iOS 6 Beta 2 Features Overview and Explaination

Here is the iOS 6 beta 2 features overview that are known by the moment. As the new iOS will be released somewhere this fall the new betas will keep coming and coming. In this post we’ll try to figure out which features and bug fixes has iOS 6 beta iPhone, iPad and iPod touch brought us. We have already reported that the first change user can mention by installing the beta is a spinning wheel of installation which was static all the way till today. But this change is rather cosmetic and below we will focus on list of performance changes.

iOS 6 Beta 2 Features

List of iOS 6 beta 2 features and changes

  • The number of the new firmware build is 10A5338d.
  • Devices like iPhone 4S/4/3GS, iPod touch 4G, iPad 2/3, and Apple TV 2G/3G support this update.
  • You have to download the newest iTunes 10.6.3 in order to use iOS 6 beta 2.
  • The size of updates are 299 MB for the iPhone 4 and 322 MB for iPhone 4S. They can be downloaded wirelessly: update menu section can be found in General -> Update Software.
  • The update process to iOS 6 beta 2 is accompanied by cute gears icon with animation effect.
  • Notifications Center bug fix: Facebook widget is now located symmetrically to the Twitter widget.
  • The weather icon on the iOS Springboard shows the weather in real time.
  • 3G switch appeared in the cellular data.
  • Game Center errors fix.
  • You can turn on the Chinese search service Weibo China in the settings menu.
  • When viewing the album in the top line instead of clicking the “Add” the “+” sign appeared.
  • Earth views from space disappeared from the list of wallpapers.
  • In geolocation settings appeared an opportunity to switch off geopositioning.
  • The last route in Maps is saved even after you exit the application.
  • App Store now has a full-screen screenshot viewing option.
  • Change the vibration settings in the Reading section. Now, from here you can select a vibration preset or build custom version.
  • In the setting of switch appeared to control the reading list.
  • Improved performance of Facebook and Twitter widgets at the Notification Center.
  • Improved Maps app speed, the data load faster, it works more stable.
  • Changed Siri interface, associated with the publication of reports on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Fixed problem with backlog “clicks” when typing on the keyboard.
  • Added function to enable/disable the general photostream.
  • Notification Center shows the start and end of the scheduled event.
  • Guides has earned the function access. It allows you to block off the active application, press the Home button and the selected taps of the screen and accelerometer.
  • Added a function of Smart Banners – it shows on the site links to an application from the App Store.
  • Passbook startup screen has also changed. Now it contains a detailed description of the available options.
  • Function to downloading and listening to podcasts is restored.
  • Number of objects on the map is increased.
  • Now you can manually arrange the notice at the Notification Center.

Here’s a video with iOS 6 Beta 2 New Features Overview:

After this iOS 6 beta 2 features overview we probably shouldn’t be so skeptic about the new iOS. There are many changes called to increase systems usability and productivity but  still, there’s nothing revolutionary at the moment. Speed up, Apple, there’s not much time left!