New iOS 7 Concept: App Switcher Idea [Video]

Imagine how cool it would be if we were able to quickly switch between iOS applications on the iPhone. There is a new iOS 7 concept app switcher that you should take a look at because it can make your like so much easier. Apple has just released iOS 6.1.2 for download but this firmware doesn’t have such feature.

The idea belongs to one UI designer. He is known as Sentry of the Auxo fame. There is a video on YouTube that showcases how iOS 7 concept video about app switcher is supposed to work. Personally I like it a lot. What about you?

The application switching concept simply allows jumping from one program into another with a swipe of one finger. According to Sentry’s explanation, users can swipe up from the display’s bottom and split the screen in two halves. There is no need to eve lift a thumb or finger when you wish to choose one of the applications you have recently used. Just jump into the program of your choice in a swoop. That’s it.

Such instantaneous switching between iOS applications is a great idea. Right now all iPhone owners should get an app switcher or use multitasking bar in order to switch between games and apps using this iOS 7 feature. The multitasking bar can be accessed by double-clicking the Home key. You should swipe it to get more program choices and tap on the one you wish to launch.

The iOS 7 concept app switcher by Sentry is way cooler. Even the app switcher created by Zephyr isn’t as efficient as it still requires using the multitasking bar.

Watch the concept video before I continue:

How much do you like this idea? Do you think Apple should create a new iOS 7 feature that makes it possible to select apps with a single gesture? Won’t it be clever? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments below.

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