iOS 6 Beta Jailbreak Is Here!

The newest firmware by Apple was introduced less than two days ago and iOS 6 beta jailbreak has been already performed by MuscleNerd. Scott Forsall from Apple just introduced all the cool features of the firmware and iPhone Dev Team’s leader hacked it in no time. He announced it in the Twitter account yesterday. Hacker managed to jailbreak an iPod Touch 4G with recently released iOS 6 beta on board. However, he explains that the solution is barely ready for the public release, its prime time is pretty far away.


Don’t get your hopes to high right now as the ready-to-use solution won’t appear any time soon and there will be no public release coming down the pike. Even if it would – there won’t be much use of it. Most (if not all) of the jailbreak goods won’t be available. All the Cydia tweaks and third-party apps won’t be working and so on.

Besides, the jailbreak will be tethered by now and that means that the owner of jailbroken iDevice will be forced to connect the handset to the computer every time the power runs down or it reboots. That’s a process everyone hates and finds it very inconvenient to perform every time. The untethered jailbreak will appear sooner or later to give the new iOS users the full freedom.

You have to agree that it’s pretty cool to see such a big progress just a day after the official firmware release and there’s no doubt that we will get the fully-functional jaibreaking solution by the time the official iOS6 will be leased somewhere this fall. Looks like the history is repeating. Remember how iOS 5 was jailbroken just a day after release last year. That’s an interesting coincidence, isn’t it?

Let’s follow the iOS 6 news and find out what will happen next. Anyway, there’s about three months until official iPhone 5 and iOS 6 release left so be sure that many interesting things will be happening this summer. Stay tuned with to get the latest and the finest info!

Update: Now you can jailbreak iOS 6 beta using redsn0w o.9.13dev1 and final unlock iOS 6 using free and paid methods.

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