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Apple Changes Requirements for iPhone Touch ID Passcode

iOS users should learn about Apple Touch ID security changes. These are recent changes the company has just added. From now on you should enter your passcode when you wish to unlock iPad / iPhone more often. Here is what changes the ‘fruit’ giant brings.

Right now you enter Apple Touch ID passcode only if your iDevice was restarted, rebooted, switched on, remotely locked through Find My iPhone app or wasn’t unlocked for over 2 days. Besides, you had to enter the password after you tried to unlock with Touch ID for 5 times and failed. All users should also enter the code when they are adding a new fingerprint to the system.

Apple Security Touch ID Requirements iPhone 2016

The changes are meant to protect the iPhone. From now on all newest iOS 9.3.2 and other iOS users will be forced to enter Apple Touch ID password if they weren’t using passcode unlock for 6 days or haven’t unlocked your iPhone or other device with Touch ID for the last 8 hours.

These are new rules that could hopefully improve iPhone security. The Touch ID option is using your saved fingerprint to unlock the smartphone screen without any passcode. Still you can no longer use only Touch ID unlock feature as you’ll be forced to provide the password at least once every six day.

By the way, according to Apple this change isn’t new and was added with iOS 9 release. Still officially it is reflected in documents only this May.


iPhone 7 Chipset Rumors: Intel to Be Main Apple Supplier

What is iPhone 7 modem to be like? We’ve heard some recent rumors and want to share them with you. The next iPhone is scheduled to arrive in the fall. Usually Apple updates its mobile device lineup in September so this is probably the time we’ll see the official iPhone 7 announcement.

There are different iPhone 7 rumors that talk about possible design changes and improvements. Users wonder who is producing and packaging iPhone 7 chip and it looks like up to 50 percent of all iPhone 7 chipset parts are to be supplied by Intel.

iPhone 7 Rumors Leaks Changes 2016 Release

The ‘fruit’ company is trying to get away or stop relying on Qualcomm company only for producing its Apple iPhone modems. It could indeed order some Intel modems and try to reduce the reliance at least partially.

As noted by rumors, King Yuan Electronics and TSMC are the two companies that manufacture next iPhone 7 modem chips. Qualcomm and Intel would be packaging chips for the famous iPhone maker this year, if the rumors turn to be real. Meanwhile you can look at fantastic iPhone 7 concept ideas.

This is not the first time we hear about iPhone Intel modems. The first talks appeared back in 2016. This year analysts think that Apple might offer Intel Xm 7360 modem in its next generation smartphone lineup.

One day Apple could fully switch to Intel when packaging its iPhones.


You Can Unlock Your Mac with iPhone Touch ID

Apple has plans to let iPhone users unlock Mac with Touch ID. This is the fingerprint security option that is used for numerous reasons. The feature could be brought to OS X 10.12 operating system version.

What can happen if you unlock Mac with iPhone fingerprint without any issues? Should it be an interesting opportunity for ‘fruit’ customers? There are rumors about Apple updating its OS X 10.12 with improved features and packaging the operating system with additional things users might find interesting and useful.

Unlock Mac with iPhone Touch ID

Right now you cannot unlock Mac with Touch ID using Apple default system. But once this becomes a real opportunity you’ll just have to use Touch ID and unlock desktop machine with the help of iPhone.

Would you like to unlock Mac with iPhone fingerprint? It’s currently not clear if Apple has plans to fully integrate Touch ID option to its future Macs or let users do this with the iPhone only. We might see some concept ideas of Macs with Touch ID.

Apple might be thinking of a way how to bring unlock option to Mac to popularize its computers along with the iPhones. Modern handsets created by ‘fruit’ company are extremely popular in China, India and are known across the world. Macs are not as popular compared to other computers sold out there and the Cupertino-based giant could find a way how to change it. Of course, it could take years before Touch ID sensor is added to Mac machines.

Meawhile OS X 10.12 update can add changes to support iPhone unlocking option. This is a step towards innovation, isn’t it?


How to Pair Two iPhones with Bluetooth?

Even if you haven’t updated to the newest iOS 9.3.2 you might come across iPhone Bluetooth bug. It’s true that 9.3.2 release is very buggy but users who are running earlier Apple mobile firmware versions also suffer from different problems and issues.

For example, your iPhone can’t pair Bluetooth devices. Is there a fix to such iPhone Bluetooth issues? A fix is available and you can use it right now. It works for anyone whose smartphone cannot work with other devices via Bluetooth connection.

iPhone Bluetooth Connect Fail Fix Guide

How to Fix iPhone Can’t Pair Bluetooth Issues

Step 1. If you can’t pair iPhone with Bluetooth accessories you need some fix. It should work for your Apple Watch wearable, speakers, car audio system etc.

Step 2. You need to figure out if the problem is with accessory or your iPhone. This is pretty important. Use your computer or other devices to double check if everything is ok with Bluetooth gadgets.

Step 3. If this is the iPhone that cannot connect to Bluetooth you should try to disable Bluetooth and restart your handset. Do this by going to Settings and selecting Bluetooth feature which you should first turn off [learn how to change Bluetooth device name on jailbroken iPhone].

Step 4. When the iPhone reboots go to Settings once again and choose Bluetooth option to enable it.

Hopefully this simple guide solves your problem and Bluetooth starts working. You might also need to forget your pairing device via Settings – Bluetooth – I icon – Forget This Device and try to pair it again.

There are other steps you can try: reset your network settings, restore the iPhone, setup your iPhone as new one. Do you still have the problem?


iPhone 7 Future Specifications and Complex Design News

There are news about iPhone 7 specifications out there and millions of eyes are following everything unknown sources say about future ‘fruit’ smartphones. There are concepts about this next-generation handsets that reveal fantastic ideas however Apple wouldn’t make the changes too outstanding.

The iPhone 7 design could be complex. This is the reason why Apple suppliers might be already hiring to manufacture the next gen smartphone. Such reports mention different suppliers that are located in Taiwan including Pegatron and Foxconn.

iPhone 7 Design Concept

Different companies are working on assembling iPhones. This takes time and most companies begin to hire only in June. This time major suppliers started the hiring season in May. It is believed that it’s the first time when workers are recruited earlier than usual.

Still the iPhone 7 rumors also mention the same release date for the fall 2016. Apple already presented iPhone SE with 4-inch screen in the end of March. Still this is not the company’s flagship for this year. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus should be the major update however some experts think that the company would postpone bringing innovative options until 2017.

Right now different sources say different things about the iPhone 7. Some assure that the iPhone 7 would have 4.7-inch display and iPhone 7 Plus could arrive with 5.5-inch screen. The models would be assembled by Foxconn, Pegatron and Wistron.

Still if iPhone 7 gets more complex design this model could be a major upgrade compared to iPhone 6s. This could give us a hint at innovative changes coming sooner than later.


You Still Have Time to Downgrade iOS 9.3.2 to 9.3.1 on iPhone

Apple released iOS 9.3.2 firmware for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch however this newest version is buggy. Luckily Apple is still signing previous iOS 9.3.1 and you can easily downgrade iOS 9.3.2 to 9.3.1 using the instruction below.

The guide is not the shortest one however it lets you enjoy iOS 9.3.2 downgrade and run previous mobile operating system. This is not the solution for fans of jailbreaking because both versions of Apple firmware cannot be jailbroken. Still this is a nice option for those who are not happy with the latest release.

How to Downgrade iOS 9.3.2 to iOS 9.3.1 iPhone iPad iPod Touch

How to Downgrade iOS 9.3.2 to iOS 9.3.1

Step 1. Make sure you are running iOS 9.3.2 and double check if Apple still signs iOS 9.3.1 before you proceed.

Step 2. Backup your iPhone before you downgrade. It’s always better to have a copy of your smartphone. Use iCloud or iTunes to do this.

Step 3. You need to download iOS 9.3.1 ipsw file for your iPhone or other iDevice. Remember to turn off auto unzip option in Safari.

Step 4. Enter DFU mode on iPhone by connecting it to your Mac and pressing Sleep / Wake or Power button and swiping off. Count to 3 and don’t release the button while pressing on Home button for another 10 seconds. Let go off Power but still press Home button till iTunes tells your iPhone is in Recovery mode.

Step 5. Press on Alt / Option key on your Mac and choose Restore iPhone option.

Step 6. Choose iOS 9.3.1 ipsw file you got in Step 3 and choose Restore and Update feature.

Step 7. Wait for about 10 minutes till iTunes installs the previous firmware version on your iPhone.

Once you finish to downgrade iOS 9.3.2 to 9.3.1 you can restore the iPhone from backup using on-screeh guide.


Interesting News About iPhone 7 Camera Lens

How do you imagine the next Apple smartphone? We’ve seen some so-called iPhone 7 rumors and leaks but there are no official announcements made by the Cupertino-based giant. The ‘fruit’ company will stay silent while we are exploring possible details about its upcoming smartphone model.

We have no idea if iPhone 7 leaks we see on the web are real pictures of the next generation iPhone or not. Also there are different resources that share opposite information about this gadget. We only believe that iPhone 7 rumors release date are accurate since Apple likes to introduce its major smarthone update in the fall.

iPhone 7 Camera Lens Rumors News

There is an image on the web that shows iPhone 7 camera lens to be larger. It also seems to get the redesigned antenna bands. There could be only one camera sensor. Thus the 4.7-inch iPhone 2016 wouldn’t get a secondary sensor. Still we heard about possible dual-lens camera coming to the future ‘fruit’ handset.

The picture also shows LED flash to be on the same place it comes on current iPhones. It’s hard to see all the details so analysts keep guessing where Apple is to add four speakers or not. The current leak shows no Smart Connector. Did the company really dropped it or not?

Remember that all the rumors about iPhone 7 that surface this summer are not genuine. These are just predictions made by fans, experts and designers. All the truth will be revealed by Apple in September or October.


Can I Jailbreak iOS 9.3.2 iPhone?

iOS 9.3.2 is the most recent mobile firmware released by Apple for iPhone and iPad users. Knowing iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak news can help all fans of untethering their iDevice be the first ones to install Cydia store. Being jailbroken means so much to many Apple users since they can customize and improve their smartphones.

Is there iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak tool? Some of iOS 9 versions can be jailbroken with Pangu. This is the only team of hackers who presented public version of iOS 9 jailbreak. If you are running iOS 9.1 or earlier version of Apple operating system on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you can download Pangu and jailbreak.

Jailbreak iOS 9.3.2 Status News iPhone Pangu

You might have a question ‘Can I jailbreak iOS 9.3.2?’ and here is the answer. No. You cannot jailbreak iOS 9.3.2 iPhone or iPad because this most recent version of Apple mobile operating system cannot be untethered or tethered.

The recent release of iPhone firmware was supposed to fix iOS 9 bugs however iOS 9.3.2 turned out to be buggy. It brought problems for 9.7-inch iPad Pro users as some users get iPad Pro brick after iOS 9.3.2 installation.

Some iPhone owners also have issues with iOS 9.3.2 update. Hopefully the group of hackers can find another solution and exploits in ‘fruit’ mobile operating system. If it happens we could see new jailbreak release. Still Pangu team could wait for iPhone 7 launch and present the working jailbreaking tool for both iOS 9.3.2 and future iOS 10.


iPad Pro Crashing Issues Worry iOS 9.3.2 Users

The new 9.7-inch iPad Pro problems don’t want to disappear. Apple released iOS 9.3.2 update [you can download iOS 9.3.2 ipsw through direct links for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch] and this operating system was meant to fix all the previous bugs. Still the number of problems keeps growing.

If your iPad Pro crashes iOS 9.3.2 update hasn’t fixed anything. You are not the only person who is affected by the bug. A number of people get the same issue and it mostly affects 9.7-inch iPad Pro model.

iPad Pro 9-7 Inch Crashes iOS 9.3.2 Bug

Is there anything you can do with iPad Pro crashing over and over again? This happens unexpectedly. If you are bothered by the issue you can downgrade iOS 9.3.2 back to 9.3.1 version while it is still possible. Soon Apple will stop signing the previous firmware version and you will be stuck with your problems.

Of course, Apple is looking for the bug fix however it will take time to find the solution and present minor firmware update. Surely, iOS 9.3.1 version also causes the issue to a number of users so it’s hard to say if it is better to stay on iOS 9.3.2 or return back to 9.3.1.

Here is what you can try if your iPad Pro starts to reboot unexpectedly on any of the mobile firmware versions. Try to press both Home and Power buttons to help restart the tablet device that cannot reboot correctly.

Some people note that the reason for such updates is because of Safari browser. Still it’s hard to say what exactly causes the bug.


Android Features That Were Inspired by iOS 9 iPhone

There are interesting Android iOS 9 inspired features that were borrowed from Apple iPhone devices. The platform is known as Android N and it is meant for some Nexus gadgets. Well this firmware has some curious options.

When you look at Android feature vs iPhone options you’ll see some curious things that are so ‘fruit’ like. Of course, Android N brings other features a well.

iOS Inspired Android Features 2016

Still Android iOS features are not exactly what you get when you purchase Apple smartphone. We should say that the Cupertino-based giant also borrows some curious and interesting options from Google to bring to iPhone users. People like to have enhanced and innovative features so all the major companies have to follow the trends.

Firstly, you can get split-view multitasking option. This feature appeared on iOS 9 to help enhance the iPad models. Google brings the option to Android N and it is very similar to what iPhone users get.

Secondly, Google borrowed picture in picture mode which makes it possible to run applications on top of watching video movies. It’s a nice addition to any mobile platform.

The company also tried to improve battery life however it didn’t exactly bring Low Power mode. It created opportunities for minimum CPU usage. Apple users really enjoy the fact that they can save battery life and have a working smartphone when they really need it.

It’s curious to learn what iOS 10 firmware could look like. This next major update will be officially introduced in early June. Apple will be organizing WWDC 2016 event and this is when developers and public beta testers should get the first view of the next operating system version.