iOS 7.1.1 Improves iPhone Battery Life

Battery problems that surfaced on iOS7 devices can be fixed with iOS 7.1.1 update that brings new features to the iPhone. The firmware update offered different improvements, including Touch ID enhancements, fixes to bug and battery life.

Finally iPhone battery problems are fixed with iOS 7.1.1 release because this version of Apple mobile firmware makes a big impact on smartphones. A lot of users who have updated to this release assure that their battery last much longer than it was on iOS 7.1.
The reports come from different experts and ordinary users who say that the battery performance has improved after they installed the latest software. For example, one user has conducted the following experiment. His iPhone 5 with iOS 6 ran down from 100 percent to 74 percent in about 6 hours. iOS 7.1 changed this to as low as 48 percent. This was the worst performance for the popular handset. iOS 7.1.1 improved the situation. Now the battery gets from 100 to 76 percent down in 6 hours.
You can improve your iPhone battery life by updating to the version released earlier this week via OTA or through the direct links. Keep in mind that there is no jailbreak for this operating system yet.