Is iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Release September 12 True?

Quite a few trusted blogs have published the info that iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Release date is set to September 12. These things are usually placed in the category of speculation: those were too controversial things that repeat one, then other sources not backing up their statements with any facts. This time everything is different. As of today, September can be formally considered as a month of new Apple’s mobile devices presentation. So said a source  the information from which is confirmed with absolute precision for the third consecutive year.


Last year, the editors of the website All Things Digital repeatedly surprised us with very accurate predictions. Every rumor hit exactly the right spot. So to treat them and the freshest news from them is the utmost seriousness. Thus, the sources confirmed the publication date of presentation of the new iPhone model – September 12, which mentioned iMore blog a day before. There was also info that the release could occur on September 21, but now those gossips may be not that attractive.

Sources have informed us that Apple is planning to organize an event within the week. And albeit we have not confirmed the purpose of the event, the story hints that it will be a new iPhone and, probably the highly rumored iPad Mini that we’ll see on September 12. Probably, iPod Touch 5G will also be there.

A few hours later this information was confirmed by techno-blockbuster portal The Verge. And the final chord played blogger Jim Dalrymple, known for his close ties with the leadership of Apple. At its best, the only response to this information, the phrase “Yes.”

Probably we have to take this information int account and make a mark in our calendars writing something like “Apple iPhone 5 and iPad Mini release today” right where the September 12 is. And let’s hope that this time the information is really trusted and accurate.

Sure, we all are eagerly waiting for September to find out what surprises Apple holds. Whatever it may be better to see once than to think out a thousand times.