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How to Secure Lock Screen on iPhone 7 with iOS 10 Firmware

A lot of users are buying the new 2016 phone model released by Apple in September. We mean the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 and bigger iPhone 7 Plus with 5.5-inch screen. These gadgets look exactly as previous generations iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s lineup still users prefer upgrading to iPhone 7 thanks to new storage capacity of 256GB and other impressive features that make this version more powerful compared to older devices. Of course, the iOS 10 lockscreen settings that are present on your new handset are worth learning more about.

The Cupertino-based giant did a good job working and improving iOS 10 features. The new iOS lock screen also gets better security. You can also enjoy the enhanced safeguard and protect your personal information from third-party people.

iOS 10 Lock Screen Features Changes

Some Details About iPhone Lock Screen Time

The iOS 10 lock screen settings allow you selecting the time for auto-lock. You can choose from 1 to 5 minutes. It is easy to adjust your personal likes to secure lock screen automatically:

Step 1. To apply changes to iOS lock screen you should launch Settings on iPhone.

Step 2. Go to General menu where you can play around with the auto-lock minutes.

Step 3. Press on the Auto-Lock menu.

iOS 10 Auto Lock Time Options

Step 4. There are several preferences to select from so choose your time.

Step 5. Now your handset will lock itself automatically one, two, three, fours or five minutes after you leave your smartphone.

iOS 10 Lock Screen Access Notifications

iPhone Lock Screen Settings & Options

The interesting list of iOS 10 features and secrets becomes longer when you t the various iOS lock screen widgets and possibilities. You can do so many things while the display is locked. Here is what your gadget still allows you doing:

* Wallet can be easily accessed

* Get Today View while the screen is locked

* Respond to your messages from iPhone lock screen

* Enjoy Notifications View as well as Home Control options on-the-go

Of course, all these opportunities don’t like like a good protection. If someone has your phone he or she can possibly pay for goods and access some parts of the system. Is there any smart lockscreen protector you can additionally use for better security?

A lot of users are happy with the fingerprint screen lock feature still sometimes you need much more than you already have. How can you use the 2016 mobile firmware update? Does redesigned Lock screen bring impressive changes in the Settings as well?

Secure iOS 10 Lock Screen Reply with Message

How to Secure Lock Screen on iPhone Running iOS 10

Luckily there are safeguard features you can take advantage of. Just learn some tips and tricks. The real fingerprint lock screen option can be secured using the following guide which supports both iPhone and iPad updated to the most recent operating system [the best way to protect your handset is to turn off respond to message from iOS 10 lock screen]:

Step 1. Take your phone and go to Settings.

Step 2. Select Touch ID & Passcode option.

Step 3. You’ll have to provide your passcode, don’t worry.

Step 4. You can now see the Reply with Message feature. Disable it by using the toggle.

Step 5. If the option from Step 4 is grayed out it means your passcode / Touch ID is disabled.

Step 6. Now get back to Settings in order to turn off access to your phone Home control, widgets and wallet.

iOS 10 Allow Access When Locked Settings

Step 7. Select Touch ID & Passcode section.

Step 8. Do you see the option called Allow Access When Locked? Disable the toggle under it for Today View, Home Control, Wallet, Notifications View. Don’t forget about the widgets section.

Step 9. There is something else you should do. You can turn off some particular programs from sending you notifications via Settings – Notifications where you can click on the iOS 10 app for which you want to turn off the notifications.

Step 10. Don’t forget to disable the Allow Notifications feature.

Step 11. You can turn off Show Previews via Settings – Notifications – Messages in order to disable such previous for Messages program, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Is there anything else you can turn off to secure your lock screen iPhone? Sure. You can also make sure that no one can quickly access your Camera when the display is locked. Do this via Settings – General – Restrictions where you have to enter your Restrictions passcode and toggle off Camera.

Once you have disabled all the Lock Screen apps, notifications and widgets your iPhone will be better protected while being locked by you.


Why Is My iPhone 7 Not Charging or Too Slow?

Even the latest generation handset can suffer from various issues. Users report their iPhone charging slowly or not charging at all. The same thing often happens to the iPad owners [learn more about iPhone wireless charging option]. What can you do when you come across such iPhone 7 problems? How to clean iPhone charging port and make the problem disappear? Why is your handset not chargen when plugged in? Let’s answer these questions and get rid of the issue.

iPhone 7 Wont Charge Issue

Why Is My iPhone Not Charging

There are so many reasons why iPhone is not charging when plugged in or why iPhone is charging slowly. It’s better if you understand what happens and how you can influence and successfully change the situation.

Firstly, the problem can be with your new iPhone 7. It might be buggy and the best solution could be to contact Apple and try to replace the device.

Secondly, the charging port might be blocked by dust, lint or debris. This can happen to anyone even if you don’t carry your device in your pocket.

Thirdly, the charging port might have a foreign object inside that is blocking it from charging properly or charging at all.

iPhone 7 Charging Port How to Clean

How to Clean iPhone Charging Port

This is not a big deal and you can easily master the process. If you believe the problem can be with your charging port on iPhone 7 [maybe it’s dirty or dusty] all you need is your handset and a toothpick.

Be gentle and patient. But before you start removing the lint you are advised to back up iPhone 7 using iTunes or iCloud. It’s always must-do no matter if you are planning to download iOS 10 via direct links, install a new application or clean your charging port.

Now turn off your handset. Use the toothpick to carefully remove the dirt, dust and anything else that got stuck in it. This procedure is important especially if you have pets. Once the port is gently cleaned you can test how good you have done by connecting the charger. Hopefully your iPhone 7 problems will be solved.

Why iPhone 7 Wont Charge

My iPhone 7 Wont Charge

Are you sure the problem is not with the charging port? There could be a situation when this is the iOS 10 bug. There is a guide you can follow to hopefully fix the problem.

Step 1. My iphone wont charge but it says its charging – is this your issue? You need to reboot the iPhone 7. To do this you need to turn it off.

Step 2. Click-hold the On / Off button found on the right side of its body and count till 3.

Step 3. Continue holding this button and also click-hold the Down volume button that is found on the left side of the handset’s body.

Step 4. Wait for about 10 seconds and your phone will reboot.

Step 5. Maybe this will fix the bug with the system and you will charge your gadget without further issues.

Cheap Lightning Cable iPhone 7 Charging Problem

Cheap Lightning Connector

There is another thing you have to keep in mind. Sometimes third-party accessories are too cheap and not certified by Apple and this cases your issue ‘why isn’t my iPhone charging.’ The bad lightning connector might show the charging indicator but the gadget’s battery keeps dying. If you have accessory from a dollar-store you shouldn’t be surprised to run into such a problem.
Purchase or borrow your friend’s Lightning connector that is certified by Apple and try to power up the handset. Is it working? If everything is ok than the problem is gone.

Sometimes you have the original connector however it is worn out so it means that you should update it and get a new one.

How to Know iPhone 7 Is Charging

How Do I Know If My iPhone Is Charging

This is pretty simply. Once you connect the charging cable to your phone and the outlet you should make sure there is the charging indicator as well as the lightning bolt near your iPhone’s battery icon on the Home screen or a big battery icon if the screen is locked.

This is how you know that everything is well and your iPhone 7 is charging.

Users who are fans of Apple devices for years and years in a row know that Wi-Fi issues, quick battery rain on iPhone and Bluetooth connectivity problems are pretty common to different generation smartphones. The charging issue is also something that happens once in a while but most of the problems can be fixed by you.

To minimize the changes to get unexpected issues you should be sure to use certified accessories, use cases instead of carrying the phone in the pocket, clean the Lightning port from the dust once in a while and update your firmware version to fix the common problems.

You can always contact Apple Care for help when you can do nothing about the issues.


Cool iOS 10 Features: How to Enable / Disable Assistive Touch on iPhone 7

Apple’s Assistive Touch is an amazing feature that is present in iOS 10 and on iPhone 7 / 7 Plus. It’s definitely a must-have for users who have problems with motor skills. We want to share some details with everyone who is interested in using various iPhone 7 features, especially since some of the options truly enrich the whole ‘fruit’ ecosystem.

The Assistive Touch iPhone download was pretty popular but there is no need to search for third-party applications that offer similar experience. The Cupertino-based giant allows using 3D Touch technology and Assistive Touch as one of the Accessibility extras within iOS 10 features.

A lot of users are in love with the amazing option found under Accessibility. It becomes simpler to access your Home screen, make your experience more comfortable even though you are not able to customize the gestures.

iPhone 7 Assistive Touch Feature

How to Enable Assistive Touch on iPhone

Step 1. Download iOS 10 ipsw using direct links and make sure you have updated your firmware version.

Step 2. Go to Settings on your smartphone.

Step 3. Choose General menu.

Step 4. Click the Accessibility tab.

Step 5. Choose AssistiveTouch option and enable it by switching the toggle on right next to it or triple-clicking Home before you choose Toggle AssistiveTouch.

While you can now see the AssistiveTouch menu on the Home screen let’s first learn how to disable the feature and this is pretty simple.

How to Use Assistive Touch on iPhone 7 iOS 10

How to Turn Off Assistive Touch

Step 1. Select General in Settings and go to Accessibility menu.

Step 2. Now just toggle off the option and it will ‘fall asleep’ until the next time you decide to enable it.
Now you know how to turn off Assistive Touch on iPhone let’s explore all other features offered by iOS 10.

Assistive Touch iPhone Feature

How to Use Assistive Touch iPhone 7

The feature is so simple you’ll like it. The shortcut is located on your Home screen and all you should do in order to enjoy it is to tap on it. Now let’s learn some details about the specific iOS 10 features you’ll love within iPhone 7 Apple or other model.

Use ‘Siri’ to activate Siri assistant.

Choose ‘Device’ if you want to lock screen on-the-go, increase or decrease volume, rotate the screen or do other interesting functions.

Fans of simple customizations can go with ‘Custom’ however don’t expect any major opportunities.

The ‘Control Center’ option eases the way you launch this part of iOS 10.

‘Home’ quickly brings you to your Home screen after you enable Assistive Touch.

You can guess what ‘Notification Center’ option is for, right?

iOS 10 Assistive Touch Customize

Assistive Touch iPhone Custom Gestures: How to Use Guide

Step 1. Once you activate the awesome iPhone 7 features you should add custom gestures by going to Settings and choosing General section.

Step 2. Select Accessibility and AssistiveTouch.

Step 3. Choose the feature called ‘Create New Gesture’ and swipe as this way the new gesture will be created. Press ‘Stop’ to continue.

Step 4. Test the gesture via ‘Play’ option to be sure you like it. If you don’t, just choose ‘Record’ and re-create it.

Step 5. Remember to ‘Save’ the gesture you like and type in its name.

Step 6. Confirm your decision by clicking on Save again.

It’s also possible adjust the program’s menu and change the icons.

Step 1. Take your iPhone 7 model and go to Settings.

Step 2. Select General menu and Accessibility where you should choose… yeah, right, AssistiveTouch.

Step 3. There is a fun option that reads ‘Customize Top Level Menu’ and click on the icon you wish to change. What are you able to do? Anything. Let’s say you prefer having Volume Up instead of Volume Down icon. Switch them.

Step 4. Choose the right function and press on ‘Done’ to complete the step. You can adjust the number of buttons using ‘plus’ or ‘minus’ located at the bottom.

We hope you liked this simple instruction on how to use Assistive Touch on both iPhone and iPad. Enjoy the custom gestures, top level menu icons and enjoy some other simple changes.

By the way, if you are not happy with the latest firmware version you might be able to downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 9 if Apple is still signing that release.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus owners have some advantages as the 3D Touch on AssistiveTouch icon allows them switching actions which is not possible on the iPhone 5s.


Awesome iPhone 7 Tips and Tricks to Hide and Unhide iOS 10 Photos

Do you have friends who like to ‘borrow’ your iPhone 7 just to explore the newest iOS 10 features and practice some cool iPhone 7 tips and tricks? The latest Apple smartphone model looks exactly like the iPhone 6 and 6s Plus and thus some users prefer looking at its options with friend’s help and not purchasing one for themselves.

The following iPhone photography tips are perfect if you want to hide your personal photos from simple access. Don’t worry, you can always revert this option and we’ll explain how to unhide pictures on iPhone after they are hidden.

A lot of ‘fruit’ users have wonderful memorable images on their handsets. Many of such photographs are too personal to let others see them. Luckily just as iOS 10 concept promised the official operating system release brings incredible opportunity to hide and unhide photos on-the-go. Learn more about the awesome ‘iPhone photo hide’ option and start using it right away.

How to Hide Unhide Photos on iOS 10

How to Hide Pictures on iPhone 6 / iPhone 7

The latest iOS 10 brings improvements and offers more options than iOS 9. Hiding images is simple. Unhiding them is also easy. When the photographs are hidden they will not show up in your Photos view.

Step 1. On your iPhone you should launch Photos application.

Step 2. Choose the image you prefer hiding. You might need to do a couple of clicks if the photo is placed inside particular category. Once you got to the image you need to hit it. By the way, you can always compare iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as these two models have differences.

Step 3. There will be Share option at the lower left corner and you should click on this option.

Step 4. Click on Hide option and select Hide Photo button to confirm you are willing to hide a photograph.

Step 5. The image will be relocated and you can find it in the hidden album.

iOS 10 How to Hide and Unhide Photos

How to Unhide Pictures on iPhone

Once you are hide the photo you should learn how to ‘return’ it to the original location. iPhone photo hide feature works for both hiding and unhiding.

Step 1. On your smartphone go to Photos.

Step 2. Select Albums option that can be found at the bottom.

Step 3. You’ll have to scroll down and choose Hidden Album.

Step 4. Click on Select option that you’ll find at the top right corner to choose image you prefer unhiding.

Step 5. Select Share option at the bottom and click on Unhide.

How to Unhide iOS 10 Photos on iPhone

Step 6. The photo you have ‘shared’ will appear in Photos view again.

Is this everything the updated iOS 10 features can offer you? Can you get more than just hiding photos one by one? Is there a way to hide multiple images with a click? Let’s see what Apple has in terms of ‘how to hide apps on iPhone’ regarding photographs.

How to Hide Photos on iPhone 7 for Multiple Shots

So let’s say there is more than one image you want to hide and you don’t have much time to repeat the first instruction again and again. The simpler and faster method is the following:

Step 1. Open Photos program on your handset. This is the first thing to do for hiding and unhiding.

Step 2. Locate that images you wish to hide.

Step 3. Click on Select to choose several photographs you prefer hiding all at once.

Step 4. Click on Share feature and select Hide option.

Step 5. Make sure you have confirmed your decision.

Step 6. All the selected photos will be hidden.

iOS 10 Features Tips and Tricks

Now you have learned details about an incredible iOS 10 feature that allows hiding / unhiding your personal memories from those who take your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus and might go through the images behind your back. There will be no personal photographs in your Moments, Collections and Years as they will appear in Hidden album instead unless you choose to unhide them again.

Keep your memories under wraps and unhide photos or hide them depending on your desires. Explore iOS 10 [here are direct iOS 10 links in case you haven’t downloaded the firmware version yet but wish to be running this operating system this and next year] and learn more about your iPhone 7.

It has become easy to move from Android phones to iOS 10 device. It is also simple to backup your iPhone to external drive in case there is not enough space on your computer. Make sure you create backup copies before you install iOS 10 or update to the next iOS 10.x version.


Guide for iPhone 7 Apple Watch Users: How to Backup and Pair Again

When you get your new iPhone 7 you need to learn how to pair Apple Watch with new iPhone and back it up to your latest generation model. There are a lot of awesome iPhone 7 specifications however all users who have the smartwatch have to see some wonderful tips and tricks.

Before you start learning about Apple Watch without iPhone usage you should unpair it. This is the only thing you must do before we explain how to pair Apple Watch again. Such procedure is important if you wish to start enjoying the new generation handset. You can also learn how to transfer data from your iDevice.

How to Pair Apple Watch to iPhone 7 Guide

How to Pair Apple Watch with New iPhone

Step 1.Take the old phone and select Apple Watch program on it.

Step 2. Select MyWatch section to start unpairing process.

Step 3. Click on the watch and ‘i’ icon.

Step 4. Press on Unpair Apple Watch feature. You need to provide your Apple ID passcode and wait for the phone to be backuped up and your iWatch to be restored to factory settings.

Now you need to switch your backup iPhone model to iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus [whatever smartphone version you have].

Choose Apple Watch Language Setup Guide

Step 5. The smartwatch should now reboot to language display. Choose the language.

Step 6. Now it’s time to restore iPhone 7 to iTunes or iCloud backup copy you have.

Step 7. On the new iPhone 7 Plus / 7 you should launch Watch program.

Step 8. Begin to pair the smartwatch with your handset. Wait for pairing process to complete.

Step 9. Press on Restore from Backup after pairing and choose the latest backup copy of your Apple Watch. It is also sometimes needed to factory reset iPhone so you should be aware of a simple walkthrough we shared earlier. No need to reset in this guide when you only need to unpair Apple Watch and pair it back again but to a new phone.

Step 10. You’ll be asked to agree to Terms and Conditions. Afterwards you need to sign in to Apple ID, read about Shared Settings and press on OK.

Step 11. You should decide whether you want to unlock your smartwatch using smartwatch or not.

Step 12. It’s also time to set up Apple Pay and forget about smartwatch settings.

Reset Apple Watch to Factory Settings

iPhone 7 Apple Watch Switch without Backup

If you don’t have iOS 10 backup [learn about the main issues and problems on iOS 10 firmware version] or iPhone 7 backup ready you can follow a different method and switch the smartwatch to newest phone without iTunes or iCloud copy.

Step 1. You can Reset your watch to factory settings. You should realize that all the information will be erased from your Apple Watch. To do this you need to launch Settings and select General section – Reset option – Erase All Content on your iWatch.

Step 2. Once your wearable is restored to its default settings it should automatically reboot and you’ll see the language display where you can set up the language you prefer.

Step 3. Now you can open Watch program on your new generation handset and let the pairing procedure begin.

Step 4. As soon as pairing has completed you can Set Up your wearable as New Apple Watch. This option will be offered to do so expect it.

Step 5. Choose right or left depending on the wrist you are wearing your Watch so that this electronic gadget knows this information and works better helping with your everyday tasks.

Step 6. Our simple switch Apple Watch to new iPhone guide continues. You should press on Agree to proceed. Now use Apple ID and password to log into your account.

Step 7. Press on OK button once you have got acquainted with the data from Location Services / Siri / Diagnostics and think of iWatch passcode. It can be any password you’ll remember. It will be used for Watch unlock and access in the future.

Unlock Apple Watch with iPhone 7

Step 8. If you wish to be able to unlock Apple Watch using iPhone 7 you need to select this option. Or choose not to unlock the device this way. [Use direct iOS 10 download links in case you have older smartphone version and wish to explore all the newest features].

Step 9. You also have a choice to install or not apps you have on the wearable. You can say ‘no’ for now and install them manually later on.

Apple Watch backup and syncing process can take a while. Be patient and enjoy using your smartwatch with the most recent iPhone 7 that comes with 4.7-inch screen or iPhone 7 Plus that boasts 5.5-inch screen. There are many useful iPhone 7 features you’ll fall in love with as well as amazing storage capacity that was never offered by Apple before. Customers who need more than 132GB of memory can now purchase 264GB models.

We hope our simple restore Apple Watch from backup guide was easy-to-follow. Enjoy!


iOS 10 Features and Problems: Fix Bluetooth, Type Special Characters with Ease

The popular iOS Bluetooth tutorial is now must-have for iOS 10 firmware since Apple users are experiencing some unpleasant issues. It’s good when useful tips are right here when you need them. In case you are having problems with your Bluetooth after updating to iOS 10 or getting iPhone 7 / 7 Plus model – just follow the guide below and you’ll solve the issue. Besides, we want to explain how you can use iPhone special characters on the newest mobile operating system presented by the Cupertino-based company this fall.

The problems with Bluetooth connectivity is long going on and some users already know how to deal with it. If you are only getting acquainted with iOS 10 bluetooth issues we’ll help you with tutorials. Don’t waste your time and simply fix the bug now.

How to Fix iOS 10 Bluetooth Problems

How to Fix Bluetooth on iPhone 7 or Other iOS 10 Device

Yes, unfortunately even the newest 2016 smartphone released by Apple in September can be buggy and sometimes it doesn’t want to connect to your wireless earbuds or Bluetooth. Connectivity problems can be fixed if you know the right tricks. Let’s pay closer attention to the tips shared by professional testers and ordinary users who get similar problems again and again and already know how to deal with Bluetooth connectivity problems on iOS 10 platform [here are direct iOS 10 ipsw links].

Step 1. The easiest thing you can try is disable Bluetooth. You need to take your iPhone 7 or any other model that is having issues.

Step 2. Go to Settings and choose Bluetooth menu.

iPhone 7 Settings Bluetooth Off

Step 3. Turn off this iOS 10 feature by toggling it off.

Step 4. Once again launch Settings.

Step 5. Choose WiFi and disable it just as you did with Bluetooth.

Step 6. It’s time to force reboot the handset or tablet [if you have issues on your iPad instead of iPhone]. For older models you need to just hold both Home and On/ Off buttons for approximately 10 seconds until you see the famous ‘fruit’ logo.

The procedure is different for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. You need to click-hold the On / Off button you’ll find on the gadget’s right side and at the same time click-hold the Volume down button [you can find it on the left side]. Wait for the display to turn off and get back on to show Apple logo.

Step 7. Now you need to disable Bluetooth on the gadget you are planning to connect your iDevice to.

Step 8. Now wait for a couple of minutes and enable Bluetooth and WiFi on iPhone first and then on your other device.

Step 9. Connect your handset to the other gadget through Bluetooth. Is it working now?

There is a different solution to iOS 10 bluetooth problems [just in case you need to downgrade from iOS 10 to iOS 9]. Here is how to fix bluetooth on iPhone if the previous method didn’t work:

Step 1. Launch Settings on the phone.

Step 2. Choose Bluetooth option.

Step 3. Click on the ‘i’ sign and choose Forget This Device option. You’ll be asked to confirm this solution.

Step 4. Reboot the phone and pair gadgets again.

Our iOS bluetooth tutorial isn’t full if we don’t remind you to resent Network Settings via Settings – General – Reset – Reset Network Settings. You can also try to Reset All Settings via same Settings – General – Reset menu. The last thing you can try before taking your iPhone 7 back to Apple is trying to restore it as new phone. This can be done on the iTunes and you are highly recommended to backup iPhone before taking any important step.

Once you have successfully solved iOS 10 bluetooth issues let’s learn more about interesting iOS 10 features. Specifically we want to talk about iPhone special characters and symbols you can use while texting your friends.

iPhone 7 Special Characters

How to Type Special Characters on iPhone

Step 1. You can use the stock keyboard that offers iOS 10 characters. It includes emojis and you can type them right into your text message.

Step 2. Just use the QuickType keyboard option and enjoy everything it offers on-the-go. You can type different accents, punctuation, letters including degrees, currencies, pounds and, of course, big selection of iOS 10 special symbols.

Step 3. Just click-hold the symbol with special characters and you will see a list of available characters you can choose [learn how to reset iPhone 7 to factory settings].

All the following letters offer a list of special characters: a; o; e; y; I; u; $; &; n; c; z; l and some others. Explore your opportunities and fix problems as soon as you get them.