iOS 6 Beta Features Review

Apple promised to bring tons of new stuff to the new firmware. Let’s see what iOS 6 beta features include. As we reported before, iOS firmware files leaked into the wild two days ago, and yesterday MuscleNerd even managed to jailbreak it. Seems like it’s the right time to get prepared to new iOS beta features ant take a glimpse on some of the most interesting ones.

There are couple of most impressive updates so we’ll discuss them on the first line.

iOS 6 Beta Maps:

  • Google maps were replaced with Apple’s own cartography.
  • The new solution includes 3D mode maps
  • Turn-by-turn navigation (for iPhone 4S, iPad 2, new iPad only)
  • Flovyer (not sure what that is) for iPhone 4S, iPad 2, new iPad only
  • Real-time updates about traffic situation

iOS 6 Beta Siri:

  • The assistants now will know more about sports, movies and restaurants
  • Siri for iPad (the new iPad of course)
  • Support of more languages: Canadian French and English, Spanish, Italian, Korean etc.
  • Direct Twitter posts
  • Ability to launch Apps directly from Siri
  • Cupertino company cooperates with car makers to develop eyes- and hands-free Siri
  • Notifications listening

iOS 6 Beta Facebook Integration:

  • Facebook posting
  • Events and birthdays from Facebook are integrated into the Calendar app
  • Possibility to post a link to Facebook directly from the page
  • Information about Facebook friends integrated into Contacts app
  • Send a photo to Facebook directly from Photos or Camera app
  • Location posting from Maps app
  • High Score from Game Center posting
  • Facebook posting using Siri

iOS 6 Beta Safari:

  • iCloud Tabs – allow user to continue browsing right where he left off
  • Offline reading list – now saves the full pages, not just links to them
  • Fullscreen landscape mode by tapping
  • Make photo or video, or choose one from Camera Roll without leaving Safari

iOS 6 Beta App Store:

The detailed review on new App Store + the video review you can find here.