Why iOS 6 Sucks?

Oh really why does iOS 6 suck? Throughout the week, I was tormenting my iPhone by the latest iOS 6 beta. Although probably I suffered much more than the device. The outcome of these trials was the thought of which I am not especially happy. I came to the conclusion that this fall I will not update my iPhone 4 to the new iOS version and I have not much joy from this fact.

ios 6 sucks

Apple should take care about the fact I feel satisfaction of working with a new version of the operating system but, apparently,  Cupertino guys don’t think so.

To begin with, that the current OS update is not meant for many countries outside US. The feelings from past WWDC presentation can be compared with the reminder after the feast of dirty dishes, which is an eyesore, but no none desires to get rid of it. Now, having worked quite closely with the brand new iOS 6, people around the world (mostly from non-premium countries) should realize that same utensils and builds up are in their sinks.

It seems that Apple throws away too much as does with some resellers of its products at home. The list under the heading “Extras” is too big to the great regret and lots of people.

iPhone iOS 6 Unlock

iOS 6 doesn’t carry any radical change on board due to which I would be willing to sacrifice the speed of the phone. And this is the main problem that I am almost certain to face all owners of the iPhone 4 with iOS 6 this fall. Those who are with the iPhone 3G running iOS 4.2.1 will understand me, but I hasten to make a reservation, and I note that Apple will no longer allow such blunders which allowed the two years before rolling out iOS 4.

Even today, the performance difference between the last two iPhone models are very well pronounced. Speed of response to various queries, applications launch and that tedious wait for the camera app to start from a locked screen, which lasts for 3-5 seconds longer than the iPhone 4S which is just killing. And this, let me remind you, is just iOS 5. I do not even want to talk about the iOS beta 6 speed about it because this is still a beta. The point in the functionality, which now iOS 6 offers. The new OS does not deserve to be called the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, it sucks. Although the condition that the rest of its competitors are even further from the title. I’m afraid that the speed difference between the two devices will become even more tangible, and the pleasure of using the world’s most advanced mobile operating system will be much lower.

Of course, I realize it’s all about the notorious marketing and pushing the user to the tacit hardware renewal. But thanking to Apple itself, I understand that it is quite comfortable feel to use iOS 5, which was the best mobile OS update Apple for the time of its existence.

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