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How to bypass configuration profile on iOS

mdm bypass solution


Why MDM unlock iPhone option becomes so popular these days?

You know that any locked smartphone cannot be activated unless you know the original Apple ID and password. MDM iPhones are securely protected by corporate passcode and ordinary workers cannot access this information to use their iOS device at home or after they leave the company.

mdm bypass solution


What is MDM?

Do I Need Bypass MDM Device Service?

Is MDM Lock Same as iCloud Lock?

MDM Bypass Tools for Windows and Mac

Have you heard about iActivate?

How does MDM unlock works?



The 100% working and fast automated bypass MDM service might be exactly what you need. The question is where to find this service, what corporate bypass means and how to activate the iPhone or iPad that is locked by your company.

What is MDM?



MDM protocol stands for mobile device management. Such protocols are used by big companies, corporations and small businesses to remotely manage dadgets purchased for workers. This option allows the company to lock all the iPhones and iPads it is buying for its employees with one Apple ID and password known to managers or company owners only.

If mobile device management profile is installed on your iPhone running iOS 10 you won’t be able to activate your working device outside of your company. Each such iDevice is protected by the login and password set up by administrators and secured by MDM protocol.



This is when Apple MDM Server bypass comes handy. It is possible to unlock MDM configuration profile on iOS 10 firmware and let you activate your corporate iPhone to use in your everyday life. Isn’t it great?

Maybe you have already left your company and your corporate device is finally yours but it is still locked and you don’t know the corporate password… It’s not a problem any more!

Do I Need Bypass MDM Device Service?

You probably wonder if this service is for you or not.

How can you figure out that your iPhone or iPad is MDM locked? Do you really need MDM bypass tools for Mac or Windows?

It’s simple to answer your question about being locked or not. Take your corporate iDevice and connect it to iTunes. It doesn’t matter what computer you are using: Windows PC or Mac. When your Apple mobile device is activated and iTunes reports that it is unable to download your iPhone configuration or says that your company should automatically configure your phone… it means the iDevice is locked by your firm.

MDM iPhone lock

MDM lock screen


















You’ll see a screen message asking for your corporate login details: name and passcode. Do you know this information? If your answer is ‘yes’ you do not need to use MDM server unlock as you can enter the corporate name / password and activate the device. If your answer is ‘no’ you might want to get the automated bypass corporate iPad / iPhone feature and complete unlock for home or out of office iDevice usage.

Is MDM Lock Same as iCloud Lock?

Please do not mix MDM lock via Apple Device Enrollment Program with iCloud activation lock. These are two different types of locks. When you bypass MDM device lock and the gadget is locked to a particular iCloud account – it will remain iCloud locked even after you activate your company’s configuration profile!

icloud is not mdm

iCloud activation is a completely different service! Remember that bypassing MDM lock only deals with mobile device management (your corporate profile).


MDM Bypass Tools for Windows and Mac

Let’s see how you can bypass configuration profile on iOS 10 and unlock your iPhone or iPad on any computer for personal use.

There are a lot of different programs on the market that are aimed at helping you to unlock a corporate iDevice for personal use when you are not at work. You would have to double check that the service you select supports all iOS include iOS 10 platform. Make sure that you understand all the steps and contact the company in case you have any doubts or questions.

A lot also depends on your corporate software. Are you using Citrix Xenmobile MDM, MAAS360, SOTI, VMware or other device management program?

It is better to answer this question before you select your iOS 10 Apple MDM bypass server and order this remote service.

Have you heard about iActivate?


It’s a new working solution for anyone who wishes to get rid of MDM lock and use his or her corporate iPhone or iPad at home or anywhere out of office. This new 2017 program is easy to use. It is available as automated bypass for corporate iPhone and iPad and works on any mobile firmware including current iOS 10.

Download MDM Bypass Tools for Windows and Mac

How does MDM unlock works?

  1. Firstly, you should download the application for Windows or Mac.
  2. Secondly, you should purchase the credits you’ll use towards corporate profile activation.
  3. Thirdly, you need to carefully read “how to” guide for iActivate or other service before following it.
  4. Finally, you should run the activation program and use your credits to unlock your iPhone or iPad and bypass configuration profile. Remember that it is often required to use iActivate simultaneously with your iTunes desktop program to successfully remove the limits set up by your company.

Automated MDM Unlock Benefits

  • *MDM Unlocked iPhone or iPad that can be used by you every day
  • *Fully automated service
  • *Fast solution that saves your time
  • *Simplicity of the process
  • *Ability to reset your corporate iPhone or iPad anonymously (without the company knowing about it)
  • *No more locked corporate gadgets for you
  • *Affordable cost
  • *100% safe to use

You can see how many benefits distant activation lock removing for MDM consoles has. It is a great iOS 10 tool that works with both iPhone and iPad, supports both Mac and Windows computers, is completely automated, safe and quick and guarantees your satisfaction.

Don’t let the companies control your every step. Unlock your corporate-owned iPhone or iPad for personal use without using your employee’s Apple ID and password that allow your company to follow your daily activities.

The iActivate MDM Server is perfect for Apple users who need distant bypass for their corporate profile lock while going on a vacation, spending holidays with their family and friends or simply using the iPhone or iPad previously owned by the company.

iActivate iOS MDM Activation Bypass Service



Top iPhone Email Apps You Must Have in 2016

Is there too many emails in your box? Is it cluttered with all the email subscriptions you could possibly get? The list of iPhone email apps 2016 has some titles that will help you organize your newsletters and read only what you want to read.

Take a look at the three useful iOS 9 applications you can download and install right away. This will really improve your email experience and clear your inbox from all the subscriptions while you’ll still be getting them and even choosing what to read.

iPhone Email Apps iOS 9 2016 Top List

Top iPhone Email Apps 2016

1. MyBlend iPhone Email App

This iOS 9 app is also great for email subscriptions. This tool shows you the list of all most recent posts from subscriptions you created. It might take some time to adjust this program however then it becomes very easy and fast to view the stories while having an organized personal email.

2. Mlist iPhone Email App

Mlist is an interesting iOS 9 application you can use. When you sign up for this tool you’ll get an email id. You can subscribe to different newsletters using your given personal email ID [] and you’ll get all your subscriptions in mlist application and not your regular inbox. This is a great tool for reaching newsletters.

3. Snack iPhone Email App

This tool can help you create a single feed with letters from e-commerce websites and similar tools. It won’t exactly organize your newsletters but it also helps creating subscriptions and saving emails for read-later-on.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 9 – 9.1 you can search Cydia store for other email subscription solutions.


Will iPhone 7 Plus Become Apple Phablet?

We’ve seen some so-called iPhone 7 Plus leaks and there are various concepts of the future Apple smartphones. We’ve heard about different possible features for the next generation handset. Now we hear some curious rumors about Apple phablet release date.

The rumors come from China just as many other predictions do. However there were not many news about possible Apple phablet 2016 launch. The iPhone 7 could be the regular Apple smartphone while the iPhone 7 Plus could be bigger and remind of the phablets.

iPhone Phablet Rumor Idea Concept

The Chinese sources state that we’ll see a thicker iPhone 7 Plus device compared to current iPhone 6 Plus. What could this mean? Apple might add some exclusive options and specs to make it stand out and catch customers’ attention. Still we also read rumors about major iPhone upgrade in 2017 when Apple is to celebrate iPhone’s 10th anniversary.

Apple phablet 2016 might just a rumor that will be real only in 2017. Anyways, this model could feature some outstanding options [while it might get different from iPhone 7 design]. It could arrive with 3GB RAM, dual-camera support, without the headphone jack [Apple could bring wireless technology to let users enjoy music and movies] and improved design.

Chinese sites also mention AMOLED technology and full 3D Touch support. It’s really curious to learn more about the real iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models. We’ll soon see first iOS 10 beta release. It will be available to developers and public beta testers. The public version will be officially introduced in the fall along with the next iPhones upgrade.


Learn How to Backup Your iPhone to External Drive and Save Space on Computer

You probably know how to backup iPhone using iTunes however this method requires having enough free space on your Mac computer. What can you do if there is not enough space for backup on your computer? Is there a different way of creating backup and not depend on computer storage space?

You are welcome to backup iPhone to external drive [learn how to recover iPhone photos from backup]. This way you don’t depend on your computer at all. You need to get an external hard drive and use it for backing up your iPhone via iTunes. It can be done automatically just as explained in the guide below.

Backup iPhone to External Hard Drive iTunes Mac

iPhone Backup to External Drive Instruction

Step 1. Connect your iPhone via USB to your Mac.

Step 2. You should also connect your external hard drive to Mac. It should have enough free space for backing up your iDevice. It’s best if you create a simple folder on the hard drive ‘iPhoneBackup’ or something similar.

Step 3. Type ‘Finder’ and select File – New Finder Window to launch Finder Window.

Step 4. Type ‘Command+Shift+G’ and you’ll see go to folder path where you should type:
~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/

Step 5. Choose folder that is called ‘Backup’ and make a copy [learn where iTunes stores your iPhone backup files].

Step 6. On your external drive choose your folder ‘iPhoneBackup’ and paste your ‘Backup’ folder copy into your drive folder.

Step 7. You should now rename the folder from Step 5 to ‘BackupOld’ or simply delete it.

Step 8. Type ‘Terminal’ and type:
ln -s /Volumes/MYPASSPORT/ iPhoneBackup /Backup/ ~/Library/Application\ Support/MobileSync where MYPASSPORT is the name of your external drive (change the name). Click Enter and close Terminal.

Step 9. Launch iTunes.

Step 10. Find your iPhone on iTunes.

Step 11. Go to Backups menu and select This Computer – Back Up now option.

Step 12. Wait till you are backed up. The backup copy will appear on your external hard drive.

Step 13. Double check your external hard drive and make you the iPhone backup copy is there.


iPhone 7 Future Specifications and Complex Design News

There are news about iPhone 7 specifications out there and millions of eyes are following everything unknown sources say about future ‘fruit’ smartphones. There are concepts about this next-generation handsets that reveal fantastic ideas however Apple wouldn’t make the changes too outstanding.

The iPhone 7 design could be complex. This is the reason why Apple suppliers might be already hiring to manufacture the next gen smartphone. Such reports mention different suppliers that are located in Taiwan including Pegatron and Foxconn.

iPhone 7 Design Concept

Different companies are working on assembling iPhones. This takes time and most companies begin to hire only in June. This time major suppliers started the hiring season in May. It is believed that it’s the first time when workers are recruited earlier than usual.

Still the iPhone 7 rumors also mention the same release date for the fall 2016. Apple already presented iPhone SE with 4-inch screen in the end of March. Still this is not the company’s flagship for this year. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus should be the major update however some experts think that the company would postpone bringing innovative options until 2017.

Right now different sources say different things about the iPhone 7. Some assure that the iPhone 7 would have 4.7-inch display and iPhone 7 Plus could arrive with 5.5-inch screen. The models would be assembled by Foxconn, Pegatron and Wistron.

Still if iPhone 7 gets more complex design this model could be a major upgrade compared to iPhone 6s. This could give us a hint at innovative changes coming sooner than later.


What Makes Apple Music Libraries Disappear?

Users who report Apple Music problems believe that this program can remove and delete music libraries on its own. Now it looks like this could be iTunes bug that causes such changes because Apple Music does not or should not remove and delete your libraries without your permission.

Apple Music problems worry may people because over 13 million users subscribed to this Apple streaming music service and they can’t be happy when their libraries suddenly disappear. The company explains that the program cannot delete the original files unless users permit. Thus there are opinions that it could be iTunes issues that cause problems with disappearing Music Libraries on iPhone and Mac.

Apple Music Libraries Disappear OS X Bug Issue Problem

Even if iTunes bug causes Apple Music problems – users can’t be happy with this. The music service doesn’t delete or remove original tracks while it is matching your libraries between devices. iTunes issues could indeed make Music libraries disappear and this is what Apple has to address in the upcoming update.

Apple presents iTunes updates once in a while. Some users hurry to install the upgrade as soon as it becomes public. If the version iTunes 12.3.3 makes music disappear from your library or deletes the whole Apple Music library with many different tracks you have to do something about it. Backup your music without using iTunes and try to either run previous version of iTunes or use a different program for organizing your files until Apple offers a real working solution to the problem that worries many users now.

The Cupertino-based giant would have to address the issue sooner or later because many unhappy users would be happy to quit iTunes unless the bug is gone.


Apple Watch to Get Some Cute Bands in 2016

Apple Watch bands 2016 designs should get some interesting Coach bands versions. There are some rumors about this accessory and we’ll be happy to share some possible facts about the upcoming product launch.

There are rumors about Apple Watch nine straps bands coming out this fall [learn how to install watchOS 2.2]. The accessories should be designed by Coach. At least this is what is rumored by this designer. The so-called samples of the possible Coach bands [only rumors about possible products] show the accessory priced at $150. This price tag is also only rumored.

Coach Apple Watch Nine Straps Bands 2016 Rumor

There is no official confirmation from Coach and its manufactured bands for Apple Watch. We don’t know the real cost and official launch date. There were earlier reports about possible presentation of the nine straps smartwatch bands in June 2016. Now sources mention the fall release.

There should be nine bands. One possible option is Saddle that could be in brown, red black and white [here are some rumors about Apple Watch Space Black model]. There should be also some charms available and stitching. Coach could sell its accessories manufactured for Apple at $150 per band.

There is a curious ‘leaked’ image that points to May or June presentation. The official release could possibly happen in the fall. By the way this is when the Cupertino-based giant is expected to present new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iOS 10 and other ‘fruit’ devices and Apple upgrades. There should be also Apple Watch 2 introduction sometimes in 2016 [if Apple doesn’t postpone the release to 2017].


Does Apple Watch Count Steps? Learn How to View This Option | Guide

Do you have iPhone and Apple Watch? Does Apple Watch count steps? Absolutely! You should just learn how to view step count on Apple Watch and you’ll be able to do exercises and let your smartwatch count the steps for you whenever you are planning to take a walk.

Apple is using the heart rate monitor that can measure burnt calories or help you count the steps. This is useful when you are planning to lose weight or just wish to live a healthy lifestyle. The little watch device becomes handy when it comes to accurate measurement of what you are doing at the moment.

Apple Watch View Step Count

Apple Watch Step Count Guide

Step 1. Take your Apple Watch. It should be on your wrist.

Step 2. Open Activity program. This can be done in different ways [you can already install beta watchOS 2.2.1 on your Apple Watch]. If the app is on your Watch face you can click on it and it will be launched. You can also tap your Digital Crown and get to your Home screen to open the application.

Step 3. Once you launched the tool you should either go to Activity app Home screen or Activity view section.

Step 4. Scroll down till you see step count option near Total Steps. Scrolling is possible with Digital Crown or user’s finger.

Step 5. That’s pretty much it. Apple didn’t make step counting display for simpler checking. There are some free apps similar to StepCard that offer more possibilities. You can search for different real-time step counting extras for your Watch and make it easier to keep a track of your exercises.

Are you using Apple Watch as a part of your weight loss plan or not?


Where Is My iPhone iTunes Backup Stored on My Computer?

Most iPhone and iPad users prefer to back up their smartphone / tablet once in a while. Some use iTunes to reach this goal. Great, let’s imagines you have several backup copies of your gadget but now you wish to find iPhone backup on iTunes location [here is how to recover iPhone videos from backup]. Where should you look at?

When you know the exact place where your backups are located you are free to delete, move them or extract contents from backup with third-party tools.

Locate iPhone iTunes Backup on Computer

Where Is My iTunes Backup Stored on My Mac Computer

Step 1. Launch Finder.

Step 2. Select Go option and choose Go to Folder.

Step 3. You need to type this location:

~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

Step 4. Finder can open the folder with all your backups for you.

Step 5. You can now work with the iPhone backup folders.

Where iTunes Store Backup on Windows

Step1. Choose Start / Windows depending on your Windows version [here is how to delete backups from iCloud to save some space].

Step 2. Type %appdata% and click Enter and you’ll launch AppData folder.

Step 3. You can now open Apple Computer – choose MobileSync and find Backupfolder. The full location for backups on Windows machines is called \Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\.

Step 4. Since you have found the correct folder you can delete backups you don’t need, browse through folders, move them etc.

Since it’s hard to identify which backup is meant for which iDevice you should launch iTunes and choose Edit – Preferences to select the Devices menu and find the list of all your gadgets with their backup dates. Knowing these dates you can figure out what backup files you have on your computer.


iOS 9.1 Jailbreak Released for All 64-Bit iPhone, iPad Models

Have you been staying on iOS 9.1 in hopes to see jailbreak iOS 9.1 solution? Great news! The jailbreak is already available for public to download, install and use. Pangu team of hackers who stay behind iOS 9 – 9.0.2 jailbreak tools offer the new iOS 9.1 jailbreak release to millions of users with 64-bit devices.

What does this mean? If you are going to jailbreak iOS 9.1 with Pangu you have to be sure that your Apple device is supported. You are eligible to jailbreaking if you own the iPhone 5S, iPone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6s / 6s Plus. You can use Pangu for iOS 9.1 jailbreaking if you have the newest iPad Pro or older tablets starting with iPad Air and iPad mini 2. Ordinary iPad models are not supported. Using with iPod Touch cannot jailbreak as well. iPhone 5 and 5c owners are out of luck a well.

Download iOS 9.1 Pangu Jailbreak

Pangu iOS 9.1 jailbreak supports Windows and Mac machines. Here are direct download links:

All users who didn’t update to iOS 9.2 or iOS 9.2.1 are lucky today. Everyone who is already running newer firmwares should wait for iOS 9.3 update or hope that Pangu hackers find a working untether tool for iOS 9.2 platform.

It’s always better to stay where you are and avoid any updates if you are a fan of jailbreaking. By the way, developers are already updating their tweaks to support iOS 9.1. So head over to Cydia store as soon as you jailbreak your smartphone or tablet and download / update your jailbreak apps. Isn’t it cool?