Apple Started iPhone 5 Production in China | Hot News

According to the sources of Chinese suppliers, Apple iPhone 5 production started. We wrote that you can make iPhone 5 pre-orders in China. he new version of the smartphone will get a large display and provide the highest performance from quad-core processor and support of LTE wireless networks.

The Japanese edition Macotakara reports that providers have already begun to develop iPhone 5. For this reason, many online stores began to sell new cases for new iPhone which is a prove that iPhone 5 production started.

iPhone 5 production started

People are waiting for iPhone 5 launch this fall and today the production was started. According to insider reports, the new device will be markedly different from previous versions. The latest iPhone model will be larger than previous gadgets: screen size will increase to 4 inches to 3.5 inches. Headphone jack is located in the bottom of the phone (in the previous models connector located at the top). The rear panel is made of metal with inlays of glass.

According to that iPhone 5 production started in China the Macotakara source states that the new device becomes thinner because Apple will start using more subtle displays of new generation. The device receives a quad processor A6 and updated Siri, as well as the technology can support Near Field Communication (NFC), which allows you to exchange data through wireless connections, if two devices are in close proximity to each other.

The second microphone to be moved to the rear panel in order to improve the sound quality when shooting video, and the front camera is located above the speaker, which will also be modified. New products will work on the next version of mobile operating system iOS 6, which will be released simultaneously with the device.

Macotakara denies the rumor that Apple wants to introduce a new smartphone on August 7 this summer. You can remember that we have already written that iPhone 5 release date may be moved from October to August because of the Apple’s desire to “quickly repel Samsung Galaxy S IIIĀ». But if iPhone 5 production started we can assume that the release date will be more quicker then in October. May be only in China?