Cydia Tweaks Virus Can Be Dangerous For Your iOS Device

Do you know about Cydia tweaks virus? Here is some information you need to know. If you have jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you get many well-documented advantages over stock software, the unique ability to change the functionality and UX in ways that Apple company would never allow. All the jailbreaks are the result of developers hard work. They are trying to find and exploit holes in the Apple platform to create tweaks to improve users experience.

But besides pluses the is one Cydia tweaks virus. To avoid viruses better use best antivirus apps. A new jailbreak tweak that is not only dangerous, but can be even fatal to your device in that, as per the author, it will course your device behave irreversibly once installed.

KilliOS proof-of-concept tweak developer doesn’t seem to have any bad intentions, somebody else could repackage a code like this in a lesser known Cydia repo and infiltrate your iOS device. That is why your iPhone or iPad would take the horror title of ‘expensive doorstop.’

Created by developer arcticsn0w, the package mixes with a device’s non-volatile RAM, and is based upon a bootcolor-changing tweak that was launched by fellow developer dayt0n some time ago. Whilst dayt0n’s effort isn’t dangerous, its dealings in touching NVRAM mean that it could be if changed or mishandled, and arcticsn0w has demonstrated this to be true. Initially he has put the tweak on his repository and he immediately removed it after some pressure from Redditors users, however the source code is up on GitHub for interested parties to gawk at.

Artics0w’s warned that KilliOS “permanently bricks” one’s device. But how users can guess not to accidentally running into this unsavory bit of malicious code?

So we’d recommend all users to utilize trusted, respected sources in Cydia, and to take advantage of the many thousands safe available tweaks available are they free or paid using the default repositories.

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