First Batch of iPhone 5 Is Shipping To Apple Stores From China

Apple store are waiting for iPhone 5 shipping from China. The first batch of the latest Apple smartphone was sent from China to the United States to deliver to those customers who had made iPhone 5 pre-orders earlier than others and would be able to get new iPhone in official starting day.

According to the media, documents for shipment of Cargo arrived last night from a warehouse in the Chinese city of Shenzhou. Specified delivery date – this Friday, September 21. Also, the consumers who were among the first who had been able to pre-order iPhone 5 were immediately informed about this shipping. They can track the path of the smartphone from a warehouse in China to his home by a unique phone number that was given to them after the purchase.

iPhone 5 shipping from China

The shipment of iPhone 5 can be considered as the main sensation of the fall. All the media incessantly talk about the event and it will continue to talk.

Apple realized that the excitement will be great, but the speed of growing popularity was a record for the company. The number of issued smartphones has reached its limit in an hour after launch. It’s phenomenal. For comparison, iPhone 4S took 22 hours, and the previous model, iPhone 4 – 20 hours. According to official statistics, in the first day, 2 millions sales of iPhone 5 were booked via Internet, which was an absolute record for all the Apple company and surpassed twice the previous record set at the start of iPhone 4S sales.

iPhone 5 release price

New iPhone to go on sale on September 21 in nine countries after shipping from China, including the U.S., UK and also iPhone 5 sales will be in Germany. Next Friday, September 28, sales will begin in other 22 countries, including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland and others.

In the U.S., the iPhone 5 will cost $ 199 – $ 399 depending on the memory capacity and with a two-year contract with the operator. In addition, iPhone 5 models will be made available without reference to the operator for $ 649 – $ 849, but these models will be available some time after the launch.

Good news for those who were the first who pre-ordered new Apple smartphone and after iPhone 5 shipping from China they will get this amazing iDevice.