iPhone 5 Ads: Samsung Responds with Its Galaxy’s Commercials

As Apple presented its new iPhone 5 ads for TV, Samsung has decided to release its Galaxy’s commercials in response prior to its Galaxy Note 2 launch on October 24th. You can watch ads yourself and comment on them under the article.

While Apple has created a big event from its iPhone 5 release, Samsung wishes to do the same with its new Galaxy Note 2 presentation. In case you missed the iPhone 5 features TV advertisements, you can take a look at them and compare the two companies’ marketing departments.

Personally I like iPhone’s commercials more. They seem to be more brilliant and clear while Galaxy’s commercials appear to look like anti iPhone ads to me. Besides, the actors aren’t playing their roles that great and everything looks pretty naive.


This is the link to watch iPhone 5 commercials here on YouTube.

iPhone 5 Sales vs Galaxy Note 2 Sales

According to Apple reports, it sold several millions of iPhone 5 devices during the debut weekend. This is the record number of smartphones sold by the Cupertino-based company in such a short amount of time however analysts believed Apple would do much better and sell even more iPhones than it actually had.

As for Samsung, it hopes to sell three times more Galaxy Note 2 devices than the original Note units. This device will be released on October 24th in South Korea.

Apple vs Samsung

There were conflicts between Apple and Samsung. And now the South Korean company is partnering with Google and other American telcos in order to create modified products and escape from design patents filed by Apple as the Cupertino-based tech giant is trying to get over $1 billion from Samsung for violating them.

The two companies are competing in the market of electronic devices. Will Apple lose out to Samsung? What do you think about this? Hope to hear your opinion in the comments form below.

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