iOS 6 Announcement Was the Most Popular Occurrence on WWDC

According to tweets from WWDC 2012 Keynote, iOS 6 announcement was really the hottest topic out there. Retina display MacBook Pro release, OSX Mountain Lion update and other products by Apple weren’t even nearly close to the newest firmware’s popularity. A firm that specializes in social media research – Simply Measured, made an analysis for over 150 k tweets sent on Monday with #WWDC hashtag. The research showed that iOS 6 announcement was the most popular and trending topic among others.

The speed of tweets delivery was most impressive – around 1000 tweets per minute – 16,6 tweets every second during Apple CEO Tim Cook and high profile Apple executives introduced iOS 6 and other sweet innovations.

Tweets that included info about iOS 6 made up about 18% of all the #WWDC Twitter talk beating MacBook’s Retina 15% (that’s about 23,300 tweets). The upcoming Mac update – OSX Mountain Lion got only 6% of tweets. The least interesting was the talk about iPhone – the handset mentions got only 5% of overall tweets.

Generally, the results are not especially surprising concerning today’s situation in gadget consuming space. Just one simple fact: in today’s post-PC era over 50% of Apple’s revenue comes from iOS-related product sales.

The most popular terms within #WWDC topics were Retina – 5%, Maps – 3%, Facebook – 3%.

What is more astonishing about World Wide Developer’s Conference by Apple – is the attention that event attracted on Monday. Tweets related to it literally flooded the 140-symbol news network. Furthermore, 8 of 10 service’s trending topics were occupied by the event which caused the site to get down several times. Do you know any other company that can bring such noise around their announcements?

Those numbers give us a clear picture on event’s popularity among Twitter society. Apple was always good at such type of events and promotions and the company doesn’t seem to lower their standards. The upcoming event this fall (reportedly in October), will bring even more excitement and talks about the company and new devices e.g. iPhone 5. We’d recommend Twitter admins to add more horsepower to their servers by that time.

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