop Music Playing on iPhone After Phone Call

Usually when you answer a phone call on iPhone while listening to music your firmware will automatically pause the song until the call ends. Still not all users are happy with iPhone resume music after call option. You can change this on iOS 9 if you have a jailbroken smartphone.

Use Pangu tool to jailbreak your iPhone. This program supports several iOS 9 platforms up to iOS 9.1 which is also supported by the untethered iPhone jailbreak from the Chinese group of hackers. So if you were lucky to jailbreak this system you can download one jailbreak tweak and enjoy more features than non-jailbroken users.

iPhone Music Stop Resume After Phone Call Ends iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweak

How to Stop Music Playing After Phone Call

Step 1. Go to Cydia store on iPhone and download the tweak PauseAfterCall. Its title speaks of the option you’ll get.

Step 2. Install the iOS 9 tweak. This program supports Pandora, Spotify and other music applications. Unfortunately it won’t work with Music app by Apple but many other third-party tools are supported.

Step 3. There are no configurations.

Step 4. Now with the iOS 9.1 Cydia tweak installed you can listen to music and it won’t resume playing after you get a phone call. The program should simply prevent the song from being resumed after your call ends.

Step 5. If you want to listen to the song that was interrupted by a call you can start it manually. This is a nice extra feature many iOS 9 users should be happy to get. It’s also nice that the Cydia tweak is free to use.


Wanna Install Watch OS 2.2.1 Update?

Right after Apple presented new iOS 9.3.2 beta 2 firmware version it also introduces Watch OS 2.2.1 beta 2. This is the second beta of watchOS 2.2.1 that should be officially released along with new iPhone system update. Who can install this firmware right away?

You probably know that ordinary users can only download and install public versions of Apple mobile firmware. The company is trying to protect such users who experiencing various bugs with betas. Beta firmware releases are only meant for developers and other professionals who know what they are doing. Such updates are offered in order to test the system and reveal all the bugs before the firmware becomes public.

Watch OS 2.2.1 Beta 2 Release

WatchOS 2.2.1 beta 2 release is also meant to developers only. They have to install iOS 9.3.2 beta 2 before they are able to install watch OS 2.2 update on their smartwatch. You can get is via Watch app through General menu where you can go to Software Update. The update would only be visible if you are already running iOS 9.3.2 beta 2 on iPhone.

Make sure your device has not run out of battery life. You should either fully charge it beforehand or connect to power source when you are installing watch OS 2.2.1 beta 2. If there is not enough battery life you could fail to upgrade.

Are you already testing Apple operating system update? Have you installed both iOS 9.3.2 beta 2 and watchOS 2.2.1 beta 2 or chosen only smartphone version?


Apple Could Create iCloud Switch with Chinese Partners

There are rumors about possible Apple iCloud Switch project. The famous ‘fruit’ giant that is working in partnership with different Chinese suppliers for its popular iPhone [including newest iPhone SE model], iPad and Mac devices could team up with another Asian supplier soon and bring iCloud data service in-house.

Some sources believe Apple iCloud data service could be created by Chinese Server supplier. Apple is now using Google and Amazon servers for its data needs however it has plans to expand its own cloud service and work together with Chinese teams to create iCloud Switch sometimes in 2017 or later on.

Apple iCloud Switch

There were other reports back in March that assured the famous iPhone creator was actually moving some iCloud services from Amazon to Google. Now this steps looks like a temporary solution if it’s true that the Cupertino-based giant has plans to present all iCloud services to users in-house. This would be an interesting major project by iOS company that has millions of customers from all over the world.

According to experts, over 1 billion users have iOS gadgets and they are using iCloud Drive, iMessage, iCloud Backup and other Apple services. This is one of the main reason for Apple to work on iCloud Switch as such project could help cut data center costs a bit.

Apple is rumored to partner with Chinese company Inspur that is one of the biggest internet service server companies in China that is also supported by local government. Different companies including Microsoft are working in partnership with this vendor.


Here Comes iOS 9.3.2 Beta 2 Release for iPhone and iPad

Apple is still working on the next version of mobile firmware for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The company offers new iOS 9.3.2 beta 2 download. This is the second beta that follows the presentation of beta 1.

Who can take advantage of iOS 9.3.2 beta release? Ordinary users are not advised to install iOS 9.3.2 yet because all betas have errors and multiple bugs. Even public versions included different problems while they all were tested before the launch. For example, take a look at iOS 9.3 problems and bugs users faced. Apple was even forced to present quick ioS 9.3.1 update to help users solve some of the most common bugs.

iOS 9.3.2 Beta 2 Release

You can update to iOS 9.3.1 beta 2 only if you are a developer and have registered UDID. There is Apple Dev Center that supports all registered iPhone and iPad devs. This is where you can find direct links to download iOS 9.3 beta 2 right away and start searching for new problems, bugs and issues that are most likely present in this new version of iOS mobile operating system.

It took the ‘fruit’ giant only two weeks to update beta 1 to beta 2. The previous version is available to both developers and public beta testers who participate in the free Public Beta Program launched by Apple in 2015.

The version 9.3.2 won’t offer any major changes. According to devs, it should improve some parts of the system and fix different bugs. You can install this firmware through OTA-update or direct links available to developers.