iOS 6 Fixed Sending Free Spoofing Text Messages Between iPhones | Confirmed

The situation with text messages vulnerability which was found by pod2g will be fixed in upcoming powerful iOS version 6. Those people who are going to update their gadgets to iOS 6 will have to forget about free SMS spoofing between iPhones. It was confirmed that free hacked text sending doesn’t work onĀ  iOS 6 beta.

When I wrote my first article about iPhone SMS vulnerability I predicted that this exploit would be fixed in iOS 6. Few days later it was confirmed thanks to our readers M0nkeyNut5 and Fixed who commented that they had checked how SendRawPDU app working on iOS six beta version. They both said that it didn’t work.

After that we checked it ourselves on iOS 6 beta 4 and had the same thing. Thank you guys for participation.

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What About SendRawPDU Hack From Pod2G

Me and my team were trying to find out how to use Sendrawpdu app which pod2g had developed for spoofing text messages free. We have had success in this and many our reader could try it and then successfully use it on their iPhone.

It is hard to believe that pod2g will update his hack but who knows what is on hacker’s head and we will see updated version titled Senrawpdu 2?

To get more information about SendRawPDU app that breaks SMS security in iOS you can get here till we have a couple of weeks before iOS 6 release date.

What to Do Next With SMS Spoofing Before iOS 6

Meanwhile the release of the six generation of Apple operating system hasn’t arrived yet you can use this hack to send spoof SMS to other iPhone users just to have fun, not for crime or harm. It is great chance to make fun of someone else in a good way who use iPhone as well.

Also if there are those who don’t like this idea you can use iMessege to prevent SMS spoofing. Actually, it is an official Apple respond on pod2g’s hack and it is another confirmation that iOS 6 will fix this text message spoofing hack and you won’t be able to send false SMS to other iPhone users for free.

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