Cydia Made $8 Millions Last Year For Tweaks Developers

JailbreakCon 2012 gathered in San Francisco a huge number of stars from jailbreak community. Also Jay Freeman aka Saurik, Cydia creator, was noticed at the conference. From the South San Francisco scene Jay told some interesting details about the alternative app stores Cydia.

It is no secret that some of the tweaks in Cydia sell for money like in the official App Store. Many people wonder whether it is possible to earn a living in the creation and promotion of tweaks, or is it nothing more than a hobby? Clear answer to this question we have not received, but Saurik said that over the past year, developers of informal programs for iOS earned around eight million dollars.

At the JailbreaCon 2012 Jay Freeman did not specify the total number of iOS jailbroken devices, but cited statistics, according to which, about 1.5 million users are using Cydia every day. If you believe the research firm Flurry, alternative app store is used by 6-12% of mobile devices of Apple. After the release of iOS 6 jailbroken devices significantly reduced, but not for long. Jay sure if hackers will release untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 the number of Cydia users back to previous levels.

It so happened that an alternative app store has to consider not only the position of the new features of mobile operating system, but also address the issues of piracy. Originally created for Cydia tweaks and apps that can not get into the App Store due to strict limitations. Given that the alternative app store almost has no restrictions, there was the place for such a service known as Installous, allows you to install hacked apps on iOS devices.

Ease of downloading applications from Installous is not like in the official App Store, but there are many in the world who wish to avoid payment of the beloved app. After Saurik told about Cydia usage statistics on the JailbreakCon many started to think that the problem of piracy was somewhat exaggerated by iOS developers. Assuming that only about 10% of iOS owners make jailbreak and use Installous service even smaller number of users, it is logical to assume that in fact the loss of developers are not so great.

In any case I do not want to support users of pirated software, but it seems to me that some iOS developers tend to exaggerate the attractiveness of its software to users. But if the application is really attractive and popular, the number of purchases will be much higher than the number of pirated copies.