When iOS 7 Beta 4 to Be Launched [Date]

iOS developers, users and carriers got used to see iOS 7 beta 4 release with two week break after the third. Still we didn’t see beta 4 this Monday. Why did it happen? When is the launch date for this next testing version update? We’ve heard some rumors about the date and reasons for the delay. We want to share them with our dearest readers.

The clockwork stopped at the beginning of this week because of the problems with iTunes DevCenter. It was down for a couple of days. One hacker aka researcher says he did this. But this hasn’t been confirmed by Apple so we can’t know if he is really responsible for the attack.

How to Install iOS 7 Beta 4

iOS 7 Beat 4 Release Delayed

Some people are probably expecting to see the new iOS 7 beta today. Don’t get overexcited as the whole release depends on whether the Center is up in time or not. Of course, it could be possible that the new upgrade for iOS devices appears so soon, but not likely.

We can assure you that the launch of this firmware update is coming so sooner or later you’ll get a chance to test its new features and bug fixes.


Dev Center to Be Back Soon

While iOS DevCenter is down we can keep our fingers crossed to see it operating again as soon as possible. We don’t know whether developer’s personal information is safe even thought they pay $99 a year to be involved with this Apple program.

The site was hacked last Thursday and is not working since then. Someone named Ibrahim Balic says he discovered 13 bugs in Apple security system and reported them to the company along with personal details on different employees. He also assures he didn’t hack the site. So we can only wonder what went wrong and how hacked it.

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