Check Out Comparison Between iPhone 4 / 4S and iPhone 5

I think the most relevant question today why you should but the new iPhone and how to say good bye to iPhone 4, 4S or even older versions. So I tried here to make a comparison between iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S (4) for all our readers.

iPhone 4 is still pulling the iOS 6 beta 4 version, and as the result has lost almost all of the mistakes that have sinned in the early days of its existence. The emergence of iPhone 4S was the first alarming, although the expected bell, a sign that will be problems with my iPhone? So, problems begin. Apple showed me how my iPhone 4 is slow and generally dull in comparison with the more advanced iPhone 4S, not saying about iPhone 5. I’m not so much need in these fashionable bun like a super-advanced cameras and Siri, but that’s backwardness in terms of speed is like a knife to the heart.

This fall, approximately September 12, Apple, along with the new iPhone and iOS 6 release, I have no doubt that my iPhone will slow down a little more tangible. Although now it pretty good deals with beta, but in the same sense of 4S to perform common tasks are completely different. Everything is faster and it overwhelms me more than anything.

The new iPhone in comparison with iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 looks really super fast. I can not call myself that I’m an avid gamer but there are a few favorite games I still have. Incidentally, we already wrote about the new game: Real Racing 3 Series. I’m waiting for the appearance of races and the desire to try the game on the new iPhone 5 will push me even more to its acquisition. I have no doubt that EA will leave support for iPhone 4, but you understand that its performance can be worse.

Sixth-gen iPhone is sure to bring us some brand new chip, Retina display or Siri. It is great news because as looking at iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S comparison, with Siri on the board the new iPhone will be more exciting.

A key change to the new phone, according to the mass of rumors on the Internet is a new dock connector which can use MagSafe technology. That is, rather than a larger screen, I think the most important innovation, because with this iPhone will start a completely new era of mobile devices, Apple, which are common to go to a new slot. Sooner or later it had to happen, and I think the time has come. Should we expect a 128-gigabyte version, I can not say, but it would be very useful, because the new terminal will probably be characterized not only by changing the number of connections, but grew up data transfer rates. I think that the cable supplied with your smartphone, will be connected to the USB connector (2.0/3.0 compatible) and the rate of information transfer from PC to mobile devices will increase significantly. And if the rate increases, the amount of information transmitted and can also be increased. I hope Apple has thought of this step for several moves ahead, as it is extremely important for all future mobile devices company. A couple of years we’ll have and forget about the wires and the 30-pin connector, which is a good use for decades (since 2003) beginning with the third-generation iPod.

Well, if look at the comparison between iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S or just iPhone 4, you can see that it is better to wait and buy The New iPhone and moving fast to the future together with developing IT world. Also you can check out real iPhone 5 pictures if you haven’t decided yet.