Cydia Customization Tweaks Add More Feature to iPhone Cydia

Do you have a jailbroken iPhone? If you are updated to iOS 9 and used Pangu to jailbreak your iDevice you can now search for Cydia customization tweaks. There are several titles you could be interested in and we’ll share information about one of such programs.

How can you customize Cydia? There are numerous ways. Jailbreak tweaks can add extra features to this app, bring export capability and offer a new look to this popular store. You are able to enhance your iOS 9 Cydia options.

iOS 9 Cydia Customize Jailbreak Tweak iPhone

For example, free Flame tool [it is available on the BigBoss repo] brings Cydia export function and improves its features. Users are promised to get better experience and enjoy different tasks. Thus Flame allows exporting the full list of all your Cydia sources and tweaks [there is a tweak that lets you view how many Cydia jailbreak apps are installed on your iPhone]. You can do this by going to Cydia – Installed menu where you should see a new folder icon (located in the top left corner). Click on this icon and select what you wish to export. Wait for the list to be generated and email it to yourself. Isn’t it great? You can shorten the time for your Cydia sources to refresh and copy multiple sources to Cydia clipboard to add them all at once.

The tweak offers some options that are originally missing from your jailbroken smartphone. With Flame you can automatically reboot, respring and get back to Cydia after removing and installing new tweaks. This is pretty neat. When you need to copy the new soure you can ‘remember’ it’s URL link by clicking-holding on the source. This has become very simple.

The jailbreak app has its own preference pane where you can turn on and turn off its features. This is the place you can customize your iOS 9 Cydia on iPhone to your likes.