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Cool iPhone 7 Siri Settings for iOS 10 and Funny Things to Ask Siri

Are you aware of awesome iPhone Siri settings commands you can use on iOS 10 firmware version? Apple released iOS 10 ipsw in the fall 2016. A lot of users with newest iPhone 7 and older smartphones have successfully updated to this version of ‘fruit’ operating system and can now enjoy the list of funny questions for Siri to check answers on the most recent platform.

We’ll share some funny things to ask Siri with answers and explain what Siri commands iOS 10 you can use on your iDevice in 2016 and 2017. There is nothing difficult or strange and you’ll definitely enjoy the questions to annoy Siri and surprise your friends and even yourself.

The Cupertino-based giant introduced iOS personal assistant back in 2011. It was revealed along with iPhone 4s model. Today users can choose their Siri’s voice gender which was impossible several years ago. So let’s see what the main Siri commands on iOS 10 are and where you can adjust the settings.

iPhone Siri iOS 10 Commands Settings

How to Use Siri on iPhone 7: Siri Commands & Settings

You can use your personal voice assistant to skip your UI and simplify a lot of things you perform on your handset every day. Just use Hey Siri commands and iPhone Siri settings to succeed.

You can enjoy all the things even without Siri download as it should be installed on your new iPhone 7 or previous models by default. You just should enable to disable the feature you wish Siri to do or don’t and it will help you out in most situations without any issues.

Step 1. When you need to change the settings you should ask Siri to launch Settings app. You can even specify that you wish to open Notification settings or other specific par of the tool.

Step 2. If you need to make sure you have internet connection just ask your assistant whether your WiFi is enabled. It will provide the answer.

Step 3. Now just learn more about the settings you are able to adjust Siri’s help.

You can experiment with various options. Siri can turn on or off your WiFi connection, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb option, VoiceOver, Cellular Data, Night Shift mode, Brightness and Low Power Mode. Siri also understands Invert colors feature.

Speak clearly because sometimes you can get across Siri funny version when your assistant doesn’t understand you or gets you wrong.

Funny Things to Ask Siri 2016

How to Make Siri Cuss

Siri can call you whatever name you choose since you are always able to replace it. Just type the bad words you wish to hear into the name field and your personal assistant will have no choice but to start cussing.

How to Make Siri Rap

This is a fun trick. On older phones just press on your Home button while saying ‘beatbox’ and your assistant might say ‘boots and cats’ and even surprise you with rapping. Of course, you’ll have to ask Siri to rap first.

Siri Pokemon Go Question

Funny Things to Ask Siri 2016

Here is list of funny questions for Siri in 2016 and 2017. We are sure that the funniest responses don’t change that much year after year. So the awesome and funny Siri tricks become even cooler when you know what to ask.

Firstly, since the world has gone crazy after Pokemon Go game release you must ask Siri something like ‘Do you like Pokemon Go’ and you’ll laugh at various responses. Secondly, keep in mind the ‘Beatbox’ question we talked about above (in the ‘rap’ section). Thirdly, ask Siri to read you a haiku.

It’s always funny to ask such questions as ‘What is zero divided by zero?’ or ‘What came first, the chicken or the egg?’ and surprise the assistant with the simple question ‘What does the fox say?’ – got it? Siri also can tell you a story, explain what the best smartphone is, what it’s wearing, make you a sandwich and compare Windows to Mac. With the Christmas arriving soon you can also find out if Santa Claus exists.

The list can go on and on. Some users have fun asking Siri about the end of the world, the plans for the future, where Elvis Presley is, what the meaning of life is or what Siri means.

We hope you enjoyed our list of funny questions for Siri. Remember that you can ask same questions over and over again and hear different answers. Have some fun and Merry Christmas!


Tips for Using iMessage on PC: How to Login, Use, Check Messages Online

Is it possible to use iMessage on PC? This is a well-known application created for iPhone owners. A lot of Apple fans enjoy sending SMS messages through WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook Messenger.

So can you use iMessage online? How easy is it to check iMessages on PC? While Mac owners can get Apple products quicker and easier since it’s Apple that released iPhone, iPad, Mac and other popular gadgets – it could be more difficult for Windows PC users to download and use the same applications because a lot of developers work with one platform only. There are a lot of tools that only support iOS and Mac OS and do not work on Windows platform [learn how to you can delete multiple contacts on iOS 10 all at once].

The tips are not difficult to follow. You’ll like remote messages on your computer once you master how to check iMessage online or access iMessage on PC without iOS 10 platform. So here we go.

Chrome Remote Desktop for Windows and Mac

How to Use iMessage on PC without Jailbreak

So what would you need for successful iMessage login on computer running Windows operating system? Firstly, you need a Windows computer. Secondly, you also need a Mac computer with iMessage installed on it.

Step 1. It’s required to download Chrome browser on your Windows PC and Mac (right, install it on both machines).

Step 2. Now download and install Chrome Remote Desktop on Mac and your personal computer with Windows platform. This step is extremely important because there is no official iMessage version for Windows yet. We wonder if Apple ever thinks about creating the special iMessage on Windows app because the Cupertino-based company is competing with Microsoft that stands behind PCs.

Step 3. You should get Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer for Mac computer only. Install it. This program makes it possible to access other computers distantly through Chromebook or browser (including files, applications, and games). The security level is high.

Step 4. Launch Chrome Remote Desktop program and connect two machines using the special code (you’ll have to connect Mac and Windows computers in order to access iMessage online PC).

How to Install iMessage on PC Windows

Step 5. You can now launch iMessage on Mac and access it from your Windows PC.

Of course, the method on how to check iMessages on PC described above is not that simple and requires having a Mac machine. You can try using such programs as iPadian to avoid using Mac since they work more like emulators and create virtual iOS on PC. Read below how it could work for you.

How to Install iMessage on Windows PC no Jailbreak

How to Get iMessage Online PC Guide (without Mac)

Step 1. You should start with webside. This is where you can get the emulator for further iMessage login from your PC. It’s free to download and use.

Step 2. Once you install the .exe file you can open the tool.

Step 3. The emulator will ask you to accept its terms / conditions before you can fully launch it.

Step 4. You’ll see the search window where you can type in iMessage to find it, download and install on your computer.

Step 5. Launch iMessage on your Windows PC using the emulator and start sending and receiving messages.

It’s curious how Apple could develop and improve iMessage in the future. We’ve heard that the company has plans to integrate Siri into iMessaging. It could be awesome if you can get real-time response for various things like direction, weather, finances etc.

The release of new iOS 10 firmware improved Siri however this personal assistant can still get further enhancements to make users happier. Right now a lot of iPhone and iPad users believe that Siri could be so much better and Apple might enhance it in the future.

According to the patent filed by the ‘fruit’ giant, its new Siri could easily schedule your meetings and use your location for solving other problems on-the-go. Since this is just a patent we might never see such changes in reality. Still Apple is always trying to impress potential customers with new exclusive features so seeing Siri a part of iMessage sounds like a wonderful possible change.


How to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone 7 All At Once

Do you have many contacts on your iPhone that you wish to remove? It is easy to do. We’ll explain how to delete multiple contacts on iPhone 7, iPad and other iDevice models. It’s also possible to delete contacts from your Facebook and iCloud accounts.

There is no need to remove everything you have one by one. There are simple tricks on iOS 10 that help achieving your goal much quicker as you can delete multiple contacts you have all at once. Sometimes you have groups with many unwanted names so when you want to delete the whole group or most of its contacts you can use thee tips and tricks below.

How to Delete Multiple Contacts from iPhone

How to Delete Multiple Contacts iPhone 7

What to start with? It’s probably best to get rid of every unknown, isn’t it? Should you download an additional program? Can everything be completed through your ordinary Contacts application?

Unfortunately, the default Contacts tool does not let users remove a lot of programs at once. However there is an additional app you can use. It is called ‘Groups’ and you can download it for free from the App Store. It costs you nothing and the result can be impressive. Follow the instruction and get a successful result.

Step 1. Take your iPhone and find Groups program on the App Store.

Step 2. Download and install the free tool.

Step 3. Now let’s find out how to delete iPhone contacts all at once. Firstly, launch Groups program.

Step 4. Now you can continue. You should let the application access iOS 10 contacts. Have you updated to iOS 10 on older iPhone? All new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus versions arrive with this operating system already pre-installed on them.

Step 5. Do you see Smart Labels option?

Step 6. You should check out all contacts you do not recognize or that are not categorized. Just click on the group and delete all numbers at once.

Step 7. If you wish to learn ‘how to delete all contacts on iPad’ you can try using the same guide.

Step 8. You can choose contacts based on various criteria. For example, select the ones that ‘has photo’ grom your groups. Check everything you want to delete – Choose Action – Delete.

Step 9. Now one last thing to do. Click on ‘Remove from my iPhone’ and ta-da! The contacts will be deleted for good.

How to Remove Facebook Contacts on iPhone 7

How to Delete Facebook Contacts from iPhone

Sometimes you wish to remove some contacts from your social network:

Step 1. Choose Contacts section.

Step 2. Select Groups which you will see on the upper left corner.

Step 3. Go down to the option that reads ‘All Facebook’ find the list of items.

Step 4. Uncheck the group or an item to make it invisible.

Step 5. Click on Done and the contact will be removed.

How to Delete iCloud Contacts iOS 10 iPhone

How to Delete Contacts from iCloud

It is easy to remove contacts from your iCloud account. How can you achieve this? Follow the simple guide and you’ll be done within seconds:

Step 1. You should use your iCloud Contacts menu.

Step 2. Go to All Contacts menu.

Step 3. Select a contact you wish to remove.

Step 4. Click on Delete and you will see a new dialog.

Step 5. Confirm you decision and the contact will be deleted permanently.

Step 6. If you wish to remove a contact from a group you need to choose group on the left – contact and select the Delete option.

That’s it.

How to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone 7

It’s great to know how to delete multiple contacts on iPhone 7, iPhone 6, other phone models and iPad. You can clean unknown contacts once in a while to avoid getting too many in your list. Luckily, whenever you wish to remove several contacts at once you can do this now with the help of detailed guide above.


Updated iOS 10.2 Guide: PayPal and Emergency Call on iPhone 7

The iOS 10 download is available for version 10.2 so iPhone and iPad users who are running this firmware can now update to this beta and explore even more iOS 10 features. How has new iOS 10.2 beta changed? Let’s pay attention to some important things such as iOS Siri commans and emergency calls. The tricks and tips below will guide you through some of the newest features.

Firstly, you can easily use iPhone PayPal along with your personal assistant. When you ask Siri to send your money it will be so much quicker to make your payments online. For example, it becomes possible to book your tickets or even play online orders by asking Siri to send such a message using WhatsApp. The possibilities are endless so you can find PayPal App Store tool and download it in case you don’t have it installed yet on your iPhone 7, 7 Plus or other version.

Besides, there is new emergency call iPhone feature called ‘Emergency SOS’ and you can use it after installing iOS 10.2.

iPhone PayPal Siri iOS 10.2 Feature

Cool iOS Siri Commands for Paying with iPhone PayPal

PayPal app download becomes must have if you wish to easily send money to your family or make online purchases even though you can use the Apple Pay service offered directly by the Cupertino-based company. Here is how everything works for your handset or tablet:

Step 1. Find PayPal App Store program, download and install it after updating to iOS 10.2. This is a free application and you need at least the version 6.7.

Step 2. To use iOS Siri commands you should activate this assistant. So click-hold your Home button. This is how you ask Siri to work.

Step 3. Tell Siri something like this, “Send $20 to my mom.” Of course, you can voice any sum of money and any person who should receive it.

Step 4. Siri will ask you to confirm your decision so click on ‘Yes’ and it will access your PayPal information.

Step 5. Choose the phone number (or email address) of money recipient and click on ‘Send’ option.

This is how to enjoy newest Siri iOS 10 features for PayPal payments. It’s a great service which is available in more than 30 countries, including the USA, many European and Asian counties, Canada and other places.

iOS 10.2 Features

Emergency Call iPhone 7 Changes in iOS 10.2

The long iOS features list get a new option. It is known as Emergency SOS and you can try it after updating to iOS 10.2 on iPhone and iPad or using watchOS 3 on your wearable device.

You can access iPhone emergency call numbers much quicker and easier than it used to be. No special iPhone emergency call setup is required because it is extremely easy: press three times on your On / Off (Sleep / Wake) button and your phone will make an emergency call on your behalf. There are only three seconds to stop such a call so if you activated the option without intension you need to stop it.

Emergency SOS iPhone Stop Call iOS 10.2

How to Stop Emergency Call iPhone Feature on iOS 10.2 Beta

Step 1. The iPhone emergency button becomes activated once you triple click on your On / Off button. There could be situations when you make such clicks unintentionally so you need to quickly stop everything before it becomes too late.

Step 2. There should be the big X button ‘Stop’ at the bottom of your iPhone screen. Click on it.

Step 3. Now confirm by pressing ‘Stop Calling’ and the emergency call will be stopped.

A lot of users are afraid to turn on Emergency SOS by accident so it’s important to know how to reduce the chances of making a mistake:

Step 1. On your iPhone 7 you need to go to Settings app [learn how to fix iPhone won’t charge issue].

Step 2. Choose General – Emergency SOS (it is only available starting with iOS 10.2 release).

Step 3. Change the number of clicks that activate the new service. Make it Five clicks instead of Three.

Step 4. When you need to make an emergency call you’ll have to press on your On / Off button five times in a row.

Step 5. It is also possible to disable Emergency SOS on iPhone 7 via Settings – General – Emergency SOS – disable Click Sleep/Wake to Auto Call feature.


Simple Use of Apple Pay on the Web: iOS 10 iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad

The well-known ‘fruit’ company presented various upgrades this fall. It released iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, updated other products and operating systems. How does Apple Pay work on updated iOS 10 platform or new macOS Sierra? How is new iOS Apple Pay tutorial different from what you are used to? Has anything changed at all?

Both new operating systems [for Macs and iDevices] let users use Apple Pay on the Web. This is an interesting iOS 10 feature and we’ll post a simple macOS and iOS Apple Pay tutorial for those who wish to explore more features and available options and make their online shopping a better experience on-the-go. By the way, you can easily live stream videos directly from your iPhone. Isn’t it cool?

The number of Apple Pay supported stores is constantly growing. The same thing happens to Apple Pay counties so more and more customers can purchase goods and services online via their iPhone, Mac or other Apple gadget. The latest option called Apple Pay on the Web doesn’t work in every browser. Safari supports it and other platforms might bring such support in the future.

How to Use Apple Pay on the Web

How Does Apple Pay Work in Safari

When it comes to using the mobile payment service offered by Apple you need to first set it up. This should be down on your phone, smartwatch, tablet or computer. Here is how to do this on your iDevice:

Step 1. Launch Settings on the latest iPhone 7 [you need to learn how to secure lock screen on this model], older iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Go to Wallet & Apple Pay section.

Step 3. Add your credit / debit card.

Step 4. Follow the iOS Apple Pay tutorial you will see on your device’s screen until you complete the setup process.

Sometimes you need to remove your credit card from Apple Pay to update your information.

How to Set up Apple Pay on Apple Watch

For your wearable gadget you should:

Step 1. Take your smartphone (not your watch).

Step 2. Launch Watch program on the phone.

Step 3. Go to Wallet & Apple Pay.

Step 4. Add the card information and complete everything via the guide you’ll see on your display.

Mac users should only use their iCloud account, the same one used on iPhone, iPad where you have already set up your Apple Pay service.

With the upcoming holidays you might enjoy Apple Pay Walmart support, different other stores across the U.S. and other countries. You can easily find the list of Apple Pay banks friends online. This is not a secret information.

How to Pay with Apple Pay on iPhone iPad

How to Use Apple Pay on the Web

Step 1. Before you try this interesting feature you should install iOS 10 firmware version on your iPhone, WatchOS 3 on your wearable. Otherwise it won’t work.

Step 2. Go to Safari browser.

Step 3. Now you can select an online store who accepts Apple Paythough this browser.

Step 4. Find what you wish to purchase.

Step 5. Checkout via Apple Pay.

Step 6. You’ll have to click on ‘Pay’ option offered by this Apple service and double check your billing and shipping address.

Step 7. Now place the finger you registered for Touch ID option on your Home button.

Step 8. Your purchase will be complete.

How to Checkout with Apple Pay

If you wish to pay with your Mac you need to update to macOS Sierra on your computer. So is Apple Pay safe? New users always ask this question. The Cupertino-based company that implemented it assures that everything is safe. No one can see your personal information. Besides you don’t have to enter your billing and shipping address each time you are making a purchase online because this information is already saved [when you were setting up your Apple Pay account].

It’s curious that users who prefer shopping online instead of going to physical stores can get some interesting rewards and discounts while using Apple Pay on the Web. The famous ‘fruit’ company collaborates with biggest companies and banks so you can always find great deals for the upcoming holiday season.

Some stores are eager to offer your iTunes gift cards when you purchase eligible items. Others promise one-year subscription with a nice discount. It is also possible to find instant discounts to save money right here right now or get free shipping.


Nice App for Streaming Live Video Directly from iPhone

Do you know how easy it is to stream live video from iPhone? This simple action can be performed on the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus or older models that are updated to iOS 10 firmware version. There are many customers who have already purchased or upgraded to iPhone 7 lineup as this phone arrives with 256GB of storage option as well as other curious features.

iPhone live photos and videos is a cool thing to stream. We want to share some great tricks with video broadcasting so that you can make your videos stylish and interesting to your friends. You just need to use the right application and it will do the job for you. By the way, do you know how to secure your lock screen?

What is the best iPhone 7 live video streaming app? Search the App Store and you’ll see so many titles that are curious to try. Hype is probably the latest ‘hit’ so we want to focus our attention on this program. It’s not complicated and a lot of users find its advantages pretty awesome. Here are some details you should know before you download this iOS 10 application.

iPhone 7 Models

iPhone 7 Video Streaming App: Hype

Hype is a pretty new addition to the huge collection of cool iOS 10 features and apps. It still differs from many similar programs. For example, users are able to add not only videos and photos, but also music, emojis and text while broadcasting.

It is even possible to turn your slideshow into iPhone 7 live video. Doesn’t it sound outstanding?

Besides, this is a no-cost solution. It offers some customization features and supports not only iOS 10 iPhones, but also iOS 9 and iOS 8 devices.

How to Stream Live Video on iPhone 7 iOS 10

How to Stream Video on iPhone

Step 1. Download Hype from iTunes or App Store (it is completely free).

Step 2. Install the program.

Step 3. Sign up with your new free tool from your mobile device. Use Facebook, email or your Twitter account to sign up.

Step 4. The program wants to send your notifications. You’ll have to allow this option.

Now let’s learn how to live stream video on iPhone using Hype application:

Step 5. You can launch Hype once you sign up.

Step 6. Click on the Plus option which is located at the bottom of the screen.

Step 7. To support iPhone live video you need to allow the program accessing your Music, Camera, Microphone and Camera Roll. Otherwise nothing will happen.

Step 8. There is Go Live option in the upper left part of the screen. Click on it to proceed.

Step 9. Give a name to your new hype.

Step 10. You are almost there and your iPhone 7 video stream is about to begin. Press on ‘Done’ and be creative.

Step 11. If you want to add a message when you stream live video from iPhone you should click on the message option [at the lower left part of the screen] and type your message.

Step 12. Sometimes you wish to know how many people are watching your live video. Check it by pressing on your Profile – X – confirm ‘Yes’ when popups appear.

Step 13. To add videos or images you should click on the Plus option – choose the file from your Camera Roll and enjoy it. Similar thing can be done with Music and Text. [It is easy to hide and unhide iOS 10 photos].

Step 14. To add a slideshow to your hype you should click on the Plus while streaming your video and choose the videos that should become your slideshows. Now press on the tick mark and you’ll be able to adjust the slideshow size. If you change your mind and want to delete some videos you need to click on Delete option at the bottom. Once you have checked all the files included [use the Forward / Backward option] you should press on your screen.

Hype App for iOS 10

You can subscribe to others via Hype – Subscriptions and check who is online right now by going to Hype – Live Now.

Sometimes you like the video you are currently watching. Want to share it? Here is how sharing is working: click on Share option [at the bottom] – choose the medium for sharing. That’s it.

The program shows the most popular videos in Popular Today menu.

Customize Your Account

Hype allows users customizing their avatar:

Step 1. Go to Hype on iPhone.

Step 2. Go on your profile section.

Step 3. Click on the ‘gear’ and choose to Change Avatar.

Step 4. You can select an image or photo from your Camera Roll and use it as your new Avatar.

Step 5. You can also take a new photograph of yourself and make it the Avatar.

Step 6. When you wish to delete your profile picture you can simply click on Delete Avatar option.

Now you have learned how to work with the tool. If you want to logout from it simply launch Hype – profile – gear – Logout.