iOS 7 Release: Rumors and Predictions

We start to believe that iOS 7 release date will appear later than most of us predicted. Apple seems to be behind schedule with this firmware version testers as the company asks its OS X 10.9 devs for help [this might slow OS X development]. Does it mean that the next mobile operating system for iPhone / iPad to be presented after iPhone 5S?

What other plans does the Cupertino-based smartphone maker have? There are whispers and rumors you must hear as they are related to iPhone 5S, new iPad and next iOS.

iOS 7 Release Notes

According to whispers, the version 7 of Apple mobile firmware will be very significant. People say that even iOS engineers will get a special filter on their handset screens which can decrease viewing angles so that none observes your display. This can be great to many of us, still designers who enjoy creating rich-texture applications and games might get upset as well as curious people who like to unveil information about iOS development long before it is officially available to public.

While we can’t say what iOS 7 launch date and time is, we have heard that it might be launched alongside the next iPhone 5S. Experts hope that Apple will release this handset model in the end of the summer. This device might surface in August and a biometric scanner might be one of its new features.

iOS 7 Launch and Other News Review

We all know that Scott Forstall doesn’t work for Apple any more. Thus a lot of users can’t wait to see the next firmware v.7 to see what changes. While it is now running behind schedule and journalists say we might see a lot of changes from firmware v.6, we also heard some news on the next iPad release.

According to Ritchies, the Cupertino-based company might hold an event in April devoted to the 9.7-inch tablet computer.

We will most likely get a glimpse of seventh-version of mobile OS for iPhone / iPad at WDC 2013 that will take place in June.