iOS 7 Jailbreak on iPod Touch 5 Screenshots

Renowned developer of tweaks and informal applications for iOS Ryan Petrich posted a screenshot in his Twitter, which was a response to all the exciting question: “Is there a jailbreak for iOS 7.” The provocative image confirms that there are tools available to hackers to break into the new firmware. Screenshot was taken on the iPod Touch 5.

On the screenshot you can see Home screen of iPod Touch running iOS 7 with an icon of classic jailbreak tweak Activator. Ryan Petrich is a developer of this tweak. A proof of iOS 7 jailbreak running can be “flat” ┬áicons of Contacts, Safari and Maps. In the center of the screen you can see the message: “The new operating system. Activator has not been tested to work with this version of iOS. Some features may not work properly. ”

Thus, the screenshot was the first confirmation that the hackers managed to install unofficial software on iOS 7.

Ryan Petrich – one of the most prominent developers of tweaks for iOS. Accuse him of faking a screenshot would be absurd. Perhaps he was able to use the technique of “failbreak” to install software or hackers do find all the necessary vulnerability to create a jailbreak for iOS 7. Last year, pod2g reported that Apple closed the vulnerability that allows developers to use the account for root-access to iDevices.

In any case, this suggests that third-party developers are not sitting on their hands and prepare a response to the release of the new firmware. We will let you know as soon as new information. Follow the news!