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My iPhone 6 Apps Stuck Waiting: How to Remove Them

Anyone who is getting the new Apple device must know how to delete iPhone apps. This might not be as simple as it may sound. For example, it is impossible to permanently delete default programs as the company protects them. Sometimes you can find third-party tricks for accomplishing this task but not all tools are working correctly. Besides, there might be issues that prevent deleting apps from iPhone.

Is it possible to fix stuck problems? When users report that they are not able to remove apps from iPhone it could be a bug that is fixed with the next firmware update. We are also happy to share some useful tricks on how to resolve the problems quickly without the need to wait for the new operating system release.

iPhone 6 App Waiting Problem Bug Error Fix

Deleting Apps from iPhone 6, 6s, SE, iPhone 7

There are various issues that surface after you update your firmware version. This happened to different iOS 9 launches and might occur once you download and install iOS 10 with its new features that are meant to improve your phone experience.

Have you tried to install a new application? Is it stuck during installation or you can not successfully delete it? If your iPhone app stuck waiting issue is bothering you – it is better to fix everything and remove what you no longer need or just wish to get rid of.

Here is how you can understand that you have problems:

  • iPhone apps are stuck while ‘loading’
  • You see ‘waiting’ status stuck
  • The app doesn’t delete when you click on ‘x’ option to remove it

These issues can happen when you are updating numerous applications at the same time. You can also experience the unpleasant problem after restoring the iOS handset or installing the newest version of Apple mobile OS.

Luckily these are not common bugs. It’s also nice that you can follow the guides bellow and resolve the bug without any further issues. Just learn what to do and repeat the steps to resolve ‘waiting’, ‘loading’ or ‘can’t delete’ concerns.

How to Remove Apps from iPhone 6

While it is important to fix issues on-the-go it is also necessary to understand the possible nature of our headache with iPhone SE, 6s, 6 or even new iPhone 7 that is to be released in the fall 2016.

What Causes Stuck iOS Applications

  • faulty programs
  • partial download or installation (for example, you disconnect from iTunes while uploading or syncing apps)
  • backup restore error
  • lack of memory on iPhone during app update, syncing or installation
  • firmware errors and bugs

There could be other things that might lead to possible problems but let’s learn how to deal with the issues:

iPhone 6 How to Hard Reset Guide

Method 1. If the bug is minor you should be able to solve it with hard reset. To complete this step you should press on the Home and On / off iPhone buttons simultaneously and wait for 10 seconds. You will see the famous ‘fruit’ logo which means you hard reset your handset.

iPhone 6 WiFi Settings On Off

Method 2. It is better to connect to Wi-Fi while app installation. So if you are stuck on ‘loading’ or ‘waiting’ you can fix the bug by taking your iPhone and going to App Store – Updates – Purchased and disabling WiFi / Cellular through Settings to stop installing programs that are stuck. Then you can enable WiFi and download new programs one by one. There should be no errors.

Still having problems? Try to Reset your Network Settings via Settings – General – Reset menu.

Method 3. Sometimes it is better to Reset All Settings through General menu. This way your applications could download without being stuck.

Whenever you are planning to install something on your iPhone you are advisedto sync via iTunes or iCloud. This way you can easily delete programs from the phone (if the ‘x’ is working) and restore from backup without losing your data.

iPhone How to Delete Apps

How to Permanently Delete Apps on iPhone

When you wish to remove an application (not default one since these apps can be deleted only temporarily if you don’t have a business account) you can either click and hold its icon on your iPhone screen until the programs starts jiggling and you see the ‘x’ option which you can press on to remove the program along with all the information it contains.

There is a different method you can try. Go to your iTunes library and choose applications you’ll see in the dropdown menu to remove the ones you don’t need.

You cannot remove the default apps (such as iBooks, Health, Settings etc.) but you can hide them. Developers got a chance to get rid of these apps however their solution is pretty complicated. Ordinary users still have to wait for Apple to allow removing its default programs from the iPhone.


Quick Switch from Blackberry Phone to iPhone 7 or 6s

Not many people choose BlackBerry over Android or iOS phones still there are users who prefer this brand. Still sometimes you decide it’s time to buy new iPhone 7 in 2016 or other ‘fruit’ handset and you start thinking of how to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone. This shouldn’t be a problem.

Of course, iOS platform is completely different from Android system. Apple has many limitations and its gadgets are not as free-to-customize as other devices. This however doesn’t scary new customers away. iPhones has many advantages and innovative features that make them so attractive and wanted across the world.

Switch from BlackBerry to iPhone 7 iPhone 6s Guide How to

How to Switch from BlackBerry to iPhone 7

The first thing you probably think of is how to move your contacts from one firmware to a different one. There are several guides you can follow. We’ll share step-by-step instructions to make it simpler for you. You’ll have your contacts on the new iDevices pretty soon [learn how you can solve iPhone problem with ‘accessory not certified’ message].

If you have BlackBerry 10 you can use Google programs to help you move your contact list and lose nothing.

Step 1. It’s simple to save your Android contacts via Google account however it works with other phones and not BlackBerry. You can use this method but only if you pay for Business apps. If you are using Google Apps for business you can visit the site from your Blackberry device and download the syncing tool [it’s perfect to bringing business contact list to your personal iPhone model].

Step 2. Open the application and sign into your Google account. Create one with Gmail if you don’t have it yet.

Step 3. Press on Sync Now and wait till your contact list is copied to free Gmail account.

Step 4. Now on the iPhone you should select Settings – Mail, Contacts, Calendars – Add Account and choose Microsoft Exchange. Don’t use wireless charging while moving your data.

Step 5. You’ll have to enter gmail address and password when you are asked to.

Step 6. Press on Next and find Server field where you will have to enter and press Sync.

Step 7. You should sync Contacts and Calendars and wait for the procedure to complete. Your BlackBerry contact list will now be available on the Apple phone.

How to Transfer Data from BlackBerry to iOS Phone

If you wish to switch your phones at no additional cost you should continue with this guide.

Step 1. When you start to switch BlackBerry to iPhone you can use your computer to move your contacts.

Step 2. We don’t want to talk about BlackBerry vs iPhone since both phones have their pros and cons. If you think it’s time to move to iPhone we are here to help you. You can use special Desktop software created for BlackBerry to sync contacts between the devices.

Step 3. Connect the BlackBerry handset to your computer (PC or Mac) and within the computer program you need to choose Device – Backup to copy all the contact information.

Step 4. Now as the contacts are saved on the Mac or PC you should connect your Apple device and continue with the guide ‘how to move data to new iPhone.’

Step 5. You need to install iTunes on your computer as this is the tool to communicate with Apple handsets. Choose Info menu and press on Sync Contacts option.

Step 6. This is how to switch to new iPhone and bring over your contact list.

BlackBerry InTouch App Transfer Data to iPhone

If both guides don’t work there is yet another how to transfer everything from one phone to another solution. Thus if you don’t have business apps and still wish to know how to transfer photos to new iPhone as well as contacts you should learn more about InTouch program:

Step 1. Download the free application from BlackBerry World. You’ll have to register within it and provide necessary information about you (name, phone number, choose password etc.).

Step 2. Now you can upload your data (contacts) using this tool.

Step 3. Now just install the same program on iOS gadget since InTouch supports ‘fruit’ handsets too and get the contact list on your new iPhone 7 or other model. Learn how to factory reset your iOS phone just in case you ever need it.

You can also search for alternative programs [maybe Dropbox?] that support both iOS and Android platforms and move over images, contacts and other data from BlackBerry to iPhone without issues. Unfortunately there is no direct syncing method still workarounds are always possible.


Reasons to Factory Reset iPhone 7, 6s: Will I Lose Everything?

When and whey do Apple users need to use iPhone factory reset option? Is it something you have to do with the brand new iPhone 7 or older iPhone 6s, 6, 5s? How often should you reset? There are many questions regarding ‘if I reset my iPhone will I lose everything’ and similar issues. We are happy to provide answers and some advise on how to act in different life situations.

The Cupertino-based giant offers an extremely popular smartphone. Millions of users from all over the world enjoy their handset. Still sometimes your gadget becomes buggy, starts acting weird and you should do something about it. This is when iPhone 5, 6, iPhone 7 factory reset comes handy and very useful as this simple feature can do real miracles.

Before we explain how to reset iPhone let’s mention that this particular method works on each generation device. In other words, you can do this with the oldest original iPhone and the newest iPhone 7 that is planned for launch this fall. Of course, all the models in between are also supported. There are many disadvantages you will have to keep in mind while the advantages are also worth taking into consideration.

How to Factory Reset iPhone 7 iPhone 6s 5

If I Reset My iPhone Will I Lose Everything on iCloud?

Some of us [especially new customers] may wonder what happens if I reset my iPhone. The gadget will be wiped of all your data and settings. So all your images, contacts, videos, personal information, games, and applications will be deleted from the smartphone.

Your iCloud account will keep all the information saved to it through backup. You are advised to create backup copies of your iPhone before you are updating, upgrading or installing new apps. This way you will always have the latest copy saved to gain all the data back even after hard reset.

iTunes Factory Settings Reset

How to Factory Reset iPhone 7 Or Any Other Model via iTunes

Is your computer nearby? You can use iTunes to backup iPhone and then reset your phone. This is what you should perform:

Step 1. Connect the phone to your computer using USB cable and launch iTunes program.

Step 2. From the left-side menu you need to click on ‘Check for Updates’ option.

Step 3. Is there any newer iTunes version to update to? Do so if it exists. You can download it right via this program.

Step 4. Press on Summary – Back Up Now feature to make sure you have the newest version of your phone saved. This way you’ll have something to restore from after hard reset. If you have already a good backup saved and you’ll be fine using it instead you can skip this step.

Disable Find My iPhone Settings How To

Step 5. Now go to Settings on your smartphone and choose iCloud – Find My iPhone and turn it off.

How to Factory Restore iPhone via iTunes

Step 6. Now in iTunes Summary menu you need to click on Restore iPhone option. It is colored gray. You’ll see the pop-up menu with Restore feature that you need to press to confirm your desire. You might be asked to also download the software license agreement so do so.

Step 7. Wait till hard restore to factory settings is complete. Be patient as you might need to wait for a few minutes.

Step 8. You should see iOS 10 Setup Assistant when iPhone 7 starts up (or iOS 9 for iPhone 6s, 6, 5s etc.) if you have successfully reset your phone. Now you can simply restore from your iTunes backup and get all your personal data back. You can also SIM unlock iPhone after restoring it.

This iTunes option is also the way for iPhone factory reset without passcode. Just use your iTunes account and you should be fine.

Why to Hard Reset iPhone to Factory Settings?

You probably know all the main reasons to reset your iPhone. This is the way to fix problems that you can’t solve in another way:

*when your phone suddenly starts to turn off for no visible reasons

*when you experience issues with your iOS version and cannot downgrade to the previous version because Apple has stopped signing it but you keep experiencing troubles

*when your phone periodically freezes

*when simple resets haven’t fixed your problems

*when you installed a buggy app or tweak and cannot remove it

Guide for iPhone Factory Reset without iTunes

Do you not have your computer with you? It’s always possible to factory reset your phone without iTunes or other additional programs. You can do this directly on your handset:

Step 1. Double check that you have a backup copy of your phone saved to iTunes or iCloud to restore from.

Step 2. You need only your phone to reset it.

Step 3. Choose Settings from your Home screen.

Step 4. Go to General menu and find Reset option.

iPhone Reset Settings to Factory How To

Step 5. Click on Erase All Content and Settings – choose Erase iPhone and remember to confirm this option.

Step 6. Wait for a couple of minutes and make sure the restoration was a success.

You can always later restore from a backup.

The best thing about factory restoring process is that it only takes a couple of minutes. This is a quick procedure that brings your phone back to its original factory settings. You can fix different bugs using this method however you should always have a backup copy of iPhone with your images, contacts, music, data to restore from it and get all your information back after resetting the handset.


Simple Ways to Move Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone 7

Are you looking forward the next iPhone 7 release? It will happen pretty soon. Just in case you are planning to upgrade or purchase this new generation smartphone you might need to learn how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. This way you’ll bring all your contacts, photos and other information from the old handset to the new one.

There are several ways how to achieve your goal. You can use iTunes, iCloud or choose third-party program. All the methods have their pros and cons. You are the one who is selecting the easiest, fastest and best way that will mode data from old iPhone to new iPhone without any issues and unexpected bugs. Just know all your possibilities and use the one that suits your needs.

Transfer Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone 7 Without iTunes or iCloud

iPhone Data Transfer Without iTunes or iCloud

When you are about to buy the iPhone 7 this fall you should double check that you are fully prepared. Firstly, you should think of how to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone without iCloud and iTunes. There are other programs you can use to bring your images, videos, contact list and other content to the new smartphone model.

There is a solution called AnyTrans. It works for bringing your contact details, SMS messages and different files from one iDevice to another one. It happens directly and you need no iTunes or iCloud for this.

This free program needs only two phones: your old iPhone 6s, iPhone SE or other model and your new iPhone 7 [the program currently supports all existing Apple handsets but it will definitely support the next model as well once it is released to public]. Apple will unveil this next generation gadget in September or October. Here is what you should do:

Step 1. Download the free third-party program AnyTrans. You’ll have to first install it on your computer.

Connect two iDevices to Same Computer

Step 2. Now you need two USB cables and two phones. Connect them both to the same computer.

Step 3. You should now press on your old iPhone’s tab.

Step 4. Click on your AnyTrans homepage and select one of the two available options: iPhone Merge (great for adding your old data to the new device that already has some data which won’t stay intact) or iPhone Clone (for brand new iPhone that has no data yet).

Step 5. If you need to copy all your data from old handset to new iPhone 7 you should click on Phone Clone option. Now choose the iPhone 7 and press Next.

Step 6. You should choose what information you want to transfer (programs, contacts, images etc.) and click on Start.

Step 7. Be patient and wait till it completes. It might take some time but you’ll have all your data on a new iDevice.

Backup Old iPhone Using iTunes

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone Using iTunes

It is possible to move your information via iTunes backup. The main disadvantage of such method is that you cannot see your backup before you restore your phone. Sometimes you can also lose a number of your files.

This method is based on your old iPhone backup. So you need to:

Step 1. Connect the older phone to your computer and launch iTunes [updated to the most recent version].

Step 2. Remember that you should install the most recent iOS version before you proceed because the iPhone 7 will run iOS 10. So you have to wait for this firmware to be launch and update before backing up.

Step 3. Choose Summary – Backups – This Computer – Back Up Now on iTunes. Learn where your iTunes backup is stored on your computer.

Step 4. Wait for the backup file to be created.

Step 5. When you have your new iPhone 7 that you have already activated you should connect it to your computer and launch iTunes.

Step 6. Choose Summary – Restore Backup and point to your backup file created using your old iPhone. Click on Restore and wait till the procedure completes.

When you need to bring only some information from your old backup to new phone you can use programs similar to PhoneRescue. You can also backup iPhone to external drive as this way you can save space on iCloud or your computer.

How to Backup iPhone iCloud Guide

Using iCloud Backup or iCloud Synsing Option

Just like it happens with iTunes, you cannot preview your iCloud backup beforehand and select what to transfer and what to drop. This method is pretty similar to ‘iTunes old iPhone new iPhone backup’ and here is what you should do:

Step 1. Once you have updated your iPhone to iOS 10 you need to connect to WiFi and go to Settings on the old device.

Step 2. Choose iCloud – Backup and select Back Up Now option. Here is how to delete backup from iCloud in case you need to free up some space.

Step 3. Now on your iPhone 7 go to Settings and choose General – Restore from iCloud after you have activated it. Choose your old phone backup file and wait a bit. Pretty simple, yeah?

iPhone Transfer data from Old to New Phone 7

You can also use ‘sync’ method:

Step 1. Go to Settings on both phones connected to the same WiFi network. Select iCloud.

Step 2. Choose what you wish to transfer (for example, only Reminders, images or several categories at once) and click on each to enable the process. You’ll have to wait while syncing is finished.

Now you know how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes, with iTunes or iCloud or using additional free applications.


Learn to Deal with iPhone 6 Charging ‘Accessory Not Certified’ Issues

There are multiple reasons for seeing ‘accessory not certified’ problem on iPhone 6s, 6, SE and other models. Still with the soon official release of iOS 10 you might want to learn how to fix such iPhone charging issues if they occur after update. You just need a useful guide and some ideas on what to do when you come across the unpleasant bug.

It might happen on any firmware version actually but many testers and developers have already noticed such issue on iOS 10 so it is better if you are familiar with possible issues ahead of new public operating system launch.

What are the reasons for this bug? Why would you suddenly see an error message while charging? We hope our tricks and tips will come handy to you. Sometimes you connect your charger cable to the smartphone and your screen shows the ‘not certified’ message. What do you think of? Should you throw your cable away? Should you make sure it is MFI certified or are there other things you can try?

iPhone Charging Problems iOS 10 Accessory Not Certified Fix

Accessory Not Certified iPhone 6 / 6s / SE Reasons

The warning message usually appears in a couple of situations. It can be the cable bug or software problems. So let’s pay attention to different solutions that could suit your needs and help bypass ‘charging accessory not certified’ on your own. This isn’t difficult so it is absolutely worth trying and working out the bug.

Accessory Not Supported iPhone Charging Bug How to Solve

Reason #1 and #2: Charging with This Accessory Is Not Supported

Apple likes it when its customers are using genuine accessories still there are many Lightning cables in the market that are not MFI certified. What does it mean? MFi stands for ‘made for idevice’ and such accessories are approved by the Cupertino-based company.

Some cables work ok even when they are not mfi-accessories. They are way cheaper than original cables but they are also worn out much quicker. Thus it could be the reason of your charging problems with iOS 10.

Another thing that can happen to your cable is it could be damaged. This can happen to both Apple-certiified accessories and third-party cables. The cables get be broken, water damaged or stop working for other reasons. Even repeated use can harm them as no accessory lasts forever.

How to Clean iPhone 5 Charging Port Dirt

Reason #3: Dirt

When you carry your accessories and iPhone in the pocket or store on the shelves they can get muddy. Dirt can prevent the working cable from charging. In other words, you could solve the issue by cleaning your charging port or cable. There might be no need to purchase the new one.

Reboot iPhone 6s to Fix Charging Issues

Solution #1: This Cable or Accessory Is Not Certified Bypass

Here is what you can try to do in order to solve the bug on iOS 10 and successfully charge your iPhone SE, 6s, 6, 5s or other model.

Step 1. You need to reboot your iPhone. Do this by holding both Sleep / Wake and Home buttons and count to 10.

Step 2. Don’t wait till the gadget fully reboots and quickly connect your Lightning cable.

Step 3. Do you see the iPhone error message? Disconnect your charging accessory and wait for a moment.

Step 4. Connect your cable again. The issue could be solved this way and you may see no warnings.

Charge iPhone Wall How to

Solution #2: iPhone Accessory Not Certified Fix

There is another guide you can follow. It might be successful when the first solution fails to solve your problems.

Step 1. Take the Lightning cable but do not connect it to the handset and don’t use wireless charging. Instead, only plug it to your wall charger.

Step 2. Switch off the smartphone.

Step 3. With the iPhone being off you should connect it to the charger. Just do not turn on the device.

Step 4. Wait for about 10-15 minutes.

Step 5. Try to turn on your iPhone now. Hopefully the warning message will be gone.

If no solution works you should get a new cable. Remember that cheaper accessories don’t last as long as expensive certified ones. It might be a better idea to get Apple-approved cable to get rid of charging issues. Still you are the one who decides what cable to use after you update to the new iOS 10 with amazing features and specs.

By the way Apple is about to present the next generation iPhone 7. We still don’t know if there is Lightning cable or the company is planning to present a different accessory for this handset model.


Waiting for iPhone 7 Release? Why to Upgrade in 2016

The current iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and newer iPhone SE are not as popular as Apple had hoped but there are users who have upgraded and now wonder ‘Should I wait for the iPhone 7’ or ‘Is it better to stay with my current device’?

We already know when the famous iOS company is planning to present the next smartphone model. Or at least we’ve heard the reports about possible launch date. We would also like to share some ideas why you might wish to purchase the handset. There are some iPhone 7 specifications you could really like. So are you ready?

iPhone 7 Release Date Features

When Will Apple Release New iPhone?

It seems that the company sticks to its ordinary schedule. There is a report that promises iPhone 7 release date as September 16th. Could Apple really present its expected release that Friday? There are so many reports, rumors, predictions about this device. A lot of potential customers wish to know everything about the yet-to-be-launched-phone including details on iPhone 7 release date and price.

There is also information about possible September 12th launch. Still some experts state that the real iPhone 7 release date 2016 is on the 16th. Those who have any of the current ‘fruit’ models start to wonder whether to upgrade this fall or not.

We have heard some details about possible iPhone 8. Of course, all the rumors will begin roaming around after the September. If you remember, Apple’s original phone was presented to public back in 2007. In other words, this gadget’s 10th anniversary is coming in… 2017. Thus analysts, experts and users believe the company could do something incredible, major, significant the next year.

It could be the complete change in design, introduction of impressive options, innovation, something that will make you say ‘wow’ and buy the iPhone 8 without hesitation… But this will only be known in a year from now. Here comes the main question ‘Are there any iPhone 7 specifications and features that could impress you in 2016’ or not?

iPhone 7 Rumors Specs Features

Reasons to Buy iPhone 7 Or Not to…

It doesn’t matter that much when the Cupertino-based giant presents its new phone to public. Whether it happens on September 12th, 16th, 19th, 25th or earlier / later – users still need to know if this gadget is what they truly need and why.

No one can share Apple iPhone 7 full phone specifications at the moment because this handset will only be launched the next month. It could possible be another hit but many experts doubt this. Not many people would hurry to get the phone is it looks exactly as their iPhone 6s or iPhone SE and cannot boast any exclusive features.

These are some of the most interesting rumors about possible changes in this year’s upgrade. All these reasons are worth update – only if all these features are really coming to live in September.

iPhone 7 Battery Life Changes

Reason #1

iPhone battery life needs improvement. There are many tips and tricks on how to extend your battery and make it last longer however this is not a permanent solution. Apple could improve this in iPhone 7. If the battery lasts longer by 30% than on your iPhone 6s, wouldn’t you purchase the iPhone 7?

Reason #2

There are reports about possible dual camera device. If Apple truly doubles its smartphone camera the shots would be better, clearer and even more impressive than on current models. A lot of people are taking images and videos with their handsets. Improve camera and more customers would purchase the phone.

iOS 10 Firmware Release for iPhone 7

Reason #3

Developers and beta tester are exploring the future iOS 10. This mobile firmware version will be released right before we’ll see the next handset. It could offer many more features and opportunities than the iOS 9. As we know, all newest mobile operating systems always perform better on the newest smartphones. Thus it could be a good reason to update.

Reason #4

Quicker device is also something customers might enjoy. Is 2GB RAM enough for you? Would you like to see 3GB instead? This would result is faster speeds. Users could update the device if it looks the same but runs faster, right?

iPhone 7 Touch Sensitive Home Button Rumor

Reason #5

We are all used to current Home button on our phones. Now close your eyes and think of it becoming touch-sensitive [something like virtual Home button]. Does it sound nice? There are predictions about this happening as soon as 2016. Good reason for update, isn’t it?

P.S. There are rumors about the possible model name as iPhone 6SE not 7. It’s hard to imagine such title for the extremely popular smartphone in the world still anything could be possible with the company that wants to compete with other giants while its own iPhone sales decline.