iOS 6 Concept That Can Become Real [Video]

We’d like to show off another iOS 6 concept for your judgement. You know, there are so much rumors about iOS 6 WWDC 2012 release so it will be simply a giant fail if Apple won’t do so. Everyone hopes that the company will introduce the new firmware and lets the iPhone and iPad developers to test the first beta. Sure, we’ll keep following on what’s going on about conference and will highlight all the details that will show up during the event next week.

While there are six days left till WWDC12 and the major iOS update we don’t have even a smallest clue of what to expect from it. There’s no doubt that there’s a big list of jailbreak tweaks we’d like to see built-in in the new iOS 6 concept. I guess that almost all of the jailbreakers install SBSettings right after Cydia install (correct me if i’m wrong).

Until June 11-th comes all we can do is to create our own concepts, iOS 6 whishlists and gather the rumors that appear more and more intensively as the release date comes closer. That’s why we want to introduce to you one of the iOS 6 concepts made by Italian designer F.Bianco. That particular concept includes many fresh and innovative solutions. Some of them are Cydia related like built-in Safari Downloader or SBSettings-looking menu at the top of the screen. It would be also nice to have an opportunity to download files of different formats right onto your desktop. The imaginary (by now) app called Shelf allows to store those files and perform various operations with them. Tht reminds of legalized iFile a lot actually.

Another improvements suggest the now playing music to be integrated into Notification Center. That includes album art cover, playing progress, back, pause and forward buttons shoved in one single row. By the way, the guy is a big Guano Apes fan. But No more words, let’s watch.

iOS 6 Concept Video:

There are also detailed concept pictures on F.Bianco’s Flickr account.

How do you think, what is the chance that concept like this will be mentioned by Apple and some ideas will be adopted in the upcoming iOS versions?