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Will iPhone 7 Plus Become Apple Phablet?

We’ve seen some so-called iPhone 7 Plus leaks and there are various concepts of the future Apple smartphones. We’ve heard about different possible features for the next generation handset. Now we hear some curious rumors about Apple phablet release date.

The rumors come from China just as many other predictions do. However there were not many news about possible Apple phablet 2016 launch. The iPhone 7 could be the regular Apple smartphone while the iPhone 7 Plus could be bigger and remind of the phablets.

iPhone Phablet Rumor Idea Concept

The Chinese sources state that we’ll see a thicker iPhone 7 Plus device compared to current iPhone 6 Plus. What could this mean? Apple might add some exclusive options and specs to make it stand out and catch customers’ attention. Still we also read rumors about major iPhone upgrade in 2017 when Apple is to celebrate iPhone’s 10th anniversary.

Apple phablet 2016 might just a rumor that will be real only in 2017. Anyways, this model could feature some outstanding options [while it might get different from iPhone 7 design]. It could arrive with 3GB RAM, dual-camera support, without the headphone jack [Apple could bring wireless technology to let users enjoy music and movies] and improved design.

Chinese sites also mention AMOLED technology and full 3D Touch support. It’s really curious to learn more about the real iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models. We’ll soon see first iOS 10 beta release. It will be available to developers and public beta testers. The public version will be officially introduced in the fall along with the next iPhones upgrade.


Hurry to Get 20 Off Your New Apple Watch

Memorial Day Sale has come and you get Apple Watch sale with a chance to save $200. Such nice sales are brought by Best Buy to only some smartwatch models [here is how to install watchOS 2.2 on your wearable]. Different stores are running sales for various products and Apple devices also participate.

Apple Watch Discount Best Buy

How can you get $200 off Apple Watch? Retailers are trying to surprise everyone and offer some delicious deals to all potential customers. The 4-day sale launched by Best Buy includes a number of ‘fruit’ products. You can get the stainless steel Apple Watch model with $200 discount. In other words you won’t have to pay $549 for the 38mm model. You’ll only pay $349 for your wearable. If you are a fan of 42mm models you will only pay $399 and not $599. No matter what version you select you’ll save $200 right away.

Do you have a choice of your band or not? The deal includes both white and black sport bands and you can select any one with your stainless steel device. The retailer also has free Apple Watch set up offer through Geek Squad.

iPhone 6s Plus customers can purchase 16GB AT&T iPhone 6s Plus through Next program from Best Buy and get a gift card worth $100 you can spend at this retailer in the future. Users who prefer a different network, Sprint or Verizon, can also get some nice deals. By the way, there are nice discounts on iPad mini: free 16GB iPad mini 2 device with any MacBook Pro purchase.


iPhone Hacker Introduces His Self Driving Car Project

There are many self driving car projects created by different companies and people. Such cars could be the innovation of the future. Even Apple is rumored to work on its own Apple car although we hear mostly rumors and not official information from the well-known company.

Have you heard of Geohot car? Geohot or George Hotz used to work on iOS jailbreaking. He is the first person in the world to find jailbreak for iPhone. It happened back in 2007 when Apple released its ever first handset.

Geohot Self Driving Car Project

Hotz self driving car technology is shown off. There is even an application Chffr which gives you a chance to submit your driving data. How does it work? You should launch the application created by hacker Geohot and place your camera to windshield. The camera should record your driving information. The program will understand how you are usually driving and what your main reactions are.

Once the data is received the Chffr app will unload it to website which belongs to Hotz. This iPhone hacker is now trying to create a real self driving technology for those who spend much time in their vehicle. The program should analyze all the data coming from different drivers and this is how it learns.

Right now you can only help Hotz learn since the first beta version of Chffr should be presented in later June. The first kit of the program could be presented by the end of 2016. Hotz promises that the price would be under $1,000.


Compare iOS 9.3.3 vs iOS 9.3.2 via Speed Test

Would you like to compare iOS 9.3.3 vs iOS 9.3.2? Apple released the new iOS 9.3.3 beta 1 for developers and public beta testers and they are now peering inside this update. Users, on their side, are in hopes to see bug fixes and solutions to all the problems brought with iOS 9.3.2 public launch.

If you look at iOS 9.3.3 vs 9.3.2 [you might still be able to downgrade 9.3.2 to 9.3.1 firmware] and perform speed test you will know if there are any changes, improvements or enhancements in this upcoming operating system version. It’s curious that 9.3.3 version was presented only about two weeks after 9.3.2 presentation. This system became very problematic for 9.7-inch iPad Pro users. Their tablet got bricked and they experienced many other unpleasant things.

iOS 9.3.3 vs 9.3.2 Speed Test Compare

The iOS 9.3.3 beta speed test was performed on iPhone 5. The same was done with 9.3.2 operating system version. You can see the difference between the two firmware versions. Thus iOS 9.3.3 boots a bit quicker than 9.3.2 on iPhone 5. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the public operating system would perform faster on all current Apple smartphones.

Hopefully the company will bring all the improvements to the final 9.3.3. Who wouldn’t be glad if webpages load quicker? Wouldn’t it be nice if everything works faster? We’ll see second, third and maybe fourth betas following soon. In early June everyone will see the next iOS 10 beta that will be tested during the summertime.


Learn How to Recover Deleted Notes on Your iPhone [No Jailbreak Required]

Sometimes you really need to quickly recover deleted Notes on iPhone 6 or other Apple smartphone model. If you lost or deleted something you were typing there’s a way how to recover deleted files from Notes on iPhone and we’ll share the detailed guide with you.

Notes is a nice iOS 9 app to use however when you by change hit the wrong key and delete previous data partly or completely – you need to recover deleted Notes iPhone instruction. This is pretty simple if you are running iOS 9 platform.

How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone Without Jailbreak

How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone 6 Without Jailbreaking

Step 1. Notes is a nice application and it allows users return the lost information.

Step 2. Notes by default store your deleted notes for up to 30 day. Of course, then the program will remove your information and you won’t be able to restore. Still you have 30 day within the moment you deleted something to get it back.

Step 3. Launch Notes program and click on back arrow key. This way you’ll be able to view your Notes folders.

Step 4. Click on Recently Deleted folder and choose Edit feature.

Step 5. Choose the checkbox near Notes you wish to return [learn how to unlock Notes on iOS 9].

Step 6. Click on Move To option.

Step 7. Choose folder where you are planning to locate your deleted note to. It can be a custom folder you create anywhere on iCloud or other device.

Step 8. Choose the back arrow key and get back to Notes where your lost information should appear.

Has it helped you to recover deleted notes on iPhone?


How to Add Empty Space to iPhone [No Jailbreak Required]

There is no need to jailbreak your iPhone in order to take advantage of iPhone empty space icons. If you add them to your display you’ll be able to place your other home screen icons anywhere.

Apple and Android often borrow different options from each other still it is impossible to simply move icons around your home screen like it happens on Android platform. Luckily you can add empty space to iPhone screen and you don’t have to jailbreak iOS 9 platform to make this happen.

Add Empty Space on iPhone Home Screen Arrange Icons

How to Add Empty Spaces to iPhone Without Jailbreak

Step 1. There is a program iEmpty. You’ll have to use it online.

Step 2. You should create a blank home screen page by making all icons wiggle and take a screenshot of the ‘empty’ page.

Step 3. Go to through mobile Safari browser.

Step 4. Choose Customize option.

Step 5. Click on Custom mode and press Add.

Step 6. You should add by selecting Choose File feature – Photo Library – screenshop of your empty home screen.

Step 7. Now press on Upload Photo.

Step 8. You should see your home screen with different icons. Click on the positions you wish to be ‘empty spaces’ later on.

Step 9. Click on Share when you created a custom icon and choose to Add to Home Screen.

Step 10. Don’t make any changes and just click on Add.

Step 11. You need to repeat the same procedure for every blank icon you wish to create.

iOS 9 iPhone should now get empty spaces and you can arrange your other icons any way you want.


Some Curious iPhone 7 Plus Leaks and Features

Apple is unlikely to confirm or deny any iPhone 7 Plus rumors during WWDC 2016 event. Why? The company is expected to introduce next iOS 10 firmware version in early June however it will definitely keep all the details about next iPhone in secret.

What do current iPhone 7 Plus leaks have to say? There are several images that appear on the web and promise to belong to the iOS smartphone. We’ve seen dual camera system and maybe Smart Connector support.

iPhone 7 Leaked Schematics Rumors Design

There were also reports about possible changes in iPhone design this year. Still there are experts who think that Apple will introduce major design update only in 2017. This is when iPhone will celebrate its 10th Anniversary. Maybe Apple will think of some interesting deals, updates and innovations for 2017.

This year the company already relased iPhone SE. This smaller 4-inch handset is mostly popular in China and India. The upcoming iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are aimed at U.S. customers and other major markets where users are willing pay more for their smartphone. For example, iPhone 7 Plus could get 5.5-inch screen and different awesome options.

The leaked schematics shows Smart Connector and other so-called images reveal no Smart Connector near the bottom edge of the iPhone 7 Plus. It’s hard to understand what sources show the real changes.

The next model could be 0.1mm thicker than the iPhone 6s. It might be better and more powerful than 2015 models.